Muhai sank his mind into the abdomen and couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief after seeing the devil rattan.

The devil vine is still asleep, and it seems that he is making some kind of breakthrough, and he will not wake up for a while.
"Xiao Mo hopes that this deep sleep will greatly increase his strength."
Muhai nodded and walked forward again.
What Muhai is looking for this time is, of course, the reiki weapon material.
Reiki gun requires machine-made ores with high temperature resistance, strong toughness and strong rigidity.
At present, there are still two pieces of array stone, which should last for a while.
Tough material Muhai also has it, that is, red Lei Jing can exchange 5 points of magic energy for one gram.
Now all that’s left is high-temperature resistant materials, rigid materials.
"I hope there’s something in here."
Muhai place is the treasure hall of the courtyard.
"Hey, this is a newcomer."
Just walked into the treasure house and came here, which made Muhai frown.
However, he was so anxious that he didn’t even look at the cool person and continued to go in.
That’s how people are treated with anger, especially some natural people.
To be sarcastic, a young man doesn’t look big, and his face is full of natural pride, just like a natural person.
He said this very loudly and soon attracted the attention of the agents in the Treasure Hall.
"It’s Isis. What does he want?" An agent asked.
"What, the company is just trying to find trouble with others?" asked another agent.
When the young man heard this, his face looked at the speaker with anger, but he quickly withdrew his eyes and showed a face of fear.
"What are you looking at? I don’t know how your parents want to give you this name? "
The young man looked angry but didn’t dare to send it.
Then he turned his head and found that Muhai had already walked out of a dozen paces and ignored him.
Anger rises from the heart and evil grows on both sides.
The young man doesn’t know Muhai Institute. He is courageous.
"I told you to stop. Are you deaf?"
The young man turned to Muhai quickly and blocked his way.
Muhai said coldly, with a wave of his right hand, the young man was pushed out by him like a shell, and finally landed gently without injury.
"What’s going on?"
"I didn’t see clearly. I saw a piece of shit running in front of that man and finally my body fell to the ground."
"How is that possible? Want to know a tuo shit is the xuan level agents "
"I don’t believe how a new agent can have such strong strength?"
A group of people gawked at the young man pointing at him with disbelief all over his face.
"Damn it!"
The young man got up with shame and anger and ran towards Muhai quickly …