In fact, it is not Meng Qi who built the highest depth inside, but a monk named Nan Jun, who had been in the late stage of his career ten years ago.

It is said that this Nan Jun has been connected with the spirit force of the five elements in the middle of the brain, and has been quite skilled in the spirit force of the wood line for more than ten years
However, although this Nan Jun is so surprised, she is absolutely gorgeous, but she usually feels as light as a cloud and as light as the wind. She is not noticeable at all. She unconsciously leaves others behind and is indifferent to being competitive.
Meng Qi also knows that it is only in this way that we can have confidence to press the people so that they can listen to Cheng Rewei’s command. In fact, Nan Jun is not the only one who has some induction of the five elements of spiritual power.
As far as Meng Qi knows, there are at least three people, and of course Meng Qi himself. Otherwise, why should he press others?
After the instructions, a group of thirteen people set off. Their current destination is a mountain depression, where three brothers meet.
Just the road atmosphere is very wrong Meng Qi regardless of these flew straight to the front of Nan Jun and said, "Brother Nan Jun told me to communicate with you more in Miss Meng Qi."
Nan Jun withdrew and looked at Meng Qi in the distance and suddenly smiled "Meng Qixiong? Ah, the big lady told me, don’t worry, I will support you. "Say that finish and look far.
With Nan Jun dialect, Meng Qi was relieved that Nan Jun said just now that his voice was not small, and almost all the people around him heard it.
Meng Qi came to Cheng Ruowei’s side and smiled at her. Then he said, "Since senior brothers are going out this time, we have made Cheng Shimei’s command. I don’t think we can decide everything unless we are here or angry about cultivating immortals, can we?"
Everyone was surprised to hear Meng Qi say so. If Meng Qicheng were EU, they would have found out, but what is going on now?
Have Nan Jun listened to Meng Qi words remained a smile.
However, in any case, Meng Qi spoke their mind, and several people agreed.
Seeing this, Meng Qi continued, "In that case, why don’t we find a place to have a competition first? Can we set a new leader? In fact, if brother Nan Jun is willing to take the lead, he will definitely support it, but brother Nan Jun seems to be in trouble, so it’s good to fight for this lead. "
They looked at each other and nodded. A man flew out of the crowd and said, "Since Meng Xiong and I have the same plan, it’s better to ask for advice."
Meng Qi walked over and said, "In that case, let’s learn from this brother."
The man made a summary and said, "Please!"
Chapter ninety-nine Yellow sand large array
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Meng Qi looked at his opponent. He knew that he had been on the same stage with Meng Qi a few years ago, but at that time, he was the fifth choice, which was a top instrument.
And this man is also one of the spiritual powers that communicate with the five elements. What he communicates is the spiritual power of earth, which just restrains Meng Qishui from spiritual power.
However, the mutual recognition of attributes is just one of the factors. Meng Qi still brought up the golden scale tactic. At this time, Meng Qi’s golden scale tactic is no longer the same as it was in the early days.
Now, when he carries the golden scales, his skin will turn into scales. Although there is no difference in appearance, it is actually a hidden treasure.
And Meng Qi’s opponent’s name, Fang Chen, was already a monk at the end of his career several years ago. He was quite disdainful of Meng Qi, a guy who came here in just a few years.
Generally speaking, guys with soaring mana like this are quite unstable. It seems that short-term rapid progress is actually a lack of stamina.
However, Meng Qi has had an adventure, and he has been wandering on the edge of life and death for several years, and his foundation is more than steady.
Fang Chen didn’t even want to send out his own housekeeping instrument. He released a ring-shaped instrument and said, "Meng Xiong be careful."
Meng Qi saw the ring multiplier and knew that this guy had a sneer in his heart. I don’t know how many guys who look down on themselves have died in their own hands over the past few years.
Even the Zijin cone didn’t move directly to the barbarian, and rushed to Fang Chen and Fang Chen. Seeing Meng Qi rushed directly to my heart, it was a burst of disdain. It was really the demon race who knew that you were going on the rampage. Are you trying hard to overcome the multiplier?
See the ring multiplier will be in Meng Qi when Meng Qi drink a lot and then stretch out his hand in the crowd stunned the ring multiplier to fly and then straight for Fang Chen.
That Fang Chen saw that Meng Qi was so brave, and his heart was tight, and he quickly retreated back and offered his own housekeeping moon ring.
See the silvery moon ring lingering around Fang Chen’s face, and see the people around him have a palpitation. This is the magic weapon of the top multiplier.
Meng Qi saw that he was finally serious, smiled and offered his own purple and gold cone. All of them were surprised to see the top multiplier that matched the magic weapon, and a real multiplier appeared.
It can be said that all the people in Long Hudou were in high spirits at that time, and even Nan Jun showed interest. I heard that this guy’s magic door has been fighting for several years, and it seems really extraordinary. Nan Jun looked at Meng Qi and thought of it.
And that Fang Chen was surprised to see Meng Qi Zijin Cone, but then he remembered the deep and evil dumpling unicorn chosen by Meng Qi a few years ago.
Seeing Meng Qi’s spiritual force fluctuation around him is not inferior to his wandering around the moon. Fang Chen felt a sense of awe in his heart. He can easily solve it, but now it seems that the outcome is still unknown.
Straight at this time, Fang Chen finally converged and despised Meng Qi as an opponent
Fang Chen first released a large number of earthy spiritual forces, and then slowly manifested waves of dust. As the dust gradually spread, Fang Chen and Meng Qi were covered up.
I have participated in three exchange meetings several years ago, and I know that this is Fang Chen’s killer weapon. In this dust, my opponent’s actions will be hindered to some extent. The most important thing is that my mind will be greatly suppressed and I don’t know where my opponent is.
And this Fang Chen won’t get in the way, but after releasing this big move, his attack means will be greatly reduced, which is indeed a big flaw in the past
However, since he got the Moon Ring three years ago, this situation has changed greatly. This Moon Ring is an attack weapon. With his own yellow sand array, it can be said that it is a sharp means to attack the enemy, defend the enemy and trap the enemy.
What Meng Qi saw at this time was yellow sand all over the sky. Although Fa fascinated his eyes, his sight had been greatly reduced. The most terrible thing was that his mind was pressed around five meters.
Meng Qi thinks a little and knows that it’s this yellow sand monster who immediately wants to fly out of this large array of yellow sand. But if it’s so easy for Meng Qi to escape, then what’s left to trap the enemy?
Meng Qifei half rang, but it was like standing still. Meng Qi frowned …
Just then, Fang Chen looked at Meng Qi flying around like a fly and wanted to fly out of his yellow sand large array and smiled.
Then he offered his own moon ring. Just now Meng Qi flew his first magic weapon, and Bai Mengqi’s body was afraid of some magical powers, but he never believed that Meng Qi could stop his moon ring.
Indeed, Meng Qi did not dare to meet Fang Chen’s Moon Tour Ring physically, and Meng Qi used his biggest killer-Shadow Dodge.
This magical escape method disappeared into Fang Chen’s sight once Meng Qi blinked. In fact, Meng Qi is still in the large array of yellow sand in Fang Chen, but at this time he has turned a subtle shadow into a shuttle in the large array of yellow sand.
Fang Chen was surprised to see Meng Qi disappear, but he would never believe that Meng Qi broke his own yellow sand large array so simply. What kind of hidden spell must have been cast?
Fang Chen temporarily stop attacking and find out Meng Qi’s hiding place.
But no matter how he scanned, there was no Meng Qi figure. Did he really escape? Fang Chen still doesn’t believe that he decided to move a tactic. This tactic is specially designed to break all kinds of seclusion spells, and the effect is quite good
However, the consumption is so-called in normal times, but now he has little remaining spiritual power because of the yellow sand war, so it is somewhat difficult
With Fang Chen’s cast method, a little spiritual fluctuation came out from his position, although it was almost imperceptible, but it was still captured by Meng Qi, who had been waiting for a long time.
Meng Qishun looked for the past with the fluctuation of spiritual force, and he really saw Fang Chen who was casting his magic tactic.
Meng Qi smiled and came to him to show his figure, then slapped him on the shoulder and said, "Chen Xiong, you lost."
But Meng Qi slapped Fang Chen in the past, but it turned into a handful of yellow sand. At this time, the moon ring was being cut to Meng Qi’s side. Fang Chen said with a smile, "Meng Xiong, I’m afraid you are the loser."
As the voice falls, the moon ring is about to hit Meng Qi.
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Chapter one hundred Centering
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The yellow sand gradually dispersed, revealing Meng Qi and Fang Chen. Meng Qishen had a wound on each side, but the blood seemed to have stopped and Chen Fang looked a little sullen and had no scars. It seems that Fang Chen won.
Seeing this, someone laughed. This guy was a drag just now, but now he’s being taught a lesson. It’s really funny.
But at this moment, Fang Chen stared at them and laughed as if they were laughing. What’s his vendetta?