Gu Jingke looked at it but didn’t talk. Did Mu Ming walk with the two of them and have lunch without rubbing?

Anyway, if she doesn’t pay the bill, whether to eat first or to investigate the case first, she is really hungry because she doesn’t eat for one afternoon.
As soon as the police officers entered the restaurant, they ordered some side dishes, perhaps because they were too hungry. It took 30 minutes from food to dinner, and then they lined up to find their partners and acted quickly.
This is when they should relax, relax when they shouldn’t, and never relax!
"Meet at this tree in an hour!" Qi Shaochen scanned everyone’s face with cold and stern eyes, and there was a big tree on his right, which was luxuriant and just cool.
It won’t be too hot when people come and get together later. In the shade under the tree, the temperature is obviously a little lower than the surrounding area. Xia Feng swept over those many summers and turned to the apex after gently teasing them.
Mu Ming and Gu Jingke also form a team, and Qi Shaochen and Cheng Man are naturally a team, but these four people are from the Central Exhibition of the Big Tree. I don’t know how long it will take, but it seems that it will be close to an hour and the agreement is still fine.
At the end of the day, a team of police officers seemed to find something valuable and called four people to a barber shop!
When the waiting department gathered in the barber shop, the police officer nodded at the barber shop owner.
Muming and Gu Jingke checked out from a bag shop and found that a police officer had just informed Cheng Man and Qi Shaochen to go to a shop. At the same time, they both deepened their eyes and raised their steps to follow them!
The police officer found that it was a barber shop. He took people to the barber shop and his face and eyes were very strange.
Keep looking at Qi Shaochen and Cheng Manshen as if they were awkward. He wanted to wake up, but he finally thought about it, but he withdrew his sight and then the wind and waves. These two people have also seen such a small incident as a worse barber shop.
After entering the barber shop, several people knew why the police officers had such strange eyes.
Scanning the barber shop for a week can clearly see the decoration of this barber shop … The workers and hairdressers are male and female, but all of them are wearing colorful hair and the colors are very bright and eye-catching
This is a barber’s shop. Barbers’ hair is like this. It’s not this, but their attitude towards the police.
Seeing them come in, since no one came to greet them, a middle-aged woman lazily raised her head and was about forty years old. Her face was lazy and her makeup was thick to cover up the wrinkles.
At this time, she looked at them with a sneer at the corner of her mouth. She hooked up her big red nails and said, "Officer, you brought so many people here this time. I don’t know if we can honestly tell what the barber shop is doing!"
Her sarcastic face became extremely scary in an instant, and her makeup changed at the same time. "Will you let us do business?"
One second ago, I was still asking a low question, and the next second, I was a little harsh and harsh, which meant one light and one soft, and one two phases cooperated with each other. She felt that this move would definitely make the police cling to it. After all, the police officer who had just come to check his shop was forced out by her.
The little police officer’s face became very difficult to see in an instant. At last, he looked at the talents such as Cheng Man and Qi Shaochen who took back their hearts a little. He said that Cheng Team could handle it.
Although the proprietress of this barber shop is extremely unreasonable, provocative and importunate, these people will definitely solve it!
The little police officer firmly believes that his company is just when he has something to do. The boss raised his eyes and glared at him. "I said I want to see your company. Is this your boss?"
When she lifted it, she pointed to Mu Ming’s four eyes, contempt and a little sense of being ignored. She obviously didn’t believe in the four young men and women in front of her, which made her feel extremely ignored.
To be honest, such a person is too insecure, and it is very likely that he has suffered somewhere. Find out the air bag here.
But she seems to be barking up the wrong tree. The four of them are not vegetarians!
Before the little police officer sent Cheng Man, he took a step forward. "We are his company. Do you think it is too young?"
A startled look appeared in the proprietress’s eyes. Indeed, she had just prepared this excuse to blow people out, and now she was preempted by the other side. She couldn’t help but be surprised. Her eyes were slightly flowing like she was looking at it.
"It’s a few police officers who are really young." She almost gnashed her teeth and spit out words from her mouth, which made people feel bloody and bold, as if the stranger was her sworn enemy.
Several hairdressers sat watching the drama and didn’t come to stop or help, because the boss-in-law never needed help. If anyone meddled, they would have to bear it themselves afterwards.
They sat together more or less with their eyes looking at this side. When several female hairdressers saw Qi Shaochen and Gu Jingke, their eyes moved and their hearts were beating fast. There was a faint possibility that they wanted to strike up a conversation before.
If it weren’t for the boss’s wife sitting here, those budding female hairdressers would have gone to some barber shop long ago. There were no guests, but the former police officer came in and the guests left in a hurry.
"But young people can’t be used as food. We want to do business. Please move your steps and take three big steps back!" Boss-in-law’s eyes are staring straight at people, and their mouths are full of explosives.
"But you can’t eat when you’re not young." Cheng Man spit out these words coldly. The proprietress’s face was so transient that Cheng Manxian was insinuating that she was not young!
She raised her hand and touched her face, which was stiff, just like a woman’s skin has been aging since she was 25 years old, and she has been properly maintained, and she looks only about 30 years old at this age.
But her proud maintenance collar is so worthless in the eyes of these individuals. When her fingers are trembling and she wants to get angry, she gets up and smells sharp. "You don’t know anything!"
"Get out!" She pointed her eyes at the door, and the barbers were extremely angry and surprised. They had never seen the proprietress so out of control, and she was never in the wind every time she quarreled. This time it was the other way around.
"My shop doesn’t welcome the police to visit!" She kept her voice down and drank low, obviously because she didn’t want people coming and going outside to hear it. If she was heard, she might not know how her store’s reputation would be lost.
"The police investigation also asks you to cooperate." Qi Shaochen took out the police officer’s card and the barber raised his eyes to know that the former police officer had just taken out the police officer’s card and said that he was a policeman and was blown out by the wife of shop-owner.
I don’t know what this person will be like now …
Section 15
I was so rude to the boss’s wife just now, but now I don’t want anything from her. It’s a turn of the tide!
Muming’s seeing her face clearly means that she is neither cold nor light from the side. "You know, this is not what we want from you, but …"
Her eyes are cold and cold, and a few people are cold. Her thin lips are slightly open, and her fingers are placed in front of her eyes for a few times. "It’s that the police give you a chance to clear the suspect. If you don’t need this opportunity, just say so-"
In the previous step, she looked directly at the boss’s wife. "We can stop playing games and directly refuse to cooperate with the police to arrest you because we have every reason to suspect your misconduct."
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☆ The scene of 15 quarrels and spills reappears
As soon as this word fell, it was like a stone stirring up a thousand waves, rippling in the water like a blade. It was so dangerous that many shop assistants were white-faced. Although they didn’t know what the police were doing, they felt that something was wrong when they heard it.
His face is not as calm as it used to be. If the proprietress of this shop is caught, their jobs may not be smashed!
Thinking that the hairdressers were hanging high, a young girl took the lead, but she didn’t dare to slap the boss’s face in the face. After a circle in her mind, she thought of a way to get the best of both worlds.
The proprietress’s face turned stiff and blue, and her fingers twisted the chair towel into a ball. After Muming’s words, she thought a lot and thought that the police wanted something. Now she knows that she can’t play with these police officers who are good at investigation.