Car Yao snowmobile Xia Jiaqi sat in the passenger side and Yao Xue whispered from time to time.

Song anqiao sat in the back seat and his eyes fell on the man’s arm worriedly. "Do you feel pain, sir?"
The man’s smile and gentle voice seemed to comfort Song Anqiao. "This injury is nothing, miss. You really don’t worry."
At the same time, Yao Xue didn’t seem to hear Yao Xue clearly and shouted, "What did you say?"
"I said that this man has a look that Anjiao likes." Xia Jiaqi’s subconscious avenue "Anjiao likes this handsome and gentle man best. She has no self-control over this man. Look, her face is red!"
They didn’t realize they were talking loudly until they finished speaking.
There was silence in the car.
Song anqiao sat there stupefied, his face turned red as soon as he swished, and he turned his head uncomfortably to look at the scenery retreating out of the window.
The man looked out of the window when he was embarrassed for a moment.
No wonder Xia Jiaqi was surprised when he saw him.
It turns out that he has a face that this girl likes.
Xia Jiaqi and Yao Xue’s faces were weird and they swallowed at the same time. They never spoke all the way.
After the film examination in the hospital, the doctor fixed the splint for the man and told him not to weigh anything for half a month.
Song Anqiao looked at the man and said apologetically, "I’m so sorry for hurting you."
The man looked Song Anqiao straight in the eye. "It is an honor for me to save a beautiful woman like you."
Look at each other with four eyes
Song anqiao bowed his head and bit his lip shyly.
Do things to the end Song Anqiao sent the man to his residence Song Anqiao bought a basket of fruit and forced it on the man again solemnly saying, "Thank you, Mr. Liang."
Checklist She learned that the man’s surname was Liang Liangzheng.
"Please don’t worry about Miss Song." The man took the fruit and said politely.
After Liang Zheng said goodbye, Song Anqiao patted his face behind the building and then rubbed it. Her face almost froze with laughter.
Yao Xue and Xia Jiaqi sat in the car and laughed at her. "When you see a handsome guy, your little face is red and you are bleeding."
Song anqiao sat in the car with a flat mouth and hit the window to let the man’s breath go out.
"You’re talking nonsense. I’m going home to be beaten by Chu Fei." Song Anqiao sat behind and muttered.
"He didn’t dare" Yao Xue glanced at her through the rearview mirror. "When Chu Fei looked far away, it was that his wife and slave had a little wife like you, and he was not willing to fight when he was in pain."
Song anqiao jumped twice in his forehead to watch her busy and hurt his friends.
When I got home, I didn’t see the old lady and my daughter in the door.
"Where are Mom, Grandma and Little Rice Cake?" Song anqiao in slippers nervous way
"Don’t worry, madam, it’s in the baby’s room upstairs." Mom quickly replied.
Song Anqiao secretly relieved to look at the gardeners and cleaners outside the villa. These are the bodyguards that Chu Fei sent to hide in the dark to protect this home.
Change the shoes. Song Anqiao pushed the door of the baby’s room. It turned out that the old lady and the little rice cake fell asleep after playing tired.
Looking at the mother bed, an old man and a young Song Anqiao couldn’t help but hook his lips and circulate a happy smile at the bottom of his eyes. He walked out of the room carefully and Song Anqiao turned back into the bedroom.
Push the door and enter Song Anqiao. Before she recovered, a black shadow touched her. At the door, a man’s aggressive breath came into her mouth.
"Uh-huh …"
Two people breath intertwined ChuFei far crazy like kissing Song Anqiao sad to cry, two hands push him at random to beat him.
Men are jealous and eat too much.
For a moment, Song Anqiao felt that he was going to be kissed and swallowed into his body.
Finally, after a long kiss, Chu Fei’s thin lips stuck to Song Anqiao’s earlobe, and his hot breath was hoarse in her white neck. "Huh? Extramarital affairs? What do you like? Qiao Mei, are you serious? "
Song Anqiao leaned back against the door, his lips were red and swollen, his heart was pounding, he was breathing slightly, and he muttered, "It’s so uncomfortable."
His breath made her neck itch and numb.
Chu Fei looked away from her neck and looked up at Song Anqiao. His face flushed and his long finger provoked her jaw. "What’s wrong?"
Song anqiao’s brain is dizzy and becomes paste
"Help him drive to the hospital and send him home to buy fruit, huh?" Chu Fei’s distant eyes are bright and deep, and his words are magnetic and confusing. "Little thing, you broke the rules. How can I punish you?"
Look at him eating wrong. Song Anqiao ripples in his heart. Reach out and hug his neck. Song Anqiao rubs his cheek gently with a soft voice that is somewhat charming. "Brother, you can punish me as much as you want."
"One night" Chu Feiyuan said
Song Anqiao "…"
After dinner, Song Anqiao took a bath and dried his hair and walked out of the bathroom.
Song anqiao threw away his towel and went to the sofa to sit down and look at the tablet in the man’s hand. "Did you find out?"
Chu Feiyuan frowned and casually tunnel "as if there is no problem"
"Where’s Aunt Cleaning?" Song anqiao asked
"People are following." Chu Fei took Song Anqiao with a long flat arm. "If the other person is a cautious person, he won’t meet for a day or two, and he will have to wait for three days."
Song Anqiao nodded and blinked again "Liang Zheng? Is he really okay? "
"No" Chu Fei pointed to Song Anqiao’s messy hair on his forehead and his tone was indifferent. "The information looks clean, unlike we have friends, but it doesn’t prove that he is a good man."
Chapter 414 No reason
Song anqiao pouted and felt a little annoyed.
Going out shopping is a deliberate arrangement of Chu Feiyuan, in order to lure the snake out of the hole and see who is hiding in the dark to kill her.
However, the people who had accidental contact with her in the afternoon were Aunt Jie and Liang Zheng. If it weren’t for these two people, the other party hadn’t figured out how to deal with her again.
In this way, she should go out shopping more often, otherwise she won’t attract the attention of people hiding in the dark who want to hurt her.
It’s not as simple as ordinary people to shoot a video, write a few articles slandering and slandering her and then smash her sweet shop.
"Are you afraid today?" ChuFei far thought of what concerned way
Song Anqiao shook his head. "I’m not afraid that the cleaning car is a plastic root."
"You’re not afraid, but you scared me," said Chu Fei. "I’m still stunned."
Song Anqiao opened his eyes wide, black as the pupil of a grape, showing off, and said, "I didn’t stay there. Come on, I think I’ll hide if I get closer to me. Who knew that Liang Zheng appeared?"
Section 276
Chu Fei turned black when he heard it. "Does he really have a face you like?"
Song Anqiao one leng cocked his head to see ChuFei far laughed. "You’re silly. I like your face."
"But Yao Xue them …"
"Oh, they did it on purpose." Song Anqiao was afraid that men would be jealous and quickly reached out to hold the handsome face of men. "I deliberately told you that you should be so clever."