"I don’t know if the Buddha is still coming," a bodhisattva muttered.

Just then, suddenly, Kong Xuanshen shook his abdomen and blood splashed. A hole the size of a fist came out and saw a golden light flashing from Kong Xuan’s abdomen.
"It’s Buddha"
They all exclaimed that Kong Xuan’s face changed "How is it possible? How can you run out?"
"Evil is not quick to defect" Sun Chi metal gray face way
"If you want me to surrender to the door, you can’t hand over the golden wing Dapeng as soon as possible, otherwise Lingshan can’t have peace." But you see Kong Xuanti’s world power flow and wound healing.
"Good, good, today, the poor monk will use thunder to subdue the demon and get rid of the demon." Sun Chi’s eyes are full of anger, and whoever was almost exiled will become angry from embarrassment. The Buddha also has anger, which is even worse.
The two sides were about to start work when they saw a crack in Lingshan and a burst of sound "Come in."
Words fell that Sun Chi took a look at Kong Xuan’s fleeting time and entered the pure land, while Kong Xuan’s pure land was hesitant, but I thought that Dapeng had not been rescued yet and had no choice but to follow it into the pure land.
Come on, let’s make a scene. Lingshan will be quiet in an instant
The pure land world is Amitabha’s private place, but there is no way to peep at a pair of eyes outside the pure land of Lingshan and wait for the result.
No matter today’s results, such as Kong Xuanming’s, it is bound to be famous, and the opponents of the heavens and the earth will be the most promising.
After entering the pure land of Lingshan, I looked at the continuously derived world’s condensed amount of Buddha’s light, and the monks recited Buddhism. Kong Xuan took a deep breath. The world’s visible speed was continuously derived and expanded, and grains of gravel were continuously condensed to cultivate the world’s Tao. Kong Xuan was whiter than people, and the scene before me was amazing. This Amitabha was simply incredible.
"Seen my Buddha"
Walk in the center of heaven and earth and respect the figure in the Buddha’s light.
Looking at that figure, Kong Xuan exclaimed that this figure, Jade Duxiu, was exactly the same when she was old. Only her temperament changed and her head became a big bald head.
"Get up," Amitabha said softly. Sun Chi got up and looked at Kong Xuan with a puzzled face. He didn’t know how his Buddha became his master.
"Kong Xuan, I didn’t expect you to be a small world now. Congratulations on being among the immortals." Amitabha smiled gently.
"My brother has seen the Master and I don’t know how the Master ran to this Lingshan Pure Land to create a Buddhist country." Kong Xuan respectfully knelt down and saluted.
"Get up and don’t salute. I’m not your master, but your master is me." Amitabha’s palm moved and Kong Xuan instantly got up.
"My brother is not white." Hearing Amitabha’s words, Kong Xuan was one leng.
"I’m just Jade Duxiu. I’m Jade Duxiu, but Jade Duxiu is not me." Amitabha said softly.
"Isn’t that what’s the difference between a master and a teacher?" Kong Xuandao
"The difference? One is a statue and the other is a member, but there is no difference. "Amitabha smiled.
"Master, you have already proved that you don’t know the seat?" Kong Xuan showed curiosity.
"The quantity is empty, the whole world is everywhere." Amitabha chuckled
"That Dapeng now?" Kong Xuan doubt way
"The Tathagata will release Dapeng," Amitabha said.
"Follow my Buddhist teachings" Sun Chigong saluted Gankun Cave in the palm of his hand, but he saw a black and white gas flash out.
"Good you bald donkey incredibly dare to imprison little ye, I little ye and you spell" golden wing Dapeng came out and shouted.
"Dapeng wait a minute" while Kong Xuanqian took the arm of Dapeng with golden wings.
"You are Kong Xuan’s brother" Golden Wings Dapeng’s one leng face is full of joy.
"Dear brother, don’t start work. Now the Buddha will meet the Buddha face to face quickly." Kong Xuan whispered, "This is your father."
"What?" Golden-winged Dapeng stared at the friar who exuded qi activity and suddenly stared, "Is your old man actually a strong man?"
"Seen Buddha" dare not be presumptuous in the face of the strong golden-winged Dapeng.
Amitabha smiled gently, and when the palm of his hand stretched out, he saw that Dapeng was shrinking instantly, and the size of rice grains fell in front of his palm. "I didn’t expect that you have been born now, and your father’s heart is glad to wait for your father to finish the overall situation. You and my father will meet each other."
"Ah?" The golden-winged Dapeng was stupefied and said, "Isn’t this a meeting?"
"The seat is just a dharma body, and the Buddha is still planning a big plan." The Buddha smiled gently and was kind
"Oh" Golden-winged Dapeng stayed in wait for a while, and his head was a little dizzy. A statue of Dharma is so strong. How strong is his old strength?
Amitabha released Sun Chi and said, "You can practice with the Tathagata in the future."
"Yes," said Golden Winged Dapeng, looking at his cheap old consciousness.
Amitabha looked at Sun Chi and looked at Kong Xuandao again. "Sun Chi broke his belly, and your golden body has absorbed a ray of essence in the Kong Xuan world. In the future, you will get a wonderful certificate of birth, and you will be the first god. If you are pregnant in September and reborn, you should respect your mother."
Kong Xuan smell speech suddenly face a bitter home but decent man body like other people’s mother, but Sun Chi this fellow absorbed a wisp of primary students’ essence in their own world, but it is not false, but it is a bit big to suffer.
Sun Chiwen suddenly turned into a bitter gourd face. Who would have thought that when he crossed the world’s fetal membranes, the golden body actually captured a ray of innate source essence. This cause and effect is too big, and it will not be enough now. If a cheap mother can resolve the cause and effect, it will be worthwhile.
"Kong Xuan Block seals you, King Kong Xuan Bodhisattva. If you practice the five-color divine light, if you can get the innate beast peacock Jingxue, it will be even more powerful. You will plan this matter. You can connect Chen Sheng and Chen Jing to Lingshan for practice."
"Brother listens to the master’s arrangement" Kong Xuan respectful way.
Amitabha nodded. "You should retire. In the future, you will practice as soon as possible. Otherwise, no one will protect you when the disaster comes."
Sun Chi, Dapeng and Kong Xuan respectfully withdrew from Lingshan Pure Land and looked at the pure land world blessed by several Buddhas. Kong Xuan’s eyes flashed with envy, "Master Xiudang is really an unfathomable dharma body, and it has been proved that Xiandao does not know that Master Zun has now reached a kind of realm."
"Eldest brother, this bald bully can’t just forget it. Let’s find it and teach it a lesson." Just out of Lingshan Pure Land, Dapeng with golden wings pointed to Sun Chi and cursed him.
Knowing that his old dharma body is a strong one, Dapeng with golden wings suddenly became happy. It seems that his old age is cheap and powerful. This’ young monk’ is just his old soldier.
"Dapeng Xiu wants to talk nonsense, but the Taoist priest must not offend." Kong Xuan pulled Dapeng together
Chapter 1491 Demon God testifies. Remember when the centipede was almost roasted?
"Niang is really an extra cheap old Niang is an extra uncle." Sun Chi sat on the throne and couldn’t help but burst out with a thick mouth
Just then, the wild world shook suddenly, and the sun, the moon and the stars shone brightly all over the world. At the same time, the sun and the moon competed for glory in the sky, and the sun and the moon appeared in unison with the stars.
A powerful qi machine escaped from the wild and swept away in all directions of the world.
The Terran is closing, too easy. The grandfathers suddenly shook their hands and suddenly opened their eyes to the wild direction. At the same time, countless fortunes of heaven and earth went to the wild, and even the nine grandfathers tried their best to suppress the illusory fate.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, bodhi old zu, I have been enlightened." A huge centipede suddenly rose into the sky and a wild qi machine spread out.
"There is a demon god’s testimony in the wild." It’s too easy for Godfather to slowly restore calm and slowly play with the turtle shell in his hand. At this time, it’s too easy for Godfather’s turtle shell to flow endlessly with only a little color light. "My Terran has been in the sky, and it’s even more beautiful to prove the truth in the world. Now it’s nothing to have a strong man born in the wild."
Tai Yi’s ancestor sat there with an expression on his face. "The seat is about to break through the last realm. Even if there is a demon god’s testimony, how can it be?" For me, they are just ants. They are vulnerable. Apart from Fox God, Bodhisattva, Amitabha and Tai Ping Han, which one is in my eyes? "
"There’s a demon god testifying to the Tao." The Taiping ancestor of Taiping Road casually shook the imperial map in his hand, and then he saw that the imperial map showed several runes, and the instantaneous changes in the imperial map made all beings incredible.
"The key step is not so easy to step out. I didn’t expect that it was the old centipede who proved that the wild wilderness was worthy of the fate of heaven and earth. Now the fate of the middle domain is pouring toward the wild wilderness, and there are hundreds of mysterious yellow gases giving up the Terran middle domain and diving into the wild wilderness. Then it is bound to blow wells and the strong ones will erupt one after another." Speaking of this, the founder of Taiping is somewhat hesitant. "Now it is the opportunity to attack the wild wilderness and launch a fate war or wait for the wild wilderness to stabilize. In the future, there will be strong people who will continue to be born in the wild wilderness, which is probably