Hearing Lenny’s words, Ye Tianxiao smiled and motioned for Tile to answer first. In Ye Tian, he motioned for Tile to gently caress his body and admire that my clothes are Versace men’s wear, which is very good.

Ye Tian smiled slightly when he heard the words of Vadiv. Others may not care, but Vadiv is different. He also often plays people who pay more attention to pretending to think than anyone else. Lenny continued, Is this the sponsor of this party? Well, their costumes are very expensive. How much is this?
When I heard Lenny’s words, Vartif didn’t buy this suit at first, but gave it to Ye Tian when he handed the challenge, and he also wore this suit before he could enter the stage. Otherwise, I’m afraid he was taken by the Holy Ten Army before he could get close to the stage.
However, it was not long before Vartif came to his senses and gave Lenny a slight cross-eye. He quickly realized that people wanted to use him as an advertisement. Since this is the case, how can he cooperate?
I recalled a little about a tile, and Steve remembered that it was very expensive to wear a sign and smiled and said that it was ten diamond coins, but everything was worth wearing such clothes, which could best foil the temperament and identity, even if it was more expensive, it would be worth it.
Satisfied nodded. Lenny turned to look at Ye Tiandao’s clothes. Then I won’t ask. Hehe, your clothes are sponsors. I personally beat them. It’s Valentino, right?
Ye Tian nodded and said with a smile, that’s what you girls are asking. Everyone is still waiting to listen to music. Just get to the point quickly.
Hum, when I heard Ye Tian’s words, Lenny Jiao hummed his hands around his waist and said, How do you know that people don’t want to know the news? Many girls want to know the news. I just asked after being entrusted by others.
Speaking of which, Lenny smiled with both hands and said, okay, okay, I know everyone has seen it. It’s just an advertisement. It’s also right that people have sponsored so much money to advertise for them. What’s more, their clothes are really nice.
Speaking, Lenny dragged her skirt around gracefully, and then said to the audience in Taiwan, how about sisters’ beautiful clothes? Don’t you want to hug them?
The men who wanted to face Lenny’s question laughed in succession, while the girls cried at the same time. Which girl didn’t want a set after seeing such a beautiful dress?
Listening to the girls shouting with different voices, Lenny suddenly had a smiling face. It’s not easy to hurry up. If your boyfriend doesn’t buy it, don’t him.
Ha, ha, ha, ha. The audience laughed again when they heard Lenny’s words. This girl is so cute and funny.
It’s not nice to watch the audience laugh when Lenny knows it’s almost time to go on.
Thinking about Lenny suddenly became serious. After the joke, let’s talk about it. It’s God-like singer Vatif versus Mr. Ye Tian, the head of our Teana Song and Dance Troupe.
Hearing Lenny’s words, the audience immediately cried. After waiting for so long, the show finally came on, and people all lit up their eyes. How wonderful is this Tiff song?
Looking at the audience’s jubilant expression, Lenny turned to look at Ye Tianwatifu and said, OK, now let’s discuss how to fight.
When I heard Lenny’s words, Ye Tian looked at Vartif without moving, but he didn’t speak. Obviously, it was Vartif’s move. Since he dared to play such an exaggerated poster, he was chosen by others.
See Ye Tian will decide to give his own tile Steve praised Ye Tian with such tolerance and such courage as not to let his heart.
After thinking about it for a long time, Steve finally said, well, let’s each sing a song, and then everyone will judge the audience and decide the winner according to the applause.
OK nodded his head without hesitation, and Ye Tiankuai agreed to Tilev’s suggestion.
So which one of you will come first? Lenny was a little nervous when he saw that the forgiver had reached a consensus
As soon as Lenny’s words fell, Vartif said, I’ll go first. After all, Mr. Ye Tian has been singing for a long time just now. To be fair, he should have a rest.
Appreciate the fact that Ye Tian secretly admired this guy not only for his fame, but also for his nice person. He was not overbearing at all. This time, he came to challenge, but it was not how arrogant he was. He was just defending his honor and pride.
Since Valentino sang first, Lenny could not stay, which would disturb the other side, so Lenny Yetin left the stage arm in arm and left it to Valentino.
As Ye Tianlai Lenny was away from a huge stage, Vatif felt the vast stage alone. Looking at the mountain and sea audience in front of him, Vatif’s eyes were wet for a while.
Everyone hopes to have a stage where he can show his special skills, and Valedict is no exception, but he has never performed on such a grand occasion despite his great fame. He never even thought that a song could be performed like this.
Looking around at the magic devices and the luxurious and luxurious stage, Vadiv knew that not everyone could come to this stage, not to mention that the value of this stage was that he couldn’t earn it all his life. It was simply astronomical to add another venue, thousands of amplification devices and thousands of magic video devices.
I felt the warm eyes of the audience and the expectation of everyone. At that time, Vadiv was jealous. Although he had the opportunity to perform on such a stage today, it was only today. Today, he will never set foot on such a stage again.
On the other hand, Lenny and others can perform their own songs, their own art and their own voices on such a stage at any time, so he can live for a year and be satisfied.
Tile’s song rang softly, as if the breeze gently touched everyone’s heart, making people feel more peaceful than comfortable. In Tile’s golden voice, people feel that their hearts are full of light, as if they were coming to heaven, making everyone smile.
Quietly watching the stage and singing deeply, Vadi Ye Tian has a serious face. This guy is really the darling of heaven and earth, and his strength is appalling. Even before Ye Tian was on the earth, he had never seen this talented singer.
People all over the world say that Vattiv sings like a god. His voice is jealous of his skills and even the gods are ashamed. Although this exaggeration exists, Ye Tian believes that people who have heard Vattiv sing are listening quietly while Vattiv is a god.
At last, after a high-pitched sound, the song gradually dispersed. As the music ended, the audience did not shout, but sat quietly in the chair with a serene face and closed eyes, still reluctant to leave the mysterious and unspeakable artistic conception.
Facing the silence, the audience was all smiles, his eyes closed and his arms opened wide. He knew that this success was absolutely successful, although he had not cheered yet, it was inevitable.
This song was performed by Vatti’s master in imitation, and even Mrs. Vatti had never performed it perfectly before, and it may not be possible to reproduce it later. At this moment, Vatti’s confidence is not tough before, and even if God comes, he is confident in the first world war.
The silence lasted for more than ten seconds, and finally the audience gradually came to their senses. Standing on the stage, they were still drunk with their arms open, and the tsunami-like clapping of Wadi finally broke out.