This Dan furnace slowly releases the terrorist forces in these spheres in an extremely special way almost without loss.

I don’t know how long it took in Li He’s consciousness. It seems to be a day and a year. The increasing pressure of terror made Li He feel trance illusion.
With the shrinking of the 360 balls, the furnace pressure became more and more terrible. When the ball was half the size, the wall of Dan furnace suddenly shone with a halo, and a series of complicated symbols flowed in the halo to resist the furnace pressure.
Time has passed, and I don’t know how long it will take. As the 360 spheres get smaller and smaller, Dan’s furnace wall lights up with more and more auras. At this time, the furnace pressure has reached an incredible level.
Li He is really tired this time, so horrible that Li He’s five senses have produced all kinds of illusions. Breathing seems to have been imperceptible, and the blood flow is almost solidified.
Li He’s external ban has long since disappeared, but at this time Li He still can’t move even a finger.
In this horrible spirit pressure, Li He’s body has a tendency to flatten gradually. Although it is slightly deformed, it is enough to say that Li He’s body can’t bear the horrible spirit pressure here. If it is enough, it may be crushed into a human flesh pancake bit by bit by this spirit pressure.
Li He’s consciousness seems to have solidified in the spiritual pressure here.
At this moment, it has been reduced to the size of sand, and the 360 balls have finally been released, and the last strength has disappeared.
At this time, the furnace pressure has reached some extreme peak.
The Dan furnace finally stopped breathing, and the flame of the furnace instantly rose again, and gradually revealed a trace of purple Se.
The flame finally rolled Li He’s body.
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Chapter 19 Dan Cheng
Chapter one hundred and ninety Dan cheng
After three days and three nights, it suddenly became lighter outside Dan’s furnace.
At this time, Li He’s whole body remained unchanged, lying at the bottom of the furnace without any signs of refining.
The owner of this Dan furnace is obviously the mysterious person who captured Li He with one move.
A flood of mindfulness flooded into Dan furnace, and Li Hejue’s breath was smothered by this simple mindfulness.
The spirit force entered Li He’s body arbitrarily, but after a poor search, he still couldn’t find the root cause of Li He’s body not changing, and there was a silence that seemed to be thinking about something.
Li He was refined by the blue flame for three whole days without any damage, but it was not that his soldiers were really so fierce.
Soon after this purple flame refining Li He’s blind lead, Li He’s right palm made a noise first. Before that, the underground rock flame gave birth to induction, and the right palm took the initiative to absorb the flame again, and the purple flame was sucked into the imaginary point in the right palm.
It’s not over yet. Soon after, the rosefinch egg hidden in the imaginary point of Li He’s left foot was also induced by this purple flame, and it also gave birth to a suction and swallowed up the purple flame
It’s reasonable to meet these two foodies when the purple flame is regenerated. There’s nowhere to talk about Li He’s been under great pressure these three days.
But just now, it seems that Li He’s body was deceived by what force, not the chaotic force of yellowish meridians and the concrete change of Li He’s body transformation after thunder and water robbery. It is also one of the important reasons that Li He hasn’t made a concrete experiment that may deceive this nine-fold master to explore Li He’s body and complete the refinement change in the Armageddon.
"Hum" After a long silence, Li He heard the sound of catching him that day. "If it weren’t for Armageddon, I would have to find you out and study it well, but now it’s going to cost me nothing, and it may hurt me. Dan furnace is really hateful."
Say Li He felt that the flame like a white silk thread shone more brightly than a thousand Li.
It is said that people in the field of repairing truth have been able to cast black iron for nine days, but it can be vaporized instantly. It is conceivable that the fire is fierce.
But as far as Li He knows, the last time this white fire was born was ten thousand years ago.
"Ten thousand years ago?" Li He suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart. Ten thousand years ago, a paragraph said that it seemed that a strong man named Dan had finally taken away that wisp of white refining and true fire, and the repair life of the nine peaks could really reach ten thousand years.
"This is not really the old monster ten thousand years ago?" The more Li He thinks about it, the more likely it is that he is not good at alchemy. Who will make an alchemy furnace out of an elixir, and he will still try to make an elixir that can survive the Armageddon? The strong man who took away the real fire from the alchemy ten thousand years ago is being called the Lord of Dan.
As soon as this white fire enters the Dan furnace, the furnace body of that Dan furnace vibrates for a while, but it seems that some people can’t bear this white fire bullying. Finally, a circular symbol array is launched at the bottom of the furnace, which just missed the white fire bullying.
Root don’t Li He command the right hand and left foot almost at the same time, Li He felt the white fire. It seems that the right palm and left foot turned out to be an ecstatic mind.
This white refining fire obviously has an appetite for these two.
This meal is seven days and seven nights, and the sound comes again outside the furnace. "What’s the matter? If I drag it on, I really can’t come." If I can’t survive this disaster, there will be more things that I can’t enjoy. It’s a pity that my savings over the years have been thrown in. I’m afraid your body will be damaged if I fire this fire. Please bear with me first and then exert my strength to help you rebuild the golden body. "
"Hum" that Dan furnace a shock is obviously understood his words.
Instantly dozens of different Yan Se flames poured into the Dan furnace at the same time.
"Hum" Li He’s right hand palm feet at the same time, the two foodies seem to have been choked.
This came too suddenly, and the two people obviously couldn’t keep up.
But in a moment, Li He showed signs of weakness.
Li He thought about it again and finally made up his mind.
After struggling for half a ri, Li He’s body finally melted into a pool of liquid at dawn.
Li He, who has had the experience of pre-training soldiers, suddenly took the initiative to diffuse the molten body out of the Dan furnace and mixed the vaporized materials together.
At this time, I felt that Li He had melted outside the furnace, and the mysterious Dan Lord instantly hit a Dan and definitely entered the furnace.
A shock in the furnace seemed to suddenly spin, and Li He was pulled into a whirlpool by a strong force.
At this time, Li He didn’t have a trace of resistance. On the contrary, he was still at this time and realized the truth of alchemy.
Li He has deduced this plan several times.
Li He hasn’t been idle in Dan furnace these days and has been thinking about the plan to get rid of difficulties, but he has hit the refining body with his idea.
Li He, who has reached the five peaks of refined body, needs Yu’s complete blood to completely trigger the blood of the beast to return to his ancestors, and then he will be physically ill at the end, and he can also keep his body in the state of the beast like Yu.
But after that accident, the chaotic force was accidentally obtained, and at the same time, the blood force of Li He’s body, God beast, was also offset by the flash, but the key point of this practice ancestor was not established.
Li He thought hard and decided to create another way to restore and create disillusionment. In fact, the difficulty is no less than that of creating a mind-training method. This experience has made Li He accumulate some creative experience.
Li He thought hard and Ri suddenly thought of his own gas refining. In fact, he has already reached the peak of Chenggang, and he can be promoted to the then stage by half a step.
"Dan? Then? An alchemist? Dan furnace? " A flash of light from Li He’s heart.
At this time, Li He turned his body into a furnace for refining, and at the same time, he was secretly saving his strength in a mature period.
A few alchemy materials were integrated into the body, and Li He felt that he almost fainted in pain, but he still managed to maintain his sanity.
Li He nearly condensed into a sword, which instantly dominated the whole body, and the symptoms of conflict that had just reacted due to the sudden integration of various materials into the body were instantly alleviated.
Dan gas composed of different blast materials slowly rotates and fuses in Li He’s semi-liquid and semi-vapor body.
"There are all kinds of rivers, but there are all kinds of things."
Li He’s body at this time is like a vaporized round Dan pill, which almost occupies the Dan furnace.
For those who break into the furnace, Li He will really take it as the one that is about to be fired to rob God Dan and refine himself.
However, Li He didn’t cooperate actively, and delayed the mutual integration of various flavors of Dan Qi through hidden control of Li He’s absence. Although this will make him suffer for a long time, it is also his only chance to escape.
Li He is waiting for the best opportunity.
It’s half a day later. Li He used to fill the Dan furnace, and his spherical foggy body has shrunk by half.
The physical pain has brought Li He to the brink of collapse. The mysterious Dan master outside the furnace has repeatedly sent out several times to collect Dan, but Li He is controlling his body, delaying the integration of various Dan medicines and delaying the success of collecting Dan.
The mysterious Dan master once again increased the intensity of Dan collection.
Can’t come, really can’t come.
Looking at the top of my head, I met the first thunder with a roar of regret because of the mysterious dark clouds.