"Alas-"Zhang Xiaotian sighed. He thought about getting rid of the secular things quickly and then hurry to hell to find Wan’er. I didn’t expect the secular things to be so difficult, but my brother couldn’t ignore them.

"elder brother! If you don’t worry so much about my affairs, let’s practice quickly now. I believe that these two families will not hinder me and Ziyin and Yaner, and then I can take Ziyin and Yaner fair and square! " See Zhang Xiaotian sigh Yang Xiao comfort way
Zhang Xiao, as in a wry smile, though he knows things, he is more worried about things with Wan’er. Although the Li family and the Gongsun family are the four major ghost families in the secular world, they are also secular forces, but Qin Wan is different. He is the first person to cultivate ghosts, and Qin Wen’s daughter is also extremely strong in the ghost emperor’s ghost cultivation. It is now possible to get rid of Yang Xiao’s things. After all, Yang Xiao is now also a ghost cultivation, and it is still very severe. Although some people take risks. Risk but not hopeless and want them to reach the ghost period, then this matter will definitely be solved. I believe that the two families will not mind letting Gongsun Ziyin and Li Yaner marry a promising ghost, and then the two families will definitely be afraid of heaven and earth to help forces even if they want to plot something.
And Zhang Xiaotian, a member of the Heaven and Earth Gang, has also thought it over. Then he will push this matter to Xiaoran, the eldest brother, and Xiaoran will make a name for himself in hell. Presumably, the Li family and the Gongsun family should also know that they are secular forces. Presumably, they don’t know what the top forces in hell are, and their natural resources are so scarce. This will explain the promotion of qualifications and make the two families fear.
The ghost will come! I’m afraid they will be able to achieve the goal in a few years with the help of Blackstone. It’s not too long when they have been practicing for a few years.
But in Wan’er, it’s not that Zhang Xiaotian can get rid of it if he practices until the ghost is coming. I’m afraid even if Zhang Xiaotian practices until the ghost king level, it’s not good to get Qin Wen’s affirmation. After all, Zhang Xiaotian is an acquired kid, and his innate ability is fixed in Qin Wen’s eyes, which means that there is not much future unless Zhang Xiaotian is willing to expose the secret of black liquor.
And even if Zhang Xiaotian practice to the ghost king level can get Qin Wen sure how long will it take? Decades? Or a century? He doesn’t know! Jiang Kun’s words made him feel a little worried. He always felt that something was wrong, and he didn’t want to stay in the secular world for long.
With the goal and motivation, Zhang Xiaotian and his brothers became diligent when they practiced. Zhang Xiaotian also taught Sanying and Yang Xiaodi the two steps, and told them why Jiang Guosheng couldn’t practice the seven-star maze, which made the four people exclaim. Finally, Zhang Xiaotian ordered Professor Sanying, the helper, to practice the seven-star maze, and then closed it. Zhang Xiaotian had his plan to teach the two steps in such a wide range. Even if it was exposed, he would have high qualifications to learn ghost tricks and martial arts. After the ghost will come, there will be no more high-quality ghost practice, even if you learn it, there will be no ghost practice, but the two steps are different. He is a general ghost practice and can learn it. If you go out, I’m afraid all the ghosts will be able to do it then.
He wants to improve himself as soon as possible, not only Qin Wan, but also his parents and his brother. Now the news of four families makes him feel a little uneasy. Tianma Cremation Factory is killing Yanjia Villa, and it will be a few days since it was destroyed!
In these two days, Zhang Xiaotian finally combined the mind of absorbing black liquor with his own spirit. Blackstone also absorbed some soul force in these two days. At this time, he was absorbing the soul force of Blackstone after it flowed out of refining and trying to break through again.
However, it seems that it is impossible for Zhang Xiaotian to make another breakthrough in short-term repairs after trying for dozens of times.
Since Hugh couldn’t break through Zhang Xiaotian, he turned his attention to the other side.
Magic weapon! A magic weapon can be refined several times, and this number depends on how much spiritual energy the ghost cultivates. The more spiritual energy the ghost cultivates, the more refining magic weapon will be, but the more refining power the ghost cultivates, the faster the refining degree will be. Before the ghost period, the ghost can refine an initial magic weapon, while during the ghost period, the ghost can refine two initial magic weapons, while during the ghost period, the ghost can refine two intermediate magic weapons or one intermediate two initial terrace magic weapons, or four initial magic weapons.
Anyway, every time you refine one magic weapon, you can refine two more magic weapons, and the magic weapon level corresponds to the ghost repair level.
That is to say, Zhang Xiaotian can now refine the magic weapon in two intermediate stages or in one intermediate stage and two initial stages by repairing the ghost shape in the middle stage.
However, there is a problem that if the magic weapon is refined, its power will be greatly increased, but if the magic weapon is damaged, the spirit of its owner will be damaged. The higher the level of the magic weapon, the more serious the spirit will be damaged. If it is repaired, the realm of ghost repair will even drop. If it is repaired, the magic weapon will not be able to be repaired again. Moreover, if the magic weapon is destroyed, it will take a while to refine it again, not only for the damaged spirit to recover, but also for the spirit to eliminate the mark of the destroyed magic weapon. This process will take years, decades and hundreds of years.
Therefore, except for those with low qualifications, there is really no future. It is very difficult to get a magic weapon before choosing the refining magic weapon. This is also the case in most ghost repairs, and those with high qualifications in the future will be very cautious.
It is also for this reason that Zhang Xiaotian has been slow to refine the magic weapon. He is now in a period of promotion. If he had previously refined a first-order magic weapon, he would have been able to refine a middle-order magic weapon now. If he has refined a middle-order magic weapon now, he will be able to refine a high-order magic weapon later. This question is really difficult to choose.
After thinking for a while, Zhang Xiaotian took out the magic weapon of the long Dao and took back the lock again. Now he has refined some waves of spiritual energy. Now even if he finishes refining an initial magic weapon, he can finish refining a phase-repairing leather with a high-order magic weapon when he is a ghost king.
Although he doesn’t have a magic weapon of high order and order now, Zhang Xiaotian firmly believes that everything will be there.
The magic weapon of repairing peace can’t be higher. Zhang Xiaotian made up his mind.
It is good to be able to read a little higher.
Black liquor flows out after the soul force flows out.
As before, after the black liquor flows into Zhang Xiaotian’s body, it will not move. If the spirit observes it carefully, it is still moving slowly. However, if it goes according to this degree, it will take at least several years for the black liquor to merge with Jingzhu.
Zhang Xiaotian thought for a moment and then moved Blackstone to the position close to Jingzhu in his mind, hoping to make the outflow black liquor closer to Jingzhu and shorten the moving distance of black liquor.
But I don’t know why Blackstone moves slowly in his mind. Maybe it’s because his mind is a spiritual energy site, Zhang Xiaotian thought
Blackstone can absorb soul force and mind force, but it can’t absorb spiritual energy, which is also a place that Zhang Xiaotian has always regretted. But if Blackstone can also absorb spiritual energy, wouldn’t the realm be soaring?
Near and near, some Blackstone slowly approached Jingzhu.
After the black liquor flows into my mind, the degree of it becomes faster.
Seeing that Blackstone is getting closer and closer to Jingzhu, Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, can’t help but feel a little excited and work harder to drive Blackstone to move.
Suddenly see "whoosh!" A black stone darted to Jingzhu.
Degree of contrast let Zhang Xiaotian got a fright at that time didn’t respond to come over.
It’s not normal to see Blackstone shooting at Jingzhu in Zhang Xiaotian and want to stop things quickly, but it’s already too late. After Blackstone shot Jingzhu, it first blocked and then disappeared into it.
Looking at the solitary pearl in my mind, Zhang Xiaotian was pleasantly surprised that Blackstone was actually integrated into the pearl! I am glad that Blackstone is slowly flowing black liquor to the outside at the moment, and after the black liquor flows into Jingzhu, it actually blends with Jingzhu.
But let Zhang Xiaotian a little rest assured that he can also sense Blackstone.
Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, is worried and thankful that Blackstone will never come out again. In that case, there is no way to refine black liquor and let others make it. And I don’t know whether Blackstone in the pearl can absorb refining mind and soul force again. At this moment, Zhang Xiaotian has some regrets, but fortunately, he has made many hands absorb the mind before, so that even if Blackstone never comes out to refine black liquor and let others make it, he won’t regret too much.
Feel the body that is slowly increasing to mind Zhang Xiao, as some uneasy.
All of a sudden, the whole pearl was black and bright.
Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, was surprised and didn’t know that something was going to happen. Was it because Jing Zhu absorbed too much psychic force that caused the adverse reaction? Zhang Xiaotian uneasy thinking.
The pearl is getting darker and darker, and suddenly the black awn disappears! But Jing Zhu is still black.
Suddenly, Zhang Xiaotian’s facial expression changed. He just sensed that the psychic force inside Jing Zhu was going outward. Although it was rare and subtle, it was his spirit camp. He clearly felt it.
Is it that Jing Zhu absorbed too much mental power and broke it? Zhang Xiaotian was worried and frightened.
Now that kind of feeling is becoming more and more clear, he clearly feels that the mind just now is slowly losing its essence, and the mind slowly goes outward.