As Jiuzhong himself said, he is a gangster, and he is not a woman and a good person.

Before Troy left the virtual whirlpool to sweep the world, Jiuchong really moved a little compassion and saved the fortunate people of the earth, but this does not mean that Jiuzhong forgave them for their crimes and must punish them after acting.
However, Jiuzhong is not a ruthless executioner. He wants to kill all these people. If they can truly repent, punishment is inevitable, but it will not kill them. Otherwise, don’t blame him for being ruthless.
The choice of life or death lies in the hands of the lucky ones in the Earth Federation.
After destroying the virtual whirlpool left by Troy, Jiuzhong was seriously injured, but he was not in a coma. He was seriously injured and unconscious just now. He just pretended to show it to those lucky people in the Earth Federation, and gave them a chance to make a choice.
The earth federation luckily era divine power people did not live up to the nine expectations and made a choice. Then naturally, there is nothing to say, and the nine happiness became that they chose to stab them with one finger.
At this moment, the strength of the Nine Heavens is extraordinary. It is not easy for him to break before breaking through the realm of John Lone’s Zijin Dragon Emperor, but it is just a matter of fingers for him now.
Breaking a group of people who want to nullify the divine power of the nine-fold earth federal era is all over. The residual limb and broken arm are carried by debris and fall into the turbulent flow, and then disappear, and then they are broken by nine folds. The visible speed of healing has been restored for a moment, and a piece of Lang Lang Gan Kun has reappeared.
"It’s good that you don’t have the wisdom to deal with me with others." This time, dealing with Jiuchong is not the central part of the earth’s federal fortunate era. There are still a small number of people who didn’t participate. Jiuzhong nodded to these people and the weak voice echoed in these people’s ears. "You chose to save your own lives! Good since you go! "
"Thank you, thank you, benefactor!" The Earth Federation, those who didn’t take part in dealing with the divine power of the Nine Heavenly Ages, will join the Earth Federation camp without saying how much it is not bad. They are also forced to twist their arms, but the thigh situation is better than that of people. They can go with the flow with Troy’s conquest everywhere. Since Robert and Troy’s father overthrew them just now, they have decided to abandon the dark vote and stop helping the sadists. They didn’t take part in the next action to deal with the Nine Heavenly Ages.
These people are grateful for Jiuchong’s not killing and saving grace, so they all kowtowed to Jiuchong in tears.
Nine heavy pendulum motioning with his hand no longer ignore these heads fell back straight.
Chapter one hundred and forty-one After the war
All the people in Tiancheng looked at it and were frightened. They hurried to hold Jiuzhong and found that Jiuzhong was dizzy again. They were unconscious in the past.
"Tiger!" Heart is disorderly Shen Yue several women naturally and not a scared.
"You don’t have to be so nervous." Gu Gu saw that his sister Guxiang was full of anxiety and misery, and deliberately put on a relaxed expression to comfort him. "Just now, you checked that he was so half-dead this hour, and then he was still alive and kicking, and he directly wiped out the earth federales with one finger. Who knows if he was pretending to be unconscious again this time? It’s unnecessary to worry about his roots!"
"How can I say that you are also Xiang Xiang’s eldest brother? How can there be such a big gap in life? Are you a little sympathetic? I am really dizzy this time!" In a coma, Jiuzhong suddenly opened his eyes and severely refuted the antique, then his eyes turned and he fainted again.
“……!” After a while, everyone finally burst into laughter. "Ha ha ha ha-!"
The final world war I is over!
No matter whether Jiuzhong really fainted this time, the last batch of lucky people in the Earth Federation won’t and don’t want to have any more thoughts. They want to return to their homes and live a new life now.
Now that Jiuzhong has said that these people will be spared, it will be no longer difficult for them. Now they really have no strength to difficult them, and they will leave.
Then Shen Yue several women carefully protect the nine heavy led the city of heaven and the era of divine power to return to the city of heaven.
Winning the final world war I and returning home triumphantly to meet the people who went out to war naturally did not have the warmest and more enthusiastic welcome. But at this time, everyone is blessed with these treatments that belong to them. Now they want to have a good rest and have a good rest.
This rest is a month. To put it mildly, it is actually a rest. After a month, everyone wakes up and turns around, except for one person who is seriously injured and has no life worries, but there is no sign of waking up.
"Are you sure you don’t want to get well in Tiancheng and leave now?" Jiuzhong didn’t wake up. Shen Yue represented Tiancheng in everything. He saw the big fiend, the soldier king, the pacifist and please listen to me who came to say goodbye to himself. Although he knew the reasons for their farewell in his heart, he still asked one out of courtesy.
"Haha, wait for me!" Troy and Robert, the two deadly enemies, have already died, and the soldier king feels better. This smile is always on his face. "Troy is dead, but the original order of the world has been completely destroyed by him. Now, except for you, all parts of the world are in the former turmoil, and the so-called heroes are in troubled times. We all want to go back to our country and rebuild our homes. It will take some time to live up to our godsend power!"
Others nodded in agreement.
"Since you all have this idea, I won’t keep you." Shen Yue understood their psychology and smiled sincerely. "I will tell the tiger when the tiger wakes up."
"Thank you very much, Miss Shen." When several people returned out of the hall and went outside to meet their respective teams, they went out of the Huaxia region together and went their separate ways to return to their homes.
In the second half of the month, when they came here from all over the world to take refuge, the supernatural powers also left with great ambitions. Obviously, they all held the same ideas as Bing Wang and others, and they all planned to have some time after returning home.
These people are much calmer from the day after tomorrow, and everything is step by step, while recuperating and waiting for Jiuchong to wake up.
In this calm atmosphere, if the water flows through Jiuzhong, the injury is already serious, but there is still no sign of waking up. In the quiet sleep, Jiuzhong’s whole body halo flow is wrapped in a layer of purple gas, which seems to have entered a wonderful and extraordinary state.
After some discussion, all the people in Tiancheng decided that Jiuzhong’s current state is not only harmful but also beneficial. I am afraid it will be a new transformation after Jiuzhong wakes up in the future.
So people will no longer worry too much, while taking good care of them, they will put more energy into the reconstruction of their homes after the disaster.
As the soldiers said when they left, although Troy was dead and the earth federation he founded was no longer in ruins, the world was destroyed by Troy and the earth federation he led.
The original world order has completely collapsed, and it is difficult to rebuild the original world order because of the strong rise of the new human being, the divine power of the era. This is already an optimistic statement, and it is impossible to seek truth from facts. The new world order is still in the initial stage of exploration, and the prototype has not yet been constructed. This world is bound to have a long period of dark turmoil.
Time flies, white clouds and pale dogs pass by in three years.
Three years ago, after the collapse of the old order in the world, the peak period of unrest has passed. Now, although the unrest remains, the scale is no longer the same, and the table is full of small things.
This situation can be attributed to those epochal supernatural powers who lived in the final World War I and returned to their homes after the war. Among them, the most prominent nature is the Great Devil, the soldier king, the pacifist and please listen to me. They have played a great role in the process of calming the turmoil sweeping the world.
In the final World War I, most of the world’s top era supernatural powers lost their lives. Ninety-nine percent of those who came to the top era supernatural powers were on the side of Tiancheng. Therefore, during the turmoil after the final World War I, the battle group formed by these top era supernatural powers occupied an absolute advantage, and what they accumulated in the final World War I was invincible.
This group of supernatural powers in the top era almost swept away the leaves and swept the ball to quell the unrest, while the sphere of influence expanded rapidly. In three years, most of the world had been ruled by them.
The turmoil has come to an end, but now the world order is never the same as it was before the deity ceremony, and the social environment has got rid of the bad situation, but it is still very bad
It is believed that this situation will be fundamentally improved after a new form of order appears.
China’s ultimate post-World War I country is still in full preparation. Naturally, the degree of national unrest is far less serious than that in other parts of the world, but it is difficult to face the pain of change in the great era without minor chaos.
The only place in the world where there was no turmoil after World War I was Tiancheng.
Tiancheng garden
Chapter one hundred and forty-two Wake up
Today, Shen Yueshou, a carefree event, and a group of confidantes all gathered in the Central Garden, talking and laughing with each other, and the atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable.
"Wow, haha, it’s really a lot of happiness. I just woke up to see such a beautiful picture!" Not far from the girls, a figure crouched among the flowers, looking at the front with a wretched face. The girls muttered, "Don’t be so reserved, move up. I don’t like it!"
"Who? !” The figure in the flowers looks a little forgetful, and the girls in front are all extraordinary. Once, the top ninja Miyazawa Shinji was the most alert, and he found the obscene figure in the grass and left a ghosting image in place. The person has descended like an arrow.
"ah!" Who knows just rushed into the grass Miyazawa true snow hasn’t come to see the true colors of the people in the grass, so he was crouched in the grass and pulled into his arms without any room for reaction, and he couldn’t help but let out a scream.
"ah!" The scream was followed by another scream, but it was a scream of surprise because Miyazawa really saw the face that took her into her arms.
"Whoops …!" Perseverance Miyazawa is really hard to control his emotions, and he cries like a flood of tears.
Now Miyazawa’s true snow can still make her mood so out of control, and there is that person who makes her dream and infatuate.
Among the flowers, at this time, the person who held Miyazawa Shin Snow in his arms was none other than the ultimate one who was in a coma for three years after World War I.
"Hey hey, did you miss me?" Jiuchong brightly laughed
"Boo hoo, I’m dying!" Miyazawa really snow a pair of jade arms hooked on the nine heavy necks, and she couldn’t stop crying.
"I miss you, too. I want to die soon!" I feel that the feelings of people in my arms have never been serious, and it is rare to leave true feelings, gently caress the back of a beautiful woman and say sincere words.
"ah! ! !” At this moment, a scream sounded, and Shen Yue and other women rushed over to see Jiuchong in the grass. First, I couldn’t believe it. I rubbed my eyes to make sure that all this was not an illusion. In their eyes, when Jiuchong was alive, one by one, like a homing swallow, I rushed into Jiuchong’s arms.
Nine heavy arms nature is not so many people, so nine heavy by daughters threw himself on the ground by daughters, nine heavy see daughters peak sexually eyes so frightened way "no, you don’t want to directly put the husband on the spot here? ! Although I like this tone very much, I just woke up and I’m a little afraid I can’t satisfy you! Can we postpone it for a few days until I can mend my body? !”
"Go to hell!" Tao Feng’s powder fist angrily beats on the nine-fold chest, but if you look at Tao Feng’s pretty face, it’s already misty with tears, and your eyes are wet with the pretty face. "Why did it take you so long for a dead man to wake up?" TaoFeng repeatedly questioned while constantly pounding.
Several other women didn’t have such a fierce reaction as Tao Feng, but they all cried in the rain and hugged Jiuzhong tightly and never wanted to let go again.
"… it’s all my fault for worrying you for so long!" Nine fold arms around the daughters and gentle words.
Nine-fold awakening is a great event for the people of Tiancheng. Naturally, it is necessary to celebrate it vigorously. For three days in a row, everyone is happy and everyone enjoys themselves.