The head of the nine-headed Xu disappeared in the same place and was replaced by a huge monster. The head was almost four or five feet long, but it had nine heads. The body was slender and slender, with no hands and feet, pale blue snakeskin and strange patterns. With these ten cold eyes, the eyes were very scary. It should be said that the Chinese dragon snakes mated to give birth to the wild hydra.

When I first saw hydra, a rare wild animal, Sun Wu was still very curious. It was said that the wild animals in heaven and earth became much less after the lich War in the wild mainland period. It should be that the aura in these three realms was not as rich and vigorous as it used to be, which made it very difficult for many wild animals to breed in ancient times. So many animals disappeared in the three realms and never saw them again.
Ao Lie is also the first time to see nine head worm himself, and he was also surprised. At this time, one of the hydra’s heads bit Ao Lie, and his fangs flashed with a faint blue poisonous light. A foul smell came out of Shekou and he suddenly woke up.
Towards the hydra, the head of the snake is about to come, and Aolie’s horizontal sword is about to make a stroke. Suddenly, there is a very pure golden light, and the strength is in a perfect crescent shape. By the way, the hydra chews on his head and instantly splits it.
This hydra is the natural strength ratio of the alien flesh in the wild, and since the sacrifice of the kingdom to protect the country, Jinguang Temple has won the Buddha’s treasure, merit and relic, and cooperated with the nine-leaf Lingzhi grass of the Queen Mother, it has absorbed several nimbus of heaven and earth. Most of this nimbus of heaven and earth has entered its own brawny veins for three years, and it is not clear to him that his flesh is so strong that even the epidermis has not been scratched, but he still tried a proud weapon, crescent shovel. Even if the letter is aimed at the saint to attack him, he is confident that he will not lose to the other party in the physical struggle, so he can safely let his snake head grow up and face the sword of Ao Lie.
"Click" A sword in Aolie’s hand should be broken into several sections, but it was bitten by that nine head worm.
Ao Lie looked at a dodgy nine head worm and continued to bite the head at him. Then the dagger in his hand was still a changed dragon, and he wanted to compete with that nine head worm.
Nine head worm looked at it and flew to the outside of the Crystal Palace for several feet. The white dragon saw it and followed it out. The white dragon followed nine head worm to the bottom of Bibotan. nine head worm jumped into a water plant area. The small white dragon followed it. I don’t know what kind of water plant twisted its leaves around him. The small white dragon was distracted and took out the relic from a fake rock, and then took the opportunity to take a bite at the small white dragon.
After being bitten, Xiaobailong also knew that his mana was still some distance from nine head worm. He was not a mindless person and no longer impulsive, so he sent a signal for help to Sun Wu.
Sun Wu immediately rushed over after receiving the help from Xiaobailong, picking up the golden hoop and going to nine head worm.
Looking at the great calling nine head worm, I feel that the surrounding gas seems to be a few times heavier, which makes it difficult for him to easily avoid seeing the great hitting him. nine head worm slammed his teeth and a small head actually took the initiative to meet Sun Wu’s great.
The golden hoop hit nine head worm, the little head, and a strong attack hit him. The little head fell and was beaten away, while nine head worm took advantage of the great inertia of the golden hoop to jump into the circle.
Nine head worm’s pain staggered and fled to the distance. Sun Wu immediately jumped after him.
This nine head worm flies fast, but how can it be faster than Sun Wu’s blink of an eye? As soon as nine head worm came out of Bibotan, Sun Wu chased nine head worm. At this time, nine head worm was scared by Sun Wu and saw Sun Wu chasing him again, but he couldn’t resist.
Sun Wu didn’t want to wave any more at this time, and the golden cudgel in his hand suddenly became bigger and he went to nine head worm with a head left.
This stick was smashed around. nine head worm wanted to hide, but he didn’t want to call it a nine head worm. He only had a head left and was smashed by Sun Wu with a stick.
Nine heads without mercy is nine head worm, a kind of wild alien, who died in an instant, and his whole body fell from it.
"garbage!" After solving nine head worm, Sun Wu seemed to be disappointed with nine head worm and scolded him and landed.
Sun Wu found the Buddha relic from nine head worm’s body, and then blew a sigh on nine head worm’s body. nine head worm’s body instantly turned into powder and dissipated.
"Big Brother, what about nine head worm?" Just as Sun Wu finished all this, Ao Lie also came out from the bottom of the pool. See nine head worm and Ao Lie speak and ask.
"solved!" Sun Wu replied
Hearing that Sun Wu has solved the problem, nine head worm Ao Lie gently breathed a sigh of relief and a stone was finally moved on his mind.
"Thank you, big brother!" Ao Lie told Sun Wudao
"What are you talking about? You forgot that we are brothers!" Sun Wudao
"Well, it’s a brother!" Ao Lie nods a way
"Well, now that the Buddha’s treasure relic has been found, let’s go back, or the master should worry again!"
With that, Sun Wu took Ao Lie and flew to the Jinguang Temple to protect the country! ! ~!
Chapter 17 Gambling with Disciples
"Master, big brother, they are back."
Sun Wu and AoLieGang a cloud waiting for you outside the Jinguang Temple to protect the country. Sha Wujing shouted to the inside.
"Master, my grandson has taken back the Buddha relic!" Sun Wu to meet out Tang Sanzang way
With Sun Wu’s right hand, the merits and relics that shone with golden light appeared in the palm of his right hand, floating in the middle, shaking slightly. This golden Buddha light shone on all the people at the scene, making them feel a warm sense of dharma. Those who had a chronic illness found their own chronic illness in this Buddha light to soothe them, and those who came to be healthy felt a burst of Shu Tai’s Buddha’s treasure merits and relics effect was really not annoying, even the face Buddha light had such a powerful effect.
Monks in Jinguang Temple, where the Buddha’s treasure relic was recovered, looked feverish and excited.
"Thank you, holy monks and elders!" A group of monks in Jinguang Temple, protecting the country, thanked Tang Sanzang for his mentoring.
"You don’t have to mention it. Everyone belongs to Buddhism, but it should be!" Tang Sanzang Road
"Master, since the Buddha’s treasure has been found, we will give it to the king, so that we can go on our way!" Pig ring suggested
Tang Sanzang nodded when he heard this. "It is this understanding that you will come with me to the palace and return it to the king!"
"hmm!" Sun Wu nods
Soon Sun Wu and Tang Sanzang came to the sacrificial king’s palace.
Sitting in the main hall offering sacrifices to the king of Saiguo, when he saw Tang Sanzang coming in, he asked, "Did Elder Tang get his national treasure back?"
Tang Sanzang nodded his head. "Fortunately, the poor monk ACTS have brought this Buddha treasure merit relic back in good condition."
With that, Tang Sanzang looked at Sun Wu and motioned for him to give the Buddha treasure to the king of the offering country.