Then the two coaches came out of the passage.

Changsheng and Fan Jiaer did not shake hands and hug to show their friendship.
Because they have no friendship.
When Fan Jiaer coached Barcelona, it was the failure to win the game that led to his class.
Two people not only have no friendship, but also hate …
Moreover, Fan Jiaer and Chang Sheng are both "fanatics" in the coach, and it is impossible for them to be better if they don’t have both principles.
Two people sit in their own coaches’ seats, waiting for the players to come out.
A five-star flag symbolizing the Champions League has been laid in the Bernabeu Stadium, and caddies are holding flags printed with the team emblems of the two finalists on both sides of the center line, and the teams will be guided when the time comes.
The bernabeu stadium is packed, and the VIP box is full of people.
Lazio and Bayern Munich fans accounted for 15% of the seats in this stadium.
The remaining 15% seats are reserved for sponsors, officials and neutral fans.
Hertha fans have already organized this game. They bought about 2,000 tickets to Zhang Zhongli to watch it.
Although it is said that it is a neutral fan ticket, everyone knows that these people must be cheering for Lazio.
They are all wearing Hertha home jerseys, just as Hertha home jerseys and Lazio home jerseys are very similar in color. They are all blue, Hertha blue is deeper like sea water, while Lazio blue is lighter like sky.
Lazio won the home team’s signing in this game. They all wear home jerseys.
It happened that the Hertha fans and Lazio fans sat together and couldn’t tell who it was.
When the Champions League theme song sounded, there was the first cheer in the Bernabeu stadium.
Because the players are coming out!
Then the players from both sides filed out in the passionate Champions League theme song music.
The cheers at the Bernabeu Stadium are higher and higher, and both fans are cheering for their players.
Just like a game, no one wants to be silenced by the other side.
So they tried to raise their volume.
At one time, the Bernabeu Stadium was full of cheers, which shocked the whole world!
When Chang Sheng heard this almost crazy cheer, he felt peaceful all day, and his heart suddenly beat violently for a few times, and the speed and intensity were different from before.
He felt palpitations!
But he wasn’t afraid. It was a heart attack. What?
On the contrary, he is very happy.
His mouth came to sip, then the line gradually became warped, and finally he grinned and he laughed.
Because he didn’t think he would wait until the game was over
He felt excited when he heard the deafening cheers before the game!
His heart responded correctly!
It seems that I haven’t lost my interest and love for football!
That’s what make Chang Sheng laugh.
Chapter two hundred and forty-six Nemesis? Talk!
Although the player is entering the stadium, the TV broadcast will not always aim the camera at the player. He still needs to give some shots to others.