"Ah ~ ~!" Some people can’t help exclaiming that Deng Yunlong is so quick that most people think that if they face this trick by themselves, they will die.

In addition to watching the elders and younger brothers, other qualified younger brothers are all competing at this time. Note Xiao’s injury and Deng Yunlong’s situation. Li Feiyang has a face and looks at the competition easily. At this time, his sight just happened to see Deng Yunlong’s blow and he shook his head unconsciously.
Not fast enough, although it’s barely good, it’s still much worse than Xiao’s injury
Deng Yunlong saw that his sword had reached Xiao’s wound, and he didn’t respond. His face lit up and he was going to withdraw his sword. After all, this is a clan skill, not a life-and-death struggle, and he can’t kill Xiao’s wound.
It was at this time that Xuanji was sitting on the stage but frowned slightly, while Taoist Feng Zong, the elder fisherman, took a contemptuous look at Xuanji.
"hey! Brother Deng, that’s a good move. "Xiao’s voice sounded, and at the same time, the flute in his hand gently bounced back and the tip of his right foot stretched up and kicked at Deng Yunlong’s wrist.
When! Xiao injured flute accurately hit the tip of the ink dragon sword and was suddenly hit by this knock force and deviated from the direction and stabbed to the sky.
Deng Yunlong’s eyes were wide open with disbelief, but his reaction was also very fast. When his wrist tilted and the blade was vertical, he was about to split at Xiao’s injury. But at this time, he felt that his wrist hurt and a huge force reached the meridians, and the ink dragon sword was almost impossible to hold.
Deng Yunlong binge drank a whole body full of true qi, and the meridians were unloaded with this strength. At the same time, he barely grasped Mo Long’s body, and even shook a few swords to protect his body. However, Xiao hurt himself but turned over a fall and caught the flute again. He spun around easily and did not catch up.
"Brother Deng, you’re not so nervous. Well, your sword dance is good." Xiao Shang turned his flute and walked over to Deng Yunlong. At this time, he couldn’t say how natural and unrestrained he was, which provoked a group of female brothers to pay attention frequently.
Although the two men fought a blow, one was relaxed as if walking around, and the other was in a state of panic. Although the competition has not yet yielded results, it has been clearly seen who is superior and who is inferior to this blow.
"Little useless talk! !” Deng Yunlong thundered with a right hand and a young hand, throwing the ink dragon sword into the sky, and then the left and right hands quickly squeezed a few methods to point directly at Xiao’s injury.
After the ink dragon sword ascended to heaven, it instantly turned into dozens of black swords. As Deng Yunlong moved dozens of swords, he stabbed Xiao in turn.
There is a black sword shadow with Leili attached to it, and a little bit of beating blue flow is connected in a string in the sky like a long dragon.
Xiao hurt no longer smiled. He threw up the green flute in his hand and turned his left hand into a palm, pointing to the right hand facing the sword shadow in the sky.
The green flute whirled violently and expanded as if it had become a stout long stick, and then it hummed with a light sound, and thousands of pieces of green leaves turned into a big green net, which blocked Xiao Shang’s head, and then several white cyclones roared out from Xiao Shang’s injured hand and whirled into the sword shadow in the sky.
The sword shadow hit the green net, and immediately there was a crackling, crunchy and jumping flow, which split the leaves and shattered them instantly, but the sword shadow was stopped by the net. Although more than a dozen sword shadows hit the net one after another, the net was crumbling, but they all penetrated the net in the same way. It seems that the net can be broken a little bit, but it is not so sudden.
At the same time, Xiao wound whirlwind has flown for days and merged into a huge storm in the middle, which swept over the ink dragon sword Yuan Shen.
Deng Yunlong was a clenched teeth roar loud, and more than a dozen swords appeared again at Xiao’s wound maser, and Xiao’s mouth smiled, and a green light shone from the palm of his left hand on the crumbling net. Suddenly, it was like beating chicken blood, and the sword shadow stabbed in the face was smashed to pieces, and then the second batch of swords was blocked.
Hum ~ ~ ~! A huge storm rolled into the ink dragon sword, just like a boulder hitting a toothpick, and the ink dragon sword rolled and flew out. Deng Yunlong’s body shape was shocked, but the storm took advantage of the situation and involved him.
Chapter 64 Despicable and treacherous
"Bang ~ ~!" Being swept by the strong wind, my body suddenly lost control, flying unsteadily like a broken kite, and then plunged into the ground and aroused a piece of dust.
"I’m sorry. Brother Deng confiscated it for a while. Stop it … Are you all right?" Deng Yunlong was knocked down, and his mana was also broken. Xiao Shang put away his flute with a face of koo. "I told you we were tied. You have to listen to it now, right? Oh, it’s really a fall … "
Static … Taiwanese brothers suddenly became very angry, and all the elders also had a strange look on their faces, and their eyes almost drifted to the Taoist Xuanji and Yuge.
Taoist fisherman’s cold face rarely has a trace of warmth. Obviously, he is very satisfied with Xiao’s performance, but Xuan Ji is also indifferent. He smiled and said to Taoist fisherman, "Hehe, Taoist fisherman’s younger brother (female Taoist can also be called younger brother) is really extraordinary. Isn’t it a golden Dan period?"
Taoist fisherman smiled indifferently and didn’t speak, but the elders around him were surprised! Huo Shuang, the elder of the fire clan, looks suddenly ugly, and many other elders look unnatural.
The most shocking thing about Xuanji’s words was that when the brothers around him heard Xiao’s injury, they had already repaired it. These brothers suddenly broke down.
"Then period? ! Brother Xiao Shang has been in the elixir period? !” "It’s amazing. It’s amazing." "He is even the highest among the young brothers …"
Xiao Shang bowed to the elders in Taiwan and secretly shook his head. "Trouble is this famous again …" Xiao Shang turned to watch Li Feiyang in the distance and thought, "What’s the next stage? Haven’t you been beaten back by this little beating? Monster monster ah so round … God really unreasonable ah "
At this time, other duelers also tell the outcome. The brothers who lost in the first round are sullen and want to drop water. If they lose another game, they will be eliminated.
Shi Meng Xia Chengfeng, Sun Yunjian, Qin Yue Wan, including Koubo, all won the first round, which made Li Feiyang feel a little surprised. Mu Zhuoqing actually lost and won. Her name is Lei Hu, an elder disciple of Jinzong Zhangzong and a very strong person.
Second round draw
This time, many people breathed a sigh of relief after drawing lots, but some people’s faces showed a look of despair, while Li Feiyang had a wry smile.
He drew an opponent who turned out to be Mu Zhuoqing.
At this time, many younger brothers have noticed here, and some people immediately scolded "Why are you so lucky?" The first round and the second round are the female pool of Shuizong. Did you go out to see the zodiac today? " "Ah, it’s a pity that Sister Mu is delicate. A little beauty first met Lei Hu and then met this little poor guy." "Not necessarily. Maybe this little girl is an embroidered pillow and she might lose …"
Li Feiyang and MuZhuoQing face to face MuZhuoQing low head looked at his toes hands embarrassed don’t know where to put the pretty face pink even the slender neck almost became red.
Li Feiyang swallowed water and sighed in his heart. "This little girl is still so shy."
"Why don’t they start work? What is Sister Mu doing? " "I think something is wrong … don’t you feel that these two people are very strange?" "Yes … I don’t think it’s normal to look at Sister Mu. It seems very scared. What’s going on?" "Idiot that is afraid of? That’s shy! There must be something wrong with these two people. Can a little beauty like Tut-tut-tut-tut still look at this stupid little girl? "
A group of younger brothers talked in succession. Naturally, Mu Zhuoqing and Li Feiyang heard these words. Li Feiyang listened to these words and smiled unconsciously. What do you think of it? They all felt that there was a … While Mu Zhuoqing was even more uncomfortable, blushing and dripping with water. He bowed his head and said nothing.
"Zhuo Qing, what are you doing?" Su Rexin, the elder of Shuizong Zhangzong, naturally heard those words. She frowned and drank around her brother. Suddenly, Muzhuoqing was a charming body and slowly raised her head.
Meet Li Feiyang flirtatious eyes MuZhuoQing unconsciously moved the line of sight to other places, she gently bit her lips weak and said, "Brother Li, you do it …"
Li Feiyang smiled more. "Sister Mu, I’m not a tiger. Are you so afraid of me?"
"I’m not afraid of you, you, you, how can you talk so much? If you don’t start work, I can make moves." Muzhuo lifted the fine needle in her hand, but her feet didn’t move at all, and she didn’t want to start work at all.
"Zhuo Qing!" Su Re heart sound has brought anger MuZhuoQing fear looked at her and then took a deep breath and raised the fine needle in his hand.
A brother held his breath to guess and wonder at the two men, but I didn’t expect Li Feiyang to make a decision that surprised everyone at this time
"I give up" Li Feiyang walked over and said that the tone was like showing off after winning ten games.
"What?" Presided over by the technical elders leng seems to be unable to believe Li Feiyang talking.
"I said I gave up and Mu Shimei won." Li Fei Yang Da repeated, then blinked at Mu Zhuoqing and walked away from the martial arts stage with a smile.
Wow ~ ~ The crowd suddenly fried the pot and said everything for a while, but there is no doubt that these brothers are furious