Sun Hao doesn’t bother him to wait quietly.

After a cup of tea, Yunziyan slowly asked, "Are you going to solidify the evil spirit?"
Sun Hao was shocked to know that he was afraid of his every move, and his master was always watching it. He dared not hide it and said respectfully, "It was my brother who really prepared to refine it after three years of polishing."
Cloud purple smoke lightly kua 1 "good"
Sun Haoma came here for nothing, Master. This is a boast that he has been able to withstand stability for three years, and his heart can’t help but sweat wildly. If he hadn’t confessed himself, he would have lost his temper.
After praising Sun Hao, he went on to say, "Are you dissatisfied with people’s terraces?"
Corleone nodded should be
Yunziyan said indifferently, "Well, the evil spirit is important to Godsworn Tsukiji."
Sun Hao didn’t speak and listened quietly, but he couldn’t help but think that in this case, Zongmen would place those Buddhist scriptures. Isn’t it deliberately misleading the younger generation?
Yunziyan seems to know what Sun Hao thinks, and generally goes on to say, "Theoretically, refining human terrace evil spirits even human terrace evil spirits has the effect of enhancing strength and increasing the probability of setting Dan, but the lower the level of evil spirits, the more copies of evil spirits needed for refining, the more impurities there will be, and the final effect may be unsatisfactory. Yes, the requirements may be more demanding."
Sun Hao.
Say that finish these clouds purple jade hand a young jade Jane flew up.
Sun Hao’s load grabbed the jade slips in his hand and said lightly, "There is information in the Zongmen Sutra Pavilion to record the top level of evil spirits, but this jade slip is known by the teacher. You can explore it yourself, but you must remember that if you don’t have enough evil spirits, don’t take them out at will. You can stay and strengthen my younger brother at Qingyun Gate."
Almost received the jade Jane at the same time, Sun Haoma wanted to understand a truth.
Will the classics in the sutra depository be remembered like that? He’s better. There are a limited number of goblins. Even Qingyun Gate is in the hands of a few people. This minority is suspected to be a monk like his master.
In other words, it is really possible for Qingyun’s younger brother to get such an eye-catching information that is not known to ordinary brothers.
My performance in the past three years has always been noted by the master. If I don’t behave well or I am tempted by people’s terraces, the master will really listen to myself.
My heart quickly turned these thoughts. Sun Hao told the master, but he didn’t dare to neglect. He respectfully took the body and crawled forward and said, "My brother is white."
Sun Hao understands that the master’s test for himself is also understood. The cultivation resources are always in the hands of a few powerful monks. Once again, Sun Hao is full of desire for self-cultivation
Looking at prostrate Sun Haoyun’s purple and bright eyes, I was surprised that my brother had something in his words. I knew that the middle button was also an exquisite figure. It seems that it is not unreasonable for my sister to accept him.
"Well," a cloud of purple smoke softened the tone a lot. "Get up."
On cloud purple smoke or Sun Hao, it is clear in my heart that Sun Hao really became the real brother of cloud purple smoke after this creeping. This mentoring identity is truly recognized from the bottom of my heart.
Sun Hao sat up straight, with a faint smile on his face. "Sun Hao, you are my first real brother, but I didn’t think it was my brother who had three brothers."
Sun Hao’s face turned red and he said, "It’s my brother’s trouble."
It is said that these three brothers had to accept Zhu Dezheng from Daewoo. It was because of their gratitude that Sun Hao never dreamed that he had just built a foundation and had three brothers. It is no wonder that Master laughed.
Yunziyan smiled again and said simply, "You three brothers are also plastic, so you have a plan for their cultivation. Once the foundation can enter my colorful clouds, it will directly become the core brother."
Sun Hao smiled and said, "Thank you, Master."
However, Sun Haoma remembered something and said, "But when Master and my three brothers built the foundation, I’m afraid there will be some mistakes, and there may be some changes in the sky. Is this colorful cloud peak appropriate?"
A vision? Clouds and purple eyes flashed a surprised look again. What will be a vision? What would my brother know that there might be a vision? At this moment, the clouds and purple smoke seem a little white. Sister and Xiaohong will let themselves accept this Sun Haozhen.
Brother then, if she doesn’t know that Brother Advanced can be linked with vision, it must be something. This brother said that there may be a vision. His brother must have seen it or it must have appeared when he was advanced. It seems that his brother has mastered a very good foundation method.
What is Tsukiji? It is the key to establish the foundation of cultivation. At any moment, my brother can have a vision in building a foundation, even if he will achieve something in the future.
Cloud purple smoke hesitated a god knowledge into the bag, jade wrist vibrated, another jade Jane appeared, and the jade Jane flew to Sun Hao with a finger and a bullet. "This is a little experience of the teacher’s array method, and Sun Hao has written down some array methods. You can try to figure out the cultivation by yourself. When the time comes, they really want to build a foundation. If necessary, the teacher will lay a large array to protect them."
Chapter three hundred and twenty True fire turns five to one
Sun Hao took Yu Jian and bowed down to thank him. "My brother thanked the master."
Yun Zi-yan then added, "You don’t agree with Sun Hao when you are a teacher who is a water attribute monk. You can go to the Sutra Pavilion to select the achievement method and change it. You are also a teacher who is a Taoist priest. Sun Hao, you came from Aoki Zongzhen Futang, and you want to have some accomplishments in this array method, but you can’t leave it."
Sun Hao’s nod should be "I understand Master, so I can rest assured that I will study Master’s array method carefully and won’t let Master down."
By this time, Sun Hao was finally 100% sure that during these three years, Master must have paid attention to himself. He didn’t practice the array method very much, and Master also remembered it in his eyes.
Besides, it’s enough to polish the true qi by yourself according to Master’s opinion. It’s time to choose the conversion method.
Thought of here, Sun Hao couldn’t help sweating a little from his forehead, but was stared at by a monk then without any awareness. He estimated that most of his situation had been hidden. Well, this monk then is his master, or it would be really bad.
As if knowing what Sun Hao thinks, the clouds and purple smoke said indifferently, "Rest assured that the teacher is not so idle. It’s just an occasional note to you."
Sun Hao smiled and said, "Thank you, my brother." I’m afraid I’m afraid I’m afraid I’m afraid I’m afraid I’m afraid I’m going the wrong way to practice, so I’ll note myself occasionally.
After some simple communication, the master and the apprentice got to know each other a little. Now Sun Hao is finally a little white. This master is tall and looks very cold, but even if he is not young and old, even his mind seems to be not as calm as young and old. Of course, his new master’s eyes seem to have insight into people’s hearts, but he is also not allowed to be a sand master.
It’s time to give Sun Hao an account of Sun Hao’s performance and let Yunziyan be satisfied. Yunziyan was about to wave to Sun Hao when he went back. He heard a monk outside his abode of fairies and immortals say with smile, "Sister Ziyan, I know you’re back. I know you’ve been gone for almost half a year in the abode of fairies and immortals. Why? Don’t let the senior brother go in to see you? "
Yunziyan’s eyebrows are wrinkly. Why can’t this guy get rid of it like candy? And she’s sure that this guy Cai Yunfeng must have eyeliner, otherwise he just went out, that is, he brought it back to Sun Hao at a very fast speed. This was discovered and told this guy, so he found the door.
Although this guy hates having helped himself in those days, it’s not good to be polite all the time. It’s not good to peel him off directly. He opened the door of the abode of fairies and immortals and said coldly, "One nephew, please come in."
Which one is this? Sun Haopan is a little dizzy sitting on the futon.
The man outside calls himself master and sister, and his master calls himself brother, but he calls himself nephew! ! A little messy.
Sun Hao felt surprised and quite relieved at the same time. It’s a little bold to know that the monk outside the cave should not have married Dan, but he dared to call himself Master Sister then.