At this time, what he saw in Zhongji suddenly jumped forward, and the human figure gradually became a portrait picture. Finally, he turned to look at him and instantly merged into the picture scroll to turn the wall into a fairy!

It seems that no one has ever been here!
"predecessors? !”
The owner of Maoshan Mountain walked to the map of the true spiritual position, and his eyes shook violently. Great changes have taken place because of this map!
Among the original attendants, the seven-order gods of heaven and earth retreated to both sides, and the gods no longer held their heads high and held the jade GUI magic weapon, but turned to bow down. Their eyes looked at the jade GUI magic weapon in the hands of the feet and clouds and handed it forward.
The seven-order gods are still sitting where they are, but their eyes are lowered and they no longer look straight ahead.
There is one more person in the picture scroll.
The portrait of Ji became an idol in the picture scroll.
The owner of Maoshan Mountain was amazed!
In the Northern Qi Dynasty, there was a story that a woman named Cui Wuren spent the night in Yangzhou. Later, she saw a picture scroll in the mountain shrine, which was exactly what the woman looked like.
The story of the people in the painting has existed since ancient times, but it is mostly created by objects and creatures, or by verve, and there are also souls who are trapped in the scroll and cannot leave, but I have never heard that painting in the flesh can make the gods give way!
"Great … what the hell is this …?"
The owner of Maoshan Mountain wanted to continue to look at the next development, but the spell’s second message was that the situation had deteriorated again. He could not say a word to the portrait and then excused himself from Dayuan Hall.
It’s Ji Xiang who doesn’t know what’s going on in the hall at this time.
In the painting, the world is the sacred land of the immortals, and the immortals fly back and forth in Yunfu, and the seventh-order gods step by step. There is a huge border here, and the wish seems to be the source of this sacred land of the immortals.
Ji Xiang is a little lost in self-state, and has forgotten herself at this time, so she feels as if she is out of place with these immortals.
"I seem to have forgotten something important. What’s wrong with me here?"
"May read … May read is an important factor in the birth of the gods …"
Ji Xiang covered her head and gradually forgot what she was thinking now, and this world resonated strongly, as if to melt from the scene and then merge this world.
This force shocked the surrounding fairy gods, and their original indifferent look became a little scared.
Those fairy gods did not dare to come near, but they showed her a way, which was far away. Among the seven-day class gods, it seemed like an enlightenment meeting. The gods emerged from the clouds in all directions and then arrived in a certain place to meditate and realize.
He urged Ji Xiang to go to that place.
At this time, there was a towering step leading to that sky.
Ji Xiang also forgot a lot of things, but the basic judgment is still hesitant.
It was this hesitation that stopped her elephant.
"Liexian can’t go on!"
A female voice came from the sacred land of the fairy family, and it woke up with a bell ringing. When the fairy gods heard the sound, they disappeared immediately, and the steps collapsed and melted.
And Ji Xiang almost forgot to remember everything before waking up like a big dream!
"That was close!"
Ji Xiang hasn’t felt so dangerous for a long time, and this change seems to be brought by her own scenery card, not from external forces here
Jingshen brand resonated here?