Where the hell did he go!

She has a dignified look. Never before has she been so worried about "Give me a chance and I will slap him!"
What nonsense is it that people are missing at the most critical moment? I’m worried to death. I can’t stand it!
She’s sexually hot, and it’s strange that she’s not angry because of all this noise. Now it’s under control, and it’s better not to go to find someone immediately.
"Did you slap him?" Qi Shaochen asked a Cheng Man angry stare big eyes and took a deep breath and stopped talking.
"Li Yuan came out" gently in the car to a Muming eyes slightly gathered at the door of the evening show where there was a figure behind Fu Tan.
His hand is impressively a figure, a faint figure. They are familiar with Li Yuan, and it is not difficult to see that he is the person they are worried about going to.
Holding Li Yuan is a man who doesn’t know his name for the time being. He and Li Yuan came out later, perhaps because holding a faint person walked slowly.
This is also the reason why they misunderstood Li Yuan’s disappearance.
Cheng Man quickly gave up staring at Qi Shaochen and turned his head to look in the direction Mu Ming said. She stared at it carefully and determined her identity. She gently hissed.
Before she could breathe completely, she asked again, "What’s going on? Li Yuan, what state is he in now? "
Was it hijacked or beaten-these are all possible, and she still has some worries.
"He is now a trick to enter their circle." Cheng Man was shocked and said, "So soon?"
I didn’t expect that there were two brushes in this small room. Her mood changed and she said, "How do you know?"
Gu Jingke reached out and put his hand in his eyes, inscrutable and said, "Guess"
Cheng Man’s forehead hangs three black lines. This ya is really black to the extreme. If she can guess, will he say it back? She will ask? !
"…" Cheng Man was silent for a moment, then turned and looked at Li Yuan. Suddenly her eyes were slightly white. "I know!"
Gu Jingke’s posture is long and motionless, just like him. Muming is sitting next to him with a calm face. Looking out of the window, Cheng Man is worried that both of them are surprisingly calm.
"I know how you know!" Cheng Man will beat his hand on the window and be pleasantly surprised. "That Xiao Cong is fingering in code!"
She saw Li Yuan’s fingers close to his trouser legs and kept beating. This is a code word that the police know!
"You just didn’t look at the code word" Muming pulled the corners of his mouth to tell the truth. Cheng Man’s ears were hot for a second and then returned to normal.
"It’s not that you don’t know that my personality is always fine." Cheng Man paused and muttered, "I don’t know how it got into them, but it feels strange and tight."
Gu Jingke swept his eyes slightly and then quickly relaxed. "He probably drank a lot of wine in it or he wouldn’t be helped out."
At this time, Li Yuanchao was strongly supported, and the second army quickly pulled the car out and said, "Where should I put him with this little body full of alcohol?"
Muming four people sat quietly in the car, watching their car change direction from the parking lot, and then hearing their faint interval, Mann was the first to be surprised because she heard a strong speech!
This is exactly the same as what Gu Jingke said. Drinking is equal to smelling of alcohol. Li Yuan is really drinking!
Gu Jingke said that this must have made Cheng Man look at him more, but she didn’t say anything. She thought this man was absolutely not bad with Muming.
"The fastest way for men to make friends in it is usually to drink in the queue. You are not used to looking at me like this." Gu Jingke quietly made eyes slightly hooked.
Besides being unaccustomed to him, he was afraid that Qi Shaochen would misunderstand Qi Shaochen’s eyes, which looked like he was going to eat him. Besides that, he wanted to look at the outside situation carefully.
Cheng Man suddenly realized that it was normal for women and men to think differently by withdrawing their eyes and pressing the bass, "So that’s it."
Several people lowered their voices and looked at the three people outside quietly. They were still deadlocked outside the car. They didn’t find four people in a car not far away.
"Second Army, don’t let me put it in the back driver’s seat. Where can he put it in this big brother?" I’m trying to help people, but I don’t want the car to yell outside.
"You don’t know sitting in the back seat with him?" The second army disliked pie pie, "Let the eldest brother sit in the passenger seat behind you and this little one."
It’s also a way to think about it, but for a moment, he thought that he would sit with Li Yuan later and couldn’t help squinting. "Is this for me to sit with this little guy?"
"Aren’t you talking nonsense? If you don’t sit with him, do you want big brother to sit with him? " The second army pressed the horn impatiently. "Stop talking nonsense and get people here quickly!"
Vigorously blinked to pull the door suddenly Li Yuan plug in "the eldest brother I endure! You’d better behave yourself and don’t throw up, or I’ll just push you out of the car and take care of your life! "
The second army couldn’t help laughing when he heard this nonsense. "He was so drunk and muddy that he couldn’t hear you. Hurry to the car and ask me for a car."
Section 174
Vigorously stop talking nonsense, and the car will gradually use its original position to stop at night in front of Fu Tan. The security guard hurried over and bent down the door and said, "Please pay Mr."
Boss Kim said hello and they must treat him like a boss.
After losing their jobs, they dare not relax.
Fu Tan got into the driver’s seat and frowned at the smell of alcohol all over the car. If I had known the smell was so big, he would have let Li Yuan take a taxi.
The second army saw that his face changed, and hurriedly took a taxi from the window to smooth the road. After that, he asked, "Does Big Brother still smell?"
He has just smelled it for so long that he can’t tell whether he has paid attention to it or not. His face is scarred and "pale"
"The second army, you will also hit the back window. It smells terrible!" Vigorously reached out and pushed Li Yuan’s head. "My nose is sour!"
It’s normal that he can’t help it.
The second army put the window to smell the fresh air, immediately put its head out of the window and took a deep breath, instantly sighing about life.
He has suffered all kinds of hardships before, and he has been used to living a good life in recent years. Instead, he has cultivated his body and squeezed his thigh vigorously, and he withdrew his sight without saying anything.
Maybe he didn’t like Li Yuan, which led him to be too angry. After that, he became his own hand and he must have tortured him to death.
Cheng Man four people wait for them to drive out for a while to make sure that they are driving in the direction of the hotel, so they no longer rush back to the city bureau and wait for Zhao Bureau to meet.
"What’s the situation?" Zhao bureau see people ask face nasty meaning is not pretending to be "Li Yuan others? Is there anything wrong? "
Cheng Man suddenly felt that Zhao Bureau was particularly fond of Doby, so he laughed. "Zhao Bureau, do you want to have an accident or not?"