That is to say, Sun Hao knows that all the tribes in the virtual world, including the boundary and Terran, are sworn enemies, and the inferno is an ally in the virtual world.

The opposite of the virtual world is the race called "chaos" or "destruction" and "destruction" by the virtual world.
Not much wisdom knows how to kill, expand territory and plunder all kinds of resources and races.
The purpose of virtual battlefield is to block and limit expansion.
Although Sun Hao spent ten years in peace, according to ancient books, every fifty years or so, there will be a big explosion in the battlefield of the virtual world, and then all kinds of wild animals will wreak havoc on the virtual world, and the necromancers who pose the greatest threat to the virtual world will also appear, which will be the real test of the virtual world.
It has been less than forty years since the second outbreak, and Sun Hao’s swordsmen are the swordsmen who made up for it after the Terran suffered heavy losses.
The ancient books also record that terrans send monks to defend in all directions according to the characteristics of various monks.
The defensive direction of swordsmen’s camp is mainly hills, grasslands and lakes and hills. Of course, the key defensive parts of swordsmen of different grades are slightly different
The entire Terran camp also set up a knight camp, a god shooting camp, a warrior camp and a five-element war department.
The position of the 4th Battalion is quite similar, and each battalion has its own characteristics.
The swordsmen’s camp is mainly composed of swordsmen who are similar to Lingtian Sword School.
Knight camp is mainly composed of the royal animal monk wearing a pike and the powerful virtual animal riding. The knight camp is divided into many small branches.
As the name implies, the shooting camp is a camp formed by long-range shooters.
The warrior camp is a big camp composed of Terran chariot soldiers.
The highest-ranking department in the Terran of the Five Elements War Department is composed of monks who have cultivated a true monarch. The five elements technique is well trained and can come and go freely, which is extremely destructive.
Of course, the advanced status of Terran Battalion 4 has reached a high level, and the elite can still compete with the monks of the Five Elements War Department.
The information is obscure, remembering some powerful knights’ status, strength and status, and the friars of the Five Elements War Department.
Sun Haohe’s data shocked the vastness and danger of the virtual battlefield, and at the same time, he couldn’t help but have doubts in his heart.
In the world, Sun Hao has wandered through the ghost domain and seen many ghosts and all kinds of ghosts, especially Sun Hao and two confidantes, all of whom are ghosts.
But in the virtual world, the situation has changed completely.
There is no ghost clan in the virtual world. The ghost clan has become a necromancer clan here, a strange race that knows the ultimate goal of killing, destroying and destroying the virtual world, and has evolved many branches different from the boundary.
And in the virtual world, there is no such monk as ghost repair.
Why would this happen?
Sun Hao is a little confused.
According to the truth, the ghost family in the virtual world can also pursue the avenue of longevity like a hundred families. Wouldn’t it be better for everyone to live in peace?
But the virtual world has changed?
Sun Hao really thought that if he could open the Sumeru tower now, what would be the shining state? Will Terran monks directly treat themselves as heresies and eliminate them?
There is another huge difference between the virtual world and the world.
In the virtual world, the destructive clan pays great attention to individual development, and will automatically pursue numerous heaven and earth resources to destroy whatever they see, but at the same time, they will destroy themselves and all kinds of resources will accumulate into an important source of cultivation resources.
For example, Sun Hao’s refining sword pills requires crystallization, that is, their body breeds a magical cultivation resource, which has many gods like the monster elixir. It is one of many ways to crystallize sword pills.
And various grades of crystals are also one of the most important sources of contribution to the virtual battlefield.
From Sun Hao’s current understanding, it is impossible for Sun Haoji to get the golden embryo pill of the golden wild beast crystal, which is a dream at all. Even the silver embryo pill is extremely difficult for Sun Hao.
To put it bluntly, the strength is insufficient
After understanding this information, Sun Hao began to go out with Ji Ruxue and Xiaoqing and really began to enter the virtual battlefield
Of course, at this time, Sun Hao’s identity is still a handyman, going out with the team is a handyman, and in the eyes of others, it is a drag bottle to help clean up the prey.
Big drag bottle
Okay, every time Ji Ruxue goes out in a team, he is with her family. It is rarely called by outsiders. No one really knows the details of Sun Hao.
When Sun Hao first entered the battlefield, he really took an auxiliary position to watch and never intervened. Sometimes he began to help several female companions pack up some resources.
It is necessary to save your life when you enter the battlefield. Sun Hao can’t guarantee everyone’s safety when the war comes, but it is necessary for them to strengthen their practice and enhance their self-protection ability.
Besides, now Ji Ruxue’s fighting area is only 150 miles, and the normal swordsmen’s activity area has not even reached the intermediate swordsmen’s area. Sun Hao really has no need to intervene.
For example, the wild animal encountered by the swordsman team of Xue Xiaoqing is the one-eyed carboxyl, a huge sheep wild animal with one-eyed horns as big as a baby elephant, but its hooves are like wind energy to walk and jump over a cliff flexibly.
One-eyed spiritual carboxyl likes to fight back in groups after an attack. One-eyed swordsmen can shoot paralyzing light, and when they are recruited, their actions will be slow, and their attack power will be greatly reduced. Their horns are very sharp, and piercing a cliff is as simple as piercing tofu. Their hooves can emit soil attack spells such as mud and traps, and they can run on the cliff.
It’s a very unpleasant thing for a swordsman to slam his head once he is caught by it.
Fortunately, the one-eyed spirit has a soft temperament and is often dispersed in a hubbub when attacked. Otherwise, it will be very dangerous.
However, after the outbreak of large-scale wild beast tide, the one-eyed carboxyl will become extremely terrible, and then the one-eyed red blood will take the initiative to attack all the Terrans in the Terran camp. One-eyed carboxyl can be cleared all the year round, and one-eyed horns and four hooves can get one or two contributions, which is one of the sources of low-level swordsmen’s contribution
Sun Hao merged into the Ji Ruxue team and followed the team to go deep into the hilly landscape wasteland and began to travel. At the same time, he carefully judged that he had information for himself by comparing the data.
His intelligence hasn’t been discovered yet. Sun Hao has discovered a fact that moves him.
Whether Sun Hao admits it or not, over the years, due to the financial situation of taking care of Sun Hao’s team, he has no extra contribution and rarely goes to special training places to improve his strength.