They heard Yi Long’s songs resounding through the square, and the painting Ji had pierced the shadow ghost body.
Click, click …
The ice quickly condenses, and the shadows are scattered all over. The shadows are scattered, and a Taoist body is frozen in the ice, dressed in decadent robes and pale.
Wang Xuan did not look carefully and pulled out the halberd shape and disappeared again.
King Moyun is still alive, though he has half a body left.
His eyes are full of panic at the moment, and he flapped his broken feathers and rolled up the evil wind to escape.
"get out!"
Seeing Wang Xuan coming straight at him, he let out a piercing scream and fought back the pain, and the remaining six feathered flying swords roared out.
Whoa, whoa!
Six white lights are accompanied by sharp dangers.
Wang Xuan without panic halberd shook out the Liuhe Youlong spear.
Ding ding ding …
A series of explosions and sparks flew in the dark.
If the defense of Liuhe Youlong’s gun skills is top-notch, it is even worse. The blessing of the four elephants and three talents also makes up for the gap between the two sides
Wang Xuan’s halberd hovered like a Youlong, blocking the flying sword from harassing him, but his feet didn’t stop at all, so he wrapped himself in a rolling brush and pounced on King Moyun.
King Moyun is even more unbearable at the moment
It has been hit hard and forced to manipulate the flying sword of the feather, and the collision of the magic weapon is even more devastating. Even the mouth of the mouth is sprayed with blood and Wang Xuan’s eyes are full of despair.
"Damn Terran!"
As soon as King Moyun screamed, he was covered in blood and suddenly contracted to his forehead, and his blood eyes shot a red light with monstrous resentment.
Guo Luquan’s pupil shrinks in the distance.
"My Lord, it’s a curse to hide!"
Wang Xuan is also creepy. An iron bridge leaned back and evaded it.
What caught him off guard, however, was that the red light turned around and disappeared into the other body.
Wang Xuanjue’s heart ached and he gushed blood.
Look at the vitality of King Moyun, who has completely cut off the mutilated body, turned to white ash and dissipated. Several feathered flying swords with handles also fell to the ground with a clang.
"My Lord, how are you? !”
Guo Luquan and the four big flags came running, and their eyes were full of worries.
The curse of this world has been varied and complicated since ancient times.
Ordinary curses can be cast with some yin.
However, some of them are extremely tough, or they need to decorate altars to consume a lot of spiritual objects, or the flesh and blood in the gathering place are really fascinating, and the enemy will perish together.
This kind of curse is usually rare. I didn’t expect the eagle demon king Moyun to have this commitment
Wang Xuan surly and full of evil spirit shua rolling.
He can feel a strange feeling hovering in his heart, and it will be hard to get rid of it if he doesn’t move with his body, but he will also suppress the law
"It’s a curse that eats the heart."
Guo Luquan shook his head with a sigh of relief after listening to Wang Xuan’s story. "This curse is a yin door. Although I can’t bear it, I know the solution. Fortunately, this demon is dying and adults can resist it."
As he spoke, his eyes were full of doubts. "Where did this monster steal so much from my vulva?"
"I will naturally know when I go to the forbidden area."
Wang Xuan shook his head and looked into the distance. His eyes were full of pitfalls. "The demon king is dead and fled. Two careless men immediately set out to raid the mountain overnight and kill the demon army!"
"It’s an adult!"
Soon the army horses rumbling blood evil spirit rolling towards beishan.
This time they didn’t cover it up.
The heavy light shines brightly to illuminate the darkness along the way.
Scared, stunned, drums rumbling, loud noises, ghosts and shadows all fleeing.
One by one, the fire of the Dan tree in the road collapsed
Small demon set traps along the way, but it was washed away by the army.
King Moyun’s death has already been fled back to the mountain. Although thousands of people have gathered, they have already been terrified to see the power of the government army. Even though many people have fled.
Whoa, whoa!
All over the sky, fire and rain lit the mountains and forests