In the middle of the day, I disdained to laugh. "Hum, these Ukrainian roots need our killer!"

As soon as the Yugoslav capital was broken, all saints league players lost their greatest reliance and were forced to fight each other on equal terms. As a result, all saints league players’ front was even more unbearable. After a while, they were rushed into the city by the other Marine Corps Department, and the encirclement of the resurrection point in the city shrank from all directions, killing the past Mi Group 2.
Normally, in the era, the primary goal of attacking the city, plundering the village and rushing into the city is the city’s heart. Only by destroying the city’s heart can we really occupy the city.
However, Sirius and Sunrise didn’t do it this time. Because of the phrase "dog uǐ", they wanted to kill all saints league players around the resurrection point and return to the novice village.
As the saying goes, even if the troops are superior to the other side, it is difficult to reorganize their offensive once they are defeated. Now, the troops are far less than the other side, and there is no possibility of reorganizing the offensive.
It’s like driving a dog into a poor alley. The players of All Saints Alliance were killed by the joint army of North Korea and Vietnam. The encirclement was narrowed rapidly. It took more than ten minutes to completely surround the players of All Saints Alliance in the central square of the city where the resurrection point is located.
All saints league players do this for nothing, knowing that once they are completely trapped in the central square and waiting for them, it will be a nightmare, and all saints league players will fight to the death.
But the will has been completely suppressed by others, and it seems so pale to resist again.
Although all saints league players are fighting to the death, the encirclement is still irreversible, and it continues to narrow and then narrows.
In the end, all saints league players were finally completely trapped and died in the central square where all saints are resurrected.
At this time, it’s the day when the road enters the ground, and the eyes of all saints alliance players are surrounded by enemies. Lu’s heart is full of despair … It’s over!
In the square, all saints alliance players are looking at the overwhelming enemy’s recent love affair, and their hearts are full of despair and strong unwillingness. She Huoshanshan’s IQ is 160, and she can definitely rely on her wisdom and beauty with her wrist. In the virtual game Era, Hun has become a virtual world queen.
But who thinks that since her brother fought against that sacred party, it has been frustrated many times. That sacred party is like a nemesis in her life. All her intelligence and all her means can’t stand Hun in front of him. Up to now, the scene she expected has plummeted, and it is so bleak to be killed back to the novice village.
She is so good, so good, so unwilling! !
Desperate, unwilling to rest in my heart, I struggled to shout, "If someone can save me now and let me get through this, I … I’ll be committed! !”
"Big … crunching … kill! ! !” As soon as the cry in the heart of Butterfly Lovers fell, I suddenly heard a loud sound on the periphery of their encirclement, followed by a sharp sound, followed by a tearing cry and killing. Then I heard the semi-spherical defense front formed by Vietnam and North Korea screaming, and the players’ bodies fell from half like rain.
But in the blink of an eye, the players in Vietnam and Korea haven’t reacted yet. What’s the matter? The encirclement formed by their war troops in the middle of the game has been torn through by people.
A band of light was thrown into the all saints alliance player array in the encirclement, which brought them a ray of light.
Touching this light, the players of All Saints Alliance have unexpectedly felt a glimmer of hope in their hearts, and they all looked up at the light and saw a torrent of steel like a black dragon.
It was not until the semi-encirclement was torn by straight lines that the joint forces of Vietnam and Korea reacted to the enemy attack.
At this time, it was found that Sirius and Sun Yat-sen had driven their mounts to see a mountain as tall as Yue in the middle school. méén rushed out of the army and rushed into their own battle players’ array to kill them.
Sirius and that proud and numerous war force in the heyday were just like soil and tile dogs in front of this war force that came out of the door, so they rushed through the war all the way.
"This ….. this exactly is which come of troops? !” Sirius and heyday before a big surprise way
"It’s good to call!" At this moment, a sigh of relief came from the huge door, and a figure flashed out from behind the door.
The square was trapped. All Saints Union players stared at this figure and gasped in disbelief. "… Fang Sheng! !”
Chapter three hundred and twenty-one Against
? See unexpectedly is nine heavy to save her recent, there is no reason for my heart to be happy. Zhan Yan smiled, but when I saw the women who appeared behind nine heavy, my smile froze in my face (! Win q coins)
"How can Fang Sheng come to save us?" All saints league players don’t feel strange. "Aren’t we right?"? !”
"… maybe he was passing by … hey, whatever! It’s always a good thing to come. With them here, we will definitely not be killed back to the novice village by players in Vietnam and North Korea! After all, they are the strongest combat group in China! "
"Yes and yes! You see, you see, this is the hell’s flower-fighting force? Isn’t this too fierce? ! It’s just like killing pigs and dogs! "
"Kill well! It’s good to kill all these dogs’ ui! !”
In the past, the All Saints’ Union and the Hell Blossom are sworn enemies, but at present, when facing the invading forces from different regions, they have temporarily forgotten this hostile state and are not stingy with their enthusiasm. The Hell Blossom War troops cheer on them.
However, now the soldiers are wild, luàn, and the players of the Hellfire Riding Corps can’t hear the cheers of the All Saints League players. At this moment, they are focusing their attention on killing the enemy like an enemy black dragon that shuttles through the sky, destroying the memory of death and injury.
Even though the fighting forces in Vietnam and Korea were respectively increased by 1% by the ing bonus group of "Sirius Fan" and "Glory to All Living Beings", they still looked so vulnerable in front of the Hell Wild Flower Riding Corps. The result is that the fighting power of the Hell Wild Flower Riding Corps is one level higher than that of the Vietnam and Korea fighting forces after the ing bonus, so it takes only three seconds for a genius to remember 4 ∴ 065
Seeing that our own millions of combat troops were rushed by each other’s more than one million combat troops, Sirius and the heyday couldn’t help but gasp and say this … Where on earth did such a tough army come from? !
But now is not the time to think about this matter. They have lost more than half of their combat troops for a moment. Once the department is annihilated and out of control, the disaster of their ground troops will come. Sirius and the sun will never allow this to happen.
Sirius and Sun Yat-sen immediately ordered all marines with pets to join the battle support forces to fight this unfamiliar army.
Ordered a Vietnam area and Korea area, and more than two million marines were promoted to fight to support their troops.