The virtual demon was unmoved and didn’t panic at all because his "death ball" was cracked. He shot the "death ball" continuously and watched them being chopped by Su Lie with expression.

Su Lieyun sword fly "don’t you have it? In that case, it’s a pity that the game is over. "
Virtual magic light way "on the contrary, I think it is just"
A dark gray light shines from the virtual magic body, which spreads rapidly, spreads in the air, floods the ground, and flows past everything.
A gray-white field is unfolding.
This is the realm of death!
This is the country of the dead!
"Power confrontation is always dialectical"
"A bucket of water can put out the fire, but can it put out a sea of fire?"
The virtual demon raised his arms. "Can your sword smash my death ball but this’ death field’?"
Su Lie frowned and he kept retreating.
The expansion of the’ death field’ is not rapid but very firm.
It died quickly through local black people and decomposed into filthy black mud.
Flowers and plants wither quickly as if they had gone through life with a snap of their fingers.
Even lifeless steel and rocks die, and rust, deformation, desertification and spalling occur in the field.
So everything in that gray field died and withered except the virtual magic.
Take another step back
Suddenly there was a spark in Su Lie’s eyes.
An illusory but extremely hot orange pillar of fire rose from the ground, and it stood and spread to the dark gray, leaving a slight pause before approaching the dark gray.
But you can’t stop it for a second, which means that the deep gray of death will spread again and make the pillar fade a little bit and lose its temperature a little bit.
Even the weather can die!
Su Lie was not discouraged at the end of his’ hey’ and didn’t keep it.
Ten trillion scorched earth’ force!
at once
One by one, illusory and fiery pillars of fire rise, and they appear one by one, illuminating every inch of the mountain city one by one in every corner of the mountain castle.
It brings the concept of "scorching" to make everything burn, even if it doesn’t touch the black people, trees and houses in the real flame mountain city.
Violent but illusory heat Su Lie’s manipulation adds the power of "shattered sword" and "boiling of quarrelling", which makes everything melt in this horrible high temperature like the arrival of the flame god.
At this moment, the terrible heat brought by’ 10 trillion scorched earth’ is very close to the surface temperature of stars.
Several black people scream and gasify this heat energy.
Even if the black people have the ability to fly, they will burn and decompose before they leave the fortress.
The gray’ death field’ finally stopped, and it kept making Sulie weather die, but Sulie weather was too huge and powerful.
Even though it’s dying out
But for a while, the virtual magic also ordered it to die.
"You’re right. Power confrontation is always dialectical."
Su Lie goes to the virtual magic.
As he walked ahead, the illusory pillars of fire continued to rise, and they resisted the "death field". Those dark ashes forced them to divert to Su Lie’s "death field" like waves hitting rocks, and a flame zone was abruptly created.
He approached the virtual demon in this flame zone.
"Now it seems that although your strength can make the weather die."
"But Dharma dies at once."
"So you are not invincible."
Su Lie raised the’ Grand Que’
Those illusory flames around roared up and kept throwing them into the giant que, making the big sword glow red gradually.
The violent wind roared as if playing a hymn to the flame.
Su Lie’s momentum keeps rising.
The whole mountain city trembled.
Even the barracks hundreds of miles away can feel the horrible smell.