There was a loud noise outside, which made the people in the room lag at the same time. Jennifer also woke up like a rude awakening and looked out of the door.

Since Chen Zhenghe went out with a few students, the noise outside has never stopped. Jianghan’s ear is amazing. First, there was a burst of high remarks such as Chen Zhenghe, the sick man of East Asia, getting out of Chinatown, and so on. Chen Zhenghe’s students retorted here, and then there was a fight. However, because Jianghan had never planned to go out before Chen Zhenghe spoke, at this moment, the sudden loud noise came suddenly. Even Zheng Sisi and Jennifer heard it and were shocked. This is unusual!
"You two stay in the room honestly and don’t run around. I’ll go out and have a look!" Jianghan told Zheng Sisi Jennifer seriously and then turned out of the door.
From the classroom to the outside, the noise is getting smaller and smaller as the source of the incident gets closer!
When Chen Zhenghe took the door, there was an open field in the yard outside this small martial arts school. When Jianghan arrived, it was full of people and everyone was in a circle.
On the one hand, Chinese students and Chinese-Americans are all dressed in white Tai Chi, and they know that they are Chen Zhenghe’s apprentices.
On the other side, although they are all yellow people with bright clothes, Jianghan always thinks that some of them have strange faces and are not so kind. If he guessed correctly, they should be Koreans or Japanese!
Jianghan’s eyes became a little deep when he saw clearly the situation in which two people were surrounded by that circle.
When he came forward, he remembered that there stood a wooden circular Tai Chi Yin Yang Pisces martial arts stage, nearly 100 square feet high, but by this time it had collapsed and the whole martial arts stage had become a pile of broken stubble! Besides Chen Zhenghe, who is over 60 years old, there is a man in his fifties opposite him!
A black robe, water chestnut’s face is divided into black and white stubble, which makes him look sharp. What’s even more surprising is that those who are comparable to the pile of broken wood stubble with steel needles are barefoot!
It is worth one thing that his cassock is not the kind of cassock worn by cheap master Jianghan, but the taekwondo cassock which is popular all over the world and deeply loved by teenagers!
The black cassock is embroidered with a golden lacquer thread, and a Chinese dragon with claws and claws. A black belt is tightly tied to the waist. The black shape and a white Tai Chi Chen Zhenghe form a fresh contrast, like the evolution of Tai Chi Pisces and hitting an old enemy!
"Koreans?" Jianghan frowned.
The present situation is very obvious. The previous loud noise must have come from the collapse and fragmentation of this Tai Chi martial arts platform, but Jianghan couldn’t figure out how intense the fight was to cause such destructive power.
Jiang Han, a Korean dressed in black, narrowed his eyes.
Chen Zhenghe’s teenage fame is fast, and Tai Chi is still praised in China for decades of precipitation. Now it must have reached an extraordinary level, but this taekwondo!
Just as Jianghan was thinking, there was a sudden exclamation in the original quiet field to break the silence and see the Korean suddenly move!
Bare feet, ya fierce stamping his feet, broken pieces of wood and instant dust, but before everyone can react, others have jumped high and pounced on Chen Zhenghe!
Jianghan’s eyes splattered and his pupils shrank suddenly!
"It turned out to be a master of nine paragraphs!"
Volume Five Flying Dragon Days Chapter 366 Walk like the wind, stand like a pine, sit like a clock!
Perhaps in the eyes of some patriotic cynics with extreme thoughts in China, Taekwondo is a branch of the Chinese martial arts genre, and then it flows out of the door, and then it turns against the ancestors and stands on its own feet, but Jianghan knows that this is not the case!
It originated from the Korean national martial arts "Hua Lang Dao" and "Taekwondo Heel", which were combined in the long development process. It is also considered as a hundred martial arts skills of Oriental Judo Aikido in Gu Wu, China, but dialectically, they must also admit that it is the combination of Taekwondo, one of the hundred schools that has the most profound influence on them. Perhaps it is our philosophy of Gu Wu in China, which is why so many Chinese people think that Taekwondo should belong to the ancient martial arts school in China!
Nowadays, Taekwondo is popular all over the world, and it is deeply loved by teenagers. At the same time, many people have given this sport the title of "Flower Boxing and Embroidery", but in their eyes, it is just Taekwondo, a fitness sport and Taekwondo martial arts!
According to Jianghan’s knowledge, despite the superficial world development and prosperity of Taekwondo in recent years, it is really powerful to talk about the Jiudao Pavilion in South Korea!
At present, I’m afraid that South Korea is still above the figure in the Ninth Avenue Pavilion!
What he said was because his feet stamped on the ground and instantly Jiang Jianghan captured the strong breath.
Taekwondo and Chinese martial arts in Gu Wu are similar to each other. Since ancient times, it is a hundred times more difficult for a martial artist to practice his strength through the skills of his family. Jianghan dares to say that there are no three masters in South Korea like this man!
So it seems that Chen Zhenghe’s little martial arts school is in a lot of trouble. Look at that. Then a menacing group of people clamored for the sick man of East Asia to get out of Chinatown before each other. I want to come to Chen Zhenghe’s foreign country over the years. Although the surface glory is actually mixed, it is not satisfactory.
Jianghan thought for a moment that the Koreans had rushed to Chen Zhenghe’s face and smashed into Chen Zhenghe’s other with their bare feet.
Chen Zhenghe’s broken wood around his body was damaged twice, although it was not as horrible as the direct pulverization before, but how fast it broke!
Chen Zhenghe’s students were all pale, and they vividly remembered the situation of the first two people fighting. Although the Korean was barefoot, every kick caused a devastating blow to the Yin and Yang Pisces Tai Chi martial arts stage, which became such a scene. If this kick hit Chen Zhenghe’s head, he would be 60 years old …
These students are afraid to think about it any more. On the other hand, a large number of Koreans interspersed with many Chinese people are all excited. They seem to see Chen Zhenghe being kicked in the head by them!
At this time, Chen Zhenghe sank his shoulders and bent his elbow, and suddenly moved his hand. The sharp and ruthless foot plate was less than three inches away from his eyebrows. At the same time, the forehead and side position were fast and vigorous, and Tai Chi pushed the power to lock the Korean Ling ankle and directly threw him out!
"Master Chen is so strong!"
Some people shout loudly, some people gasp in air.
Look at the Koreans. Those people don’t look good.
Chen Zhenghe immediately relaxed the white Tai Chi clothes pleats on the spot, and looked at this year’s 60-year-old sage-like figure. Jianghan’s eyes flashed a bit amazing!
Different from other people’s attention, he looked at the score. Just now, in the confrontation, the form was critical, the posture was changing, and his feet were as rooted as the ground. They never moved, and they were semi-separated, as loose, and Tai Chi was steady, which made Jianghan sigh!
After the Koreans were thrown off, Tai Chi’s four-two-one-thousand-pound anti-shock strength made him roll several times, which just missed stabilizing the black face. Chen Zhenghe suddenly turned around and his eyes became more dignified!
Volume 5 Feilong Day Chapter 367 Cheat!
"These people have a museum in Chinatown not far ahead. I heard from the master that the museum was built when he first came to the United States. Many former masters of Tai Chi Martial Arts School were the presidents of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Although the two families didn’t talk much about being close, they have always been relatively harmonious and there was no friction. But since the master retired, they began to find fault with each other in a different way. At first, they were still tinkering around the edges. Recently, they even sent their brothers directly to smash the museum and slogan" The sick man of East Asia got out of Chinatown "was played! Not long ago, several waves of people were beaten
"To master is disdain these people care about, but this time they came in and smashed the pavilion directly and brought this Korean master. What’s more, not long ago, the master elder brother was kicked off by this Korean and several ribs were just sent to the hospital, but the master was angry."
Listening to Chen Zhenghe’s student narration around him, Jianghan’s face flashed a trace of doubt.
"Just because the Dojo and the Martial Arts School are fighting to this point?" Jianghan asked
That brother scratched his head and seemed puzzled by Jianghan’s problem, but soon he brightened up again and seemed to remember something important!
"I remember. I remember the first time when those people first came to make trouble, the master said something inexplicable to them!"
"What words?" Jianghan a face of primly asked!
"I remember what the master said at that time, I have already retired. What surname is money and aggressive? Do you really want to kill me XXL!"
Jianghan’s eyes flashed a stern look. "It seems that the crux of the problem is here!"
Jianghan understands the situation, and Chen Zhenghe’s fight with Koreans has become heated!
It’s like a flash. Kicking sideways, biting, biting, and biting. Kicking Koreans is aggressive. He runs around and jumps from different directions. He’s sharp and strange. Besides, all the tricks are painful and deadly!
On the other hand, although Chen Zhenghe’s fast Tai Chi dance is impenetrable, it seems that such passive defense is at a disadvantage to onlookers. Even his student brother thinks that his master will be defeated soon.