"Ow ~"

Windson suddenly raised his face to the sky with a roar and lifted up his hand. The iron bar took a few steps forward, then jumped high and landed on the foot accurately. Then the iron bar in his hand was raised and plunged toward the back of the armored dragon.
Lin demeanor is too fast. Compared with the armored dragon, it is still lying on the ground. The roots of the body can’t react. By the time the armored dragon came over and got up and shook his body, Lin Feng’s iron bar had been tied up.
The iron bar on the back of the armored dragon drew a harsh iron weapon. The iron bar of the hand of Lin Feng failed to break through the back of the armored dragon. The skin like an iron block jumped back and pulled back a relatively safe distance.
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Chapter V Mission
"Ow ~"
Foot ankylosaurus face upwards out of a roaring nostrils violently ejected a flame for up to three meters. Foot ankylosaurus walked at the same time, and the degree of getting up was not slow, and it would soon be in front of windson.
Beasts also have the dignity of beasts. Windson jumping on its back is tantamount to trampling on its dignity. Even if you are afraid of Windson, the armored dragon will not continue to be indifferent and attack with Windson.
When Lin Feng jumped high and jumped up to Lin Feng’s position just now, he had already jumped to the other side, and the armored dragon was much weaker than Lin Feng.
Turned around and hit the armored dragon again and rushed towards Lin Fengchong.
Leaping high, Lin Feng turned to the other side and ran quickly.
I didn’t touch Lin Fengtiejialong twice in a row, and my anger was completely aroused. My thick nostrils braved the flames and chased Lin Fenglai crazily in the railing platform.
One man and one beast are constantly changing their positions in Taichung, and it is getting hotter and hotter inside. The flame of the armored dragon is also splashing more and more, and its degree is also increasing
"ah ~"
There is a childish voice in Taichung. This is Lin Feng shouting. Just now, a careless Lin Feng’s body was swept by an armored dragon flame, and the instantaneous head was burned by half.
Lin Cheng fist suddenly a tight let windson such a child and furious foot armored dragon this beast fight a careless may appear to make him regret mistakes forever.
"ahhh ~"
Windson suddenly stopped running around the table, but instead hit the armored dragon. The iron bar in his hand seemed to be very angry.
Windson fell to the ground upside down, and the armored dragon lost miserably compared with Lin Feng.
"Ow ~"
See the attack finally played an armored dragon is very excited, face upwards at the flame screaming with a big foot a shaking strides towards windson place.
Cold tone of immature children’s voice There was a flash of cold light in Lin Feng’s eyes. Suddenly, there was a dazzling white light. Lin Feng’s thin body threw itself straight to the ground. In Lin Cheng’s unbelievable eyes, he stuck to the ground and passed through the armored dragon’s feet.
"whoa ~"
Ankylosaurus suddenly gave a few painful screams, and his belly was quickly flooded with blood, and at the same time, it was mixed together and flowed out dirty.
Windson propped up the iron bar and slowly got up without looking at the pain, whining and crawling to the ground. The beast was staring straight at Taiwan Lin Cheng.
At this time, Lin Cheng’s heart is also extremely restless.
Today, Lin Feng gave him too many surprises, especially in the end, this hand was the winner. Lin Feng stuck to the ground and flew straight out. Lin Cheng swore that he had never seen Lin Feng do this before.
Less than a month of forest training, every time Lin Feng kills his opponent, Lin Chengdu follows him. Lin Cheng can’t imagine when Lin Feng secretly cultivated these things.
However, Lin Cheng’s heart is more happy and excited. The stronger Lin Feng’s performance, the greater the chance that he can successfully accept the test, or that Lin Feng can successfully enter the North Pole, which is 60% higher than the fairy in Wulin.
"Xiaofeng congratulations!"
I haven’t smiled for a long time. Lin Cheng finally showed a sincere smile in front of Lin Feng, but Lin Feng’s expression did not change.
"Can I see him?"
Windson cold eyes cold words without a little color expression hurt Lin Chengxin again.
"Xiaofeng, many things are not the same as you think. You have to believe that my master and I are both hello!"
Lin Cheng sighed slightly and couldn’t help but explain to Lin Feng. Lin Cheng didn’t notice that he was very eager for Lin Feng to understand him at this time.
"Let me see him talking!"
Lin Feng’s style hasn’t changed much. I don’t even know what Lin Chengdong’s eyes are looking at.
At the gate of the mountain temple, Lin Feng met the person he wanted to meet, which was also his tenth birthday.
Windson for an hour in front of his father finally asked the first sentence.