Listening to Xing Xuan’s words, Yunyang’s eyes dimmed and his head lowered again.

"Why are you discouraged? I hit you on the spot. By the way, you are a fool who doesn’t care about anything. You are an honest man who is devoted to learning. You have no power in society, no strength and no background. You are as pure as a basin of unwashed feet. Hehe, they don’t bully you. Who do they bully?" Star Xuan continue to Yunyang said.
These words made Mungo next to him tremble with fear, thinking that his teaching career in these decades has not tasted like Yunyang. Fortunately, he is a master, so no one dares to bully himself like Yunyang. If he is also an ordinary person without power, he is estimated to be as miserable as Yunyang now.
⑧ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ 931
"Ha ha, do you want to die now? Do you think life is meaningless? But have you forgotten that Xiao Ye is not dead yet? Those people behind Xiao Ye are not dead yet. Your hateful director who indulged Xiao Ye is not dead yet! "
Yunyang lifted his head again, his eyes became red again, and his breathing became heavy. Instead of covering him with his hands, he made a fist, making it clatter.
"But with your strength now, you can’t kill them, and I won’t help you kill an open research institute researcher like killing a small underworld leader, and help you kill a large group of distinguished social elites. Hehe, our Dragon Family still needs the strong support of the federal government to make business more and more prosperous. I must grasp a degree!" Star Xuan don’t give Yunyang breathing continue to stimulate, he said
At this time, Yunyang suddenly plopped down to Xing Xuan and shouted, "Long Gong, give me strength. Give me strength. I want to take revenge. I want to kill these scum!"
Chapter 59
"Give you strength to give you strength? Hehe, strength depends on oneself to exercise strength, and I need to win over you by myself. What am I, the omnipotent emperor? Even if I am the emperor, when have you ever seen the emperor give strength and strength to others, huh? You eat like a pig every day. Do you get strength and strength for no reason? I gave you a month to calm you down, but what was the result of your calm? I saved you for nothing, you know? You let me down! " Star Xuan kicked Yunyang and turned to go outside.
Yunyang fell on his knees and chased Xing Xuan closely behind him and shouted, "Long Gong, I am wrong. I know I am wrong. Please give me another chance!"
Xing Xuan suddenly turned his head to stare at Yunyang’s eyes and said word for word, "Well, I’ll give you one last chance. After a month, Mungo will help me train Yunyang. I want to see a lively and vigorous person instead of being as fat as a pig!"
"I know that Xing Xuanyun Yang, you are a king’s egg, and you have lived for a month for free. Now it’s time to repay!" Mungo grabbed Yunyang’s head and poured him into another room.
Listen to such a "wonderful" word from the mouth of a human soul engineer. Xing Xuan smiled, and his scolding of Yunyang touched Mungo. Well, it’s best that I don’t want a group of people around me to be bullied by others. I can protect them from being bullied when I stay in the secular world for a while, but when I travel around and experience, I can’t take care of their generation after I soar!
At this time, the black moon has quietly come to Xing Xuan’s side, and his eyes are shining with strange light. He muttered, "The law of the jungle is the same in the demon world!"
"Where is the demon world?" Star Xuan heard a surprised to ask black month way
"The goblins are hiding in the human world, and that lake is a place where goblins live together. Hehe Xingxuan, you won’t recognize me as a person like you, will you?" Black moon looked at Xing Xuan’s eyes and shed strange light.
"Oh, I never thought what kind of demon you are. I have always regarded you as a playmate and a good friend of Xiuzhen Road. There is no racial distinction!" Xing Xuan smiled.
Black Moon’s eyes suddenly sparkled with crystal tears and fell on Xing Xuan’s shoulder and said, "It’s the first time I’ve heard such words, Xing Xuan, it’s very kind of you!"
Xing Xuan sighed and gently pushed the black moon and said, "To get a glimpse of heaven, you must be immersed in love with your children. The so-called spiritual emptiness is spiritual but empty meaning. You should see everything in the secular world clearly. What is virtual, what is real, what is worth pursuing, and what is not worth wasting your hard work? Children’s feelings turn into powerful pursuits in an instant, which is the ultimate black moon in the world. I think you can accompany me to go further rather than delay in the most glorious period. You are just a primary practitioner!"
The black moon shook and looked at Xing Xuan. His eyes suddenly changed several expressions. Finally, he took a long breath and said to Xing Xuan, "I know, I know what I can never enter the realm of spiritual emptiness. Everything is worth pursuing and what is not … Good Xing Xuan, I am going to practice. Take care!"
Said the black moon and disappeared.
Xing Xuan couldn’t help smiling when he looked at the dark moon and looked at the star that was gradually skewed overhead, thinking to himself whether it was time to practice again? In the later period of spiritual deficiency, he would try his best to reach it soon!
Thinking about the star Xuan body gradually blurred and finally melted into the air and disappeared.
A Taoist with a black robe and a white beard appeared in the place where Xing Xuan just disappeared, mumbling, "Isn’t this the secret world’s practice method? It’s a bit like ancient ninja. I haven’t heard that the Dragon family practiced ancient ninja. They have a deep hatred for the people who practiced ancient ninja from generation to generation, and they will never practice ancient ninja. However, all the departments have investigated that Long Xing Xuan is really not connected with the mysterious world. If it weren’t for the mysterious world, he wouldn’t be bound. Alas, what makes me a guardian of Burton City?"
The old man shook his head in distress and gradually melted away, just like Xing Xuan, disappearing into the air.
Xing Xuan’s practice always makes him feel strange.
To follow the past experience step by step is to break through the present state, that is, to enter the late stage of spiritual deficiency or to enter the valley-breaking period faster.
However, according to the star Xuan, it is the advanced achievement method of Linxi Gong, but I feel that my past experience in repairing the realm doesn’t matter.
The growth of body qi quickly entered the later stage of spiritual deficiency, but there was nothing unusual. But after breaking through this level, Xing Xuan soon found that his entry method was not the valley-breaking period, but as if he had skipped the valley-breaking period and entered the heart-breaking period.
A small golden grain of rice gradually appeared in his mud pill palace.
"How is that possible?" Star Xuan suddenly confused.
However, there has never been a practice in the realm of cultivation, and the exercises in the realm of cultivation are all closely linked step by step. For example, in this cardiac period, you must go through a hunger strike during the valley-breaking period, and you can’t let secular qi enter the body. In this period, the body qi must be pure and pure, and then it will gradually condense into substance and then merge into its own body energy to form vitality, and then the vitality will continue to accumulate and form essence again to reach the cardiac period.
Chapter 60
I haven’t gone through the practice of fasting in the valley period, and I don’t have the pure spirit. Even if I want to break my head, I can’t figure out how I reached the heart period as soon as I got there.
Is it a dispensable stage in the process of fixing the truth since the period of breaking the valley? Thought of this a little star xuan body couldn’t help a shock mind immediately toward the old demon body.
The magic weapon floating in the old demon’s body can be seen more clearly, and the gods can swim further inside, but it is still impossible to visit the old demon’s body as a whole.
"There are three mustard bracelets nearby. I guess I can get them by myself!" Xing Xuan took a fancy to the nearest three mustard bracelets from his god knowledge center at this time.
One of the three mustard bracelets is a red mustard bracelet with colorful stars flying out. At first glance, it will be known that it is a mustard bracelet, which is huge and has enough fairy aura to keep the magic weapon in it energy without absorbing the energy of its owner.
Another mustard bracelet is a pink mustard bracelet, and colorful heart-shaped petals keep popping up in it. At first glance, it can be known that it is a very feminine mustard bracelet. Although there are no women in the past, there are many people who like this kind of mustard bracelet with warm colors. Although it makes people feel a bit gender-deformed, the quality of this mustard bracelet is not bad. It is also a abnormal "monster" in the repair world, which is very terrible.
The remaining mustard bracelet is blue, not as fancy as the first two, which looks quaint and natural, but it is definitely a very good mustard bracelet at first glance.
After reading it, Xing Xuan moved the gods to "swim" towards these three mustard bracelets.
First, I caught the red mustard bracelet and took out the old devil’s body. When I saw that Xingxuan Coke was broken, I really couldn’t get what I wanted. This mustard bracelet turned out to be a magic weapon in the mustard bracelet, a lot of SPAR, and all kinds of jade cultivation techniques and refining methods.
Xing Xuan rejoiced to put this mustard bracelet into the blood jade dragon ring and then went to catch the pink mustard bracelet.
After a long time, I finally caught the mustard bracelet in my hand and took a look at it. It turned out to be an immortal clan’s mustard bracelet. There are also many tips for practicing flying swords and magic weapons, including several vicious magic weapons of immortals with special hobbies.
Xing Xuan is overjoyed. Put this mustard bracelet away and then catch the blue mustard bracelet.
When the blue mustard bracelet is taken out, it turns out to be the mustard bracelet of Emperor Xuanzong of Heaven. No wonder it is so simple. This is in line with a low-key principle of Emperor Xuanzong of Heaven.
The three mustard bracelets were exhausted when they got Xing Xuan. After a long rest, Xing Xuan took out the jade pupil slips in the three mustard bracelets and carefully studied the cultivation techniques of other sects.
I don’t know that after a long time, the mysterious gods flew out from the hundreds of jade pupil slips and returned to the body. When he opened his eyes, he was no longer confused and became clear.
"Sure enough, the Valley-breaking period is a feasible stage, but the practice method of Linxi Sect in the past is not as good as these big sects. However, this practice method of Xuangong seems to be more profound and mysterious than those big sects. It seems that Linxi Sect used to be a very powerful sect!"
Dispel doubts, Xing Xuan neve wants to abandon his Linxi Sect’s cultivation skill again according to other sects’ cultivation skill. This Xuangong is more profound than other sects’ cultivation skill. Maybe Du Jie will have a better time than other sects!
I’ve seen those jade pupils Jane Xing Xuan, and I’m very confident about them. But those jade pupils Jane, the three great sects’ cultivation masters, have summed up their experience and learned from the blood of tens of thousands of people!
Look at the hand com. Xing Xuan got a fright. It took him a month to practice this time, which broke the record. Although he didn’t go through the valley-breaking period, Xing Xuan didn’t feel hungry at all.
Thinking of making an appointment with Yunyang a month ago, I reached the star Xuan, and I took out a heart-shaped magic weapon from the mustard bracelet of the refiner. That is, the refiner has a fire property, and the foundation materials are different from those of Mungo. Yunyang is an ordinary person, but an ordinary person was born in a poor family, which makes him have no chance to implant the expensive enlightenment chip. It is necessary to fix the truth and build a foundation magic weapon to get rid of the physical limitations of ordinary people completely.
Xing Xuan picked up the com and dialed Mungo’s words.
Mungo’s three-dimensional virtual shadow immediately appeared in front of Xing Xuan, and behind him was a guy who had shaved his head and was desperately hitting sandbags.
"Ha ha Yunyang training well, the body is much stronger than before! Well, it should be able to withstand the pain caused by building a magic weapon to transform his body. Good Mongo, you send Yunyang to my home! " Xing Xuan briefly finished and hung up.
Five minutes later, in a black suit, Mungo came to Xingxuan’s room with the same bald head in a black suit.
"All right, Mungo, go out first and don’t come in when you hear any sound!" Star Xuan walked over to Mungo and said
Mungo gave Xing Xuan a confused look, but he didn’t ask what he turned and went out.
Soon Kung Fu Mungo felt a strong heat rushing out from the Star Xuan room, and the hot air billow came through the gate of alloy manufacturing. Mungo, the master of the day level, was also scared and couldn’t help going back two steps.
Then Yunyang tore his heart out and screamed from the soundproof Xingxuan room. The sound was shrill and sharp, which made Mungo wonder if Xingxuan’s house was rooted and there was no soundproof material installed. The duration of Yunyang’s screams made Mungo wonder if Yunyang was accepting an ancient torture that could make men lose their qualification to be men.