Soscia looked at Lin Ze’s face and showed fatigue, but also felt Lin Ze’s pressure. In his heart, he also showed a trace of love. Perhaps the tacit understanding of Lin Ze last night was not true. How could two original strangers have real feelings?
But now Soscia feels that there seems to be something more in her heart. For Lin Ze, she really has a kind of love in her heart. Maybe it’s not love yet, but the fairy emperor has left Lin Ze in her heart …
"Well, I’ll try not to care about your’ Oracle’ identity. You are Lin Ze! I find that I really like you a little now! "
Soscia qiao face reddish looking at Lin Ze nodded slightly.
"Well, sister Soscia, I like you, too. You are so beautiful." Lin Ze walked up to Soscia, took Soscia into his arms, stroked her back, and felt depressed and relaxed.
The atmosphere is full of tenderness. Lin Ze and Soscia seem to have fallen in love for the first time. A pair of men and women are enjoying this feeling of silence …
"Soscia elder sister! You want the moonlight pub now. What about your ears? Isn’t it too obvious that the characteristics of the elves are like this? "
Lin Ze consciously felt the ears of West Asia, but forgot that the ears of Elves were their most sensitive place.
Sure enough, in Lin Ze, I touched my ear, and Soscia felt that she was soft all over and fell into Linze’s arms.
"Brother Lin Ze, don’t touch my ear. It feels strange."
Lin Ze didn’t remember until he saw Soscia’s performance that his ears were restricted by Elves, so he hurriedly let go and apologized.
Soscia covered Lin Ze’s apology mouth and smiled lightly and said, "You don’t worry about this pair of ears. There are naturally elf camouflage methods. Look."
See Soscia’s ears in Lin Ze watching slowly become smaller and smaller into the original Zhu Yu round little ears.
Lin Ze looked at Soscia’s exquisite earlobe and couldn’t help playing with it. Soscia was panting again and again to stop this ambiguous movement
"Sister Soscia, I should go back now! I didn’t go back last night, and the teacher should be very worried about me. "Lin Ze rubbed Soscia’s long blond hair and said.
Soscia also knew that Lin Ze was not alone. He smiled and said, "Then Lin Ze’s brother should go home first. I will always keep this moonlight pub in Hutton Mar. If you miss me, you can come and see me here."
"hmm!" Lin Ze must have nodded …
There was no door for a long time. The moonlight pub finally closed, but Lin Ze didn’t go out through the front door, but left through the back door. If a man came out of the moonlight pub, Soscia would certainly be criticized. Lin Ze looked at the yellow sky and shook his head naively.
Today is really very romantic, but when I think that everything I have done may be the devil may cry, I expect that Lin Zexin is as uncomfortable as eating a fly. Lin Ze really feels that the devil may cry as if he is haunting himself. Does he want to beat the apostle to help him take revenge?
Lin Ze thought the devil may cry could not be so simple, but now he couldn’t figure out what the reason was, so he could take it one step at a time …
As the distance from the hotel is getting closer and closer, Lin Ze also thought of Wei Li and Qi Ye. The two girls who stayed out all night must be very worried! At this time, Lin Ze didn’t know how to explain it to them. Is it that she met an elf girl again in this night and she was different from her? I’m afraid I won’t talk to myself for a long time if I know this.
Lin Ze a face of wry smile but the hotel has appeared in front of Lin Ze …
"Ah gentleman? Are you back? " Lin just came out of the hotel and saw Lin Ze, who had not returned all night, nodded at him and there was nothing unusual to realize that he passed by.
There is nothing strange about seeing Lin attack. Lin Ze is also a little relieved, but it should be no big deal if he didn’t come back overnight.
Lin Ze met West Asia, Lan Yun Ze and Herrick all the way.
When Sia saw Lin Ze’s outpouring, it was a knowing smile. The royal family of Dross Empire was not handsome and playboy in the eyes of Sia Emperor. Lin Ze must have gone somewhere to be happy.
Arashi Yun Ze’s eyes reveal a burst of regret. Lin Ze certainly doesn’t know Arashi Yun Ze. Although he knows that Rongyun Cold didn’t arrange for Lin Ze’s hand, his heart is still looking forward to Lin Ze’s accident. Now, when Lin Ze comes back safely, Arashi Yun Ze will naturally be disappointed and sorry …
Lin Ze and Herrick naturally understand what happened in Lin Ze, but men will not show their hearts when they see each other’s nothing. Herrick and Lin Ze said softly-"Only the teacher and the lacquer night seem to have been worried about you …"
After hearing this sentence, Lin Ze also knew that he must have to face Wei Li and lacquer night and nodded at Herrick. Lin Ze also quickly returned to his room. In Lin Ze, he was lying in his bed thinking about explaining to Wei Li and lacquer night when the door rang.
"Dang dang dang dang …"
Knocking on the door and painting the night have appeared outside Linze Gate …
The news of Lin Ze’s return came quickly, and Lin Ze had already visited them first before he could get to see them.
"Where did you go last night?" Speaking so bluntly and sharply is that it is absolutely impossible for us to directly question Lin Ze if we stay away from the teacher.
When Lin Ze paused for a while, he could make up a story and say, "Well, I have a friend in Hutton Mar. I went to see him yesterday and chatted with him so much that I forgot to come back."
Lin Ze’s words are very pale, and there is no power at all. He turned his eyes but asked.
"Male or female?"
"male!" Lin Ze knew that this must be the answer …
"When did you have friends in Hutton Mar?" Solitude seems to be getting to the bottom of it.
Lin Ze’s brain was running so fast that he finally realized the meaning of that sentence-if you tell the first lie, then you need more lies to make up for it …
Are you going to lie again Lin Ze was a little naive, but at this moment, Lin Ze had a flash of light in his mind. He knew that he had traveled to the mainland and worked as a bard in other people’s data for several years. Although many people who had investigated himself didn’t believe this news, it was the only official news released by the Lins, which also became the recognized reason why Linze disappeared for several years, and this reason can also explain why he had friends in Hutton Mar.
Chapter 43 Be turned red waves
Lin Ze calmly told Wei Li and Qi Ye that he once knew his friend when he was traveling in the mainland. Everything sounded very real.
Only from listening to Lin Ze said so well-founded, she was skeptical, but she also had a brainwave and suddenly changed her face and sniffed and said, "Lin Ze, why do you smell like a woman?"
"ah? Is there? "
Lin Ze consciously bowed his head and smelled his body when he heard the words, but he knew that he was making this move and it was broken in an instant.
Lin Ze struggled to raise his head, and his face had changed, but such a simple test Lin Ze had already revealed the clues and snorted heavily. Then he left the Linze room directly without a word …
But up to now, I haven’t said a word, and I can show a helpless expression to Lin Ze at night, and I am dragged away by Wei Li.
"Alas, it fell short!"
Lin Ze nai shook his head and fell into bed. There were so many things happening in one day today that Lin Ze’s brain was a little indigestible …
As night fell, Lin Ze didn’t see Wei Li again until after dinner. Lin Ze also knew that Wei Li was really angry this time. He could walk back to his room dejectedly, and Herrick and Lin Yi’s room Lin Ze were very close. Seeing Lin Ze’s performance was also a guess. Lin Ze didn’t pass Wei Li’s "torture". He also shrugged his shoulders naively. Where are these outsiders who can manage things?
In the dark night, Lin Ze tossed and turned in his bed, and from time to time, it flashed in his mind that he couldn’t help Soscia’s shyness … In Hutton Mar, these three women and themselves were the most unusual, which made Lin Ze don’t know how to face this kind of thing. Lin Ze rubbed his head for this kind of thing. There is also an orchid language in the snowy area of Lan’s home, and there are green girls, Afaria and Xiaomiya. If you are left alone, I’m afraid you will run away.
Lin Ze thought about these unusual girls and couldn’t help sighing that their emotional problems actually involved the whole Arad continent. Is this a peach blossom luck or a peach blossom robbery?
Lin Ze sighed silently again …
While Lin Ze was thinking about these puzzling things, there was a gentle knocking at the door outside.
Lin Ze knocked on the door and a petite body in pajamas rushed into Linze’s arms …
"Paint night, why are you here? Don’t you share a room with Wei Li? " Lin Ze is surprised to see the girl’s face in her arms. Now it’s close to midnight, and it’s time to come here. That is to say, Wei Li must know about it.
Paint night in Linze arms charming smile while pushing Lin Ze into the room while feet a hook to bring Lin Ze door flexibly for a second, two people have been down on the bed together.
"This time, I was ordered by my sister Wei Li to question what you did last night!"
Paint night didn’t hide this time to tell Lin Ze bluntly …
"When did you two become so good? Actually helped Wei Li to inquire about her husband’s news? " Lin Ze patted paint night * * * asked.
Lacquer night frowned unhappily and said, "I’m in the same camp with my sister Wei Li now. Husband, come on, confess. Who did you spend the night with yesterday?"
Lin Ze looked at the painting night in pajamas and unconsciously patted the painting night * * * and didn’t speak.
I have to say that the paint night is very tempting now, and the ambiguous atmosphere in the room has already burned up.
Lin Ze hasn’t been with Lacquer Night for more than ten days, and the girl seems to feel the strange atmosphere. Lacquer Night’s face is also red and she bowed her head shyly …
Lin Ze kissed her overbearingly, but she resisted the girl a little, so she gave up her resistance and was turned red all night.
Wei Li qi ye Fang Li
Only from wearing pajamas room was dark, but her eyes were wide open, and her heart was constantly thinking …
Yes, it’s paint night, but she also knows how far Lin Ze has reached on paint night, and what will happen on this night can be guessed.