Despite such shortcomings, on the whole, Jiuzhong is very satisfied with Xiaoyu and its evolution.

"So now you obviously should be able to independent activities from my body? !” Drop Xiaoyu’s attribute nine times or confirm one to Xiaoyu.
"All right! But …! " Xiaoyu turned around and said, "Although I can act independently from my master’s body now, my own safety will drop sharply. Once I am killed by my master’s enemy, Xiaoyu will leave my master forever!"
"I will never allow this to happen!"
Chapter five hundred and fifty-five Ocean Heart
Jiuchong said, "After that, you will stay in the village and forget to help Daidai manage these guys so that no one can attack you!"
"Good master!" Xiaoyu promised to clap little wings to fly away from the nine palms and fall on Daidai’s shoulders.
"Wow, what a cute elf!" Daidai was overjoyed to see Jade fall on her shoulder like an elf.
"Daidai!" Jiuzhong patted Daidai’s small hand and glanced at the eye stand. A group of sea people said to Daidai, "If anyone dares not listen to you, ask Xiaoyu to clean them up. Xiaoyu will make sure to clean them up!"
“…………! !” As soon as all the people in the sea heard their feelings, they just came out of the den and fell into the den again. This one is not a good thing either. You should be careful to be a demon after looking at Daidai’s lewd eyes!
No matter how they think about it in their hearts, Jiuchong accepted the situation in the village and made proper arrangements. For the time being, they said goodbye to Daidai and left the hometown and went back outside.
"Oh dear!" Come out and see that Poseidon’s position just now has become as heavy as a clap his thigh. "Lost lost just now, why did you forget to dispose of Poseidon’s body first? How do you say that Poseidon is also a famous god? Even if a person dies, his physical value is definitely not small and there are many benefits! What a pity! "
"Miss how to say right? !” At this moment, Feng Dance, who had been staying in the crowd on the spot, said to the other girls, "I told you this guy would beat his chest if he didn’t see Poseidon’s body when he came out!"
"Hehe, Brother Chong, don’t worry. We have already disposed of Poseidon’s body for you!" Xiang Xiang princess before brushed nine heavy arm way
It’s not too short to stay with Jiuchong. Princess Xiangxiang has learned that her identity and name are no longer called Jiuchong in reality. In the game, her name is directly changed to Chongge. Although she also wants to call Jiuchong Tiger as intimate as Shen Yue, Princess Xiangxiang is very clever. She is not called the same as Shen Yue, but a "Chongge" who is a little distant from the "tiger"
Jiuzhong is so smart, how can he not see Princess Xiangxiang’s thoughtfulness? What can he say about such a smart and sensible girl? He simply loves it.
"Xiang Xiang, you protect him!" Feng Wu pursed her lips and said, "We should not tell him first and let him ruin his intestines!"
"Sister, it seems that you were the first to wake up your big brother!" Luan Er was clever at this time and poked the implication of Feng Wu’s words just now. "So you still protect your big brother the most ~!"
"I didn’t …!" Feng Dance heard that Qiao’s face was full of pink fists, and she was trying to deal with Luan ‘er. "My little girl came to pretend that it was aimed at me!"
"Holy, we not only disposed of Poseidon’s body for you, but also have a surprise for you!" A look at all the women have defected and changed hands.
"Ah, you! He is so spoiled by you! " Seeing the performance of the daughters, Shen Yuenai shook her head and then reached out and fished out something from her backpack to show Jiuzhong "Tiger, what do you think this is?" !”
“……!” When the women saw it, their eyes turned to Shen Yue. "Hehe, you are not the same!"
"This is …! ?” See Shen Yue hands nine eyes suddenly wide rolling "five elements of heart! Where did it come from? ! Oh …! "
Just finished saying Jiuzhong, I already thought, "Is this the heart of Poseidon, just like the heart of the ancient Buddha burning the lamp was the heart of King Kong?" !”
"Exactly!" Shen Yue nodded and said, "This is the heart of the five elements!"
"Gee …!" Jiuzhong took over Poseidon’s heart and ocean heart. "I didn’t expect Poseidon to be able to give such a big gift after his death!" Make a profit! !”
Jiuzhong has been trying to resurrect the strongest spirit of war Pangu game in Chinese mythology for a long time. Now it has entered the middle and late stage, and the Five Elements Heart has only received the two things: the Earth Heart and the King Kong Heart, which shows how difficult it is to resurrect Pangu and spirit of war.
But I didn’t expect Poseidon to unexpectedly contribute to him a five-element heart, which is more valuable than getting the whole Atlantis.
"I didn’t expect you to be so kind to me!" Nine heavy some moved to Poseidon has died, "don’t worry, I will not mistreat you! You listen …! "
Nine heavy turn to deal with Poseidon’s body daughters said, "You must put Poseidon’s body to the best of its ability and not wave! Only in this way can Poseidon be comforted in heaven! Is it white? !”
"White! Hehehe ~ ~! !” See nine heavy that serious appearance all Kunoichi in stitches.
"Cough and cough are serious. I’m serious!"
"Ha ha ha ha ~ ~! !” The daughters pushed their luck and burst into laughter.
"… forget it!" Jiuzhong turned to face all the naval forces in Atlantis, which were surrounded by the forces of hell and were waiting for their fate.
Jiuchong was left halfway by Poseidon when he went to forget his hometown, and the Atlantis siren troops had also rushed back to Atlantis. Because Poseidon was killed, they lost their support significance, so they abandoned those siren troops and soldiers who had already surrendered their guns and squatted in the square like prisoners, waiting for their fate.
"Ahem-!" Jiuzhong deliberately cleared his throat to attract the attention of these sirens. All the players in hell are pointing their weapons at them, and they dare not ignore them. Then he said, "I know that you are forced to do evil with Poseidon because every sea clan of you has important hostages in his hands! But now that Poseidon, the demon, has been killed by me, spring is coming. I dare not say how well you can live with me, but it will never be as hot as following Poseidon! "
Millions of sea demon troops in the square still look listless after listening to the nine words, and they can also see the general resistance.
Jiuzhong smiled brightly when he saw it. "Just say that you may not believe what I said, then you should always believe what they said!"
Chapter five hundred and fifty-six Seafood
Said the nine heavy directly start the golden trident puppet diamond calling function to summon Daidai and other important hostages of the sea family directly from the village of Forgetting to Think.
A dazzling display of powder and makeup, and a group of Haitian hostages appeared on the spot.
Seeing the commotion and excitement in these sea people’s hostage siren troops, there are shouts of the king, the leader, the king, the princess and the queen. There are always all kinds of calls and shouts.
"Wow … these people seem to have a high status among all the sea clans. It’s also reliable for Poseidon, the first emperor and relative of the country, to take this hostage!" See square siren forces commotion nine heavy secretly muttered.
"Quiet!" Nine heavy motioning with his hand to square siren troops quiet to continued, "I said you don’t believe them, you must believe it! Let them tell you whether what I just said is credible! "
"You tell them!" Jiuzhong motioned for a group of people who forgot to think of the hometown, the sea people, and responded to the siren troops.
"… say what? !” Wait for a while, the hostage of the siren, looks at Jiuzhong.
"Just now, I told you that. Tell your family what you think, believe it or not? !” Jiuchong thought about it and gave these sirens a vaccination. "Tell you to rely on some music when you talk. Don’t get hot-headed. If you run away from me, you know the consequences!"
“……!” Except Princess Daidai, all the other puppets in the sea were almost crying when they heard the news.
Jiuzhong stared at him. "Why do you all laugh like a dead mother on such a good day!"
"Ha … ha ha!" A group of puppets changed their smiling faces and turned their heads to face the square. The siren troops took turns to express their views on Jiuzhong’s remarks to their compatriots in the sea.
These former people forgot to think that their village had received the re-education of Jiuchong, and just now they were scared by Jiuchong. How dare they talk nonsense? The Ministry firmly expressed its belief in Jiuchong’s words and told their respective ethnic groups that Jiuchong was their savior. Atlantis is coming in the spring.
Although the siren troops of all ethnic groups in the square look at the important people of their family and have strange expressions, they always feel that something is wrong inside.
However, some of these puppet sirens are forced to be mermaid princess Daidai, but they sincerely believe in Jiuchong, so they sincerely say that mermaid sirens should believe Jiuchong’s words.