Seeing this battle, even if there is no ghost in my heart, many people don’t consciously put their feet down when they walk, not to mention those who usually like to talk a lot and don’t want to get into trouble. At this time, they have to mind their mouths to avoid being suspicious.

I swept my eyes and sat in a BMW with Jirui on both sides of the street. Hu Yingxue took back her knowledge. Today is a formal occasion. She wore a robe of nine heavens and five-star brothers. The robes of nine heavens are all men’s crowns, too, but women will not feel more heroic when they wear it.
After entering the city from the East Gate, cross two blocks to the square where the Taoist convention was held. The team on the other side of Hu Yingxue walked slowly. It didn’t take long for someone to sing "Yong Jianyuanjun, Zhu Zhouyuanjun, Shen Zhaozhenjun, Ruanyezhenjun, Mu Tian Zhen Jun Xuan, Hu Yingxue Zhenjun, all Taoist friends from the ninth heaven!"
Then Govinyin sounded outside the treasure car, "Little Master asks for a car."
As soon as Govin’s voice fell, the bead curtain of the car was lifted. Hidden Dragon Pavilion was accompanied by everyone. Zhang Qing sent two distracted women to do Hu Yingxue. Today, the maid lifted the bead curtain, and the other one had already stepped forward to put a square inlaid with pearls and jade stones at the side of the car shaft.
Mu Tianxuan and others have got out of the car in front of them, and all the people are waiting for Hu Yingxue. Who wants to pull out the neck one by one and get out of the car? It looks like a five-or six-year-old doll with a snowball in her arms. It’s familiar that Hu Yingxue has been holding it in her arms.
Someone immediately said with some surprise, "How did Jing Hongxian dress up as a young child today?"
A person next to him burst out laughing, "That’s not Jing Hongxian, but the second disciple of Jing Hongxian."
The one who spoke before being laughed at was a little embarrassed and asked with some annoyance, "How do you know that it is the second disciple of Jing Hongxian?"
The interviewee’s face immediately took a bit of pride. "I happened to pick up a friend at the party when I arrived. After seeing a child in their party, I asked someone to inquire about it."
When they were talking, Hu Yingxue came out of the car. There were too many feminine and gentle women’s studies. This kind of pistol was more eye-catching, but most people were more concerned about her robe than her appearance. Although she already knew that she was a five-star brother, she would carefully look at how many claws the silver dragon was.
Although there are not many out-of-body practitioners, most of them can’t become star brothers, especially five-star brothers. Compared with other five-star brothers, Hu Yingxue and others have attracted more attention from Ganyuan World. The simple reason is that they have been five-star brothers since the day they officially hung up their status as nine-day brothers. For many people, this is definitely a step up.
Hu Yingxue is very glad that there is no so-called media in this world, otherwise it must be a flash of light at this time. Although there must be many people who admire her, they will not shout’ love you’ like the groupies in her memory, even if some people’s eyes are too hot, they will not make her feel uncomfortable.
Before Hu Yingxue came to Tongji City, there were quite a few people who felt sorry for him. When he first came to Tongji City, he saw the steward named Xue Rendan coming with several people who were also in charge. Because Hu Yingxue is the protagonist of the cloud nine, Xue Ren took people straight to her. "Please come with Xue Mou, fairy."
In front of the 36 towers in the square, Hu Yingxue has heard people say that these 36 towers are specially built for people who will make a small appearance at the Taoist convention. It is not necessary to have this idea to occupy one. In addition to being invited and recommended by Dan Meng, people who have appeared at the Yibao banquet before have the opportunity to get a seat. There are not many people.
First, the alchemy pill, then the soul pill. Although the alchemy pill is rare, the alchemy pill has never appeared in the mixed world, and the medicine order of Dan has also won one of them in the four lakes and snow, and it is a seat in the main seat. No one disagrees, envies and hates it.
Alliance Mu Tianxuan equals walkers all follow Hu Yingxue to the high platform. Hu Yingxue is led to the high platform by Xue Ren, and the others are seated in the second place in turn according to their status. Even Dan Diandi, a colleague, followed the high platform. Compared with them, other high platforms are still slightly deserted.
Hu Yingxue has been holding Jirui Xue Ren, and he has a good eye. Let people add a small futon next to her seat. When Hu Yingxue sits down, Jirui will hold Li Feng in the small futon, and his round face looks very clever with a somewhat blushing look like a small birthday bag.
Most people will pay more attention to cute children, not to mention Xue Renshen likes children very much, but he dare not reach out to Jirui, except for occasions, because he knows that this little guy is no ordinary child.
It has gluttonous blood and has been awakened. Even if it is not well cultivated, it must be a big killer. If it were not for the cloud nine, someone would have robbed it back. Now many people have posted a reward list on the black market, and no one has shown any intention of taking orders.
Jirui is very sensitive to the emotions of the people around him. He noticed that Xue Ren looked at him a few times and bent his eyes. "You don’t worry that Li Feng won’t attack people at will."
Xue Ren knows that Li Feng is the name of that strange little beast. Although he doesn’t understand where he shows his fear of it, he still laughs. "We have done a lot of defensive measures and Li Feng should not have a chance to shoot."
Hu Yingxue raised her hand and patted Jirui’s head. "Jirui is a little naughty. Don’t care if Xue is in charge."
Xue Ren smiled and said, "How can a child not be naughty?" He took out a square plate, "Xian, please give me the list of pills that participated in the auction and traded freely."
Hu Yingxue took out a golden cover and folded it in terms of "thank you"
"Xian polite" Xue Ren left a piece of jade and bowed down slightly "Please call me if you have anything"
Shortly after Xue Ren left, he stood around the square and held a sign, and a list of Dan medicines appeared. In addition to some common high-order Dan medicines, Tian Soul Dan and Lian Shen Dan, which caused great commotion before, there are many Dan medicines that have been heard but have not seen or heard of.
I don’t even look at the bottom. When I see this list of Dan medicines, people will know that it was taken out by ascended a cloud. Hu Yingxue specially asked people to find out how many Dan medicines others would take out. There are not many kinds of Dan medicines, and many of them mainly win in novelty, which is really new and strange. A group of people were stunned by success.
The list of Dan medicines is marked with the word ancient prescription. This list of Dan medicines is not Hu Yingxue’s own creation. Although it will make some people doubt it, it will be more helpful for the promotion of fame. No one will pretend to be an ancient prescription with his own original prescription, so it is seen that it is an ancient prescription. Not many people question the efficacy of Dan medicines.
Curiosity and desire to buy have been hooked up, but it is a pity that we have to wait for Hu Yingxue’s turn to make an alchemy on the spot and give a lecture before we can see the real thing. At this time, we will see Hu Yingxue’s position to arrange for Dan Meng, and some people have secretly praised Yi Dan Meng.
In fact, Dan Meng really doesn’t want to put Hu Yingxue in that position. Although he came to the conference on Taoism, he never showed the intention of turning Dan Meng into an arms race. It is understandable that Hu Yingxue should bow his head first, which makes everyone feel very uncomfortable.
But I can’t help it. Hu Yingxue is really qualified to sit there. One is that she has been attacked several times since she came here. The other is that Hu Yingxue’s strength is afraid of being criticized and she doesn’t calm down. Hu Yingxue is afraid that people in cloud nine will be challenged if they find an opportunity. It’s also necessary to arrange this.
Hu Yingxue is interested in this arrangement. If she can choose her own, she prefers a slightly remote location. Compared with her own location, she is more interested in the person sitting on the right platform. I have seen it before, and I met a group of men with golden masks many times in Fengmo Valley.
The man sitting on that high platform is the man with the golden mask. Thirty-six high platforms have been occupied by people. Only this man and Hu Yingxue are not wearing an alchemist’s robe. Hu Yingxue also wears a disciple’s robe. This dress is much more casual, so he is dressed in a pure white robe. His hair is not tied up and he hangs freely behind him.
Detect Hu Yingxue’s observation of the golden mask. The man ordered a head on her side and pointed his head at the oblique rear. He was told by the dharma keeper Cheng Bi, and the practitioner got up.
Green dharma rose and flew directly to Hu Yingxue’s side. Bai Guangshan, a high-platform hand, handed Hu Yingxue a pot of tea and a few refreshments that looked very delicate. She dressed up as a maid behind her and said to Hu Yingxue, "My master asked me to send these to thank you."
"It’s very kind of your host. I can’t afford to be the thank-you word here." Hu Yingxue took out a hip flask. "This is my own spirit wine. Please give it to your host for me."
Protector Bi took Hu Yingxue’s hands and handed him the hip flask "Bi gave my master Xie Xian a spirit wine".
The man with the golden mask is not at all welcome. Protector Bi brought the wine back. He took it and poured a glass and drank it off. He raised a glass of "good wine" to Hu Yingxue.
Hu Yingxue’s Dan medicine is also well-known after the Yibao Banquet on cloud nine. Unfortunately, since then, Hu Yingxue has never appeared in an Yibao Banquet, representing the cloud nine to go to Shen Zhao, and others have not brought anything with Hu Yingxue. Most people have heard about it, so seeing Hu Yingxue give the golden masked man a pot of wine has made many people not care much about the golden masked man.
The golden mask man is an alchemist recommended by the Duke of Tongji City. The alchemist’s rank is not certain. Although the alchemist has been in Tongji City for three years, no one knows his name because of his bad mood, such as not making an alchemist, not selling Dan if you are not pleasing to the eye, and so on. Some people call him Dan Guai.
There are two people with the same name as the golden mask man. One is called Dan Chi sitting on the left platform of Hu Yingxue, and the other is called Dan Crazy sitting on the right platform of the golden mask man. These three people are still friends. Many people think that they just became friends because of their strange temper and lack of friends.
Hu Yingxue heard something about the three of them, but there are many people who feel ridiculous. However, compared with those who hide their likes and dislikes, they can definitely be said to be completely true-minded, that is, they don’t like it, they don’t hide it at all, and they don’t beat around the bush.
If you say you don’t like the color of your clothes, you won’t sell them to you. That’s true. If you don’t get Dan, you can blame yourself for not asking about the other person’s preferences when you go out. Do you have any opinions? If you want Dan, someone can practice, and you can follow them. That’s the nature of the prescription. Stay where you have opinions.
I have to say that Dan Guai, Dan Mad and Dan Mad are really very good. Dan Guai got Hu Yingxue’s gift of spirit wine. He didn’t eat alone. Two flagons were divided. He called the guardian Bi to send wine to Dan Mad and Dan Mad, and Dan Mad and Dan Mad frequently looked at Hu Yingxue eagerly.
My eyes are slowly full of wine. I like Mu Tianxuan and want to be jealous. I can’t even take out two pots from my own equipment and let Su Yi and Min Shao send them to Dan Crazy and Dan Chi Gaotai respectively. Dan Meng has prepared Lingjiu Lingcha for personal preference. Although some people mind, they can turn a blind eye to this kind of line. No one can tell them to prepare Lingjiu Lingcha than others to send it away. Besides, they have to be glad that others have no intention to follow suit.
When all the seats in the square were filled with people, Tang Haoqian, the great elder of Danmeng, got up in the middle of the platform. "On behalf of Danmeng, Tang Mou thanked all Taoist friends for attending this Taoist conference. Many accidents have happened in recent days, which can be said to be due to our thoughtlessness. Tang Mou hereby apologized to all Taoist friends and promised to give you an account for those accidents."
With a deep bow, Tang Haoqian went on to say, "Tang Mou has to be promoted to the Five Danshi Column to form rules with reference to the history of the Taoist Conference. Today, I will throw a brick to attract jade."
Sitting back on the futon, Tang Haoqian released a tripod. Compared with that day, Mu Tianxuan took out the tripod. It was a bit difficult for him to get it, but it was also quite good. After all, a good tripod can be met with demand, but no one laughed at him. The tripod by the elders of Danmeng was not rare enough.
Tang Haoqian can’t sit in his present position without a certain amount of capital. He let out the fire, which makes people shine at the moment. It is extremely rare. Although the purple flame extinction stage is slightly worse than Hu Yingxue’s Xuanji ice flame, it is mild and unlike Xuanji ice flame, it can be used to refine some pills with specific properties.
Both the Dan Ding and the kindling have been shown, and then it was naturally an alchemy on the spot. To avoid stimulation, Tang Haoqian of Atractylodes carefully recalled what he got at the beginning. Because he also got some prescriptions from other places and mixed them together, he finally chose one that was not obtained at that time.
Tang Haoqian, who is ready for an alchemist’s spiritual material, will say some ideas of Dan Dao while refining according to the rules. He does have a real story and is really prepared to say that those ideas are profound and shallow. Many people feel that they have benefited a lot.