But even more shocking to him, inexplicable is yet to come.

Yu suddenly roared out the heavenly sword and summoned several dark golden dragons of the candlestick in an instant, which were intertwined with the boxing strength that was connected into one piece.
Although Yu Long failed to break this recruit, Tianshi Fa Jian is really a great power, and Tianyuan is doing his best to Yu Long at the moment.
Tianyuan was frightened to disgrace. He finally knew that Yu Long was terrible.
A read this he is confirmed his guess.
But at the moment, he was forced to such a situation by Yu Long, and his heart was also uncomfortable to see that Yuan binge drank a pair of hands and stood up with his strength in his hand. Instantly Tianyuan smashed hundreds of fists with his hands in all directions, but Yu Long eventually encircled Yu Long, but he cut the firm but gentle vertical and horizontal blocks.
Tianyuan binge drinking sounds like thunder again. In an instant, his fist has engulfed Yu Long and constantly invaded Yu Long’s defense line.
Although Yu Long wields a sword, he can’t resist boxing strength. He doesn’t attack the whole person and disappears into Tianyuan boxing strength.
Tianyuan proudly laughed that he realized from the law of heaven that the attack was directly to deal with the blood baby emperor and the light god.
Just when he was sure that he had occupied the peak, his smile faded away. Suddenly, a dark dragon chanted and a figure flew from it, still wrapped in dark golden light.
This person is Yu Long, of course.
Happiness begets sorrow, and Tianyuan is proud. Long Yu has already appeared in front of him. No, he will use the fast escape method again. Yu Long has released two true dragons in an instant.
Tian Yuangen didn’t think that he would attack Yu Long with an epiphany from the law of heaven.
Where did he know that Long Yu had a mysterious Tao in the future world in his mind?
In utter amazement, the fist was strong enough to protect the body, and I immediately thought about Tianyuan only with one punch.
Even hasty Tianyuan that punch power is serious.
The dazzling golden light suddenly and violently flashed to Tianyuan. Just as he was shocked, Yu Long’s continuous and powerful attack appeared in front of him.
Tianyuan, look at the two huge dark golden candlesticks. In the big horror, only the physical strength applies a blow to Long Yu. If both sides want to lose, it will force Yu Long to accept it.
Yu Long is very clear Tianyuan can absolutely not inferior to him.
But at this time of the eye want to retreat seems to have some difficulty.
In the face of the amazing boxing strength, Long Yu started the Tianshi Fa Jian, and the dark golden sword mans have swallowed Tianyuan. It’s too late to retreat in panic, but he stopped the attack of the candlestick dragon with his instantaneous right arm.
A stuffy hum Tianyuan right arm has been broken.
But Yu Long is by no means better than Tianyuan’s physical strength, which makes him teetering with blood.
He has suppressed the chaos of the Force and finally calmed down the turbulent qi and blood.
After stabilizing his figure, he slowly spat out a short breath in his chest and cheered up his spirits. He looked around for a moment and swept up in an instant and appeared in front of Tianyuan.
And this time pale Tianyuan has put the brokeback.
He look at Yu Long coldly as if he were going to eat him.
Long Yu said coldly, "Tianyuan will hand over the laws of heaven or you and I will never die."
"Hum-!" Tianyuan disdain sneer at a said, "Yu Long, you are a fool. Are you still white? You have been profited. "
"I know-!" Yu Long said, "They give me strength and I think it’s fair that they do things. I don’t think I’m being benefited. To say the least, even if I’m being benefited, it’s normal that we both need what we need. I’m willing to …"
"You’re wrong. It’s not as simple as you think …" Tianyuan primly said, "Yu Long, do you know that chaotic stock solution is precious …"
"Well, I know-!" Long Yudao "It’s hard to come by, even the blood baby emperor is saved."
"I wish you knew-!" Tianyuan said, "Think about it, what is so precious that people want to give it to you? If there is no huge benefit in return, how can they pay so much?"
"You speak very well-!" Yu Long took the topic and said, "Tianyuan, what are you trying to say … want me to give up pestering you? Yeah, give me the law of heaven. "
Tianyuan sneer at
For you still can’t figure out the truth Long Yu you when … "
"How can I be a pawn?" Long Yudao "Don’t try to change the subject …"
"All right … can you hear me out …" Tianyuan Shen said, "Yu Long, seriously, you and I shouldn’t fight now. We are in the same trouble. Some things are not necessarily clear to you. You can remove their danger by taking back the laws of heaven?"