综漫之究极巫妖王 (2)10648

How dare he go to the table?
When he received the imperial edict, his cousins, such as Fang Zhou and others, were older than them, and he was still a scholar. This group of Bai Ding took it for granted that he should receive the imperial edict!
However, the imperial edict was not answered by him, and he didn’t kneel beside his family, but passers-by disappeared in the crowd.
At this time, he ran to the table and said that he was a cousin of his sister and brother. He was so embarrassed!
Even Fang Zhou didn’t seem to hear the anger and dissatisfaction in his words. He calmly "Oh" and smiled lightly. "Suit yourself, cousin!"
You!’ Even the sea was so angry that his chest and diaphragm ached coldly. "Did you do it on purpose? I knew you must have done it on purpose! Deliberately asked someone to call me at the last minute, deliberately didn’t ask me to take the order together! "
Even fangzhou gave him a strange look and laughed. "Cousin, is it a little confused to read it?" Where did I do it on purpose? Didn’t I explain it to you earlier? I can’t help it if you have to think so and say so! It’s not like you didn’t see yourself still there before you took orders from Jane and me. Can I help you? Besides, since you’re here, it’s ok. We used to be two families. No one will blame you! "
Even the sea almost didn’t call her to faint with anger!
That’s not what he meant! How did it get to her mouth? The taste changed!
"Let’s not talk about this for the time being." When it comes to bickering, you can only read, and you plunge into fame and fortune. Where is Lianfangzhou’s opponent?
If we continue this problem, he will be surrounded by her.
Even the sea brimming with anger cold way "I ask you at the beginning, didn’t you promise me? Said this end will also remember me a credit, but today I didn’t see a word that I did! Cousin owes me an explanation! "
The more he talked about it, the more annoyed he became. His eyes turned cold and stared at Lian Fangzhou.
Even Fang Zhou looked at him calmly for a moment and said slowly, "I told the truth that you and many villagers did their best to harvest cotton. Nothing didn’t come to you. What did you ask me?" Others help to collect cotton, but no one cares about this! "
"Collect, collect cotton!" Even the sea felt so angry that smoke was coming out of its head.
"Yes!" Even Fang Zhou decisively admitted that before he could speak, he added, "Cousin has done it, but he has not done it, and he has not done it! You think it’s a matter of words, but is it tantamount to deceiving the monarch to say such nonsense regardless of the actual situation? I’m too timid to do such a thing! Otherwise, from now on, you won’t want to sleep well if you are afraid of being late! "
Even the sea was trembling with anger, pointing to her trembling way "good, good, good! It really is my good cousin! I will stab me in the back! "
""even fangzhou gave him a look and said nothing.
His logic is really not what she can make white!
Even the sea sneer at kiss xiu suddenly turned around and walked away without looking back.
Even Fang Zhou shrugged his shoulders and sighed lightly.
Why does this world always have this kind of natural way to steal the fruits of other people’s efforts and get angry?
County grandfather and others ate and drank enough to leave Zhanglizheng Village happily with red envelopes, and the old people were supposed to have heavy gifts.
But this time, the village elders resolutely refused to say that they were so decent. This time, the market and the county grandfather sat at the same table. This is already a great gift. Where can we ask for it again?
This really makes them old men feel bad!
Zhang Lizheng also said with a smile that they don’t have to be so polite.
Even ze received even fangzhou signal is more determined to send the red envelope out of the 575. 575 intentional fault.
The village elders declined, but it was better to accept them and leave with a smile.
After they left, Lian Ze couldn’t help wondering to Lian Fangzhou, "Sister, I think Uncle Li and the villagers are sincere in their resignation. Why do you have to ask me to send the red envelope out!"
Even Fang Zhou raised his eyebrows and smiled. "You can’t ask me everything if you think about it yourself!"
Lian Ze scratched his head and then turned to Jane for help.
Jane laughed and spread her hand. "I don’t know if you ask me."
Even ze eyes lit up and beamed immediately. "Sister, you see, I don’t even know what my brother-in-law is. How can I know! I have to ask my sister to teach me! "
Even Fang Zhou smiled and sighed, "You have less experience. It depends on things. It depends not only on things, but also on people in the village. The old people are really sincere at the moment, but when they are old, they value the interests more and worse. Aren’t you white in these villages? Just because you are sincere now doesn’t mean they won’t regret it later! Since we have done all 99 steps, it is not bad. Does this last step have to be imperfect in this last step? "
Lian Ze suddenly realized that he was busy and said, "I am white!" "Sister, you are right. I think if they refuse at this moment, they will regret it!"
Even Fang Zhou glanced at him and smiled softly as soon as he saw that he looked a little depressed. "Well, don’t worry. You have to do everything step by step. You are still young. It’s nothing unexpected at the moment!"
"Your sister said yes," Jane also said. "Your sister won’t leave you at once. Just learn slowly!"
This even ze to listen to the gloomy brow suddenly swept and beamed.
Besides, even the sea was angry and went home. The more I thought about it, the more angry I became. I almost smashed a good inkstone.
Lian Fangzhou! It’s really cruel! One day I will-
Will what? He Zheng suddenly a little dazed and a little desperate.
Yes, their family got a plaque inscribed by the emperor. No one can touch them even if he becomes a big official in the future! Because he is also surnamed Lian.
Even the sea sighed and felt that Xiao Suo couldn’t even get angry, not to mention the previous agitation of parents.
But just because he rested doesn’t mean that his parents reacted.
The village is so big. It’s firecrackers and drum music. Where can’t anyone hear it?
If he didn’t want to watch and listen to others pointing and gossiping, Joe would have run out to watch the fun.
Although she didn’t go, she also moved a stool and sat at the door sewing, glancing at her from time to time.
When someone left and passed by, they accosted and asked each other.
Joe’s don’t ask, no one may take the initiative to tell her, but since she opened her mouth, others are happy to talk back.
Joe’s face turned red and white when he heard this, leaving her wanting more. She couldn’t stay at the door for a moment and hurried back at once.
I was expecting someone to talk about it before, but now I hear her, but I’m afraid to see outsiders.
Thinking about talking, the sister-in-law laughed and gloated faintly, as if laughing at their family’s eyes, and her heart felt terrible.
Think about the lively scene in her words, which is imperial edict, gold, silver and colorful satin, and thousands of colorful satin in fertile fields. How much is that? It must not be like a mountain!
Joe’s is to be dead and calm again, and people can’t help but feel remorse in their hearts!
How could I have been so confused at the beginning? How did you get to this point with them step by step?
Listen to the sister-in-law said that her son also went to Joe’s heart is slightly better.
After half a ring, Joe felt that his son should come back and went to his room to find her. He had to hear what he had to say!
Even the sea did say it, but it wasn’t like Joe’s imagination
Even in the heart of the sea, he was so resentful that his mother came to ask questions and just gave him a vent, and he complained a lot of grievances.
Joe’s remorse and love can’t help but grind his teeth. "This even Fangzhou is still so mean! She ignored me and your dad, so forget it. Anyway, we did a lot of things we shouldn’t have done first, but what’s wrong with you! Fortunately, she is still a’ cousin’ on weekdays. I didn’t expect it to be so cloudy behind her! Even you are calculated! What a great opportunity! Oh, what a pity! "
Even if Joe’s has never read or seen the world, he knows how important it is to be praised by the emperor!
Even the sea looked even uglier when he heard his mother’s words.
Lian Fangzhou, this is simply breaking his future!
Joe’s angrily complained about a turn and then said a phone call in front of Lian Li.
Lian Li is more knowledgeable than her. Hearing this, she was even more shocked and angry and speechless! Big mouth panting!
This is not bad! Aren’t they even family members? It’s such a great thing that they monopolize it When they are dead!
Even stand to react and raise my hand gave Joe’s two slap scold a way "you this dead woman who goes to the club to flee to the west is very positive. Why are you shrinking at home like a turtle today?" I’m sick and asleep. I didn’t hear anything. Are you deaf? Or are you still squatting at home after hearing the noise? If you had gone out earlier and told me earlier, you wouldn’t have gotten this way! "
Qiao’s inexplicably got two slaps and saw Xiaoya’s little fox on the side. "Don’t worry, Sir, don’t be angry!" "Be careful!" Jiao Ruan is considerate and opposite, and he feels more resentful and angry, pointing to Xiaoya nu way, "How can you blame me! Am I the only one who is deaf? The fox next to you is not asleep. She hasn’t told you anything! "