"Ow!" The huge arcane dragon, the arcane breaker Rydney, issued a victory shout. After declaring himself the king of this canyon again, he was very angry and sprayed an arcane flash toward the ground. Then he shook his body and flew away. He didn’t have much interest in the body of the critical ape because some of the other body had been eaten by it, such as the powerful heart, and other tastes were passable. The magic crystal hidden in his brain was contained in his mouth. For shiny things, that kind of dragon creature could not resist each other.
Chen Kai always online waited for half an hour before he dared to come. At this time, it has been a full hour in the game. His tent has become a small animal paradise. If it is not completely destroyed and torn up, it is estimated that Chen Kai’s connection will be done. Of course, when he comes, he will check and scare the surrounding foraging rabbits to death. After all, the emergence of a human is too scary for these rabbits with simple intelligence.
Of course, what is even more alarming is that Chen Kai just found the huge ape body not far away, and at the same time saw many predators who smelled the blood coming. If Chen Kai’s tent was not nearly 300 meters away from the ape body, it is estimated that Chen Kai’s line appeared around for a moment, not rabbits, but around the body for more than a decade, eating wild wolves or several storm tigers. Obviously, these predators seemed a little hesitant when they saw Chen Kai. They were considering whether to choose fresh tin cans or continue to eat. After thinking for a while, these predators suspected that they chose the latter, which was more than 300 meters away.
Even so, when leaving the area, Chen Kai was still afraid to meet some scavengers who failed to compete for corpses, or simply some hunters who smelled blood. Chen Kai carefully moved to the exit of the stone canyon, while Norman City players were trying to push them deep into the canyon for a long time. Because there were many people, other beasts dared not even appear except the more advanced Warcraft, so the group moved very fast, but it was also for the team. For some people, there is not much talk about this kind of activity, especially when the advanced Warcraft is chartered by the grand knights or adventurers, and some participants in the March will feel very depressed 2.
"This help a damn ball when always? Little beggars who make soy sauce or passers-by don’t take me seriously. "Feather with a huge broadsword in his hand is very angry and muttered. Behind him are a group of equally angry lone players, who are very angry because they are monopolized by those knights in Norman City, so they get together. Of course, they will get tired. After all, everyone knows that the key point is not the distance, but whether they can successfully enter the wilderness of northern Normandy after crossing the stone canyon, that is, the wilderness where ll meets wild boar people and abyss devourers.
Although the location of the map stone canyon is basically deep into the bitter-Egyptian wilderness, and there may be a road or hillside leading to the wilderness somewhere in the canyon, they can find this place instead of relying on the map to guess.
"Good feather can’t you be quiet? Isn’t it just a few garbage Warcraft? If they kill them, they kill them. Do you still need this money? Or this experience? " Zhang Ye looked at each other with his eyes up and then continued to sit on horseback with his head down. Compared with Ll Zhang Ye riding a horse, Chen Kai is very humble and a little thin. It’s hard to imagine that the whole horse is skinny as if he hadn’t had enough food for a long time. His head hangs down and keeps hitting the ground stone as if he was looking for some weeds to satisfy his hunger. But people who have really seen this horse’s teeth will never associate it with ordinary horses because it has sharp fangs instead of eating tender grass or flat beans in its mouth.
At the same time, the bony body of the horse is also covered with some tiny scales like snake scales. This is a heterogeneous war horse in the game, that is, a kind born after the hybrid jiā of a war horse and a dragon lizard. It has no reproductive ability but is also very strong in running. At the same time, it is very beneficial to attack a certain battle. Zhang Ye, a horse named Long Lin, is as famous as him because the dragon lizard war horse is owned by one of his players in the game.
"Zhang Ye, don’t you think that these guys who are annoyed are not only blocking the road, but also preventing us from even drinking soup in the past?" Feather smashed a small pit directly on the ground with his huge knife.
"Isn’t it good to have them as cannon fodder?" Zhangye looked at the knights who were blocking the road in front. The number of players in this operation was the largest, with the highest average level and the highest base. There was not a player with a level of 40 and a player with a level of 50, but these players with a level of 50 did not stand in front of the road, but stood in front of Zhangye to monitor Zhangye and their lone players.
Of course, for players like Zhang Ye, the same level doesn’t mean that the other side has the strength to be equal to Zhang Ye. Zhang Ye’s look at those players of the Black Dragon Knights with their heads held high is just like watching the dead. If he hadn’t wanted to benefit the other side as cannon fodder, these people would have been killed by Zhang Ye for a long time. Never let a boxer get close to you because you can’t afford to hurt him. This is the only idea of all players who have worked with boxers, and of course, it is the consensus of all players. That is, don’t try to fight with a boxer because it is absolutely. People don’t know that the fighting capacity of different boxers is different, and some boxers of the same level are weak but some are terrible. This is not only a matter of personal talent, but also a problem of controlling the skills and fighting skills of boxers in the game. The original is the reality. Even in reality, Zhang Ye, a China practitioner, is able to pick a dozen, and his fighting capacity has soared several times after he entered the game and became a boxer. Although he has not tried how many players of the same level he can pick one on one, he is sure that if he is a fifth-order humanoid robber, he can at least make a dozen or fifty even if the other side.
Of course, players and robbers must be on the same page. Maybe players will be more productive in some cases, but in terms of breath, Zhang Ye is absolutely not as good as those robbers who stopped in front to monitor players.
"A bunch of rubbish" Zhang Ye gave this evaluation to the senior players of the Black Dragon Knights who are cocky and feel very powerful in front of them, and then continued to look at the ground with their heads down as if there would be gold F.
Chapter 413 Encounter ()
Chapter 413 Encounter ()
Black and blue eyes, yellow and sticky hair, and blue and thin cheeks. This is why Chen Kai wandered around the stone canyon for three days. As a result, he walked for nearly 50 kilometers, and it took him a whole day to spin around a certain ridge. It was not until he turned dizzy that he found that the surrounding environment was very familiar. Until then, Chen Kaicai suddenly found himself walking around a certain ridge for a whole day and was dizzy. uā was almost not dead tired.
Chen Kai-shen’s only clean and tidy estimate is that he has a huge sword on his back. At least there is no blood stain on his face. Even if there is, Chen Kai has been erased by U. Compared with his armor treatment, Chen Kai doesn’t know how much taller he is. Chen Kai doesn’t have so much thought about taking care of his armor. Except that there is not much time, the most important thing is to take off his armor. In this danger, I don’t know when a monster will emerge. Chen Kai doesn’t want to go to Antoine to fall off his helmet. In addition to being able to wipe the place with linen cloth, the nail surface accounts for more or less some blood sludge. Of course, all the blood was killed by ll, and the monster sludge was rolled around when avoiding Warcraft.
The most serious damage to the whole set of armor is the arm I ǐ u ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ 46
Compared with armor and equipment, the most depressing thing for Chen Kai is his state at the moment. Because he hasn’t eaten hot food for several days and didn’t have a good night’s sleep, Chen Kai’s status bar shows the fact of weakness. Every day, except for dry bread, it is cold spring water or roadside wild fruit. Even so, he will often be attacked during meals and stop eating and sleeping. It won’t be long before he gets up and runs for his life. After three days, Chen Kai almost didn’t want to commit suicide. Of course, Chen Kai finally survived, but he looks very weak. His body can remain in its original state
Even so, Chen Kai’s overall state is still much higher than that of an ordinary fifth-order player. Chen Kai can hold on for the time being, but if he can’t walk out of the canyon again, Chen Kaiji won’t be able to wait until his weak state becomes weak. If he becomes collapsed, Chen Kaiji can’t think of any ending except waiting for death. However, Chen Kai feels that he may soon walk out of the canyon because he vaguely hears the sound of weapons hitting from the front, although it may be because of the distance. It’s far from clear, but you will find these players who have changed their power at the moment when they are stuck in the M color, and if they don’t take off their masks or face towels and don’t know who the other party is, they will cover up the player’s information during the battle. This is true even in the face of aborigines, if you don’t know the other party’s name, it will show the other party’s occupation or position name directly through the system. For example, when you enter a city, even if you see the city owner, you won’t know it. The name of the other party can be seen through the system. Only by talking with other residents can we know the name of the duke. At this time, the duke’s name will be changed in the system, even if the players hide their names from each other. Unless they are stupid enough to put their names on their heads, they can be directly seen. Obviously, players who join the dark forces and choose to wear masks will never be stupid enough to display their names. Even if the players are dropped, they may not know that it is their own city. At first, they may still be indigenous np-dry until many players in the back find that they have attacked several L-colored lights and can’t see the
"Hey buddy, what are you looking at?" When Chen Kai poked his head around the grass and observed the surrounding situation, a rough crazy sound came from behind him. Chen Kai jumped out of the grass and put his hand into his back to hold the sword hilt. Of course, if it was normal, Chen Kai’s sword had definitely been pulled out and held in his hand, but his body was already in a weak state at the moment, and his reaction was slower than that of his health. Although he reacted when he pulled out the sword, a huge knife had been placed on his neck.
Feeling the neck knife, Nathan’s cold blade, Chen Kai vaguely felt that this weapon exudes a very familiar sacred force, which is very similar to the fighting spirit surging in his body, but there are differences. However, at this moment, Chen Kai felt that the other party was holding some kind of weapon that might come from the temple, so the other party might be the temple staff. Chen Kai slowly raised his hand to indicate that he was not in danger, and then slowly got up from the squatting state to face each other.
"Hey, a well-equipped brother, where are you? Why haven’t I seen you in Norman? "Behind Ll, it was none other than the sacred feather of Northern Dao. He slowly put away the knife in Ll’s neck because he saw the row of badges in front of Ll’s I not ng, which were displayed by Ll in I not ng A left I not ng, so that most people can recognize Ll’s strength at a glance and naturally have a good link in Ll’s current situation. After all, killing an ordinary player is the most important. Three more days in prison, but if you kill a player with noble military skills, it may take longer to go to prison. This is a way to protect those players who have contributed to the aborigines in disguised form, and it is also a benefit for players after they get military skills or titles.
"Hello, my name is KaiChen? Saint? Lapston just came from the north. "ll slowly stretched out his hand and wanted to shake hands with the other party, because he found that the other party’s weapon flashed faintly with a purple equipment, and he could quickly retreat from behind with a purple one on his back. ll was in a bad mood, and anyone who was dragged by another big man would feel embarrassed, but ll found that he was really able to break away from the other party in a weak state, and he felt that even if it was not a weak state, it was not necessarily the other party’s strength, so he gave up the struggle and was dragged forward by the other party.
"Cockroaches, Cockroaches, I have good news." Feather trotted all the way, dragging Ll forward, and when she ran to a person’s side, he still couldn’t stop yelling, but shouting out the nickname was obviously not popular with the player riding an old horse in front, because Ll felt that there was a faint murderous look blowing in the air. At the same time, he also saw the fist of the other party clench slowly and then punched the one who dragged Ll forward, screaming and punching, and at the same time, a thick red light destroyed two B and forced it. To attack from a distance and at the same time, to kill the two attackers mercilessly. In this way, Chen Kai first met the strong of the two northern players in a fight with each other. Who let these two people be fighting crazy in the game? Once they fight, they will never stop, but Chen Kai is unlucky. He just bumped into two fights and took the initiative to fight back. What’s even more unfortunate is that his strength just made the two people who are already familiar with each other shine at the moment, which raised Chen Kai’s fighting capacity from being the same as ordinary players to barely fighting with them. So Chen Kai sadly urged him to fight with them for the first time in Norman.
Chapter 414 Crazy Knight
The result of the three-person chaos was that Chen Kai was defeated. Of course, Chen Kai was very depressed because he lost in the end because of his physical exhaustion. A player with a physical strength of more than 1,000 points lost PK because of his physical strength. Of course, if it was not because of his physical weakness and before the battle, his physical strength would be less than 500 points, and Chen Kai would not be the first to lose. But then again, even if Chen Kai had more physical strength, he would face two fighting strengths healthier than him. It’s too high for a soldier to besiege him unless he becomes violent directly and then dies, but in that case, even if the base becomes enemies, Chen Kai doesn’t have a dead hand, but then again, Chen Kai’s deathless hand doesn’t mean that the other two can’t be heavy-handed, especially if Chen Kai wears armor so thick that Zhang Ye’s fist hits Chen Kaigen, and he doesn’t feel pain. As a result, two people seem to have found sandbags, so they can greet Chen Kai and call him depressed and want to vomit blood.
Although Chen Kai won’t suffer too much even if he is hit by Zhang Ye’s head-on, at most, his chest is stuffy and bruised, but Chen Kai suffered a lot from the boxer’s high-speed continuous hitting with strong penetrating power, but it’s still better and more painful for Chen Kai’s headache. The sharp value of the weapon in the other side’s hand is not lost to Chen Kaiju’s sword. If it is not feather, it will leave a deep white mark on the armor. The body armor has definitely been cut back to the furnace and recreated. Looking at the body, the traces of white shallow knives have appeared. It hasn’t been a week since the armor was worn. The depression in Lleyton’s heart is not that words can form a foundation. Every attack is cut in Lleyton’s body, and every inch of Lleyton’s heart is in pain or may be swollen and broken. Not only is there a trace of damage to the armor, but there is also a trace of wound in the armor skin. Compared with being hit by Zhangye, it is suspected that the feather is cut out, which is more ferocious.
Of course, Chen Kai felt bad about both Zhang Ye and Yu. Although they were hit by Chen Kai at most, each base almost sent them back to the shen Temple in Antuoluo. The fact of fighting is that the worst control of strength among the three people is that Chen Kai is in a weak state. Although his body is weak, the original attribute is there. Adding Zhang Ye and Yu is not as high as Chen Kai’s defensive armor or wearing no armor at all. As a result, after being cut by Chen Kai, it is mostly a raw field, although Because of their high height, Chen Kai’s many attacks ended in a swing, but they couldn’t get up even if they were kept by Chen Kai for a long time, even if they were not cut down but photographed horizontally. This northern boxing saint Zhang Ye was swept in the chest by Chen Kai’s sword ridge and then flew out for five meters, and the life value of two somersaults was less than 300 points, but in the end, he was too scared because of his close-fitting bunt ability, although Chen Kai didn’t know the other party’s skill. Name, but the short speed and high-frequency hitting method of the horrible fist made Chen Kai feel like seeing Wing Chun in the costume film, especially when he finally beat Chen Kai down, the short explosive force of an inch fist actually made a fist dent in Chen Kai’s armor. This is a lot of heavy weapons that do damage. After all, sharp weapons cut out the armor at most and make a fist seal with a trace. Ye’s punching out with this fist is generally equivalent to a high-speed pile driver, which not only dents Chen Kai’s armor, but also directly weakens Chen Kai’s body, which brings dizziness.He was the second to lose because he was hit twice by Chen Kai, and then he didn’t resist Zhang Ye’s high-speed punch and was knocked unconscious. If he hadn’t been hit twice by Chen Kai, it is estimated that he would win in the end. It’s a pity that his weapon was too cruel and Chen Kai’s armor was covered with knife marks. As a result, he was directly hit twice when he retreated. Although there was not much blood, his thigh was discounted. Although there was no fracture, his mobility decreased a lot, which kept him from beating. "Hey, wake up, it’s time to eat ~" Chen Kai He was awakened by the sound of hitting his helmet, and he slowly woke up from his lethargy. Because he was still in a confused state, Chen Kai didn’t know where he was or who knocked his helmet. His only memory was the scene of his chest depression, so he consciously checked his breastplate, and a fist print was clearly printed on his face.
"Depend! Old breastplate! " Chen Kai’s depressed voice quickly resounded through the tent, but when he tried to get up, he found that he didn’t get up and carefully checked the state. Chen Kai found that his sternum was broken three times, and every day he didn’t think about the treatment root, and it was still necessary to treat the drug well, otherwise he could go to the temple priest. Of course, Chen Kai was more distressed about his armor than the injury. After all, there are not hundreds of gold coins to repair the root. Although Chen Kai is not short of money, thrift is also a kind of superiority. Good virtue, isn’t it? "It’s just a concave piece. Just look for a blacksmith to mend it when you find it, and it won’t take a few gold coins. If you think other blacksmiths are unreliable, I’ll introduce you to a way to ensure exquisite craftsmanship and reasonable collection." Feather patted Chen Kai’s shoulder and said that of course his image at the moment is not better than Chen Kai’s. Obviously, it’s also a bit of a bone injury. Of course, these injuries were not caused by Chen Kai alone, because he didn’t remember cutting his opponent’s arm during the attack and showed that his arm was It’s even more unlikely that Chen Kai caused the injury. If Chen Kai cuts the opponent’s arm, it’s definitely a fracture injury. It’s probably that the whole arm has been cut off. "Okay, don’t introduce your idiot blacksmith friends with a big knife. They haven’t repaired this armor yet. It’s mostly high-grade blue equipment and it’s still produced by the military. Can your junior blacksmith friends with the most grades repair this thing?" ZhangYe that calm voice slowly appeared in the tent for feather words he directly rejected without mercy."… advanced blue standard suit. It’s not uncommon for those who join the army to have a suit. It’s not that my brothers haven’t studied how to increase the magic array without destroying it. They can all repair it." Feather naturally won’t admit Zhang Ye’s words. He continued to clap Ll’s shoulder to promote his friend’s blacksmith technology. "You said that those are ordinary equipment. This guy should be the only knight officer suit at this stage. It’s much better than those that were sent when he was a soldier. I don’t think this guy will give you this armor." Reliable blacksmith friends can’t cry if the whole thing is broken. "Zhang Ye waved his hand and pulled the tent to let in the sunshine outside. Chen Kai found that it had entered dusk unconsciously, and the golden sunset shone directly from the window, shining on Chen Kai’s helmet and drilling into Chen Kai’s eyes through the gap, so that he had to squint to continue to observe the surrounding environment. Outside the tent, it was a very lively camp, so that Chen Kai came to a certain city by himself, but there were many businessmen who bought things. Of course, players who cook with iron pots and groan on the ground, and Chen Kai even saw some aboriginal adventurers in it. Their level is obviously higher than that of the surrounding players, and they look very tough. They belong to the kind of old adventurers. There are not some selling sounds in the busy camp, of course, and there are also the sound of beating weapons and hammering the bellows when the furnace is heated. Obviously, there are blacksmiths in this camp, that is, the simple blacksmith shop for repairing weapons. However, Chen Kai is the first time to see a professional blacksmith who will carry iron tools with him, and of course, there is a special heating furnaceThis is a thought of Chen Kai, and this is the only one that is close to the truth. The fact is also a big one. Let’s go, it’s time for dinner. I think you should really want to eat a hot meal. Zhang Ye patted Chen Kai on the shoulder and said behind him, Yu Ze stared at Chen Kai’s armor with a curious face. He wanted to see the knight officer’s armor mark from the surface of the armor covered with mud and grease, and at the same time he wanted to rip it off from Chen Kai. Of course, Yu knew this was a little unlikely. Every set of military armor would record names unless Yu planned to go. Feather suddenly remembered that she seemed to have forgotten something, which was obviously very important, so he asked Chen Kai a similar question again, but the latter was busy stuffing food into his mouth, which of course surprised him. There was also a small head that emerged from Chen Kai’s waist. If he was not mistaken, it should be a young dragon. "… a dragon emperor, I just had a fight with a dragon knight, but this dragon knight is really weak." Feather looked at the little guy who emerged from Chen Kai’s pet and recognized each other as soon as he got out. He is surprised that this flying dragon looks a little strange, and it is very different from the flying dragon in his impression. It should be a variant of some kind of blood. "I think this guy should not be a dragon knight, but this guy is obviously not a dragon knight. Of course, you idiot who lacks game knowledge will not know the difference between a dragon knight and a dragon knight."Zhang Ye’s harsh words mocked Yu’s lack of game knowledge, and he constantly despised him because he knew that the other party had only been in the game for a few months. When traveling with Chen Kai, the little guy ate cold meat every day. Although he was a body animal, he was not very picky about whether to eat hot or cold, but his simple and slender tongue was absolutely hot in the taste buds, which was more delicious and easier to digest. At this moment, the little guy looked very comfortable. He touched his belly and gently stroked his little belly with a satisfied face. Hiccup "can eat more than a pig" Feather looked at the little guy who kept burping. He looked very satisfied and seemed to be falling asleep gradually. Of course, he soon remembered that it seemed that an adult pig could not eat as well as he could, because even a pig could not eat six meals a day, and according to Chen Kai’s tone, the six meals were the same. "Hey guys, look what I found." When Zhang Ye opened his mouth to say something, a disgusting sound suddenly appeared behind him. The owner of this sound knew that Norman was the largest native. Effilax, a member of the People’s Adventure Group, will definitely rank first among the most unpopular people in Norman, but he is the head of the Dragon and Wolf Adventure Group, and his strength is not bad. The most important thing is that he is also mixed with the Black Dragon Order, the player’s biggest power, which makes his arrogance even more annoying. Behind him, the younger brother of the head of the Black Dragon Order, also a member of the second generation, is much worse than Effilax in strength. "I saw a price for you, Dragon."Chen Kai felt depressed in his ear, which made him want to vomit. If he had some common sense, people would never ask such an idiotic question, because players’ pets can’t be traded with each other, especially this kind of advanced creature. Every juvenile period of Warcraft will be signed with a contract when it becomes a player’s pet or mount, and this contract will be cancelled, which means that players can buy and sell pets by changing the name of the contractor. Of course, this is limited to the fact that players don’t have owners’ pets or Warcraft can be traded among aborigines. Warcraft is also a normal business line, but there will never be a dragon transaction. Because it belongs to the state control of Warcraft, this sentence is not the first to show that the aboriginal adventurer, although he is the first outsider to see Chen Kai’s little dragon, at least he has some common sense to know that this dragon is impossible to buy and sell things. However, the deputy head of the Black Dragon Knights behind him, that is, the head cousin, does not know that his lack of knowledge about games is absolutely inconsistent with his identity. He has always been Combining this game with those ordinary games in the past, I believe that if my cousin is powerful, he can be Weifu. By the way, what else can he bully or flirt with Xiao MM? When he saw Chen Kai’s little dragon, he realized that he wanted to buy it and take it with him to show off his prestige. Unfortunately, he forgot that unified rules are the biggest player in this game. In the game, he is not an emperor but just a passer-by. "Hey, are you deaf?" Let me ask you something? "This player named Liu Wei pointed his finger at Chen Kai. His appearance was obviously modified when he entered the game. It looked unusually sunny, but with his pale cheeks and gloomy eyes, it made people uncomfortable. "Don’t sell" Chen Kai looked up and said that he was very rude. He is too lazy to answer the question, even if he really wants to sell the other party, he can’t afford it, and he can’t even buy it. Regardless of the rarity of a dragon, the purity of the little guy’s pedigree alone is not an ordinary dragon, but compared with millions of gold coins, Chen Kai and the little guy can’t afford it. Moreover, after signing the contract, he can’t cancel the contract and then let the little guy turn into a dragon egg and sell it. It’s time to go backwards, and canceling the contract is not something that ordinary people can do. Things that are for your face "Liu Wei is very dissatisfied with ll’s answer, but he just wanted to point to ll’s nose and scold and saw two more people in front of him, one holding his fist and the other holding a big knife with eyebrows. He was still a little surprised how anyone dared to stop him. As a result, when he saw who the other person was, the horse took a step back." Zhang Ye, do you want to stand up for this guy? " Liu Wei was stunned when he saw the right side. He found that in front of his face, it turned out to be two great gods. Not long ago, he just beat over a dozen members of his order, the Northern Boxing Saint Zhangye. Another name is not bad. His feather "No, I mean to say that your courage is really big, pointing to the crazy knight Kaichen? Saint? Lapston scolded me for not knowing if your cousin would want to commit suicide when he heard you behave like this. "ZhangYe corners of the mouth with a mocking smile, the head of the black dragon knights, that is, cousin Liu Wei will commit suicide. He doesn’t know, but he’s sure that Liu Wei, the second sai-jo, is a disgrace. Regardless of ll’s list in the game forum, Liu Wei’s low-energy game knowledge is enough to make everyone who hears him laugh off his fangs. "Crazy knight? When did I get this nickname? "Chen Kai felt a little puzzled when he checked his status and found that there were no these three words in his title. He turned to the Internet to inquire until he saw his name in the official forum and even forgot his record." How come there are paparazzi in the game? This information is too great. "Chen Kai found that the base of his message almost broke out his personal information, especially what was introduced in the inquiry, and there was a beautiful sister, as if there were a private detective investigating.
Chapter 415 Youlong will
When the second sai-jo fled in a burst of hiss and contempt, Chen Kai was still looking at his glorious record hanging on the Internet. This page should be a page created by Chinese players, but it was recognized by the official website and added to the official forum, which surprised Chen Kai most. This page was also supported by Siyuan Company and gradually put overseas.
However, after looking at all the information, Chen Kai finally breathed a sigh of relief. At least the game company didn’t completely expose Chen Kai’s attribute status and weapons and equipment. He was less likely to be recognized when he was with people. At the same time, there was no personal information in the game company’s information. Of course, these information will not appear in the forum because the player’s private information is protected by national laws and belongs to personal information. Of course, Chen Kai also received a contract after he logged into the game forum four times, that is, he hoped to be complete. Personal attribute information is that Siyuan Company updates the list identification at any time by querying the attribute status of players in the game through the game client, but Chen Kai directly chose to veto this identification, and he didn’t want to know everything in the game like the back of his hand.
In addition to updating some news, Chen Kai also found that his fighting situation and some fighting frequency are similar to those of players, and some of them are obviously talented in his team. When Chen Kai saw the person’s name code, he immediately knew which one leaked his information.
“NNP! Does everyone know if you change your name to Fat Four? Mom Chui, it’s no wonder that I feel that you stare at me more often than at strange times in every battle. It turned out to be in this stubble. "Lleyton secretly cursed his decision to call a workshop meeting when he arrived in Norman, and dropped in for a real PK to beat the bastard who betrayed his boss. Of course, Lleyton didn’t betray his boss Chui with anger, but felt that it was small and not authentic, and according to his information, all the alum frequencies had traces of payment, but Lleyton didn’t find it. There is a saying in the cloud that although ll is not short of that little money, because his assets outside the game now add up enough for him and Rola Chen to sell two generations, but I feel that I have been cheated. This kind of depression is difficult for others to understand.
Therefore, Zhang Ye saw that Ll’s face turned blue and white as if he were constipated, which was very ugly. It took a long time to see him as if he had breathed a sigh of relief. However, Ll’s pale horse soon recovered. After greeting Zhangbreakdown, he found a piece of land at the edge of his tent and set up a tent himself. Then he dragged the little guy lying on the ground back to the tent and just pleaded guilty and closed the tent door to rest.
When Chen Kai Line soon after, Maureen, the head of the Black Dragon Order, came over with his cousin Liu Wei’s ear. Of course, he didn’t criticize, but came to apologize. Let’s not say that his cousin was stupid and foolish. Chen Kai’s strength alone would not offend him. Although the player’s power in the game is swollen, the Lord’s player’s power is still suppressed. They will not let the player develop too fast and threaten his position. Chen Kai’s strength is always happy to beat the player. It’s just a fifth-order player, even though he has the title of Crazy Knight on the celebrity list, Maureen’s absolute strength is just like that, except for a rare and violent skill. But what makes Maureen fear is not Chen Kai’s strength, but that he has a title. If he is an ordinary noble knight, he is not afraid of being knighted because he also won enough administrative honours not long ago. However, Chen Kai is still carrying a military knight’s title. Although it is not very eye-catching, it is enough to see Norman Duke and give him some influence. Maureen doesn’t want to be influenced by his cousin Bai Chui.
However, it is obvious that Maureen was slow because he was in a hurry to catch up with his cousin when he arrived. Chen Kai was already on the line, but according to Zhang Ye’s unkind statement, it was obvious that Chen Kai’s face was not so good when he was on the line. The cicada tried his best to develop the Knights of the Black Dragon into the first force in Norman City. Colonel Maureen appeared a little depressed expression on his face for the first time. Of course, his depression did not last. Takuya did not lose his temper at his cousin Liu Wei who made a mistake and went to Zhang Ye. After apologizing, they left with people.
"This guy is a character," said Yu, leaning on a knife behind Zhang Ye after Maureen left. This time, his face was not smirked, but serious. Of course, his mouth was still smoking. After all, his other hand was dislocated
"It’s a pity that the pattern is too small, and no matter how hard you work, a small city Lord will help us a little at most!" As Zhang Ye spoke, he pulled his dislocated arm with a feather shoulder, and then he was straightened and straight, and then he heard a slap in the face and pulled his arm and soon recovered his mobility.
"Nonsense! He has the most financial resources to support such a few small knights, and he can become a friend of the ten expensive Kui family in a few days! " Feather moved his hands and feet, and at the same time warmed and loosened the bandage. At the part near his right arm and shoulder, the bandage was a tattoo of Youlong, and Zhang Ye also had a Youlong on his right arm.
But compared with feather Youlong, he has one more claw. Meiyu has four claws and he has five claws.
"So that do you want to come in! It’s hard to meet such a man, and his fighting capacity is almost as important as ours. I think he has more than one card, except that he has been exposed to violence. He has not been possessed by an angel recently, so I guess I can’t beat him if I really work hard. "Feather touched the knife in her hand. This knife can be said to be an accidental acquisition of equipment. God knows how such a big knife can be inserted into a storm. When she saw that tiger, Feather was still a new kind of Warcraft.
"Looking for opportunities to test one! It’s a pity that our Youlong society is so weak that if we don’t get out of a celebrity list, it’s estimated that you and I still don’t know about wandering in that city. The whole game map is too big, which is also a trouble. I want to collect talents and run for half a day! I hope that this time we can pull some people into the meeting when we arrive at Zela fortress, but we can’t get many people in such a scattered association. "Zhang Ye looked up at Ll’s tent and said that the tattoo in his mouth, that is, his arm, meant that a group of scattered players set up a master organization in China’s alum countries. Of course, most of these masters are a little moist with reference to the ranking of points in the celebrity list to absorb the real strength, but no one knows how much each member who joins the Youlong Association will be inexplicable. A good fight is a test of strength, and the second is to look at people. A homicidal maniac who starts a fight because of a little words or simply kills people will naturally not be actively included in the list of Youlong members.
"Power is not bad! Anyway, we also have more than three hundred people, and half of them are lords’ territories, which add up to one percent of the area of the Hans Court Empire. "Feather pulled the hand to index and said, listening to his words, ZhangYe depressed and turned over their abnormal language replied.
"It’s six percentage points. Don’t always round it off. It’s too bad! And this percentage six in Raytheon guild territory alone accounted for one percentage point. Lin Lei’s strength almost occupied one sixth of the whole Presbyterian group! With more than one hundred lords added up, the remaining percentage points were scored, and the overall strength was much worse than that of the British Kuroshio. "Zhang Ye said that he was a little depressed. God knows how the president of the association pulled Lin Lei, a great god, into the window. At the same time, the strength exposed by Raytheon Guild was staggering. In addition to Raytheon Fortress, which is located at the headquarters in Yadog, there were at least 30 knights in the south with more than eleven castle branches. It can be said that Youlong will hold one fifth of the southern cities in his hand because Lin Lei joined alone. Although the territory area is not much, the sphere of influence
"But if this small person joins in, will Lin Lei’s power become bigger in the association?" Feather is a little worried. After all, Youlong will be a scattered association to attract lords to enter the association. Although there is nothing, if a certain Lord’s power is too inflated, it will also be a kind of pressure on other association members. However, this pressure is often invisible. After all, Youlong members are too widely distributed and most of them are not connected with each other. Even if there are lords, players will have conflicts. It is estimated that it will be at least the middle and late stages of the game until they can fight each other.
"No! He’s an adventurer like us. Didn’t you see his base running around? Even if you join the association, you can’t give Lin Lei more ping help, and Raytheon Association is the biggest supporter of our association at this stage. The stronger its strength, the better our association will develop. "Zhang Ye shook his head and said, of course, even if Lin Lei’s strength will swell, it doesn’t matter what he does at most. He just leaves the association and goes to be a lone player, and his biggest purpose in entering the game is to hone his fighting skills for who is the boss of the association and he doesn’t have any money.
"all right! Then listen to you. Who will contact him? " Feather thought for a while and then looked up only to find that the person in front of her had entered the tent and the tent curtain horse was about to close.
"Nonsense! Of course it’s you. I’m a deacon, you’re a member, and my level is higher than yours! " With the sound of Zhang Ye, the tent defense system has also been completely started. Unless Zhang Ye hits the tent curtain from the inside, no one will want to enter the tent. This is a kind of protection for the line players in the game, otherwise anyone can touch the line players’ tent. Isn’t there no guarantee?
"No! It’s me again, and that song Hu is also me to contact you. Didn’t you say it was your turn? Damn it! You NP dead cockroach will record my labor force! MP see what see have never seen a handsome boy. "Feather depressed made a complaint, and then he found a place to set up a camp at the edge of ll’s tent and lived in it, waiting for ll to come and discuss with him an invitation to join the Youlong meeting.
A day later, Chen Kai set off again, but this time he had a tattoo of Youlong on his right arm, which made Yu depressed. That is to say, Chen Kai just joined the Youlong Association and became a deacon. N This made Yu’s fragile heart very hurt, and of course it also made him feel that after Chen Kai left, his claws also rose to one and became a deacon, but Yu was still depressed. After all, Chen Kai joined the association for less than half an hour.
"Shun is introduced a dragon knight into the association! How can you change so much work? " Feather cherishes stroking the knife in his hand, because he learned a message from ll. He wants to know the name and real chalk properties of this broadsword, but he can take him to the Temple of Dawn, the Imperial City, or simply go to the holy mountain with ll. Because ll thinks that this weapon in feather’s hand is somewhat similar to the one lost by the Bishop of Mephis Morning Temple, but it is only similar. After all, there are many such long-handled combat knives in the game.
"The somebody else but brought his whole team in for more than a dozen people can naturally get the deacon position, which is like you did rectified to pull in ten people. If it weren’t for your weapon surface, it is estimated that it would take another two months to get to the deacon." Zhang Ye was a little jealous and looked at the knife in feather’s hand as if it were a sacristy! When the news spread to the association forum, the whole association forum was boiling. Up to now, the whole game has fallen into the hands of players. There are no sacred roots, let alone sacred weapons. It is estimated that the most purple weapons in the whole association are Chen Kai and his team. It is a pity that Chen Kai has no plans to sell them. After all, he is not short of money now, and he thinks that the price of this weapon cannot be satisfactory now. It is better to temporarily detain it.
Of course, there are many purple sacred creations that can’t compare with a sacred object. After all, the sacred object is also the product of alchemy technology, and the sacred object is said to be made directly by God. As the old saying goes, the price of an artifact is definitely not comparable to that of several purple sacred creations. At this moment, the more I look at it, the more I feel that there is a sacred object in my hand. The purple and gold grip on the handle is exposed after the quarrelling dissipates, which does not show its extraordinary origin. However, all this has been hidden in the feather’s original purpose of concealing the quarrelling, but after the quarrelling dissipates
In fact, Yu didn’t know that he had unconsciously completed the process of recognizing the master of this weapon, that is, the binding equipment program in the game. Most advanced weapons need to be constantly fighting to baptize the whole weapon, but Yu originally disguised himself as a pig and ate a tiger to cover up the knife. The faint purple light kept fighting to cover up the result, and the step of washing the weapon was added. He kept holding the knife and splashed his blood on the weapon from time to time and was gradually absorbed by the weapon, so that the binding process was slowly completed. Even if this weapon was really a sacristy, it recognized the master again before he completely deleted the number.
Of course, Chen Kai didn’t know that he was looking at the shape of this weapon and looking for that weapon in Mifez Temple. At the same time, he is busy going to Norman City. Because Zhang Ye and his big group of players are now very safe on the road to Norman City, and all the passages are communicated to Chen Kai by Zhang Ye. In exchange, Chen Kai recorded the road when he came from the fortress, including the journey in the rocky canyon in the past three days, especially the ridge full of maze. Chen Kai specially marked it on the map with important icons.
Of course, the map Chen Kai not only gave Zhang Ye a copy, but he remembered that he always made money in a game. It was the first thing for professional players to make money in a gold company. Not only did he give Zhang Ye an exchange, but he also sold it to other knights, including Maureen, the head of the Black Dragon Knights. Chen Kai directly forgot about his cousin’s stupid behavior after sleeping. Of course, he didn’t remember that Chen Kai didn’t recognize that he would be that kind of stupid offense. It’s a pity that in this game, the gold content of the second sai-jo is not as high as that of the adventurer team. At least, there may be things in his right hand, such as high-level therapeutic ointment or vindictive medicine. It’s a pity that this guy is obviously treated badly by people in the team, except for a leather and weapons. There is nothing else that harms Chen Kaibai-even if there are gold coins, huā can’t go out. At the same time, Chen Kai has not seen those aboriginal adventure groups. They are moving much faster than the players, except the logistics staff.
After having the map, Chen Kai traveled much faster. Plus, the surrounding creatures have been cleaned up. On the one hand, Chen Kai didn’t encounter any advanced carnivores along the way. At last, he didn’t even see any live rabbits. After walking through the barren hills for two days, he saw that the first city after Zela fortress was located in the semi-militarized fortress city-state of Shenzhen on the northern border-Norman City.
Chapter 416 Send
Looking at this former frontier fortress town, Chen Kai thinks it is not as good as the Zela fortress that was besieged by demons for more than half a month. Because Chen Kai thinks that Norman is a four-level main city at most, in fact, in Chen Kai’s eyes, Norman is not as big as Adolik, but it is the same for Norman to be a real earl at the administrative level as Adolik, which has just become a three-pole main city. After all, Earl Norman and Lord Adolik, where Chen Kai was born, are equal in rank, but Earl Adolik is a new earl with stronger fighting capacity than Earl Norman, an old aristocrat.
Of course, if we just look at the size of the city, we suspect that Norman is not qualified as a three-pole city, let alone mark the three-pole fortress city on the map. But if you slowly walk into the city and get permission to climb the city wall, it will be white that Norman will occupy the title of three-pole fortress city in the area of a four-level city.
The fact is that if you walk slowly into the city and pass through that 50-meter-long doorway, you will see why Norman will become a fortress city. Although it is said that only part of the city gate is that thick, it is shocking enough, especially because there is no stone gap at the base of the city wall. The whole city gate facing the north is a huge rock with a thickness of 50 meters, and the rock surface is two heavy-duty magic guns with a muzzle length of 5 meters.