The little princess didn’t expect her aunt to suddenly run away and pout and stare.

"Belle didn’t come back?"
"She can’t come back, so I will spend the whole Christmas Eve with you," Wen Liang said.
The two brothers and sisters are obviously a little bitter, but the three brothers and sisters have stopped at a big Christmas tree
Take them to the other side where they have come back to God.
And then stay.
"Dad’s hug" Teng Ai tiptoed to Teng Yun’s hug.
And Teng Bei and Teng Bao have long been beside their father, staring at the young woman beside their father with extremely unhappy eyes.
That girl looked a little embarrassed, too, and then stepped back. Is this your triplet brother and sister?
"Well," he answered lightly and picked up his daughter.
Gentle apex Yishan gentle is looked down at the elder sister do you want to say hello in the past?
"Don’t bother them, but go and get it back for me, son," said softly to his younger brother.
In fact, her voice was a little stubborn at the end, but she just didn’t want to go face to face with him.
Allow her to flirt with Yun Jian. Of course, there is no reason for her to have a new girlfriend.
Everyone is an adult, and she thinks that if she can’t see this, she will be sorry that she has lived all these years.
Teng Yun instantly pointed to the direction and saw tenderness and tenderness there. Gentleness nodded at him and took a gentle look at his brother. When did you two meet?
"Work needs" Wen Liang said with an awkward eyebrow.
Gentle, but there is a feeling of being betrayed, but before the two sisters hesitated about who, Teng Yun had already taken the child and walked towards her with the woman.
Gentle heart chanting don’t come, don’t come …
"manager Teng hasn’t seen you for a long time", but when he was still a few steps away from her eyes, she had already greeted her with a smile, which was called sincerity.
Tengyun look at her one eye is lightly.
"This must be General Teng’s ex-wife, right? Hello, I’m General Teng’s friend Anli." The girl talked generously with tenderness.
"Really, Teng is always lucky to have such a young friend as you." He smiled gently and then looked up at Teng Yun.
"Good acid!" Teng Ai muttered three words in Dad’s arms.
The instant scene is a little …
The long and busy street is full of people near the big Christmas tree, but there are a few of them who seem a little cold and quiet.
The girl named Anli also smiled at Teng Ai and said that the little princess was so interesting.
Teng Yun also took a look at his daughter and endured it.
Scene one is a little too lively, gently twist your eyebrows to see your daughter come to your mother, don’t disturb your father’s date with another aunt.
The little guy immediately put his arms around Dad’s neck, twisted his head and pursed his mouth, looking at tenderness and asking Dad to be better than him.
"I’ll take them to play if possible," he said.
The black coat sets off his tall and straight figure, and his face is always wearing a little bit of cool thin.
Gentle looks up at himself and hears wrong.
Wen Liang kept his head down beside him when he was transparent.
"Are you sure you want to take them? They won’t let you date with peace of mind.
"Are you waking me up? Have they been interrupting your date?"
Give him a gentle stare and look at them. Who are you with?
They went to her and TengYunYun, and then …
Gentle return, they want to choose her, but she just wants to know where the road is.
Gentle …
Wen Liang raised his eyebrows slightly to see that he was already very white.
Anli looked at the two little boys and was quite hurt.
"Choose one of the two. If you want to talk to dad, I’ll go first."
Section 291
"Mommy!" Tengai angry let out a cry.
Gentle but has not looked up.
"Then shall we go?" Anli said to Teng Yun
Tengyun looked down and let’s go.
Wen Liang looked at the three children there and followed Teng Yun. After all, it was a little hard to see.
When I turned my head gently, I saw two sons pulling Tengyun clothes and leaving with Tengyun, and suddenly I was so lost.
It is …
It wasn’t long before the two little guys suddenly turned their heads in the crowd and still ran decisively towards their mother.
Teng Aiwa burst into tears, which caused a lot of people’s eyes.
Teng Yun came back with the baby in her arms and looked at tenderness and said, What now?
Gentle don’t talk, only to find that Tengbei suddenly walked beside Anli and pushed her outward.
AnLiXian already unhappy, twist the eyebrow is nai himself not to get angry.
Tembe said get out.
Be gentle and easy to scold by your son
A cultured woman should not do anything to her son.
"Tengbei don’t commit tomfoolery" Tengyun said.
Gentle but immediately look up at him and dare to educate her son to be gentle. Be gentle with Tengyun and immediately hug Tengbei.
"Sorry, I think that’s all for tonight." Teng Yun said to Anli.
Anli nodded away.
Then Teng Yunling walked back one big and one small.
Wen Liang let Teng Bei go with you.
Gentle surprise looked up at gentle.
"Are you still white after all this?"
Gentle in the mind a swing and then looked down at Tember Tember seems to be looking forward to.