However, the contract also has defects.

First of all, it is the purple contract corresponding to the king level.
In other words, the contract can bind the king at the highest level and the weaker ones in the king. Once the order exceeds the binding scope, the contract effect will be invalid!
The contract level is 15.
The validity of the contract is 100% if the contractor does not exceed level 15.
When the contractor exceeds level 15 and reaches level 16, 17 and 1, the effectiveness of the contract will gradually decrease. If the level of the contracted party exceeds level 5, it will pose a threat to the law.
But even so.
It is also a strong contract.
This contract will be enough for a long time to come.
The second thing is a similar sacrifice magic canon.
This "sand" record of more than a dozen different soil and wind spells can be described as very powerful up to the fourth level.
Hold this man
Even if there is no corresponding legal responsibility.
You can cast spells easily.
Of course, this kind of thing is strong and powerful, but it comes at a price. It doesn’t consume spirit, but it consumes aura.
Even though the cost is not low, its value is extremely high. Imagine a fighter like Hang Yu. If he has more than a dozen or twenty different legal skills, his combat effectiveness will reach the same level.
The third thing is that the "Shadi cloak" has completely failed because of its durability. The detailed attributes of its real name are not visible at the moment.
But there is no doubt that
This will be an intermediate equipment of no less quality than purple!
As far as Hangyu knows, the repair of this equipment is very difficult, but it is not without repair. Maybe if you take purple material mixed with element core, add some red dumpling material and hundreds of purple spar, you should be able to meet most of the material needs.
Material aspect
Hang Yu is finished. No problem.
Now the difficulty lies in
Generally speaking, a repairman must find a senior expert repairman to repair the purple suit Hangyu, which is almost impossible to find in human society.
The best repairman in the Tsing Lung Tuan Jiangcheng Skynet team has just reached the level of senior repairman, which is far from being an expert.
Although it is difficult to repair this equipment.
But Hangyu will definitely fix it.
One more purple piece of equipment will greatly increase the strength.
This equipment is probably a lavender cloak, which is also an important part, and its value will be higher than that of the Armageddon Necklace, so it is more valuable to repair!
Finally, a potion formula.
Turn into the red sand devil …
Well, this is sick!
The value of this formula will not be lower than that of the opinion. After all, the king-level monster has many skills that are close to the map cannon. It is hard to find a magic medicine like this!
Its value
Don’t lose his purple things
But for this potion formula,
Hang Yu’s interest is not so great
King-level monsters turn into potions, which can not be refined casually. First of all, it is enough for a master pharmacist to get stuck before this one.
Nine times out of ten, the main material of the sub-purple potion is also purple, which means that it is impossible for ordinary people to make it after mass production.
Such a formula
More suitable for national team collection
It doesn’t mean much to Hang Yu.
In addition to this incident, more than a dozen bright blue objects were released from the warehouse, including two pieces of equipment and three skill stones. The rest were skill scrolls, rare materials and special objects.
Blue spar is about 2 pieces.
Purple spar is about 3 pieces.
Even if the team fights, the gains are big enough!
Hang Yu quickly distributed the battle profit, 5% was owned by black dragon organization and 15% was divided by several team leaders of new york Lingjian Bureau.
after all
This team is almost all from black dragon.
Even the troops are Shaquan City troops.
According to the original plan, Hangyu was not going to bring outsiders. If they didn’t force the crowd to jam, they also bought a giant mecha to destroy black dragon and ease the pressure. Hangyu wouldn’t divide them.
15% points out
Hang Yu is also helpful.
This is just the battle. Several elites from Lingjian Bureau have contributed a lot, and they have nothing to say actually. They have no less advantages and benefits from this call.
This trip is full of money.
Worth it!