Magic has been reading for more than ten minutes until he is thirsty and turns away. He also said to himself, "No, I have to call her again after dinner. Don’t let her be suspicious again …"

Fu Yun slammed his knees completely.
Besides, I’m in no mood to eat after hanging up. How to figure out what’s wrong? What medicine did the bear child take again? After much deliberation, I made a message to longing and asked him to have dinner together at noon.
I am fascinated by nature and gladly respond.
They stopped at a famous western restaurant and asked, "Miss, why didn’t you call the imperial doctor together?"
Warm language asks, "What do you say?"
Wu Hanhan grinned. "Where do I know?"
"Just pretend!" When two people get along for a long time, they can naturally make a few jokes.
"Hey, hey, actually, I think it’s really good that you did it early. You see that the imperial doctor was moved. If the emperor can’t say for sure, he will immediately get a golden mouth. If he doesn’t give medicine on the day of Amnesty, he will also benefit the people and get benefits. Thanks are not from the imperial doctor and you. How good it is for you to get two people with one bag of food!"
"You’re poor, aren’t you?"
"Ha ha ha, I’m telling the truth. If you invite imperial doctor to have lunch again at noon, he must be more beautiful …"
Warm Gherardini took the words to "more beautiful get carried away right? Then you will give medicine, so you can take the opportunity to ask for one, right? "
"Ahem …"
Warm grunted and laughed. "If you want to ask him directly, do you still have to make such a big turn?"
Wu embarrassed smile "I I this is not afraid of imperial doctor refused? Just learn to save the nation by curve … "
"He can give medicine to others, and he will refuse it to you?"
Wu looked at it thoroughly. "Miss, you are buying people’s hearts by giving them medicine, but if I want an imperial doctor, I will certainly take the opportunity to seek some human benefits."
Warm corners of the mouth.
Wu sighed again, "I’m not afraid of the general debt of gratitude, but the imperial doctor is not kind enough. If he wants to seek benefits, he must want to seek benefits in your body. How can I help you?" I can’t betray you, can I? "
"All right, I’ll get it for you."
Wu Mu reached the excited way "Thank you, Miss"
Give him a warm smile. "OK, can you play these tricks?"
Wu Hehe smiled. "It’s near Zhu Zhechi. Since I came to the Wen family, I’ve been surrounded by wise people. How can I be stupid?"
Section 36
After the warm smile stopped, he turned to the topic "Is Zhou Hanhan still in Huadu?"
Wu didn’t expect that she suddenly asked this question and was dazed. "Yes, miss, but are you looking for public affairs?"
Warm shook his head. "The thing is to ask him casually. Didn’t he come to Huadu to let Shengdi see his father? Why didn’t he leave when he came?"
Wu Dao said, "General Zhou’s illness is also an old problem. I have seen many doctors eat a lot of medicines to cure it completely, but I am not in a hurry. Duke Zhou’s visit to Huadu this time is mainly to explore the actual situation after listening to the name of the imperial doctor, and then to accompany Master Zhou to do his filial piety by his side."
"Oh so …"
"I think I haven’t heard anything about the Duke of Zhou in Huadu. By the way, he is very interested in the weapons collected by the Xia. He once called me and asked me about it and said that he would come to visit."
"Are you? He doesn’t like to condescend to drop noble … "Warm run on the sentence.
"Miss Zhou Gong is a little proud, but people have weaknesses. Zhou Gong’s weaknesses are weapons. He has an innate fascination and talent for weapons …"
Warm her head and didn’t continue this topic. It was far from the western restaurant. She just wanted to close her eyes and take a nap for a while, and then there was a fierce slap outside the window. She turned her head and couldn’t help smoking. If she could do such a difficult move, she would have wings.
Wu’s expression is distorted, too. He glanced at the speed of 120. It’s really good to be fantastic!
Warm, press the window, fly in, sit in Xiahou and gasp. "Emma is exhausted!" "
Warm and funny, ask, "Do you say you are bitter? Wouldn’t it be nice to wait for the bus to stop and come in? " Don’t be tired if you have to chase after it so hard!
God gave her a white look and then wronged and wailed, "Who am I working hard and who is sweet?"
Smell speech warm hurriedly poured a glass of water to it, it whined into the bird’s mouth to drink a few mouthfuls of face just good and proud again "beg me, beg me …"
Warm language laughed "what? What is there to explode? "
God looked at her with his head held high. "You’re the best bird!"
The warmth is coming. "Tell me about it!"
"You beg me first!" God took the shelf and put on the music.
Warm, funny, good advice. "Okay, please tell me."
God only smiled and waved his wings at her, indicating that she had paid her ear to see Wu cough. "God, I’m clairaudient. Did you whisper to miss Wu?"
God gave him a white look. "I didn’t see that we were whispering to highlight the mystery of the story, not to prevent you from eavesdropping."
"… all right"
Continue the second watch in the afternoon.
☆, two more send a date with a handsome man.
God came close to her ear and mysteriously broke the news: "As early as in Wenting’s villa, Zhuo Mengyun broke into a furious rage, and it didn’t give Wenting a face at all. Sure enough, Wenting was a soft meal in those days. It’s really hard to live by borrowing Zhuo’s power to wronged himself and find an ugly monster and a dragon. But even so, Wenting didn’t turn against Zhuo Mengyun. It’s really tolerable …"
These warmth have long been guessed, and I can’t help but squint at it. "What else?"
God gave her a calm look, and the drama was behind. After that, she continued, "Zhuo Mengyun went to ask her brother for help. Hey, hey, Zhuo Yuanshan is hiding. Can’t she come? She is stupid. Finally, the temperature court found an excuse to leave. She still wants to die and live to chase after being stopped by Wen Run. That’s called a bloody job. Wen Run, a big man almost didn’t hold it, and finally had to split her unconscious with one hand."
"What’s more, it’s the attitude before and after the warm and moist words. That’s a world apart. The first one you must have guessed is that Qin Keqing took her out on her anger and said that she should not meet again recently, so she wouldn’t cherish it after tut-tut. It’s really a pity that Qin Keqing is crying?"
"What about the second one?"
"Hey, hey, you’ll never guess the second one. Even I was startled. At ordinary times, it’s all cloudy and moist. I don’t know what tenderness is. Emma, you didn’t see him when he made the second sentence. That gentle sound can make water …"
Warm sneer "is it a little something to please?"
"Yes, yes, oh, it’s like father, like son. Do men in their family like to walk by women? Is soft rice delicious? " God sighs.
Warm sneered, "Because this road is a shortcut, they can save decades of struggle, but they just marry a woman they don’t like, which is nothing compared with power and wealth."
God nodded. "Maybe, then Wenrun is ambitious enough this time."
"Who is he aiming at?"
"North City Meng Family"
Warm frown repeated "North City Meng Family?"
God sighed, "Yes, the Meng family is uncompromising in the North City."