Such a big noise naturally caused the sergeant in the house to be alert and rushing from all sides.

"get out!"
Cao Yuan roared.
The forefront of a row of sergeant suddenly mouth spray blood eyes gradually lose luster was alive.
The remaining sergeant was scared and cold, and quickly retreated.
Cao Yuan took a deep breath to suppress his anger. "Don’t bother to prepare another wing."
Sergeant which dare talkative hurriedly packed up next to the wing and moved the bronze tripod in the past.
The crowd dispersed Cao Yuan and hurriedly murmured the tactic of pinching, but to his dismay, the bronze tripod had no reaction.
At this time, the water splashed in the tripod to form a green scale again.
"What’s the situation of Daoyou?"
Cao Yuan also asked hurriedly without regard for manners.
"Ha ha ha ….."
Green scales smile is full of grief and resentment. "Cao Yuan thief, is that your army?"
"There will be two immortals attacking the seat!"
"The patrol boat will suddenly appear!"
"Waiting for your Terran oath unwilling …"
Cao Yuan still doesn’t know what’s going on. A cold hum and a wave of hands hit the bronze tripod and suddenly it crashed and burst.
Tonight, the situation turns sharply, and he is always in a bad mood, so he still wants to listen to others.
Just then he suddenly turned around and sneered at his mouth.
Immediately, a soldier who joined the army came to the door trembling and said, "Report to the grandfathers of the Great Sage Hall and come to inquire for it."
"get out!"
Cao Yuan said coldly, "Tell them that the Japanese Yanjun will attack the city. If you don’t want the family to dissipate, you have to fight to the death!"
After joining the army, I suddenly got a big head
Outside, the ancestors of the aristocratic family are all angry and fierce, but Cao Yuan has killed several people in a row. How dare he talk too much and face bitter retreat?
The bodhi old zu of many aristocratic families in the hall was in a uproar for a while. When Cao Yuan still refused to meet each other, he angrily retreated.
The backyard wing Cao Yuan was sullen.
"Tonight, three fairies besieged me. There are Guangyuan and another person over there … There are five fairies in Dayan!"
"Some bad …"
Thought of here, he hesitated, took out a secret letter from his arms, and stared straight at the rain or shine in his eyes for a long time.
The next day, before dawn, several aristocratic bodhi old zu came together and looked gloomy.
Cao Yuan is hateful, but one thing is true. Many people can be spared by the Great Yan Nan Expedition, and even the royal Qin family can spare their lives, but they will be exterminated.
They are what many families in Dayan eat.
If you have grievances, you have to put them together for the time being. After all, this large array needs abbot Cao Yuan.