A few people were frolicking. Lin Chenggang was about to stop Lin Cheng from suddenly seeing a familiar figure at the seaside. Who?

Murong Murong and another young girl are walking through the sunset.
The sun shines around Murong like a fairy.
Lin Cheng felt as trance as a dream and seemed to have returned to Penglai.
In Lin Cheng’s stupefied kung fu, Mu Rong went straight to Lin Cheng. "Are you here?" There is a very natural warmth in the words.
"Hehe, yes, what a coincidence."
"Sister, do you know him?" Magnolias are twittering around.
When Mu Nan twitters, the eyes of Xiaohao Dayou and others light up. "Beauty!" They dare not think about Mu Rong because they all know that Mu Rong is interested in Master Lin Cheng, and what kind of fate is it today when they meet at the ends of the earth? They dare not think about it.
But the little beauty next to Mu Rong is called Mu Rong’s sister, so this beauty is naturally the tender grass around them rabbits.
The old saying tells us that rabbits eat grass beside their nests first!
19. Warm feelings
Xiao Hao Da You and others are twittering around Mu Nan. Although Mu Nan is young, it seems that it is not small to cope with these young leaders.
I gave MuRong to my master Lin Cheng. Who dares to grab a girlfriend from my master? Although the master seems to have a girlfriend abroad, he is definitely better than his disciples, who have several girlfriends. The master has to have one or two more than his disciples.
There wouldn’t be many words without everyone around MuRong. Lin Cheng stared face to face for a long time without saying a word.
Lin Cheng feels that he can’t be so cold all the time. There is no way to prepare a greeting with Mu Rong. Unexpectedly, Mu Rong just opened his mouth as if he were telepathic, and they all said, "What a coincidence!"
It’s not a sandwich cookie chocolate. It’s really a coincidence. Lin Cheng feels really a coincidence. But Mu Rong is really deliberate, but his thoughts can’t let Lin Cheng know that she wants to hide it, but it’s really a coincidence that two people are talking at the same time.
Great events in life meet old friends in other places.
What’s more, this old friend or a beautiful woman is even more happy. Dayou Xiaohao and other four people are usually good, but when it comes to chasing women, good friends have long been left behind and are scrambling to pay attention to Mu Nan.
Several people shouted together that on the occasion of the Spring Festival, they had to go to the hotel to celebrate when they met an old friend in another country.
That’s the good thing about Hainan. This season is the peak season for tourism. There are many tourists from the north to Sanya, and hotels and entertainment venues are the peak season.
Restaurants are everywhere. Xiaohao also wants to invite two beautiful women to dinner after lunch, but Mu Rong’s parents can accept their daughter having lunch outside during the New Year’s Day, but they can never accept their daughter’s family having dinner outside, even if they are familiar with each other.
Xiao Hao and others don’t sigh if their wishful thinking fails.
However, it’s not that there is no beauty in the New Year’s Eve together, but this beauty. Not only are you afraid to touch anything, but you are afraid to look at this woman. Although she is very beautiful, everyone is afraid to go near.
This woman is Yue Zishan, a kung fu master and Lin Cheng, or her own aunt.
Taoist Zhen Gang has been traveling all over the world for so many years. It’s rare for Taoist Zhen Gang to get together like this for the New Year’s Day. Taoist Zhen Gang laughs and eyebrows are crowded together.
Lin Cheng’s parents, Wang Jie’s mother and Taoist Zhen Gang, and the rest were young people who rented a house by the sea and had a happy New Year’s Eve.
Dayou’s parents didn’t go to Wendeng Finance Bureau with Dayou and others. Many people with their families are not allowed to leave the bureau as an official, which makes it different from ordinary people. Many things are involuntary.
Director Lai Luo also asked Dayou to spend the New Year with them, but Dayou didn’t agree with you anyway. He spent the New Year with his father, saying insincere words and listening to them, which made him sick and praised.
Fake is so fake that it makes me sick to think about it.
How can it be fun to spend the New Year with brothers and masters?
Everyone is well prepared for the New Year’s Eve, and the division of labor is also quite smooth. Lin Cheng’s mother and Wang Jie’s mother make a list, and then Yue Zishan pulls Xiaojian to buy.
All kinds of new year’s preparations are quite good, not to mention drinks. In fact, there is very little water preparation. It is better to drink coconut instead of drinking water in Sanya. It is three or two yuan, which is more than the amount of mineral water.
As the old saying goes, do as the Romans do.
It can be seen that Yue Zishan is also very happy that so many people are new and interesting together on New Year’s Eve, including shopping.
Where will she come into contact with these things in her living environment? Is there a housekeeper and a nanny at home? She cares whether she eats or does it, and she still chooses her favorite taste.
Yue Zishan enjoys preparing the New Year’s Eve dinner by herself.
The true Taoist also saw it in his eyes. He really lived for more than a hundred years. Who hasn’t seen or experienced anything? My disciples and my old friend disciples, that is, my teachers and nephews, are really happy in my heart.
What can be stronger than watching our own people carry forward their martial arts when they are dying? It’s true that Taoist Gang knows that Yue Zishan and Lin Cheng are the best heirs in his mantle.
He had a vague feeling that his skills would be carried forward in the hands of these two men.
Both Lin Cheng’s mother and Wang Jie’s mother are preparing for the New Year’s Eve dinner. Yue Zishan saw that they were all preparing, and she was embarrassed to play with everyone and volunteered to go to the thugs.
Lin Cheng’s mother and Wang Jie’s mother are housewives who inherited the ancient virtues of China. Everything is handy, and the dumplings are filled with thick skin and thin meat.
Just as everyone was scrambling to prepare for the New Year’s Eve dinner, Lin Cheng received Zhang Ranran’s words.
"How are you?"