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After seeing the black armor soldiers left in the field burned to coke by a fire, they all felt that their legs were a little weak, but because of the black armor leader behind them, they had to bite the bullet and howl at ll again.
However, the momentum base of those black armor soldiers who rushed over was gone. If it was not forced by the leader behind them, it is estimated that they would have turned and fled rather than rushed forward.
Listen, that beast growled like a wound. Chen Kaili grasped his sword. Although his body has been cut off by five wounds and his health has dropped by nearly half, Chen Kai still has no intention of dressing it up.
In his opinion, there is no need for treatment unless he is fatally hit, especially when he is covered by Rola Chen’s halo. Even if he doesn’t drink the therapeutic potion, his health is still rising at 5 o’clock every second, which is much faster than the speed at which his wound loses blood.
Sometimes once morale is lost in a battle, unless someone can turn the tide, failure is their only ending. In the game, although the aborigines are eager to fight and spurn to escape, they generally cherish their lives. Therefore, once the fighting strength is great, unless the other side is an evil enemy, most nobles and soldiers will choose to surrender the ransom to redeem their lives.
However, it is obvious that those black armor soldiers are unlikely to surrender, and Chen Kai can’t accept surrender, because their extremely strong evil breath makes it impossible for Chen Kai to accept their surrender. At the same time, the leader of the black armor knight who didn’t start fighting behind the black armor soldiers didn’t mean to surrender. His helmet with Phnom Penh shines on the rocks, which is very obvious. Even though there are less than ten hands left, he didn’t move.
But when his last hand was chopped by Chen Kai and their weapons, the black knight leader who had been leaning on the big sword finally moved, but the first thing he did was not to attack Chen Kai and them, but to slowly take off his helmet and throw him to the ground to reveal the old face, gray hair and a magic pattern with a strange black light on his cheek.
"The guy who gets in the way is finally dead" said such a sentence from the mouth of the black knight in charge. At the same time, he slowly spread his hands to show that he was not hostile. At the same time, ll and Su Wan’s detection spells also found that his strong pathogens actually came from the magic lines on his cheeks, while the black knight in charge of his cheeks was trying to suppress the fierce struggle between the fighting and the magic lines, which led to the face distortion and the veins stood out.
"Introduce yourself as a person. Havadiro, deputy head of the Third Order of Hugo City, should be said to be the former …" When the black knight introduced himself, his face was as lonely as losing all spirit.
"I am Berkner castle Lord KaiChen? Saint? Lapston? Berkner, it’s very nice to meet you. Although we are unlikely to be friends, "ll made a chivalrous gesture towards each other very calmly, and his face was expressionless. In one hand, he still held a huge sword stuck in the ground, and his body was tense as if he could attack at any time. Of course, others moved the same.
"Nobles, damn nobles, I hate nobles." Almost after hearing Chen Kai’s introduction, the knight named Havadillo showed an extremely angry expression on his face
"What’s the matter with the nobility? Aren’t you a nobleman yourself? Havadillo Knight Pavilion "Chen Kai thought it was a bit strange that the knight commander spoke. According to his position, he was also a knight aristocrat, but now he has scolded himself.
"It used to be, but it’s not anymore since I wore this magic tattoo on my face." Havadillo looked ferocious and looked at the magic tattoo on ll’s face and suddenly cast a more powerful evil force because of anger.
"You know what? I have become this way because my Lord has caused the guy who should have been respected by me to let his spell advisor tattoo this kind of thing on my face, which has caused me to become this kind of person and ghost. "With the knight Lord’s words, his evil breath has doubled again, but then his horse held down the face magic tattoo with his own hands and tried his best to suppress the evil of those magic tattoos. His move made Chen Kai feel confused because they didn’t know what he was going to do.
"This damn Lord who relies on absorbing negative emotions to strengthen the magic pattern, why do you want to do this to me? You can betray the empire by losing your own department because of your fear of death?" The knight and his fist smashed on the ground, and the powerful force smashed the ground out of a pit half a meter wide.
"Eldest brother! Looks like Hugo is not at peace, huh? What should we do? " Cloud clutching his abdomen lying on the ground to the ll team channel said at his side Wang Feifei is trying to exert his magic to control his injury and prevent him from dying because of excessive bleeding.
"What else can I do? After this hurdle first, I think the guy across the street is very unstable and his evil breath has increased. "ll replied with his head tilted and poured a bottle of therapeutic agent directly into his mouth.
Actually, Chen Kaiduo said that everyone else held the weapon in his hand after giving himself emergency treatment, because the knight was in charge of the magic tattoo on his cheek, and his excitement actually extended to his neck, like a vigorous grudge, and the black evil breath was rising on the knight’s left shoulder.
"Huw ~ ~ ~" With a burst of shortness of breath, the knight commander tried again to suppress the magic pattern, but looking at his ferocious and terrible face, Chen Kai felt that he seemed to endure very hard because the ground had been soaked by his sweat, which all dripped from the knight commander in less than a minute like a heavy rain.
"Can you do me a favor?" Havadillo was lying on the ground with a ferocious face and said to Chen Kai that his hands were shaking and he took out a bag from his armor. "Can you please help me take my son out of Huguodi? I don’t want him to be killed because of the Lord’s business. I hope you can help me send him to my father-in-law!" Because his face is too distorted, Havadillo’s speech is almost euphemistic and too depressing. He sounds as if he is threatening, but Chen Kai and his men are in vain, which is the last request of the knight commander.
Ll held out his hand and grabbed the bag thrown by the knight commander. When he caught the bag, Ll felt a pain in his hand. Of course, it was not because there was anything wrong with the bag, but because the knight commander was so powerful that when the bag containing gold coins was thrown, he brought great strength.
"this is your reward ~ now let’s do something that proves that you have the strength to protect my son. If you don’t have enough strength, that means my son will die even if you take him away. It is better to let him come to the face with his mother to accompany me with all your strength." After Chen Kai received the purse, the knight commander suddenly let go of his cheek and suppressed the dark magic lines, which instantly spread to his whole cheek. A little evil breath kept floating from his body and wrapped around his body like a wisp of silk thread.
"I knew it would be like this." Yun patted his head and quickly crawled to an place. His current state estimated that even if he rushed, it would be a food delivery, and he could not rush.
Chen Kai and others are miserable because they can’t retreat from the system at all, which shows that they have entered the duel mode, that is, they can either give up and be killed by the demonized knight commander or kill the knight commander. There is no third way.
"What is this, a forced duel?" Ll was very depressed. Looking at the invisible dotted line around him, almost all the places with a range of nearly 300 meters were classified into the duel area, which made Ll and them even more depressed. It was the evil breath that emerged from the knight’s body that really constantly transformed the knight’s body and made his original gray hair suddenly dark and his muscles swell like pieces of marble.
"If you’re afraid, just give in easily. Damn noble, I’ll cut you to pieces." Looking at the knight in charge and that turned into bloody eyes, Llewellyn knew that the other party had completely lost consciousness, which made him most depressed. He seemed to be the hater of Havadillo, that is, his Lord Hugo, to replace him.
"nnd knew I wouldn’t be a nobleman." Llewellyn is now depressed and wants to slap himself. From which point of view, the Cavaliers of Havadillo all chose his first attack target, and the first is a powerful killing skill. A huge quarrelling chop that spans more than ten meters exudes a black and red evil atmosphere. The terrible momentum of quarrelling and plowing across the ground rushed towards Llewellyn.
Looking at the ground, which is constantly being cut, ll knows how powerful he has just been hiding. It is almost a huge crack nearly half a meter deep and ten meters long on the ground. If the force hits the person, it can break people.
Chapter 224 The dark shadow of the earth staff Hugo (the first three)
Emotion can influence power, which is another understanding of all players about the unity of power in Eya world, because they found that in some cases, players’ power will also fluctuate due to emotional fluctuations, and players’ power will rise by 1% due to excitement such as anger, while emotions such as fear and timidity will make players’ power low or even drop by 5%.
Therefore, many players try their best to keep their emotions on the better side, that is, to increase their strength, such as anger, surprise, joy and so on, but sometimes the emotions are not completely controlled by the players, and the things of joy and sadness are often very hurtful, so keeping calm and calm has become the biggest pursuit of players and the most talked about in the battle.
Keeping one’s mind calm can make one feel the battle situation on the battlefield most objectively, and can also respond to enemy attacks most quickly. Unfortunately, even aboriginal professional soldiers can’t guarantee that they will stay calm in every battle, and there will always be some emotions that will influence their nerves and make them react abnormally.
At this moment, there are about three kinds of emotions hanging over Chen Kai’s mind: surprise, fear, depression, surprise and fear. It is surprising that the black knight is in charge of the power that erupted at this moment. It is surprising that the power of fear is depressed because they have no way to escape from here and hide from the Cavaliers of Havana.
What makes them even more depressed is the magic tattoo attached to the knight’s long face of Havadillo, which has extremely terrible ability, that is, it absorbs all emotional factors and transforms them into the original hatred, and at the same time, it also adds a lot of terrible evil forces. The expanding muscles rise like a black waterfall, and Havadillo continues to exert the power of quarrelling and chopping.
After ll hid in the first pissing match, the knight who turned into a muscular man split out three zigzag flying pissing match cuts. Although each one was not as big as the first one, the overall coverage area was wider than the first one.
However, others can at least gasp a little before Chen Kai is dropped, because the knight is in charge of all the attacks, and he wants others to keep a certain distance from Chen Kai, so that they can avoid each other’s attacks. At the same time, keeping a certain distance from Chen Kai also allows him to turn around and escape, although this is only to increase the time required for Chen Kai to be dropped to a certain extent.
"It’s sad that the boss was almost hacked to death and now he is going to be dismembered." Lying on the ground, Wang Feifei treated the cloud, and Llewellyn’s face turned bitter gourd when he faced three quarrelling beheadings, because he found that he might be chopped by a quarrelling from which angle to escape and be chopped to the only field. It is estimated that he will be sent back to the temple or take the express train.
Looking at the three quarrelling chop from the knight commander, Lleyton flashed directly to the left without thinking. Although the right side is better in terms of direction, it’s a pity that there used to be a river that can directly make people sink. If Lleyton rushed over, he would be directly swallowed up by the river even if he escaped the quarrelling chop, so he chose the left side with a low chance of escape instead of the right side that was not covered by the quarrelling chop.
But Xu Fei, they didn’t wait until the smoke cleared, because after ll fell to the ground, the knight and the leader once again shed several quarrels and cut each one into the smoke and split it in the direction where ll threw himself.
Whenever quarrelling and splitting smoke, the whole neighborhood will become extremely clean, but then it will be covered with dust again.
"Old Su Zhu can’t let Brother Shui just hang up." When Ll was hit by three quarrelling cuts, Xu Fei roared toward Su Xinghe and Zhao Tiezhu, and then he read the spell himself, but by the time his spell was formed, Ll couldn’t be heard in the dust. If Ll still had nearly 5% health in the team panel, he would have hung up.
In fact, when Zhao Tiezhu and Su Xinghe attracted the knight commander’s attention and gave others a chance to save Chen Kai from the dust pile, Chen Kai was almost dead. A long scar on his belly almost cut him in half. If the armor was not thick enough and his spine was strong enough, he would have been cut in half by now.
However, although Chen Kai has been rescued now, and all the spilled intestines have been stuffed back and sewn up, he still has to look at the final battle situation if he wants to live. If others fail in the battle, Chen Kai will still find it difficult to live at most, that is, he will be compensated by one more knife. Besides, depending on the situation of the knight in charge, it is estimated that he may have to make up a knife or make up hundreds of knives.
"Old Su Shan" shouted at Su Xinghe not far away, and then a greasy technique was fired at the knight. In the past, the yellow greasy instantaneous covered the knight’s foot and extended to several meters in Fiona Fang, but when the greasy technique covered his foot, the spell failed because the other party directly stepped into the soil. Reagan ignored the greasy layer covered in the soil.
At the same time, a mass of white soil was scooped up by the knight commander to cover the greasy layer, which isolated the flame from the oil layer, and also smashed the ball of fire of Bai Shasha into splash sparks with one fist, which made the battle plan that originally wanted to raise a flame around the knight commander to block his action ability fail in an instant.
However, Xu Fei and others still haven’t given up the idea of preventing the knight from commanding, because if they want to fight head-on, even if they are tied together, they are not opponents of the other side, even if the other side is 27 levels higher than them and is only a middle-ranking knight, but the head with a silver logo is as high as 20 thousand vitality, so that everyone can hardly do anything about him.
At the same time, the knight’s experience in commanding combat is frightening. He can avoid almost all spell attacks. Only those spells with range sputtering effect can hit the other side a little bit, and this damage is almost incomparable with the magic. It is better to use these magic to cast more auxiliary attacks to make a deal.
A few Fei and Wang Xuewen have given up casting offensive spells and released low-level spells with low magic consumption but fast casting speed and interference effect, such as arcane missiles, arcane rays, arcane magic balls and arcane rays.
These spells, which used to be Xu Fei’s main means of attack in the low stage, have now been reduced to being able to act as containment spells, because their spell power can’t even break through the opponent’s quarrelling, and they can try to shoot the other side’s eyes or face and other key places so that other methods can focus on killing Su Xinghe and their soldiers
Su Wan’s eyes are shining with golden light, and her feet are also stepping on the white halo, which is a symbol of the holy halo. However, the holy halo dedicated to suppressing filthy creatures seems to have nothing to do with the evil breath of the knight in charge. In a short time, I can’t see the other side’s strength change due to the influence of the halo.
However, even if there is a one-percent possibility, Su Wan still consumes the magic supporter’s holy aura in the battle, because she found that the knight in the aura seemed a little slow, although it was a little slower than that outside the aura. In Su Wan’s view, this little slow is that the evil breath of the other person does not adapt to the holy aura, and there will be a slow change in response because of inadaptability.
However, these changes are just the same for the black knight and Havadillo. All resistance in the face of his powerful and overwhelming force is extremely futile. If it weren’t for Xu Fei, some of their spellcasters kept harassing him to stop him from releasing quarrelling, it is estimated that Su Xinghe and the three of them would have been turned over like Ll.
"Bang" accompanied by a huge metal impact, Zhao Tiezhu was cut down again in a muffled hum for more than ten steps. His huge and thick tower shield has become as shabby as his armor at the moment. The tower shield’s reverse defense circle is still stubbornly running to protect the shield from disintegration and fragmentation in repeated confrontations.