If it weren’t for this time when the media turned over old scores, no one would remember it.

As a result, the old account was turned out, and everyone was surprised!
Changsheng really did what he said!
He has won nine Champions League titles and tied Real Madrid!
Take another one and he will surpass Real Madrid!
At that time, the European media reported it all over the place, and Real Madrid was under great pressure.
I’m afraid it would be a shame to really let the winning counterattack succeed …
Therefore, they are desperately recruiting, hoping to win the tenth Champions League title and regain the lead before winning.
It was against this background that Benitez came to Real Madrid.
In his first season in charge of Real Madrid, he led Real Madrid to the Champions League final. At that time, everyone knew that Real Madrid would definitely win the championship this time. As a result, they lost to AC Milan in the final and lost the championship.
In the second season, Real Madrid simply didn’t reach the top. This gap was too big, which led to the instability of Benitez’s position. If he hadn’t led the team to beat Barcelona to win the league title, Benitez would have been swept out of the house.
Speaking of it, it’s still good for Benitez to have a personal relationship with Changsheng. Benitez is not Changsheng’s brother or a player, so he is a friend of the ball.
Two people often discuss football tactics before and inspire each other.
Everyone says that Benitez is a "tactical master", and besides his own ability, there are also reasons for winning constantly …
However, the personal relationship between two people will not affect the intensity of the game.
Real Madrid was shot while lying down-UEFA tried to clean up Lazio, which resulted in Real Madrid being relegated to the death group with Lazio, which was difficult for any opponent …
It is particularly important for Real Madrid to get deus ex’s first home game against Lazio from this group.
Benitez will not let go just because he has a good personal relationship with Chang Sheng. On the contrary, he will work harder.
Real Madrid will definitely beat Lazio at home.
For the ever-victorious, this game is also necessary to win.
If you lose two games in a row, it will be very bad for Lazio, mainly from the pressure of public opinion.
At this time, Chang Sheng can’t care about personal friendship.
The only thing about personal friendship is that Changsheng didn’t release harsh words to stimulate Real Madrid before the game.
He still maintained restraint and waited until the foot of the field to talk!
Chapter 25 "Giants Style"
When the referee blew the whistle of a game, the Bernabeu … Ah, not the Microsoft Stadium … There was a loud hiss in the Microsoft Stadium because the ball was not the home team Real Madrid but the visiting team Lazio.
Just because Benitez and Changsheng have a good personal relationship doesn’t mean that Real Madrid will be polite to Changsheng.
Real Madrid ordinary fans club management and Changsheng are enemies.
Let’s not talk about many grievances before. It’s all a long time ago. It’s an "old grudge."
Let’s say that isco has been the core of Real Madrid’s attack recently. Although he is not the biggest player, he is also a popular player in Real Madrid. After all, he is a Spanish native. Secondly, he joined Real Madrid early and played for Real Madrid for seven seasons. The fans have deep feelings for him.
As a result, from two seasons ago, Lazio club kept digging the corner of Real Madrid at the behest of Changsheng and lured isco by various means.
In those two seasons, there were soap operas in Isco and Lazio every summer, which made Real Madrid miserable and made Real Madrid fans very unhappy.
In the end, the soap opera for two consecutive years finally made Lazio successfully shake the corner of Real Madrid. isco left Real Madrid for Lazio this summer.
Lazio got its wish, but Real Madrid lost an offensive core.
This tone has been suppressed by Real Madrid fans for a summer.
When they learned that Lazio and Real Madrid were in a group, they were so happy-they finally had a chance to vent their anger!
Despite Benitez’s solemn expression at the draw, Real Madrid fans and the media cheered.
Isco went to Lazio and was seriously injured and missed for one season, which also made Real Madrid fans happy.
Iscar’s insistence on leaving Real Madrid for Lazio also made many Real Madrid fans think that isco was a shameful traitor.
After Changsheng announced that he would not renew his contract with Lazio and would leave next season, many Real Madrid fans gloated at isco’s bad luck. He went to Changsheng, but Changsheng turned around and left, so a friendly club deserves a player!
Although iscar can’t play in the Bernabeu … not Microsoft … in the stands of Microsoft Stadium, there are still Real Madrid fans who have made sarcastic and abusive slogans against isco.
Of course, more swearing, booing and slogans are aimed at winning.
Changsheng will always be unpopular in this stadium.
In hissing, it is always better than moving a mountain.
The opponent’s fans are always getting calluses, and he has been in such an environment since he became the head coach.
Real Madrid fans boo is no more horrible than fans of other teams.
Even worse.
This way, it won’t make my heart feel like background music that falls on deaf ears and is ignored when I listen.
He stared into the court from the sidelines.
Lazio are entangled with Real Madrid.
After all, this is the home of Real Madrid, and it is unrealistic for Lazio to score goals in less than three minutes as it did against Juventus.