Zong Ming said coldly, "Qing Sheng, don’t think too highly of yourself. You may be the only one in the West Kunlun area, but you must not forget that a happy Sect has not seen me yet!"

He flew into a rage, but Qingsheng tried his best to suppress his anger. He said coldly, "The people in the magic gate are really fanatics. I don’t believe that you can refine the magic skills of the Monty Sect at an early age. Since ancient times, the evil spirits have been crooked, and people have been punished. I will let you know that there are people outside the people!"
Zong Ming will sneer at his eyebrows. "With your free and unfettered cases, is this disturbing?" I will definitely let you know that it is called a frog at the bottom of the well! "
With a sneer at Qing Sheng, he said, "You, surnamed Zong Xiao, colluded with the monsters in the mainland of Europe to poison tea. Our Chinese people are tyrannical and tyrannical. The end-to-end crimes are outrageous and mean, hurting my younger martial brother Qing Xu and ruining his body. You have even destroyed my younger martial brother Qing Xuan. Your cruel, cruel and nasty means have made the people in the fix-up world angry. Now we, Xiaoyao Zong, together with other people, unanimously beg you to swear this harm and comfort the people and die!"
Qing Sheng, this guy is really good at talking nonsense, and I don’t know where others heard about Zong Ming’s crimes.
Zong Ming’s dragon famine flashed out behind him and he couldn’t listen to it. He saw his eyes staring at Qingsheng Road. "Qingsheng, you call a generation of grandmasters in vain, but you are so bloody and vain. You are taking it out of context and falsely accusing a good thief, which makes people feel cold! Qing Sheng, let me ask you something. Do you have any evidence that Zong Ming colluded with the monsters in the continent of Europe to poison tea and the Chinese people were bullying? He is cruel and cruel, and you can find out the real evidence? He led the Black Sun Regiment to fight bloody battles with thousands of black forces who invaded China’s Dongyang Empire, but you Xiaoyao Sect colluded with the East Turkistan terrorist plot to split the country in Uygur Autonomous Region; Brother Zong treats people honestly and acts honestly, and he is full of patriotism and concern for the people. Even the soldiers praise him unanimously. He is now the president of the Black Sun League, and it is forbidden for a little poison to flow into the Tianlong Federation to poison the people’s hundreds of billions of wealth to support the country’s construction. You are still far behind him! "
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Chapter 22 Free and unfettered
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Like a fierce swallow the sand down the throat to go to the green saint to suffocate, he opened his eyes wide. wait for a while stared at the dragon famine for a long time before his heart was shocked, angry and suspicious, and he groaned like a long cry. "Brother Long, didn’t we agree to deal with this devil together? How can you defend him and accuse me in turn? Are you crazy? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Dragon famine flatly said, "Qingsheng, you are crazy! Regardless of right and wrong, it is evil. As for the six green saints behind you who are known as the six disciples of East Turkistan and donkey kong, you must give us a definite account of our fellow practitioners in the field of repair! "
Anger, amazement, Li Lie, and "fascination" screamed and rang. A pair of sharp arrows were staring at the dragon’s body. Those eyes were hate, strange, resentful and surprised. There’s a "mess" in the master’s side of the Xiaoyao Sect.
Behind Qingsheng, Qingling said in astonishment, "Brother Long, is there any evidence for you to say this?"
Ge Tianqian said coldly in the first three steps, "Do you want evidence? Your second-generation brother, who lives at large, has an envoy in the East Turkistan organization, saying that Talimuk doesn’t know if it counts?"
Green spirit around green see Ge Tian tone and expression is greatly taken aback, he forcibly calmly said to Ge Tian "old ge what do you mean by that? Didn’t we drink and chat together the other day? What about you then? What happened to you and Lao Long today? "
Green St. deserves to be a Sect. He came here in vain by this time. He bitterly took over the green words. "Dragon old ghost and Ge old ghost have long been in collusion with this clan. They will come two days ago to ask us to recruit all the younger brothers back to the gate, so that they can catch the gang! Old Dragon Ghost Ge Ghost, you are so vicious! What’s wrong with my youth? Are you going to treat me like this? "
The dragon replied coldly, "Heaven can forgive me for not being able to live. You sound as if you don’t know anything about your brother’s assistance in splitting the East Turkistan. Can you tell me why you agree and support them?"
Qingsheng said with a gloomy face, "The six brothers who fix the truth and don’t care about the world are Uighurs. They have their own careers and ideals. They also have their own pursuits. Are you satisfied with my answer?"
Ge Tian didn’t wait for the interface to be furious and said, "That old man asks you who you are? Are you Han Chinese or Uighur? You’re thinking when you watch these separatist Uighurs killing Chinese compatriots! Have you cultivated the truth so much that you don’t even know the minimum courtesy, integrity and shame? Then if you still fix it, you might as well die! "
Zong Ming said quietly before leaving at this moment, "Now that the two old brothers are separated, there is no need to argue with them any more. Let the younger brother come and see the truth with Qing Sheng. The truth of this world is in the hands of the strong. Don’t blame me for not giving you a chance. If you can beat me, then we can handle it, but on the other hand, if you can’t beat me, then you must be judged by me."
Qing Sheng looked at Long Huang and Ge Tian coldly and said, "Can this little word represent you two old ghosts?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Ge Tian looked at Qingsheng as if he were looking at a dead man. He said without any emotion, "Of course, Qingsheng, I think you have been practicing for so many years. Now you are no different from a dead man in my eyes. You feel sad."
Qingsheng gave Ge Tian a hard look, but he didn’t really realize that he was thinking about what Ge Tian said just now. Of course, he knew Ge Tian Qingsheng, and Ge Tian also knew him Qingsheng. Ge Tian could say such a thing, that is, he was absolutely sure that Qingsheng wouldn’t be the opponent of this guy named Zongming.
Qing Sheng carefully observed Zong Ming for the first time, but he couldn’t see through what kind of realm Zong Ming had reached. Now he can only comfort himself that this young student is no matter how high he is. After all, it is not a matter of time to fix the truth. Up to now, both sides have no room for manoeuvre.
At this moment, Qingling said to Qingsheng in five steps from the back, "Brother, how can you easily fight this young fellow or give him to me to avenge the two younger brothers, Qingxuan and Qingxu?"
Qingling just gave Qingsheng a step, and he can also borrow Qingling to see clearly what kind of realm Zongming Xiu is.
Green SAN silently nodded and said nothing.
Zongming mocked at Qingling and said, "Another whipping boy! Qing Sheng, you really don’t have a bit to bear with you. Wouldn’t it be better to have a duel to decide the outcome? Do you have to let your younger brothers come out to die? I really don’t know if your patriarch is like when Qing Ling and I admire your courage. Your younger brother Qing Xuan will not be as bold as you. He just didn’t scare his guts when he knew that I was a contemporary of Monty Sect. Do you think you are much higher than him? "
Qingling Jing said without hesitation, "The Monty Sect is terrible, of course, but you are not terrible. It is no wonder that Junior Brother Qing Xuan will be planted in your hands. I don’t care if you show your true talent and learning. You should save it to scare others with the trick of being a master!"
Zong Ming smiled coldly. "Really?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
The word "ma" was still beating in the green spirit’s ear, and he suddenly felt a stronger force than the magic gas, which was radiated from the ghost body and enveloped him in the blink of an eye.
And from Zongming’s eyes, "shooting" out those two green lights, which are like essence, have firmly locked the eyes of Green Spirit.
Qingling felt a sudden fear from the bottom of her heart. It was like a kid who suddenly met a terrifying root and refused.
Aside, Qing Shengqi lived at large with other younger brothers, but Qing Ling felt that his heart and gallbladder were about to be broken. His previous self-confidence had long since disappeared, and he felt that he could not help but kowtow to the terrible devil in front of him.
Qingling felt that there was a powerful spiritual force invading his brain. He practiced for many years, and the spiritual force became so inadequate in front of this force, that is, for such a short moment, Qingling was inspired to realize that his consciousness was changing involuntarily, and a large part of his memory was fading except for that line of practice, and then an idea became deeply rooted in his mind. This man is my master. If he wants me to die, I will die. He let me give birth to me before I can give birth to me. Now Qingling is not my slave. He is the real master who deserves to bear his life.
Everyone was dumbfounded, and Qingling suddenly ran in front of Zongming and bowed respectfully. He also sincerely said, "Qingling kowtowed to the Lord and asked him to forgive Qingling’s disrespect."
This sudden change made all the free and unfettered disciples of Qingsheng feel at a loss. When Qingsheng and Qingbai came over, Qingling got up and walked behind Zongming, bowing his head and standing as if he didn’t know anyone else was there.
Qingsheng looked at Zongming in fear and stammered, "You … you … you did something to my younger brother Qingling?"
Zong Ming still exudes a powerful magic spirit. He looked at Qingsheng gloomily and said, "I just reminded him that I am his master and he is my slave."
Green suddenly rushed to the green spirit and shouted "green spirit teacher younger brother! Wake up! "
The green light in Zong Ming’s eyes suddenly came out again. He said to Qing insidious smile, "You are screaming. Have you forgotten who I am?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
So the scene that happened just now in the green spirit body was shown to everyone again in the green body, and it was also after saying that the green spirit met the Lord and bowed down, like the green spirit, that he stood behind Zongming.
"You devil!" Green saint shouted a figure just a flash has come to Zongming’s head, and his right hand jade ruyi suddenly and violently waved out in a sharp roar.
"Qing Lingqing, back off!" Zong Ming sank to drink, but Qing Ling and Qing were floating like imperial edicts, and quickly retreated to Zong Ming’s body about five meters, but he still lowered his hand and stood still.
With a wave of his right hand, Zong Ming’s black "color" figure is like a rolling black ball that suddenly flies to a hundred pieces from the virtual, and the shadow has been cut to the green saint.
Qingsheng’s figure moves sideways. The whole person is like flowing water, fast and beautiful. He floats and spins his hands, shaking, and as his hands shake, two branches diverge from the jade in his left hand and right hand, but they meet in an instant and separate into a vast "swing", which rolls towards Zongming like crazy strength.
Zong Ming’s body suddenly bounced and left and right palms were thrown into an arc to fight back. The flying arc has not disappeared. His whole person has turned over a crack, and the monty hand has been suddenly exhibited!
The "color" of the green holy face is dignified and solemn, and it stands like a mountain in the hands of Zong Ming’s fierce display of crack monty. His jade is as good as jade, and his strength seems to be slow, but in fact, it is faster than his speed. He goes around to see the gas exhaust surge and shock, and the "swing" roar hits Wan Jun’s strength, and it turns into a dense net and a solid wall, which is magnificent and wonderful!
Flying in a flash, the hand of the split monty is like a stream, dragging, shooting, bouncing and tossing, and the vast strength collides with each other. It’s like thousands of clusters around a flaming volcano, weaving the moon and stars to penetrate and shoot in, but the fire is burning, but its hot flame and tongue are strong, and the sharp wind is surging and exciting. At this time, except for the illusion brought by the palm, shadow and legs, the two people in the fight can’t be seen!
Zong Ming didn’t want to kill Qing Sanctuary. He didn’t do anything. Otherwise, he would have sacrificed the heavenly magic sword. For Qing Sanctuary, Zong Ming is still more recognized, and it is much higher than Qing Xuan. Now his heart is going to break Qing Sanctuary, and his fighting spirit will be completely disintegrated. He is forced to let himself collapse from the spirit.
And the green saint is really getting colder and colder now, especially the incredible change of the former green spirit and green place left a very terrible shadow in his heart.