Shen Ji is a political worker’s vision and political consciousness, which is very accurate. As for the resolution made by the enlarged meeting of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee this afternoon, what is not to call the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, but to call the enlarged meeting of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Shen Ji to make a decision?

He is a little uneasy about mayor sun’s decision, and he is still a little uneasy, not because he is afraid of Lin Cheng’s ability to listen to the sky, but because he is uneasy. A leading cadre elected by the people must first seek the people’s well-being and safeguard the interests of the masses. How loud the oath was when he joined the party.
Commander of 227 Navy
In Shen Ji’s heart, Lin Cheng is actually doing a good job, not hitting people. The murderer is being dealt with. Shen Ji’s heart is uneasy. This is also why the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee can make a decision, and he has to call the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee to expand the meeting.
I don’t think there is anything wrong with Mayor Sun’s serious handling of Lin Chengyi Shen Ji, but if I change my position with Mayor Sun’s responsibilities, I guess he will consider it as the starting point of the economic construction center like Mayor Sun.
There are many ways to deal with a thing, depending on what the starting point is.
Shen Ji just got out of the car and took out the key to prepare the door at his own door. In fact, cadres at this level like Shen Ji have nannies at home, especially when Shen Ji is transferred from other places. The cadre organization department will consider giving a nanny to take care of life and daily life. In this case, Shen Ji can knock at the door, but he never knocks and never bothers the nanny to always take the key door himself.
Shen Ji’s lover hasn’t come yet. She will retire in one year. When she retires, she will come right away. Now there are Shen Ji and nanny in a two-story building.
Shen Ji’s secret driver ran to Shen Ji’s house before he left.
Shen Ji was about to take out the key before he saw the mayor Sun hurriedly walked to come over "Old Shen and so on"
When Mayor Sun arrived at the doorstep of Shen Ji’s house, "What’s wrong with me? What’s the hurry?"
"Let’s go in and say"
Shen Ji saw that the driver and the secret were waiting at the door and didn’t leave, so he waved, "Go home first and I’ll call you if you have something to do."
Shen Ji knocked on the door and let the mayor Sun in.
Nanny made a cup of tea for Mayor Sun and a cup for Shen Ji, and then turned to the kitchen.
"Eric, what’s the matter? In such a hurry? "
Mayor Sun looked around and lowered his voice and said to Shen Ji, "I gave me a call in front of class today."
Shen Ji didn’t catch the repeated sentence "Wang Tiejun? Who is Wang Tiejun? "
"Oh, my old Shen, Wang Tiejun is known as the deputy commander of the North Sea Fleet with an iron fist."
After listening to Mayor Sun, Shen Ji suddenly remembered Wang Tiejun, Wang Tiejun, the deputy commander of the North Sea Fleet, who has always been famous for his high-profile iron fist, and Qingdao, the headquarters of the North Sea Fleet, is the prototype of the former Beiyang Navy. Of course, the Beiyang Navy has long since disappeared, but Qingdao Weihai Lushun is guarding the Beijing Gate, but it can’t be without naval protection. The North Sea Fleet is mainly stationed in Lushun Weihai Qingdao and other places, which is both a need for protection and a long-range deep attack to ensure that the North Sea Fleet is the first naval status of new China equipped with nuclear-powered submarines. It is conceivable that there are only The navy is more powerful than the army, and most of the military economy in the country is equipped with the navy.
In the South China Sea, there are fishermen’s disputes in the Philippines, Vietnam and other places from time to time, not to mention riots in Tibet and Xinjiang. Have you ever heard that there are such things in the defense zone of Huaxia North Sea Fleet? This is largely because Deputy Commander Wang has an iron fist to deter. Although the old man is not young, he does not care about people who say that they really dare to fight and encounter provocation, which is even more unambiguous.
Shen Ji a surprised "him? Commander Wang Tiejun? Why did he call you? "
"I’m just like you. When he signed up for Wang Tiejun, I was still thinking about which leader in the province called Wang Tiejun. I didn’t think about who this Wang Tiejun was. Later, when he was loud, I happened to remember his accent and military style, and I remembered that the deputy commander of the North Sea Fleet was surnamed Wang, so I tried to ask him if he was commander Wang. He actually acquiesced without a word, and I panicked and asked him what happened? "
At this time, Shen Ji was not just listening, but all his mind was poured into Mayor Sun’s complaint. "What’s going on with me?"
Mayor Sun didn’t even come to drink a mouthful of tea. "He opened his mouth and asked me if I knew Lin Cheng. I thought for a long time, but I didn’t think of this Lin Cheng, the man who hit a foreign merchant who hung in our mouth at the enlarged meeting of the Standing Committee in the afternoon. But I’m also glad that I said I hadn’t heard of this man. Commander Wang said that this man was a good Samaritan who hit a German ghost. If you deal with it seriously, don’t say that I will take people to jail. We are all working in Qingdao. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you beforehand. Deputy Commander Wang added
Shen Ji gave a wry smile. This deputy commander Wang really has a strong national plot. The former Dongshan Province was occupied by Germans and Japanese. Commander Wang hated the Japanese and the Germans very much. You can see from what he said that this national plot, coupled with the fiasco of Beiyang Navy in the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 in the former Qing Dynasty, ended in a state of suffocation. Now, once there is a chance for Japan to fight again, the commander Wang will win the final victory at the expense of hitting the North Sea Fleet to a boat. Deputy commander Wang is such a strong person. It is because of Deputy Commander Wang’s iron fist that Japan’s strength is not as strong as that of our navy’s huge fleet, and it dare not move or even provoke. Japan dares to challenge the South China Sea Fleet on the Diaoyu Islands in the South China Sea, but dare not provoke the North China Sea Fleet in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea.
This is why the North Sea Fleet has Deputy Commander Wang in the seat.
"Lao Sun, what are you going to do?"
"Oh my old shen, I this is not a hurry to ask you? You say we who dare to provoke the soldier bully say bad words, if really annoyed the soldier of fortune commander wang is directly shoot you, me and I think he dare "
Shen Ji may be the leader of the municipal party Committee from other provinces, but the mayor Sun is Dongshan Province. He has heard about this grumpy commander with a fire. He said so much because he was afraid that when he first came to Shen Ji, he didn’t understand the temper of this commander Wang and made a wrong decision.
If the wrong decision is made by Shen Ji, but Commander Wang went to him, if it doesn’t make Commander Wang satisfied with the handling result, it’s not Shen Ji.
Even the mayor Sun is thinking that the municipal party committee is the head of Shen Ji, and how can Commander Wang directly call himself the second in command? How did he know that the Standing Committee was urging himself to make a decision to deal with Lin Cheng seriously and quickly?
But it doesn’t matter what happens. The most important thing is the result. If this matter is not handled well, the unlucky person is not one or two people. None of these people can get away from it. But isn’t the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee Shen Ji and his own leadership? It must be himself and Lao Shen.
"If I can’t do it, I will stand on the Standing Committee?" Mayor Sun didn’t expect that it was Shen Ji who was happier than himself. After telling Shen Ji about the North Sea Fleet Commander Wang, Shen Ji became faster than himself and was already considering changing his decision.
"Old Shen, let’s just expand the Standing Committee meeting today and then immediately change and decide what to do with the prestige of our municipal party Committee?"
Shen Ji has had emotional doubts about dealing with Lin Chengyou seriously. Now, after what Mayor Sun said, Shen Ji is just a slope donkey.