Monty smiled contemptuously.

"When the feather is high, this word is not a calculation of the length of the heavens. The experts are all a quantity of robbery, a quantity of robbery, and a positive history. Yes, but if you get an eternal chance, you will always be robbed in a flash.
Since you can find me in the only history, you naturally know the past of the East Pole and the origin of Tianmen. Haven’t you learned it yet? "
Monty’s tone is not good, and Lin Chong doesn’t care.
Information is the most important
"So … you have to have eternal help on the way? Is your mouth extremely purple? " Lin Chong’s consciousness was associated with "Is the earth’ that one’ also another eternity?" The Jade Emperor … is also a member of the’ Four Pillars’ …? "
"And you can guess slowly." Standing in the long river of history, Monty turned to look at Lin Man, and his eyes became gentle. He stretched out his hand and touched his face as if Lin Man had posted a "Don’t dare to call at will again and again, offend you … and die!"
Hua ~
Monty scattered pieces of blood into the long river of history and was swept away without even a trace.
She erase her’ shadow’ in that long history of the earth.
Lin Chong and Lin Man both felt that they had the answer in their hearts but added more doubts.
Wave a hand
Lin Chong collected the long river of history.
It’s like rolling back a painting, and he and Lin Man are at the end of the process of moving forward, that is, at this moment.
January 1, 2195
9 a.m.
The two sat in the audience of the Bird’s Nest in the capital.
Waiting for "Man" to turn Terran from Enlightenment to Earth.
Because Qijie has a perfect administrative organization and the system is no different from the earth, the first batch of administrative personnel will arrive, and they will go to their respective posts to help restart the huge industrial body of the earth.
Naturally, these tasks will be completed by the administrative organization of Kaijie.
I have to say that the earth has a long thought. Actually, there is a whole set of records for entering the earth, just like the leader of a big eastern country said that this is called will initiation, which is equivalent to the unexpected twists and turns of the earth children making a will early.
Lin Chong and Lin Man are about to rush to their respective posts.
Lin Manyu helped restart the planetary capture project.
And Lin chong will return to the heaven of life, which is the first line of battle.
The morning sun shines on the bird’s nest, and it is like a stage spotlight, but the stage has not been set up yet.
"The heavens are more mysterious than we thought," Lin Chong said with a wry smile. "I didn’t expect that there would be four more eternity and the one hidden in the history of the earth. It is hard to say whether it is good or bad."
"Don’t lose heart either. Eternal heights are equivalent to theorems and historical processes. They are not subjective. To find out what they want, they may not be unable to jump out of their’ identities’," Lin Man said.
"Does Emperor Ziwei want it to be’ great reunification’?" Lin Chong thought, "I don’t want to build a Tianmen for him. If we want to achieve great reunification, now that the two worlds have been connected through the Tianmen, is it even unified that there is such a high possibility of’ honoring God’, which is born out of mythical stars and having such a high possibility of’ honoring your honor and achieving the only thing’?"
"There must be a faint possibility that will always be realized in the long river of history." Lin Man nodded. "The slight possibility means that we have the result … we should be in another’ identity’ of him."
"On the bright side, we are all at the same starting line as Zhutiangao, trapped in an eternal puzzle. If we can get out, we can stand on our own feet like monty." Lin Chong cheered up.
"Well, this time I finally found out the ginseng, fruit trees and monty means, which is not white." Lin Man said