The clouds don’t pay attention to Zhao Jian. They booed and turned to go to the mountain.

While Zhao Jian laughed at each other as if they had suddenly found something in their hearts.
Tang Xingze looked on coldly at Zhao Jian. Their eyes were full of disdain, but they looked at the clouds with a surprise.
Cut a face like a cone of jade (Chapter 21)
Gradually, Zhao Jian and their hateful sounds have been lost, and the pace of walking clouds has slowed down.
I looked up at this piece of land in front of me, which is the place where Xingyun came to practice martial arts in his spare time. This small piece of land bears the sweat and memories of Xingyun’s hard work and swordsmanship over the years, but his body has been honed in the whole Qingcheng School, claiming to be the second, and no one dares to say the first, although no one pays attention to it.
At present, all major swordsmen pay attention to the cultivation of external skills, but they are disdainful. The reason is very simple: practicing external skills needs to be accumulated for years as well as work, which will naturally take up a large number of practitioners’ cultivation skills, but sometimes it is far less powerful than the achievements. The external skills are almost abandoned by all major sects, except for a few sects that have already practiced external skills, such as Shaolin Temple Luohan and King Kong Gate.
The consequence of overemphasizing merit is that most swordsmen’s physical fitness is not very good. Although they have meritorious health care, their external foundation has not been laid well. Without a strong body, meritorious service is also biased.
The walking cloud first developed a good posture, and then gained magical powers. It is said that the fish’s paws have made the walking cloud go, and it has grown and paved the way. Although the walking cloud started slowly, it was much faster than others. At this time, if you let the walking cloud take off his coat, you can see that the muscles of the walking cloud are solid, strong and soft. Although the walking cloud looks plain, it is perfect among men. Unfortunately, Qingcheng Mountain is much more confident to win the first place than the figure.
Came to the center of the earth, Yunyun took a deep breath and calmed down. Just now, because of the ups and downs of seeing Zhao Jian, Yunyun threw all his distractions out. Yunyun didn’t want to make any more mistakes. The next day, it was big, for example, if we had another average computer virus, we would not be sure that Yunyun would have as good luck as yesterday.
Slowly draw your sword in your hand and adjust yourself. At present, there are two qi in your body, but now the cloud can make one qi at the same time. This is because the cloud has just mastered the magical power of cutting face and jade, and it is not long to ask for it when practicing. It is safe to make one qi temporarily. It is a cautious person.
It is also beneficial to do so. Although the intensity of Qi decreases during the attack, it increases during the duration. When one Qi fights, another Qi can recover a small amount, which will not be as simple as doubling the duration.
Xingyun decided to experiment with the magical power of cutting face first, because after all, it seems that the magical power of cutting face is fiercer than that of jade deficiency, and Xingyun feels so.
Work will be changed at will, and it will be added to the right hand of the cloud by the mind, and then guided by the right hand to match the sword. Because the work of the cloud is to see the biggest result, it is also a force.
At this time, if we follow the past experience, the firm but gentle will come out, and then the clouds can draw our current level from the length, width and concentration of this firm but the problem has happened!
Now, no matter how hard the cloud works, its handle has always cherished the abnormality, and even the sword is unwilling to give up. However, at this moment, a shrill sound was like a metal rubbing sound, and the sword in the hand of the cloud was faint!
100% of Yan Shen’s skill is injected with no firm but gentle, which can’t help but make Yunyun furious. You know, if Yunyun doesn’t hand this Qingcheng unified sword now, it means that his original iron sword and his original work can be an inch long and firm but now the sword is good and the true spirit is much more than the original, but there is no response at all. !
This really makes Xingyun angry, just calm down, and his mood is getting anxious again. Although Xingyun is cautious, how can he control this mood when he thinks that he will not be able to change the fate of him and Yuan Sirong?
At this time, Xingyun was extremely depressed and agitated, and there was another person not far away who wondered that it was Tang Xing.
Tang Xing has been staying in the tree not far away for a long time, so far, Tang Xing, it is puzzling to see.
At that time, when Zhao Jian and others were booing, Tang Xing was very appreciative of traveling clouds except for disdaining their practices. Besides, Tang Xing was not as indulgent in having fun as Zhao Jian and others. You know, Tang Men is now in ZTE, and he is either working hard or trying to develop a new hidden weapons poison.
Tang Xing, as a new generation of Tangmen, naturally won’t fall behind others, and Tang Xingshen’s personality makes him spend almost all his time practicing martial arts. It is only natural that he should make great achievements. Although Tangmen’s hidden weapons poison is famous all over the world, his swordsmanship, fists and intellectual fit skills are also quite good, because after all, it is impossible for Tangmen’s people to walk in the Jianghu and stab people in the back. If necessary, they should also take aboveboard actions, and even secretly sneak into these actions by hidden weapons. Only by taking lightness, posture and merits are better than the foundation of fists and swordsmanship can Tang Xing achieve
At that time, when Tang Xinggang saw the clouds, he realized that the young Taoist had made great achievements and reached the general level of his peers.
You know, the purpose of Tang Clan’s coming to Qingcheng Mountain this time is to find out the actual situation of Qingcheng Mountain Sect and watch the Qingcheng Mountain Sect. Even the "sand of five poisons", which is easily hidden from others at ordinary times, can be seen that Tang Clan is bound to find out the bottom of Qingcheng Mountain Sect. So how can he easily let go of Tang Xing’s sudden concern that a meritorious service is higher than that of his peers?
You know, compared with Zhao Jian, their martial arts are all bad. Although Zhao Jian doesn’t put all his thoughts into martial arts, he is the only one in Huashan after all. His martial arts has been taken care of by Huashan masters since childhood, and it can’t be worse than the average young people.
And a seemingly sloppy little Taoist priest of Qingcheng School is better than the head of Huashan Mountain! ? It’s a big surprise for Tang Xing. It’s really hard to understand that the younger brother of the Qingcheng Sect has such a skill in swordsmanship. Tang Xing still believes that after all, walking in the Jianghu with swords for many years is a big name among the younger generation in the Wulin of the Central Plains. But it’s really hard to understand that this little monk, who is unknown, has such a skill. Is it true that he is a young master secretly trained by the Qingcheng Sect?
With this question, Tang Xing immediately made an excuse to leave Zhao Jian and Zhao Jianzheng wished that Tang Xing, the "black iron bar", would leave him alone.
When Tang Xing followed the walking clouds, he proved himself to speculate on this sloppy little Taoist priest. Because of the running degree of the walking clouds, he was about to know that Tang Xing’s flying skills were not used too much, but how can we get a glimpse of Tangmen’s flying skills? Because of a large number of covert actions and poisons in the Tang Clan, everything requires excellent flying skills, which can be avoided. The flying skills of the Tang Clan are naturally quite famous, and Tang Xing is also very good even in the Tang Clan. But now Tang Xing is surprised that the current cloud is running like a fly in the case of flying skills in Qingcheng Sect. Although he can’t catch up with it, he has such a fast speed without flying skills, which proves that he was not mistaken just now. He has done something for this sloppy little Taoist priest, but Tang Xing can’t guess. Of course, if someone tells him that the sloppy little Taoist priest can’t fly at all, Tang Xingba
When we arrived, Tang Xing was ready to see a wonderful fencing performance. By the way, we can also infer his specific strength from the sloppy little Taoist’s firm but gentle performance. But to Tang Xing’s great surprise, the little Taoist calmly drew his sword and did it in a standardized way. From the posture and momentum, we can see that it took a long time to practice hard, which further proved Tang Xing’s guess, but the trouble behind it was to make Tang Xing look like a monk-completely confused!
Because that scruffy little Taoist priest just stood still after posing, half a column of incense has passed and there is still no response at all!
It was not until the sharp metal friction of the sword in the cloud became louder and louder that Tang Xingcai was shocked and rushed to the left hand of the cloud and suddenly the black light flashed!
Cut a face like a cone of jade (Chapter 22)
In fact, Xingyun will have such a situation now, not because of his poor practice, but precisely because of his rapid progress.
Generally, martial arts practitioners first lay a foundation, and then learn simple and easy-to-learn introductory skills. The specific cultivation method of warming meridians is the same as warming up before exercise.
Then practice the real work, whether it’s Xuanmen or Buddhism or other kinds of work. Generally speaking, people with normal qualifications at this age can usually produce two feet of firm but gentle shock, while those with good qualifications can reach three feet or more.
Now the cloud is not firm but gentle. No matter how weak or short it is, the cloud can still produce firm but gentle. But why not come out now? That’s because the true qi of the walking cloud has been catalyzed by the magical power of cutting face, and now its essence has gone beyond the scope of firm shock wave, but the walking cloud doesn’t know how to rush the true qi of the sword to fill the body of the sword, but it shows that the metal rubbing sound is the expression that the body of the sword can’t bear the pressure because it can’t force it out.
Hangyun is now trying to get the firm but gentle, but if she doesn’t do it for a long time, plus Hangyun’s emotional situation is getting worse and worse, and the situation is gradually showing up in a bad direction. In the end, I don’t know whether the sword broke first or Hangyun’s body went wrong first.
When Tang Xinggang watched the clouds move inexplicably, Tang Xing also saw the problem as the metal friction slowly sounded. Although Tang Xing didn’t finish understanding the clouds, what caused the present situation, the little monk’s body was already a little shaken, which was very important. If he didn’t find a vent for his true qi, the true qi would bite back, so it would be very likely that his life would be in danger. Of course, the little monk himself could give up his work, but what he did not hesitate to take such a big risk to do hard work was not something that Tang Xing could understand.
Tang Xing belongs to the kind of person whose face is cold and his heart is hot, but most people know his thoughts from his surface, and Tang Xingshen is not good at words, so the whole talent is so cold. In fact, Tang Xingshen is quite enthusiastic and has a sense of justice.
As far as the action of visiting Qingcheng Mountain in Tangmen is concerned, the main purpose of Tangmen is to find out whether the Qingcheng School is true or false at present, so as to better attack Qingcheng School in its later competition.
Because the Qingcheng School is not as prosperous as it was a few decades ago, but the leadership of Tangmen in Tang Leng is thriving. Tangmen in Sichuan will naturally have a strong interest in Qingcheng School’s territory and its sphere of influence.
And Tang Xinglai doesn’t have any objection to Tang Men’s thinking and behavior. It’s normal for big sects to eat small sects and big sects to compete for interests. Tang Xing dislikes that those who are born behind each other are very friendly, but there is another purpose behind them to spy on bribery. Tang Xing saw his father Tang Han give gifts to the one who received them, which made Tang Xingjue very uncomfortable.
Of course, Tang Xing knows that this kind of behavior is called strategy at best, and his pursuit of that kind of aboveboard is called courage. However, because of Tang Xing’s personality, he still insists on his own ideas. Tang Xing is very different in Tang Clan.
Tang Xinglian’s weapon is also different from other people in the Tang Dynasty. Although Tang Xing also practiced various hidden weapons poisons like other Tang brothers, Tang Xing insisted on making his sword "like ink" when he was against the enemy.
It is said that although Tang Xing followed the clouds to observe the depth of the little monk’s martial arts because of this Tang Gate, it is also a matter of doing nothing to see the crisis of this sloppy little monk.
So at this critical point, Tang Xing did not hide the flying body, and three or two ups and downs came to the front of the cloud. The left hand flashed like ink, and the sword of the cloud hand should be broken. Then I heard the "zither" ringing and a sword screaming out from the broken part of the sword in the hand of the cloud. The whole sword was two feet long!
Tang Xing felt that he had just cut off the little Taoist sword, and then there was a flash of cold light, and a sword Gang appeared in front of his face. At that time, Tang Xing immediately froze and kept churning to "Sword Gang! This little monk in Qingcheng, who is quietly known, has forged a two-foot sword! "
You know, Tang Xing is at this level at present, and this level is quite good among the younger generation of Wulin in the Central Plains today, because Xingyun is only fifteen years old now.
Before Tang Xing speculated that the sloppy little Taoist martial arts depth was just guessing how strong the firm but gentle can be, but suddenly it was a sword. How could this not surprise Tang Xing?
Although Tang Xing is not only practicing sword and hidden weapons Kung Fu, he is also very successful, but he still can’t help but be surprised. The Qingcheng Sect is the most famous swordsman in Wulin. It’s only three feet old, but it’s already very famous. Other Qingcheng Sect’s swordsmen haven’t heard of anyone who has practiced sword, and the age of swordsmanship is almost 30. How can this little Taoist see that he can’t see the twenty-two phases? How can he not surprise Tang Xing?
Tang Xing is surprised, but the clouds are more surprises. Yunyun feels like he is dreaming now, looking at the milky sword in front of him. The only idea is that he has hope in the big match, and that he and Yuan Sirong have hope. Although Yunyun doesn’t know exactly how there is hope, it is quite helpful for self-confidence, because self-confidence is based on strength.
It was when Hangyun’s eyes fell on his broken arrow along the sword Gang that he suddenly realized that he had just blindly urged the firm but gentle and almost angered him, and then he felt that his sword Gang would burst out when he was light in his hand. This is obviously the reason why his true qi found an outlet because of the broken sword, and Hangyun just saw a flash of black light. There was an external force to make his sword break, and Hangyun hurriedly looked aside, but now Tang Xing was on the sidelines.
Clouds see Tang Xing is also a little surprised heart andao "this man is not and Zhao Jian them all the way? Why should he help himself? "
At this time, Tang Xing suddenly woke up because he felt the clouds looking at his eyes. When he saw the clouds opening his mouth to speak, Tang Xing waved and pulled himself up, and soon disappeared outside the Woods.