Ask you if General Rick has arrived?

Salem asked one after another
The head of the orc army doesn’t sell, and his head is high, and he doesn’t like it.
Rogge, don’t you dare to despise me, Tiens.
Rue is not polite.
Princess Liya quickly squared up.
General Lu ‘ai ordered us to rush to the battlefield of Rong River. Now you are an alliance, but that doesn’t mean we have to be inferior to you.
From now on, don’t try to drink me in aristocratic imperative language. I, Rogge, don’t buy it.
Rogge eyes cold solemnity behind a dozen belong to the residual refers to the independent division QinBing at the same time step forward generate powerful murder.
A dozen people are concealed as a small model battle group, but a half-encirclement is formed. This step will show a group of iron soldiers coming from life and death in a tough and sharp way.
General Luo calmed down. Hehe, we don’t have any disrespect for the general. General Rick said that we are allies now, in the future and always will be.
Demon tiens emperor position Salem secretly wiped a forehead sweat smiled and said
I hope this
Rogge gave Amba a fierce look back at Rue.
Lu’s demonstration to Rogge shook his fist.
Liya looked funny and shook her head.
Speaking of it, these are two old enemies. In the ancient war, the two men first attacked Rogge and suffered a big loss. Now they are both trying hard.
When will Roglek come?
At Rogge, she asked with a chuckle.
I don’t know what to think of Rick, but when Rick is around, she suddenly has a sense of dependence, a strong and practical feeling
Go back to the princess hall, general. He will be in the back later. He will also provide 200,000 troops and 300,000 infantry. The general said that he would come when you want to stay.
Rogge can’t be disrespectful to the princess hall.
After all, no matter how reckless the orc head is, he knows what this famous princess is.
Okay, when you see him, tell him I’ve been waiting for him.
Liya relieved to Rogge said
However, after saying this sentence, I found that it seems that I have a bad language. What do you mean, I have been waiting for him?
The Komodo war beasts on the north bank of Ronghe River are now fighting for hunger. I believe they will launch the general attack day in these two days. I don’t know if Leike can arrive.
After a pause, Li Ya sighed and said
I have already arrived.
A firm voice came from outside the account.
Curtain a lift a tall mountain figure step by step.
Followed by Zibin Norton Bastron, etc., a bunch of light-armed super-heavyweights stayed at home and the rest of them came.
The matter is so big that life and death will be safe in the next day. However, it is not such an important matter as caring about one’s own race. They must go.
Liya suddenly trembled uncontrollably, shaking so violently that she dared not look back.
A thousand words can’t be said at the moment.
I haven’t seen you for a long time.
Rick nodded and smiled at them
Salem Angli, including the demon and heaven, thinks that such a young man with a heavy army and great achievements will be like a scabbard and sharp sword, which will surprise the whole world.
However, when they saw the curtain being lifted and entering Lake, they saw a kind young man smiling modestly at them.
This natural peace makes everyone feel like a breeze, like facing the warm spring in March.
Although I didn’t look back, Liya intuitively felt that Rick had changed.
Before Rick was like a sharp-edged sword, now Rick is a mountain, a quiet and cold mountain, tall and majestic, which makes people look down-to-earth and heavy, but it is an insurmountable feeling in the bones.
How many big events in blood shed will it take to experience this qualitative change of spiritual temperament?
He must have suffered a lot in Milla.
But the first thought that came to her mind was so worried and distressed.
At the thought of here, I thought of Milla Goldman Sachs for a long time, and Li Ya’s heart tightened, which hurt so much, but she resisted and dared not look back.
She was afraid that tears would come to her eyes as soon as she turned around.
I don’t know why, from the moment Rick arrived, she suddenly took off a heavy burden, and she felt like she had no force at all.