Not to mention that the driftwood ghost will invade my soul and dominate my body. What he said about his appearance is enough for me to save money for many days without eating or drinking.

At this time, I also secretly praised one myself.
Even though I was suddenly attacked by a driftwood ghost just now, I never stopped reciting the evocative and evocative incantation.
This must be calm in times of crisis and firm in mind. I am decisive and tall.
More ghosts come out of the driftwood ghost’s body, and Wang Dalang’s soul-eating whip keeps beating the driftwood ghost, and the level of the driftwood ghost drops sharply.
In a short time, the level of driftwood ghost has changed from spectre to spectre.
If the driftwood ghost wants to escape into the water again, Wang Dalang will not give the driftwood ghost a chance to escape into the water again with a soul-eating whip root.
When a wick is scented, it’s always me and Wang Dalang who cooperate with each other.
The driftwood ghost daylights out Wang Dalang is directly flat and panting on the beach.
I didn’t wait for Wang Dalang’s command to export, so I recited the super-life spell and hung neatly behind the evocator to guide me to the road to hell.
After I recited the super-life spell, the ghosts hung neatly behind the evocation coffin and drifted straight to the west.
I ran to the edge of the nearest hunting array and kicked the incense ashes away. I broke the hunting array and let these ghosts go.
"Heirs feel like" I walked beside Wang Dalang and took off my strength to sit beside Wang Dalang.
"I’ve lost my bones, girl. I’ll let the heirs get sick this time. I have to take good care of them." Wang Dalang turned to bargain with me.
"Heirs, you’re the one I haven’t been to, and I take care of the master. It’s only natural for me to take care of my illness and recuperate my health. I’m sure I’ll wait on all the expenses after the horse’s back." I solved the driftwood ghost, and I was relaxed and had a teasing mood
The word "girl didn’t go through the door" is inappropriate. I haven’t officially accepted you yet, so you are rushing to bully your heirs in the future. "Wang Dalang was so depressed that it was inappropriate to not go through the door in my words.
"A word recalled by Wang Bojun is a promise, but you can’t go back on your word. Don’t say that in front of the master’s disciples, you just say that the speech in front of the elders and the younger generation should be kept, and you can’t keep your word." Seeing Wang Dalang’s depressed appearance, my lip angle evoked a great arc.
Being too tired, I just lay back on the beach and chatted with Wang Dalang.
Wang Dalang said that he didn’t expect my whip to be so powerful, and that after returning to the incense mounting shop, he would also do an identical step, such as making a soul-eating whip, which he had already remembered clearly.
I laughed at Wang Dalang stealing my skills. Wang Dalang laughed and said that he blamed me for being too careless when making whips, but he didn’t shy away from his love of stealing.
I told Wang Dalang that the name of the whip is soul-eating whip, and the name and effect of the whip are completely consistent.
Wang Dalang nodded and said that he was full of praise for the soul-eating whip
I asked Wang Dalang what his red rope was about, and Wang Dalang refused to answer that his red rope was too ugly with my soul-eating whip.
Wang Dalang and I will rest on the beach for a while and then get up and return to Chen Ligu.
Before Wang Dalang and I went to Chen Ligu, we saw Chen Ligu’s lights on and many people gathered at the door of Chen Ligu’s house. Everyone looked at me and Wang Dalang’s eyes, and they couldn’t help but worship.
分节阅读 9
The voices in the courtyard were thick with joy, and Huai was in high spirits, talking about the battle scene they had just glimpsed and saying that they would never continue to be afraid from then on.
Although I helped Wang Dalang to get rid of the driftwood ghost, listening to the discussion outside the courtyard, I still felt a sense of pride in fighting against bullies and smiling brightly.
"Girl, what are you proud of? It’s too dazzling to accept your strength." Wang Dalang laughed and shook his head.
"Heirs, you are taking revenge naked." I couldn’t help laughing at Wang Dalang’s words.
Wang Dalang and I had dinner before everyone poured into the first room again.
Everyone gave Wang Dalang and I a laundry list of words of gratitude. David Li Chen handed Wang Dalang a cash check of 500,000 yuan at the original price, and also took out 100,000 yuan in cash, saying that they made some temporary contributions.
Wang Dalang was ready to put a cash check and cash into his satchel without hesitation.
"Heirs, there’s no room in your bag. Leave it with me." I slipped my backpack and zipped it from my body to push it to Wang Dalang.
In front of everyone, Wang Dalang’s smiling face stiffened and instantly returned to normal, putting cash checks and cash in my backpack.
I didn’t miss Wang Dalang’s smile just now. His heart was bursting with laughter.
When Wang Dalang put the cash check and cash in my backpack, I zipped it back again.
How does it feel to carry 600,000 RMB for the first time?
At this time, it’s already three o’clock in the morning, and everyone is holding Wang Dalang and me and taking a rest here before sending us back.
Wang Dalang shook his head and refused to say that going back too late would delay my class. He insisted that David Li Chen send us back to Xiangbiao Store now.
Everyone saw Wang Dalang’s attitude and insisted on surrounding me and Wang Dalang’s car. Chen Li sent me and Wang Dalang back to Xiangbiao Store.
Chen Li sent Wang Dalang and me back to Xiangbiao Store, and praised Wang Dalang very much.
David Li Chen told Wang Dalang that he would go to Wang Dalang for help immediately after he collected the money, and then asked Wang Dalang to give priority to a back door.
Wang Dalang looks very flattered by David Li Chen, and laughs and answers David Li Chen’s words that everything is easy to discuss.
David Li Chen sent Wang Dalang and me back to Xiangbiao Store and then said a few words of thanks to Wang Dalang and drove away.
I went to the second floor with the fragrance mounted by the store manager to replace the fragrance mounted by Wang Dalang on the second floor, and the door of the store followed me to the second floor.
I spent half an hour presenting blank paper. Wang Dalang didn’t finish the procedure until dawn because he presented too much blank paper.
Look, it’s already dawn outside. I’ll go to the first floor of Xiangbiao Store to make a rolling gate and go to Wang Dalang to buy some breakfast.
Although Chen Lijia has eaten before, I still think breakfast is indispensable, even if I eat less, I can’t omit it.
Considering Wang Dalang’s practice, it will take some time for me to serve white paper. I will pack a breakfast after breakfast outside and take it back to Xiangbiao Store for Wang Dalang.
Walking back to Xiangbiao Store, I actually met Uncle Tomsk Chen again.
That Chen Shuying came towards me, although he was still well dressed, but his clothes were thin, his face was pale and his hair was messy.
The Chen Shu eyes staring straight ahead hole dull hand carrying a big bag of incense mounted.
I don’t know if I look at that Chen Shu’s eyes too much. That Chen Shu’s eyes pass by me just like seeing a stranger quickly withdraw his sight and his expression continues to walk in my direction.