There were not many people in the car. She took the early train and bought a Chinese hamburger near the car to eat with soy milk and got off the bus.

Gentle breakfast time also worried about TengYun find gentle two people hitchhiking to the countryside.
As soon as the car got warm, I heard the phone ring several times. I took it out of my pocket and saw that my sister didn’t answer the phone. I thought about it, but I went back to the past and walked down that road to the sign to wait for the bus.
Tenderness has been holding the phone and watching Teng Ai and them playing, but she has been waiting for words until she sees the word "warmth". She immediately picks up the word "warmth". Where are you now?
"I’m watching the scenery outside."
"You didn’t go to Belle?"
"No, when did I say I was going to find Belle?"
"Excuse me, miss, is this the right place to wait for the bus to yan wang Village? I can’t read, please help me look at it. "
An old lady in her sixties suddenly appeared beside her. She had just finished speaking.
Gentle doesn’t know where Belle’s family is but knows their village.
When tenderness bit her lip and glared at the old lady angrily, tenderness was already angry.
"You’d better not do anything you shouldn’t do to be warm and come back quickly."
"Well, I’ll hang up first, sister. You’re not worried. I’m just going to talk to her." The warmth said and hung up immediately
The old lady was startled by her expression and wondered why the little girl was so rude.
"Granny, do you want to kill me? Come, my sister doesn’t know I’m here. You wish you could drive with me. "
Said the warmth and then helped the old lady to get on the bus together.
But there was only one seat left. I didn’t expect the bus to be so crowded, so I let the old lady sit by herself.
And then continue to want to meet Belle.
If she is meeting the boys in that village, she will beat them up. If not, ask her well. Anyway, it depends on the situation.
Wen Liang and Teng Yun took the bus as her bus. Soon Wen Liang had taken Teng Yun to approach the road to chase after her.
Belle is shopping with a boy. It’s a blink of an eye to see a couple shopping with ice cream on the side of the road, and then immediately shocked. A pair of big eyes tried to stare at the outside and waved and said to the driver in front, stop the car and stop it.
As soon as the car stops, she stops at once.
"I’m afraid we’re the two people who eat ice cream outside in this cold weather," the boy said to Belle.
"Yes," Belle smiled and then added a mouthful of ice cream. It’s not like wearing a formal suit when working in the city, and it looks mature. Many people wear casual clothes at home and suddenly look like a girl next door.
"Yin Beier"
It was a sudden sharp sound. Belle’s curiosity turned her head. It was an illusion.
But when I saw the warmth and anger running towards me, I suddenly felt a swing in my heart.
"You little bitch, are you really dating another boy? Do you know that you are sad to death when you are gentle, you little bitch? You piss me off. "
"Warm you-ah!"
Before the words can be said, the warmth will consume her hair and she will cry at once.
"Hey, why are you playing it quickly?"
"You are the shameless third party? Do you know who I am? How dare you ask me to let it go? "
Wenqing said that he grabbed Belle’s hair and his legs had been kicked out. The boy hid and then got angry and threw the ice cream and grabbed the warm hand.
"Let the warmth go first. Listen to me. Don’t mess around." Belle shouted and grabbed the warmth wrist with both hands to let the warmth go.
However, warmth is irretrievable, and I just feel wronged and want to seek justice for my brother.
Teng Yun and Wen Liang parked the car on the side of the road. In this small county, the roadside was full of people. Two people finally ran in and were held by the boy’s wrist and pushed to the ground.
"Stop it!" Wen Liang immediately ran to the ground and dropped his ass. Sister gave hold and looked coldly at the two people opposite.
Belle is also a little embarrassed, but the corner of her eyes is purple with warmth.
Wen Liang looked at Belle with that boy and always didn’t want to say anything to Belle, but looked down at his sister.
Teng Yun glanced at it and didn’t speak. He was a man in his thirties. At this time, he couldn’t enter this group of children in his early twenties.
"Gentle warmth she suddenly came running …"
"That’s enough, you don’t need to say anything." Be gentle and cold, and then hold the warmth.
"Sister Xiaoliang is outraged by an injustice for you," said the warmth with tears.
"I don’t have any grievances. Let’s go home." Wen Liang looked at the tender canthus injury and messy hair and twisted her eyebrows.
Warmth and ruthlessly stared at the two people is no longer speak.
She saw through that belle, and she was an unreliable girl.