"beep ~!" The corner kick can be served.
Alves raised his left hand and immediately ran out three steps later. After that, the tip of his right foot hoisted the ball out of the restricted area for a second, and several people surged.
"Corner kick quality is good ~! See if Barcelona can get a chance ~? "
On-the-spot commentators spoke out all people’s hearts, but the fact disappointed the visiting fans, and the big stone hanging in the hearts of the home fans finally fell.
"Oh ~ ~! Pique pushed the ball high and Barcelona didn’t seize the corner kick ~! What a pity ~! "
Coach Coboni was relieved to see the ball fly directly to the audience. He glanced at the wrist watch and said, "It seems that’s it ~!"
The referee is also doing the same thing as coach Coboni, and he has made up his mind. When the goalkeeper of Granada sends out the ball, he will blow the whistle at the end of the half-game.
"Well ~! The exciting half-time game is finally over ~! After the players from both sides return to the dressing room, how will they behave in the half-court game after being coached by the head coach? Ok ~! Let’s wipe our eyes ~! "
The on-site commentator simply summed up the half-time situation of the game.
In the VIP seat, Kabi saw his teammates back in the locker room. As soon as he stood up beside him, Mr. Haas asked, "Going to the locker room?"
"Right ~!" Kabi, it’s easy to answer.
Mr. Haas asked, "Coach Coboni, the old man told you to go back to the dressing room after halftime, didn’t he?"
Kabi wagged his head and answered, "No ~! Coach Coboni didn’t make such a request. I feel that I can’t play with my teammates, and at this time, I should go back to the dressing room. They are on the same front ~! "
Mr. Haas nodded slightly and said, "Not bad ~! Ok then ~! You go ~! "
"hmm ~!" With that, Kirby turned and turned out toward the door.
"Ding ~ ~!"
Suddenly, before going far, Kabi stopped and turned to Mr. Haas and said, "Hey ~? Are you or me ~? "
Mr. Haas took out his mobile phone from his trouser pocket, looked at it and said, "It was my mobile phone that received the text message ~!"
"hmm ~!" Kabi left the VIP room without saying anything more.
This is the absolute territory of the team, so Kabi did not knock on the locker room door, pushed the door and turned into the locker room.
What is different from before the game is that the teammates saw that Kabi entered the locker room instead of coaxing, but they were wiping their faces and sweating and drinking physical supplements. Even so, Kabi didn’t pay much attention because he knew that his teammates desperately needed a rest and a whole fatigue.
Before leaving, Kabi saw that he had changed his clothes and remained in the same position. He also gave a light smile or said that he had some regrets in his heart after all.
"Drink or not ~?" Asked the hemp rat, seeing that Kabi was sitting in the dressing room and handing out a can of drinks.
Kabi answered the drink and said, "Small-angle volley score. Hmm ~! Not bad ~! Well done ~! "
The hemp rat took a sip of drink and shook his head and said, "What a pity!"! If I hadn’t lost possession of the ball, the score would probably remain at 1-1 now ~! "
Kabi thumped at the hemp rat’s shoulder and said, "Idiot ~! There is no if in the stadium ~! Didn’t you say to me? "
"If the ball is still rolling, then everything still has a chance, right?"? Of course I remember ~! " As soon as the hemp rat robbed the speech.
Marmot didn’t forget that the game should have a positive attitude to satisfy Kabi’s intuition, then patted Marmot’s shoulder and said, "Remember to keep cheering ~!"
"pa ~ ~!"
The hemp rat didn’t answer directly, but Kabi slapped him.
Coach Coboni’s dispatch is to remove the hemp from the flank, which just weakens the threat of the hemp in the middle. Even if the savior has the merit to pull back a goal, the hemp doesn’t have much bright spot at half-time. Fortunately, teammate No.2 has a strong sweeping ability, and Iniesta Harvey and others have also tasted his tough physical confrontation tactics. Garoff Man’s ability to actively reserve seats and control the rhythm of the game is not without chance if Granada wants to recover the defeat at half-time.
"Kabi ~! Come here ~! " The assistant coach shouted at another place to stop Kabi Marmot from chatting.
Kabi turned his head "Oh" and turned to the assistant coach.
Behind him, the hemp mouse made a joke. "Maybe it was to let you play the goalkeeper position at half-time. Anyway, your ankle injury has not healed ~!"
Kabi slowly raised his right arm with the hemp rat on his back and made a middle finger gesture to the hemp rat.
"What’s up? Coach ~! " Kabi asked the assistant coach.
"Coach Coboni is looking for you ~! You are quick to go ~! " The assistant coach ordered
Kabi "oh" saw coach Coboni five meters away and turned with a small hand.
"What’s up? Coach? " Kirby asked.
Coach Coboni lowered his head and said, "Will I call you if you have nothing to do?"
Kabi was stupefied and didn’t know what to say.
Coach Coboni also said nonsense, "I received a message after I returned to the locker room, and this news is a problem for you ~!" "
"Oh ~?" How did Kabi’s fever make him more anxious?
Coach Coboni hasn’t picked the matter yet. Kabi knew it was coming to expect the unexpected and it was urgent. Judging from coach Coboni’s intentional expression, Kabi was more sure that his idea was correct.
"What on earth is it? Coach ~? " Kabi asked
Coach Coboni shrugged his shoulders and replied, "The club staff just informed me that they have received official offers from two clubs ~!" to be continued
Zhang baicai genius
Going to Kabi was due to the failure of Eindhoven’s youth team to be promoted to the first team, which led to his lack of due exposure. He thought so himself.
Kabi has never said that he is a talented player, but he has long recognized his strength without saying it in his heart and never questioned his own strength. Why should he question himself? Kabi explained to himself that I really couldn’t find a reason to question my own strength.
Even though individual teammates of Eindhoven youth team joked half-jokingly, "You must think you are a genius, right?"
"Is there any doubt about this?" Kabi replied like this.
Teammates turned around and joked, "You can’t even make the first team. Is this a genius?"
At that moment, Kabigen couldn’t find any words to refute that the other side could walk quietly, which seemed to agree with the other side’s statement. In return, he took the initiative to apply for promotion to the first team ten times, but the first team coach ignored it. Fortunately, Kabigen always adhered to his beliefs, and others were qualified to bury himself, but he was not qualified to bury himself.
Because he is a genius, even when dealing with life, he looks like an idiot.
Besides, Kabi is not a trick to travel to the world. In this respect, he is not like an idiot. Without food in the refrigerator, he is too lazy to buy it, but after discovering that he is not skilled in training, he will add two hours of classes by himself.
If it is insisted that soccer players are divided into congenital and acquired categories, then Kabi is a mixture of these two types. No matter how antagonistic the youth team is, Kabi will find something to learn from it.
Ten successful straight tackles are close to 20 thousand meters, and dozens of games have seen three arc free throws and scores.
However, these are records that are so light that Kabi can’t be promoted to the first team. He was proud of his dazzling record, and his whole heart sank after a long time.
You can’t even get into the first team. Maybe Kabi is still some distance away from genius.
"no! Young man! You are wrong! "
"What’s wrong?"
"I’m sure you are a genius!"
"How can I be a genius if I can’t even make the first team?"
"So do you want to be a real genius?"
"think! Then what shall I do next? "
"From the Eindhoven youth team!"
Mr. Haas, the chief scout, has been deeply involved in scouting for tens of thousands of words for a long time. The friends around him woke up with kindness and suggested that the old man give up scouting and change jobs. How did the brokerage industry know that the response was
"no! I’m not interested! "
In fact, Mr. Haas is saying that "there is no young player worthy of my transfer to the brokerage industry for the time being!"
Kabi’s appearance changed Mr. Haas’s attitude, and the two hit it off with each other, trying to make a splash in European football.