Real Madrid made full preparations, but they lost to La Coruna 12 times in the final of the King’s Cup, and Super La Coru? a spoiled their centenary celebration feast …

What Changsheng intends to do now is to copy La Coruna’s practice to replace La Coruna in the Bernabeu and then … smash the centennial celebration of Real Madrid!
He won’t give up on the King’s Cup.
The King’s Cup will not give up the UEFA Cup, and it will not give up. However, the opponent in the UEFA Cup is not strong. Although it is an away game, he always wins. Referring to the first round of UEFA Cup competition, he decided to play as a substitute and I believe he can take his opponent.
Next, it is a strong dialogue between the league and Barcelona. For many fans, this must be the focus of preparing for the game.
But it’s not that simple for a head coach.
If the winning coach is Real Madrid, then he will be desperate to die against Barcelona.
Because it’s hatred that goes deep into the bone marrow and melts into the blood.
But Valencia and Barcelona are not like this.
Speaking of Valencia and Barcelona, it is still the same faction. Even the languages of the two places are very similar.
Maybe Changsheng won’t like Barcelona, but he sacrificed other games to fight for such a game. I don’t know if he can fight for it. What will Valencia fans think of him? What will the media think of themselves?
Afraid you’ll think you’re crazy?
Moreover, there are several unfavorable factors in this game that Chang Sheng has to seriously consider whether to give up this game.
First of all, it is very difficult to play Barcelona away from home. Secondly, Ba Laha was injured and one person was missing from his back. Then Guardiola could not play because of the contract.
It can be said that albelda is the only one who can win in the most important position of winning in the lower back.
How does this spell Barcelona?
Chang Changsheng thought about it and drew a cross in this game in Barcelona.
give up
Even if you lose to Barcelona, it’s just a game. You must be able to hold the top of the league like other games.
In Barcelona … Of course, winning often doesn’t mean that you have to walk around when you see each other. When your army is strong in Ma Zhuang, you will definitely look for advice from Barcelona again.
After all, Valencia has to go away to play against Certa, but the constant victory does not regard Certa as a too strong opponent but an ordinary enemy.
It’s really amazing to say that when Hertha met Certa in the King’s Cup nine months ago, he was able to beat Certa and racked his brains to deceive himself. The players and coaches put together to play a play, so it was hard to win in the end.
Now, he doesn’t think Certa is great, even though he is currently ranked third in the league. The only problem is that Certa is at home.
Valencia’s performance in away games has always been poor.
This is his only worry, but this little worry is not enough to make him deceive his own people and blind his opponents by acting.
This is a real knife and gun competition. Let’s see who wins in the end if there are any tricks!
Another game that needs to be played hard is the home game against Villarreal in the seventh round.
Villarreal’s performance in the season is also outstanding, ranking second only to Valencia with four wins and one draw in five rounds of league matches.
If there is no accident, it may be a game to decide who is the first in the league.
Valencia’s advantage in this game is at home.
The gap between home and away in Spanish football is very obvious.
Apart from these two games, other games don’t require too much and there is little suspense in winning.
After having such an impression of this month’s game, the coaches will discuss the training plan.
Now Chang Sheng doesn’t write the training plan himself. He calls everyone together, then talks about his own requirements, and then discusses them. Finally, Rudy Gonzalez will summarize all opinions and write a report.
As Chang Sheng himself said-those who can do more work.
Rudy Gonzalez said in Hertha that he knew more and had a higher level than Changsheng. Now he has taken himself to the ditch. Changsheng justifiably gave him everything.
Former Changsheng himself was also in charge of a tactical training, and now Guardiola has tactical training, and he has made a real overall plan for the shopkeeper of cutting.
The match with Certa will come soon.
Before the game, Changsheng received a new one-four consecutive victories.
Ask him to go to the first four-game winning streak of the new season.
Before that, he had already completed another one, that is, a four-game winning streak-a three-game winning streak!
After finishing the three-game winning streak, I gained 500,000 experiences, 300 points of hope and 200 points of energy.
This 300-point look made him look friendly in Valencia as a whole.
In addition, there is a training skill [competition training tactics elementary]
This is the skill that Chang Sheng needs most, because his current training focus is on tactical training. After he got it, Chang Sheng dropped this skill directly, just in preparation for Certa.
The difficulty of winning a four-game winning streak is naturally better than the big reward of winning a three-game winning streak. There are also two kinds of energy training skills [competition training team combined with primary] and [primary tactical training], which are both skills of Lin Mo at the second level, but they are better than the third level skills for the current winning streak.
These skills are exactly what Chang Sheng needs, and they are also equal to changing direction and strengthening Chang Sheng’s determination to win the game.
After the third level, Lin Mo doesn’t have many competition skills, but he can give a lot of training skills, which is exactly what he needs to win.
Anyway, the competition skill bar hasn’t increased after Lin Mo’s upgrade, or what’s the point of putting two skills in a game for so many competition skills?
It’s better to give him more training skills. He is now creating a new situation in Valencia, even with new tactics, just when he needs a lot of training
These various training skills can save him a lot of things and get twice the result with half the effort.
And as if he knew what he needed, these training skills actually fit his tactics very well.
For example, this skill can increase the players’ ability to attack and run in a short period of time, and the effect will increase by 10%. It will be valid for one week or will be restored after the game.
Another example is [Primary Catch Special Training], where two players are assigned to participate in improving their [Catch] ability for one month.