In the 21st century, although chess players have a high demand for mentality, how can ancient monks have a desire to practice and think all the year round? Even in the three years of the Great Wilderness, there was also a bath moon to talk, chat and play with him. Although it was a little austere, it was not a "meditation"

Tao is not that all living beings can practice the Tao, so everything is born of the Tao. However, whether they can really gain the Tao depends on the word "cultivation". If the Taoist method is used to escape the wind and soul, it is not an ordinary fairy. However, it is still difficult to expose his weakness when he encounters this metaphysical demon.
Wang Miao wanted to be disturbed by the wind soul’s sword dance. Fortunately, when Xu Feiqiong found it inappropriate to offer a fairy sword to fill the gap.
"Sister …" The wind soul was delirious, and Wang Miao thought about clothes.
Chapter sixty-five Mystery is unpredictable
Wang Miao wants to know that the wind soul has been confused by the magic sound, so he sighs a sword tactic and changes it in a low voice. "Yu Chenjun, who is in front of the virtual emperor in Zi Xia, smells the beads in seven words and transforms them into five deformation gods. Huang Ting said that the piano heart is a three-fold dance fairy …"
She recited it naturally without saying anything, adding the true qi to it, just like chanting when it is common. However, the magic sound disappeared naturally, and the wind soul felt as if it had been swept by the breeze.
Wang Miao gave him a Gherardini look and continued to read every word. Every sentence was as crisp and pleasant as a pearl.
The wind soul knows that it is difficult for her to help herself at the moment. Xu Feiqiong and Ling Ning are grateful to him for loosening Wang Miao’s mind, but he can’t bear to let go and gently hug her waist from behind.
Who knows that Xu Feiqiong actually read that "the avenue is invisible; Avenue name degree can’t be calculated. It’s the heaven and earth that make a name for itself … "
Xu Feiqiong language is light and lively. Although it is a scripture, it is as good as an oriole singing.
Is the wind soul by her so make a noise at that time also don’t know whether to listen to Wang Miao think or listen to Xu Feiqiong mind slightly disorderly magic sound again.
Wang Miao thought angrily, "Fei Qiong, don’t make trouble at this time."
Xu Feiqiong smiled, "Sister, you are the Qing school and I am the Lingbao school. Why don’t you recite the Huangting Classic in front of me and still forbid me to recite the Lingbao Classic?"
Two people so talk but who didn’t read the magic sound to detain approaching.
The wind soul felt that there was an illusion in front of her eyes and couldn’t help thinking, "How can I make a fool of myself in front of them again? It is better to have the first hand. "
Make up your mind. He doesn’t want to think too much. Take a step back. Hold the thunder tactic in your hand, recite the mantra in your heart, and then quickly put your hand away. Suddenly, there are flashes of light around them. This is too fast and overbearing. Mrs. Baby spoon’s blade light and Wang Miaoxiang’s sword shadow have been cleared together, and then rows of sweeps have been made to disperse all the black fog.
Mrs. Baby Spoon can’t escape the position. Wang Miao wants to see Xu Feiqiong release the flying sword together when she appears. How can Mrs. Baby Spoon resist the wind, the soul and the two female sword-fairy flying swords at the same time and quickly flash her body to escape?
But a beam of light shone on her, making her escape.
This is Ling Ning Yin Yang mirror.
The more Mrs. Baby Spoon flashes, the more embarrassed she is, and she can’t help regretting that she shouldn’t take such a risk. Xiao Fang and the female sacrifice and the female consort are separated from the palace. He has no time to face these enemies alone.
Wang Miao wants to be reluctant to take back the fairy sword and the wind soul, but Xu Feiqiong is not so kind as to take the opportunity to beat a baby spoon lady in Reservoir Dogs with a thunder on her back and a sword stabbed in her arm.
Mrs. Baby Spoon is not the weak one. The thunder and sword shape is transformed into a giant bird. The giant bird’s red-billed white is surprisingly big, and the Gangfeng blows the wind and the soul and other people’s skin hurts.
"Be careful" Wang Miao wants to wake up. "This is her real body."
White giant bird wings a vibration down a lot of white, these white all turned a sword to attack Wang Miao think Xu Feiqiong had to weak defense.
Giant birds are still unwilling to swallow them into their stomachs with their big pointed mouths.
The wind soul shouted "Wait a minute" at the giant bird.
Mrs. Baby Spoon stopped there and said, "Are you afraid until now?"
The wind soul smiled, "I want to talk to you about it, and we will fight here again." If you let us go, we won’t bother you again. Isn’t it good for everyone? "
Baby spoon lady nu way "you have hurt me …"
The wind soul said, "You’ve been thinking about my sister for so long, and we’ve hurt you a little bit. You don’t suffer, do you?" It is said that you may not be able to keep us all if you call again in the next few days, and if we hurt you a little again and accidentally hurt your face, won’t your wife marry with scars on her face? "
The wind soul said so, Mrs. Baby Spoon couldn’t help but hesitate to catch these people. There is no ready-made benefit for her, but wouldn’t it affect the wedding if she was accidentally injured and broken?
Seeing that she had been moved, Feng Soul continued, "Anyway, the exit of the demon spirit world has been blocked, and we can’t escape. Isn’t it late for you to come to us after your wife’s wedding?"
Mrs. Baby Spoon sneered, "No, I didn’t know that you and this little girl with a broken leg and another girl in red and red swords didn’t enter here from Senluo Vientiane. You know another exit of the demon spirit world. If I let you go now, I’m afraid you would have escaped from the demon spirit world by then."
The wind soul is shocked and looks at each other, knowing that there are other exits in the demon spirit world and there are not many people who are leaking out.
Mrs. Baby Spoon was silent for a while and knew that she didn’t face these four people at the same time. If it weren’t for Xiao Fang Wang Miao’s attempt to sneak up on her, even Wang Miao might not be able to escape alone.
She said coldly, "I’ll let you go now. You’d better run as far as you can. If I meet you again, I’ll let you die."
Then she circled and flew to the other side.
Xu Feiqiong left the pie mouth. "She’s just bragging. If something happens, don’t rely on one more person to come to us and see who dies quickly."
Wang Miao wants to smile without a word.
Wind Soul gave Xu Feiqiong an oblique look. "If we don’t meet her again, we shouldn’t rely on more people to deal with her?"
Xu Feiqiong was caught by Mrs. Baby Spoon once. If you don’t know that you can’t beat her? Her face was hot, and then she snorted, "I’m not better than some guy. That evil woman just made a little sound, and someone clung to her sister’s wonderful ideas in a rude manner. It’s a shame to lose something."
Two people angry stare at each other.
Wang Miao wanted to see these two people alive and well, so he fought and sighed, "Don’t you want to wait for Mrs. Baby Spoon to come after us again if you don’t leave?"
Xu Feiqiong this just twist a head to ignore the wind soul.
It’s a long flight from the palace, the wind soul and others, and then they find a quiet place to settle down and discuss with each other.
The wind soul has generally known about Wang Miaoxiang’s funeral affairs from Taihu Lake, but it is the first time that he heard that the mysterious celestial demon spirit world has a secret passage, and he was surprised by the wind soul’s story of Sun Lingxiu.
Wang Miao wants Xu Feiqiong to enter this world because he was ordered by the Queen Mother to find out what happened in the demon spirit world. Now that we know that what Yao Jiao Tian Zun has here should naturally go back to Yaochi for me, but the red line hasn’t been found yet, and we can’t leave like this. Wang Miao wants to stay with her lover and naturally don’t give up separation. We discussed it for a while and decided to wait until the red line is found.
The wind soul asked, "Do you think the heaven will deal with things in this demon spirit world like this?"
Xu Feiqiong snorted "that said? Then what glorious Buddha occupied the demon spirit world and enslaved the demon race, and dared to pretend to be the Buddha? Heaven didn’t know it at first, so forget it. What good scene will he have when my sister goes back to report to the empress? "
The wind soul ignored her and looked at Wang Miao and thought that Wang Miao wanted to sigh lightly "afraid it’s not that simple"
Xu Feiqiong is not white. "What’s so simple about this? The demon spirit world is given to the demon race by heaven. If anyone can take it away, what prestige does heaven have? "
Wang Miao wanted to say, "That glorious Buddha has a history. Let’s not say for a moment whether some unscrupulous people in heaven will seize the opportunity to make trouble." What did Emperor Ziwei do? What is the position of Marshal Zhenwu, Ling Ning’s father, and the black killing of Zhenjun, who is in charge of Senluo Vientiane? These things are impossible for the jade emperor and the heavenly queen not to consider. "
Ling Ning’s eyes are red. "My dad … my dad will never be wicked."
Wang Miao wants to smile and hold hands. "The mystery is extremely ridiculous and stops at helping the righteous and eliminating evil; Eliminate the magic, protect the country, protect the robbery, and finally make the robbery. This is the words of your father, Marshal Zhenwu. If the traitor Jade Emperor Ziwei, how can he believe so much that he wants to promote him to six royal ones? How can Dong Huangbi be disappointed and sigh because he failed to cure his daughter of fire and poison? "
Ling Ning gave Wang Miao a grateful look.
Xu Feiqiong is outspoken. "But since Marshal Zhenwu knows that he has entered the secret path of the demon spirit world from the mysterious heaven, he has probably also been here. Isn’t it a day or two since the glorious Buddha conspired against him?"
But no one can answer this.
Wang Miao wanted to see Xu Feiqiong frowned slightly.