Wang Huanzhang didn’t know that it was a trick of Zheng Guobao. Whether it was to mobilize Xuan’s elite soldiers or Shanxi Shanxi Shanxi merchants, it was not a matter of time. At the beginning of his army’s issuance of Hetao shares, he had already thought about this follow-up step. It was not a trick to deceive himself to continue to increase investment and deliberately caress his chest. "Uncle Zheng didn’t think that you were young, but you had so many tricks, so many hearts were so cruel. Do you know that there are many people in Xi ‘an who have lost their money and sold their children? Is to press the news for three days and let several liters of Wang also put his fortune in. "

Zheng Guobao got up and looked at the people from the window, telling each other or being happy or sad or in high spirits or crying. "What about that? What do you have to do with me? It’s better for a family to cry all the way than for a country to cry. You may not agree with me, but why should I ask you to agree with me? You need to know that if you were willing to pay taxes as soon as you came, maybe now we are friends. He won’t be friends with me, but since you are determined, what’s wrong with my brother-in-law digging a hole and burying you? I don’t care who else is buried in this pit. I don’t know how many soldiers will die and how many people will be killed in World War I, but what does this have to do with me? I need to know that the last Hetao is in the big hand; Similarly, I don’t care how many people hang into the well in Xi ‘an. I need to know that my goal has been achieved. Your property will be filled with my crates. Most of your land will be Huangzhuang. Mine tax supervision yamen is as steady as Mount Tai, and it is indispensable for the court to pay taxes. There is money to pay salaries, pay rewards and burn silver for the dead. The yamen posted a notice that it is forbidden to buy and sell Hetao shares without permission. Since those people refused to listen, they deserved it. "
Wang Huanzhang felt that a mouthful of turbid phlegm blocked his throat, and he couldn’t spit it out and couldn’t suppress his face. His right hand was red and his fingers were trembling, but he couldn’t say anything.
Zheng Guobao said, "What? Do you want to scold me for being a traitor and lucky for the country and the people? Are there any new words? I’ve heard this kind of cliche many times when the capital took the enemy brigade to copy the stall. Now the situation has been divided into the overall situation. What’s the point of this quick talk? We’re all decent people, but it’s too shameful for that village mud leg to scold dad, mother and ancestors if it loses a few pennies. Can you show some style and admit to losing the bet? "
Wang Huanzhang never imagined that Uncle Zheng still had the habit of being a bachelor, and he was a squire. Although he ate people and didn’t spit bones, he always kept a mask of good people on weekdays. This kind of mask was completely unnecessary, and it was more than a layer of scruples.
Fan Blame is not as calm as these two people. He has been sitting on the floor and pounding on the board and crying. "What can I do this time when my life is in it?"
Ning Zhong sneered, "Fan Tuantou is confused. What can you do to beg if you come to the Beggars’ Sect? Can’t beggars even beg now? "
Just then, I heard bursts of gongs escorting, and a family member went to the window to see it. Suddenly, he was overjoyed and said, "Sir is the governor, and Master Buzheng is the savior this time."
The Wangs are powerful adults, and Wang Jinbang is a relative. Of course, local officials have to go to the Wangs’ Gate to post a post for a protector, and the governor, Buzheng, provincial judges and others have tasted that Wang is a guest outside.
No matter how cruel the prince’s maternal uncle is, he’s just an honorable civilian. When have you ever been afraid of honoring him? What’s more, this Hetao stock affair is not a magic rebellion. The governor may be able to erode places and disrupt people’s livelihood, and stop this absurd transaction. By that time, everything in the Wangs will be saved.
After a while, the governor Wang Xuan, the minister Wang Jinbang and the provincial judge Zhu Xun filed in the stairs. These three bosses can be regarded as the local tyrant on the ground in Shaanxi who was born in a noble family and had a foundation. It’s really hard to predict if he teamed up with the prince’s maternal uncle to win or lose.
Wang Huanzhang hurried forward without regard to decency to beat upon "Old Futai Fangbo and Futai Boss You three came just in time for the old man to complain about his grievances. Uncle Zheng deliberately spayed Hetao shares to disturb my people’s livelihood in Shaanxi, and privately sent troops to attack the border. In the future, when he left, he suffered revenge. It was my third Qin brother who still hoped that the three bosses would uphold justice and return me to Shaanxi."
Several of his gentry also echoed, "Mr. Wang said that it was extremely sinful and perverse for my uncle, and asked some people to comply with the public opinion and resist Liang Xungui’s expulsion of my uncle, so that I could have peace in Shaanxi."
The three faces looked awkward, especially Wang Jinbang deliberately stayed away from Wang Huanzhang. He was the first to come to Zheng Guobao to see the ceremony. "It’s a shame that someone in the functional family of the prince’s maternal uncle colluded with profiteers and tried to forge Hetao shares, thanks to the advice of the prince’s maternal uncle."
Wang Xuandao: "Wang Fangbo doesn’t have to blame himself. This governor is an independent official. It’s not the same as being tampered with. My uncle wants to save the market with 100,000 pieces of silver. As a result, this silver has never been sent out, but I haven’t found out which link it is stuck in."
Zhu Xun said, "The official also urged the Xi ‘an government several times to deal with those villains who spread rumors, but as a result, there were more and more villains, and they also acted as ignorant children, which made the official have the heart to plead guilty today."
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven Harvest (4)
Zheng Guobao is also white. These people can’t be trusted, but now the wind has changed. I’ve come to repair it myself, but I can’t leave them behind my plan. They shouldn’t be driven to extinction, so I’m playing dumb. "How many hard crimes do several bosses have on one side?" Since your official is as clear as water, it’s hard to prevent officials from being as slippery as oil. Even after the drastic rectification of the magic religion, it’s hard to dispose of the officials in the yamen. It’s both a bad thing and a good thing to clean up a garbage. If there are not enough people, my little star still has a team in his hand. Although it can’t be big, it’s still no problem to do some rough work. "
Xu Yun took the message, "Don’t worry, three hundred cangtoujun troops are always on standby. Let them fight whoever they want in one word and let them kill whoever they want to ensure obedience."
Wang Xuan coughed and said with all her heart that she couldn’t let you star killers. "An imperial envoy from the Imperial Palace has arrived. It’s the mine tax supervision yamen. I haven’t found you. I’ve sent someone to ask us to arrange the incense table and pick up the imperial edict first."
Wang Huanzhang and others saw that the public opinion they represented was completely regarded by the governor, Buzheng and others. On the one hand, they secretly scolded the big court for seeing themselves as such a good citizen. On the other hand, they also knew that this was even doomed, and they could expect the imperial edict to be beneficial to themselves. If we could transfer my uncle from Shaanxi, we might be able to rely on our own joint efforts to get rid of this account.
The purpose is a civil servant in his thirties, who is often a pedestrian in the pedestrian department. It is a good material to articulate and articulate. First, Zheng Guobao was severely criticized in the purpose, accusing him of not destroying the normal local economic order, losing the court system with the private consortium and issuing Hetao shares without the emperor’s permission. It is also against the law and discipline, and Zheng Guobao must be dealt with strictly and promptly.
After discussion by the cabinet, the emperor approved Zheng Guobao to pay a salary for three months, and the effect will be observed. In the future, if he commits another crime, he will never be light on the problem of arbitrage. The Hetao shares will be redeemed by the way of salt introduction, and the holders of Hetao shares can get half of the silver to buy salt and salt from Huamachi. However, the court will not recognize those who are effective in all parts of the nine borders in the future and will severely punish the lead issuer.
Finally, he ordered Zheng Guobao to rush to Henan Dushi to pacify the rebellion of Henan soldiers immediately after the Shaanxi incident was handled. The local border troops in Shaanxi transferred 6 thousand elite soldiers and gave Wang Mingqi a license to act cheaply.
Wang Huanzhang knelt down and listened to the imperial edict. At present, a black man went straight to the ground and fell into a coma. When Zheng Guobao saw it, he quickly ordered, "Somebody please rescue Mr. Wang. We can’t let anything happen to him. If he wants something, who can I find to collect money?"
At this time, the gentry of all walks of life in Wang Huanzhang have even had the idea of violent default. You know, this Hetao stock incident, many people have put more than half of their wealth on it, and the loyalist will definitely win the battle against Taolu, especially with these western businessmen behind them. After the defeat of Taolu, Qin Jun, the fifth battalion, should be the opportunity to harvest people’s heads and easily clean up the battlefield
Then, when the time comes, having a large number of Hetao shares in your hands can not only distribute and dispose of those war profits, but also the silver mines in the future will not benefit from your own court’s efforts. But now the situation has changed, Hetao shares can buy salt to lead. What is this concept?
The salt of Qianhuamachi is designed to exchange the market of Tartars for horses, hence the name. Now the court seems to know that it is necessary to make a deal with Tartars, so it takes out this salt as a guarantee for Hetao shares.
Don’t say that even if you can get a discount, there are people who are willing to buy salt, but they will lay eggs and golden hens. Everyone will worry about when they can get salt, and there will be no salt.
With this kind of policy, it is not a problem for Hetao to say that there is a silver mine, even if it is a barren Hetao stock, its value will rise to 60% or 70%, but what will these people take to pay back those stocks?
Everyone’s property will suffer huge losses if shares are added with interest, and they will have to pawn their property in exchange for cash. However, these families have always been a symbol of accumulating land and prospering their family business, or the whole gentry of the dynasty also think so. Everyone thinks that it is like annexing land. Who wants to sell the land?
But say fight? The 600-pale-headed army alone will make these gentry think more about it. In addition, there are border troops outside Xi ‘an, and Henan has just gone through a sensitive period of camp mutiny. At this time, whoever makes a slight change is a situation of standing firm and not slacking off. This is an expert in gentry’s abuse, but it’s better to forget it if you think about rebelling against officers and soldiers.
These people just don’t understand what Zheng Guobao said just now. Even many people can’t eat today. Yeah, how many people can spend the moon day like before after the property bleeding?
Liu shopkeeper at this time to restore the spirit of a hand, "the prince’s maternal uncle is really amazing, even before the army of worship left Ningxia, you have already started to dig a hole and bury people. Liu has planted injustice this time. I think I must pay someone who owes me, and I must also accept it in the future. Liu also wants to play a few games with the prince’s maternal uncle."
Zheng Guobao smiled and said, "I want Liu shopkeeper to have this pleasure to accompany Zheng at any time." He also said to you, "There are still a few days before the delivery date. I will set aside this block so that you can sometimes raise money to sell the land. If anyone wants to default, my pale head army is not a vegetarian."
Governor Wang also said, "Officials don’t interfere in people’s transactions, but if someone breaks the contract and defaults, they must not sit idly by." His position in the former struggle has been swinging from side to side until the final outcome. It is considered that he has lost the lead. His coming to Hetao shares is purely nonsense and will upset the people in Shaanxi. It can be said that it is only because the other side is behind Empress Zheng that he forbear to send money to save the market. Naturally, it is a delusion that when he wants to save the market, he is ineffective in command. This is hard to impress his prince’s maternal uncle who sympathizes with the gentry.
Hetao shares in exchange for salt also made him realize that Zheng Guobao’s energy is far greater than he expected. This matter can be made into a simple Zheng Empress, and it is necessary to push behind the bosses in the DPRK. Otherwise, it is normal that it will take a year and a half to get rid of it. Now this matter is going so smoothly, even if the empress’s hand has reached into the pavilion and she doesn’t come to buy it at this time. When will it come?
Luo Jiankui and others have just lost their hearts. No one has begun to think about whether the rope is good or the dagger is good. Whether the water is too cold, but I didn’t expect the situation to be completely reversed. Luo Jiankui was so excited that he was flushed for a long time before he said, "Thanks to my uncle’s trumpet, I can make a fortune. I really don’t know how to thank you for that rainbow sword. I will hurry up and take it out as soon as possible."
Zheng Guobao said, "Luo Shaodong don’t worry. We still have a long way to go the day after tomorrow. Don’t worry. Pit those old foxes. I’ve kept this secret. Most of my confidants around me don’t know the situation. Luo Shaodong is even more scared. Zheng will sue you for Xie Yao here. Give me a knife on this little star later and we’ll even be even."
Lian Delu also said, "Don’t say it’s Luo Shaodong or the handmaiden. This heart is in my throat. This time, I put the whole mine tax supervision office in. If a handmaiden dies, it’s good to report to heaven. Finally, God opened his eyes and let this group of people live in vain. Today, the city is a human world!"
Chapter one hundred and twenty Trap
The pedestrian also came to congratulate Zheng Guobao, who was very cold to him. He knew that according to common sense, the imperial edict should have arrived in Xi’ an long ago and left it in his hand to be a killer. However, the pedestrian deliberately delayed until now because he wanted to see himself in trouble and take this imperial edict to save his life to buy this kind of officialdom. It is not wrong to be narrow-minded, but it would be unwise to assign who to play this kind of means for the prince’s uncle.
However, Zheng Guobao also learned some things from this pedestrian’s mouth. First, Xin Aihan expressed strong indignation at this treacherous attack on the Hetao tribe, saying that this matter must not be left at that. Xin Aihan must lodge the strongest protest to the big court, even if the lawsuit is brought to the command. Prairie men must never despise it! This treachery of Dachao will surely take the road of destruction.
Why did Xin Aihan protest instead of using force? According to Xin Aihan, since he studied Buddhism, he felt more and more that killing was wrong and war was wrong. Today, peace and development are the main tone. We must be kind and resolutely oppose this hegemonic ideology. Although I am responsible for sweating, I am determined to carry out the anti-war to the end and call for disarmament with myself to reflect the sense of responsibility of a big country.
Of course, the objective fact is by no means that he loves reading Buddhist scriptures and reading brain cramps. His intelligence is normal, but he has to have this strength even if he wants to wage war. Since the death of Anda, the grassland tribes have lost their glory. Anda Khan and his grandchildren are divided, and they say that the biggest enemy for them is not their own brothers and sisters.
The biggest enemy of Ansan Khan’s grandson is Ansan Khan’s grandson, which has almost become the consensus of all khans in the grassland. Although Xin Ai claims to have 200,000 strings and bows, he can actually command the 10,000-man team under Guihuacheng’s eyelids.
His nominal mother and wife, San Niang, are still eyeing him and leading troops to Guihuacheng. He may divide and rule, but he dares to type in this background. Good gave up bows and arrows and changed the most powerful weapon-pen.
Now that Xin Aihan has failed to understand the collapse of that set of Lu, it is only a matter of time. After all, the Hetao area is very large, and at this stage, it is necessary to recover the former set, so there is no need for the tribes to work hard to compare their own talents.
Second, the situation in Henan is said to be very critical. All the soldiers are fighting against the imperial envoys. Gu Yuncheng was killed. Yang Yikui was trapped in Kaifeng, saying that the reinforcements and loyalists outside the city could defend the important city and fight back. The prince’s maternal uncle and tiger rode in person to mop up those evil clowns.
Seeing that everything is in order, Zheng Guobao left a sentence, "A few members of the staff should pay close attention to raising money these days, but don’t blame me for not being polite when there is money to pay back the money." They led the people back to the mine tax supervision government on their high horse.
When I got back to my room, Xiaoyun took off her armor and asked, "Did you arrange all this in advance?"
Zheng Guobao’s heart sank. Did she already understand that I was cheating on her? But before he could figure out how to answer, Xu Yun had burst out laughing with her hands akimbo, and then punched Zheng Guobao’s shoulder and lamented two times "Ha ha! I knew that the general must not be so easy to recognize men. Today, it is finally enjoyable to watch those gentry look like dead fathers. These days, they are scared, and the days will be worth it. In a few days, I will take the soldiers to turn their money into our money and turn their darling daughter into our house. "
Zheng Guobao saw that she was heartless, but she didn’t bear it. "I can’t say that everything is under control. After all, the battlefield is changing rapidly and the outcome is unpredictable …"
Xu Yun comforted Zheng Guobao instead. "So what? We will die sooner or later as military commanders, and it’s nothing. After this war, my father’s pale head army will be killed and injured, so it’s not so easy to recruit new soldiers. He should feel at ease when he loses his money, and he won’t think about things that he shouldn’t think about, so it will be difficult for you in the future. "
Guo-Bao Zheng remained at that time, but this female soldier of fortune who looked short of a string actually saw her father’s rebellion and saw that she was wolfing down the wolf. "Then look at me and do what?" Girl, the battlefield is old and the battle is smart. How can I not see your heart? My dad was blinded by profit and wisdom, so he was fooled by you. He used to fight a battle that was doomed to be cheap, but I will rely on you instead of dad in the future. Besides, if dad really did something he shouldn’t have done, I’m afraid it would be difficult. Now this is the best ending. Look at Miss Duo Cong, who even cheated you. "
Speaking of which, she burst into another burst of smug laughter, but was caught by Zheng Guobao. "It seems that it is impossible to be arrogant in front of her husband without a good lesson."
On the other side of the courtyard, Yue Buqun’s face changed after he entered the room. Ningzhong saw him sitting and pacing around the room. He used to practice hard and had a good time. If the two men rebelled, they asked, "Why are you not so happy?"
It took Yue Buqun half a day to say, "Nothing … Nothing is thinking about something. My school sister laughed at the moment."
Ning Zhongze said, "What have we been laughing at for many years? If you encounter any difficult things, you’d better say so. There is no obstacle for us to join hands with our husband and wife. We don’t have to be bored, but it makes me feel like an outsider."
Yue Buqun didn’t answer the words when he sat beside Ningzhongze, but recalled the past. "School sister, do you remember when several servants of your family took you to Huashan School in Huayin County to learn? I met my new brother at the door."
Ning Zhong listened to her brother’s recollection of the past, but every time she recalled the past over the years, her heart was full of sweetness. Without the support of these beautiful memories, she might not have survived these many years.
She also fell into memories. "Yes, I was a little girl brother at that time. There was a flag on the back that said Huashan Sect welcomes new students. I have been wondering for years when there was such a thing as Huashan Sect?"
Yue Buqun said, "I’ll just tell you today. At that time, it was my father-in-law. His old man’s house had sent someone to greet Jianzong. When you came to the exam, you would brush you off and say that your bones were not good and your eyesight was not good, but there was always a way to receive the new students. But on that day, my brother Jianzong was put down with laxatives and white sugar water. If he couldn’t get out of the toilet, I would receive the new students for them. The flag was written that Huashan Jianzong welcomed the new students. If I changed to Qizong, no one would
Ning Zhongze has been married for many years, and it is also the first time to listen to my brother talk about this matter. He also became interested. "Yes, dad is not satisfied with my martial arts, but my temper is stubborn. His old man’s house is stubborn, so I can only promise. I didn’t expect the old man to think this is the way to make me give up, but it is also a mistake to make a marriage. I didn’t expect your brother to make a white sugar laxative."
"No, you didn’t expect that they didn’t expect that just because I was an honest man on weekdays, the swordsmen didn’t guard me. I couldn’t help it at that time. You also knew that in that year, Qizong counted you as only three students. They were all deceived by me, and they were all bent on going to the swordsmen’s apprentice. As a result, I took them to the Qizong office hall to fill out the form and hand in the school. I couldn’t come until I wanted to go back on my word. I followed the master and knew that enrollment was difficult. We were admitted to the grassland, but no one
Chapter one hundred and twenty-nine Leave
Ning Zhong recalled that he really wanted to worship the apprentice of blade master Fengqingyangmen on that day. Now I think about it, but I also lost my worship. Otherwise, my achievements were put down by the poor formula, so she smiled gently. "Senior brother doesn’t have to think much about my younger sister’s arrival in Qizong. It feels very good. If I went to Jianzong at that time, I couldn’t even get into the door so that I could go home and be a big lady."
Yue Buqun said, "Of course your day is good. If you have something to say, no matter who you fight, you don’t ask right or wrong. Right and wrong are all counted. If you have something to say, ask who dares to provoke you? Master, his old man put the future of the sect on you, and our younger brother also took you as the savior of Huashan Mountain. Do you know how happy I am when I know that you are willing to practice jade girl fencing with me? If I want to marry you as my wife and father-in-law, my old man’s house will have to be on our side, so that we can deal with Jianzong me. How much thought you spent practicing this jade girl sword is also thanks to its effectiveness. At that time, Teacher Jiu was afraid that he would steal my lead when you approached me … "
Ning Zhong thinks that his brother’s marriage is a perfect match. Although he has some doubts about the jade girl sword method, he also feels sorry for his brother’s original match with Sister Han. However, he thinks that this matter has to be a perfect match and his youth and playfulness have made a big mistake. But today, after listening to Yue Buqun’s statement, did it turn out that his brother had a heart? "Brother, it’s really nothing between me and Nine Youngsters. We went after Jumping Tiger together, but we didn’t do anything."
"I know school sister, but I’m so much older than you after all, and I’m not at ease in my heart. Many means you can come into contact with the jade girl’s sword and sword spectrum casually? That’s what I deliberately put there waiting for you to see. I know that your temper will definitely practice after reading this sword score, and you have to practice except looking for me, that is, looking for the ninth younger brother’s office. During that time, you wandered in front of me every day and deliberately gave Laojiu the place to watch the sunrise in Taishan. I admit that I made a plan and played a trick. You have to blame me. I have nothing to say. "
Ning Zhong is dissatisfied in his heart, but has the husband and wife turned against each other for many years? "Brother let’s more than ten years husband and wife still chanting these do? Let bygones be bygones. We don’t have to. "
Yue Buqun said, "When the incident happened later, our day became more and more difficult, and I couldn’t bear to stroke your mind. Those orphans were all an expense. Which expense was a burden for us Huashan School, but when you were happy, I gritted my teeth. Later, I learned to do sea trade, which made your mother and daughter feel better with us. Who knows … but it was snow and frost. Maybe Yuemou was born poor and shouldn’t think about windfall."