Look at this appearance, it turns out that the shape inside is ten times that of the outside, and the grotesque variety of brilliance floats. That is the magic weapon of Guangcheng refining and collecting in those days. Although Song Changgeng was stunned for a while, he immediately reacted. He didn’t rush to take things and carefully observed some laws here.

On the surface, the grotesque magic weapons here are all suspended in the middle, and all kinds of brilliance are messy. But if you take a closer look at Song Changgeng, there are still laws to follow. The outermost layer accounts for half of all kinds of brilliance, such as long swords, long swords and large shields. If it is classified according to the present, it should be some advanced magic weapons, with more than 300 pieces.
The first floor is a magic weapon with a unique shape, such as tripod, stove, sword, mirror, etc., which occupies a third of the place. These things are smaller in size and the number is only a hundred or so. But look at that shape, it turns out to be the ultimate magic weapon and some magic weapons in Song Chang-geng’s hand are much higher than those in today’s monastic world, which add up to as many as here.
The innermost things are very small, and the number of grotesque features is even less than a dozen. However, it is best for Song Chang-geng to know that the sacred objects are dull and have no brilliance, because they have been restored to the original. In terms of these treasures, Song Chang-geng’s ancient treasures, such as the Heaven Mirror, the Jiu Yi Ding, the Qing Mi Bottle, and the Taiyi Golden Scale Boat, can be compared with these treasures.
It was after taking a look at the difference between good and bad that Song Chang-geng took out the green stork bottle and released a one-meter thick five-color Guanghua, which rushed to the center and rolled up a dozen treasures along the way. After reaching the innermost part, the five-color Guanghua seemed to have spirituality and drew a small circle to directly roll up the dozens of treasures.
Although the dozens of things looked nothing special, when the five-color Guanghua scrolled them, Song Changgeng felt that there was a huge pressure, and the scrolling was surprisingly heavy. At this time, he saw that the small door behind had released golden light. Obviously, Zheng Dianxian had cracked the door and the seal was coming in.
In a hurry, he jerked his life. After the five-color Guanghua rose and shrank, it seemed to be condensed into a colorful jade belt. As soon as he turned around, Song Changgeng quickly put away the green stork bottle. So in a short time, he felt that he had lost a lot of money in Jing Yuan. I’m afraid he couldn’t come back without more than ten years of hard training.
I didn’t think much about it. He flew directly down the five-color Guanghua exit channel of the green stork bottle just now and came to the center. When he looked up, he saw that the top floor was a huge circular array, which obviously led to the surface channel. When he was about to break the seal, he saw that the back door had already punched Zheng Dianxian and rushed in with a flush. Obviously, he was hurt when he broke the seal.
The two men looked at each other as Zheng Dianxian walked inside and collected treasures along the way. At this time, Song Chang-geng had already sent purple light from his hands to break the ban on lotus flower and seal it on the circular array at the top.
At this time, the outside has become a mess. When the boat comes out of the water, those good and evil people are both red-eyed, but they are not stopped by husband and wife, master Yu Qing, Ye Bin and Yang Jin, who are all around then. Although they are masters, they say that they want to be with the bones and gods.
At that time, when everyone was planning, they had already divided the work. The top players like Bones God were blocked by a few people who were divided into four directions, while those who were not good at the then stage were put in the past. The worried younger brother in charge of the defense was responsible for blocking Song Changgeng’s all-in-one job because he brought hundreds of younger brothers this time.
The most important thing is that they have the support of the serial array. Although people flying from all directions make these brothers a little nervous, they feel the same atmosphere because the serial array helps all the brothers to become one. Although they are a little nervous and afraid, they are not worried because they know that their cultivation is the highest method. There are so many students at the root that they don’t have to care about each other.
All the nervousness and fear are due to the inexperience of the first large array. Seeing the other side flying in, I know that the younger brothers will be more nervous. I am responsible for leading the Oriental Purple Xuanfeng. First, I will let go of my flying sword after drinking a little. Other students in this direction have already made moves, and they have also suppressed their fears. I have trained this defense in advance to defend against this attack.
See purple Xuanfeng has begun to be responsible for leading the west. Princess Changping is responsible for Xu Feiniang in the south and Jade Butterfly, the little girl in the north. They also guide other brothers to attack the people around them. Although they are fighting separately, they will be helped if someone is injured or unable to support them.
Although they have more than 100 people, they are not afraid to look at these dressing the departments with white clothes, red flowers and lichens in Phnom Penh. Both men and women are very young, but their skill is to cooperate with each other in the then period, so that the two masters of good and evil are in their hearts.
You know, the capability like this was in the then period, and it was obviously a sect. Everyone here actually didn’t know those people who were not right, and those people who were afraid of heterodox were even more heart-pounding. They had never seen such a unified brother, but they had never heard of it, but the right person’s mind was fully aware that these people made the geography tactic brilliant, and the atmosphere was obviously a mysterious vein, and they were relieved.
Yue Wen, the eldest brother of Bai Guyi, who is leading the chase after the clouds, shouted with all his skill, "All my brothers in the right alliance must stop these heretics from attacking these friends. Since they are here, they must be arranged by Wudang Dadian, and everyone can’t be the same."
Volume 22 Raiders of the Lost Ark Chapter 210 Difficult to do inside and out
His voice made many people in the right path stunned, and then they all came for nothing. Since the other person is a person in the right path, let’s get rid of those people in the wrong path first. By virtue of everyone being in the right path, how can we all share some magic weapons? Most people in the right path think so. They all work with their peers or friends or know people to deal with the nearby evil path.
When Zi Xuanfeng saw that someone on the other side was divided into camps, he knew that he couldn’t be careless. The master often said that people in the right path were just being moral. People in the right path wouldn’t say that they were doing things with their own hearts. Those who are full of morality are the most dangerous. If you believe them, you might be stabbed in the dark at some time.
Therefore, he saw that many of his classmates gave up attacking the so-called right path and drank, "All brothers who dare to break into the defense circle will be killed and no outsiders will be allowed to impulse the array."
Xu Fei Niang can’t help but praise in her heart, but Lian Gongyao around her has a face of anger. "Master, how can this person be like this?" He doesn’t accept people who are in the right path and doesn’t help them. Why do people rush near him and kill them? Is it really the right person? How is it colder than those evil spirits? It’s disgusting. "
This made her worried brother-in-law angry. If she was not Xu Fei’s brother-in-law, I’m afraid she would have hit someone! A fool doesn’t know how just he is. Don’t you know that the knot array is most afraid of chaos? If you distort the law and bypass the other side because you are close to the same person, isn’t it dangerous to have a flaw in your own law?
Not only are these worried brothers angry, but Xu Fei Niang is also very unhappy. At the same time, she has a first-class qualification and understanding for a while, but she is too young to be educated by her father, and her sense of justice is too strong. Xu Fei Niang said that she is a casual practitioner without saying that she is a Wutai Sect .. At ordinary times, she teaches more cultivation than these good and evil things.
Now, the little girl humiliated herself. She looked around her eyes and was angry and worried about her younger brother. She whispered, "Red medicine, shut up. If you don’t know, don’t talk nonsense. What you fear most is chaos, especially because people from the same camp are scattered nearby. If you let them pass or spare them, it will make the array chaotic and give the enemy the opportunity. Everyone will be in danger then."
She will continue to teach her brother to listen to a shout, "Xu Shishu told them to stop! My master is a Taoist in Banana Shirt. I am Wei Chiyuan, a thunderbolt from Dongting Mountain in Taihu Lake, Jiangsu Province. I visited you with my master in Wuyunbu, Huangshan Mountain. I’m here to see and he wants you to stop these people! "
A disciple of Taoist Banana Shirt? Wei Chiyuan, a thunderbolt from Dongting Mountain, Taihu Lake, Jiangsu Province, of course knows, but she has just finished saying that her apprentice can’t stop or distort the law at will, and now there are acquaintances to plead, which makes her embarrassed and angry. She is thinking about how to scold him and then drive him away. She didn’t notice that her apprentice was looking at herself with a strange look.
Thoughtfully, Lian Hongyao suddenly pointed out next to her when she was about to speak, "Master, you lied to me. You said that you were a Mount Huangshan scholar, but how did the man say that you were his uncle? Why didn’t you tell me since you had a sect? When you crossed my mountain, you said you would accept me as a mantle, but what is it now? How can you do this? "
A famous fire arose in Xu Fei Niang’s heart, and the mood of loving cheap red medicine at ordinary times was overwhelmed by her ignorance of light and heavy words. At the same time, Wei Chi-yuan, the thunderbolt from Dongting Mountain in Taihu Lake, Jiangsu Province, embarrassed herself in front of her worried younger brother and became angry. At that time, her face changed. She gave a hard look at the outside and then turned to look at her apprentice.
Of course, she is young and everything is still the center of her own thoughts or feelings. She doesn’t know how to put herself in other people’s shoes, and she doesn’t know when to say what to say and what not to say. She has no sense of proportion at home. Her father was spoiled by a daughter and developed a sexual temper. After learning from her teacher, she also spoiled herself. Now she is eating fruit.
Although Bai is so angry, the anger is still arching in her heart. She was just about to reprimand Lian Gongyao when she felt a huge shock. She just started to exercise and stabilize her ear. She blasted dully, and a yin chill filled Xu Feiniang’s heart. With her years of experience, she knew that this yin master was very powerful.
The essence of the vitality of heaven and earth is that the aura of heaven and earth is a kind of strength that can be absorbed by all kinds of creatures. Practitioners mostly improve themselves based on this strength, but there are many different ways to improve themselves. There are many kinds of aura that can be divided into positive and negative, and the most bizarre one is the ghostly spirit. Now there are very few practitioners practicing.
Among these people, there is less fame, but once they become famous, they are all hegemons. Judging from this Yin-Qi Xu Feiniang, the bearer is the strangest of the practitioners, Xu Wan, the ghost saint of Mount Mangshan.
Now, although there are people in all directions with different skills, Xu Wan, the ghost saint of North Mangshan Mountain, is obviously blocked by a kind of person like the God of Bones. He is a husband and wife who have a fierce struggle. Just now, the explosion was caused by two kinds of thunder methods. Xu Feiniang knows that the situation is getting more and more tense now, and she doesn’t care about her disciple God’s command to stop these small fish and shrimp.
At the same time, I looked to the people just now. It was the disciple Wei Chiyuan, a thunderbolt from Dongting Mountain in Taihu Lake, Jiangsu Province. He was with several men and women who didn’t know each other, but seeing them make the method tactic was obviously five steps and one pulse was about to persuade them to stay away from those people. People who were worried about the door after seeing the thunderbolt Wei Chiyuan’s propaganda still didn’t stop.
One of the women pointed out, "Nephew Wei Chi, don’t pay attention to that bitch. My master has long said that the woman has forgotten how she was treated well by her father in the Yuan Dynasty. Now she is bent on pleasing those people who are on the right path. Look, she is now working with these people. If people ignore us, they will know that my master is right."
Xu Feiniang felt a quiver in her heart. She called her nephew Wei Chiyuan, the thunderbolt hand. It was obviously the same generation as the banana unlined upper garment Taoist. It was very embarrassing for Xu Feiniang to have a seniority in Wutai School. She came to be a disciple of Taiyi Mixed Yuan, but that old thing not only tried to cultivate her beauty, but also promoted her seniority and let her be her school sister. Finally, she married.
However, in Wutai School, people don’t want to admit her seniority, especially after Taiyi mixed Yuan’s father died. People like Taoist Banana and others regard her as a peer. His apprentice, Wei Chiyuan, is called Uncle Xu Fei Niang, but now that female granduncle has said a few words about many Wutai School people’s dissatisfaction with Xu Fei Niang.
When the founder of Taiyi mixed Yuan was besieged by the Three Immortals in the East China Sea and seriously injured when fighting swords in Emei, deus ex fled back to Wutai Mountain and died. Wutai sent his brothers to be afraid of Emei’s revenge, but they were all birds and beasts and scattered. Xu Feiniang, the wife of Taiyi mixed Yuan’s founder, did not set out to avenge him, but lived in seclusion in Huangshan Wuyunbu, and everyone else was very dissatisfied.
When Xu Fei Niang was difficult to do inside and outside, the river center was in a new situation. Since Zheng Dianxian and Song Changgeng flew to the golden boat, Ouyang Shuang and other brothers watched the golden boat. Everyone saw that the spider food would run out and the golden spider could not support it. They were afraid that the magic weapon would fly out and they didn’t catch it. It was a waste of time.