Of the three players who challenged Chen Kai the most, the last one is still alive, that is, his hand is clinging to an authentic knife more than two meters long. When Eric was actually killed in Chen Chong, he was also attacked by the Titan’s roar. His body was caught in the law. The mobile state is that he has an extremely powerful life-saving skill, the short-distance flashing skill, which relies on special magic equipment on his legs to achieve this almost miraculous effect. After all, flashing is a low-level spell. Let alone its rarity, it is terrible to release the magic needed. If Eric does not have magic equipment on his legs, let alone make him vomit blood.
However, without the magic equipment of legs, maybe he would have been killed in Chen Chong and instantly strangled by Chen Kaiju’s sword. But now he can rely on this equipment to blink for a short distance, which is about five to ten meters, and the magic equipment of legs can make him blink for about ten times. Even so, this equipment is definitely a priceless magic equipment. Even those exorcist will be willing to pay a large amount of gold coins in exchange for this life-saving thing for them.
But for Eric, relying on this equipment not only allowed him to avoid Chen Kai’s attack, but also allowed him to attack according to it. When the storm of crazy rotating blade slowly stopped, dozens of dark players around Chen Kai were left with kittens, and more than 200 people were directly reimbursed by Chen Kai. But even in a violent state, Chen Kai felt dizzy after releasing the rotating chop, and at this time, Eric sprinted his legs and swayed wildly. He almost rushed to Chen in a short time. Kay was less than 10 meters away and then jumped. At the same time, Eric launched magic equipment and added flashing skills. His body suddenly flashed in less than one meter away from Chen Kai’s head.
As a purple knife light flashed, it was sharper than the blade directly across ll’s head, but in a moment and a half, Eric’s face changed from joy to panic, because he found that he had cut sabreplay, which was not a solid but a phantom. Then he felt that his foot was caught by something, and he involuntarily dragged himself to the ground, slamming it on the ground in the body, and suddenly stepped on his back with a big foot, flying out of his body.
The great trampling force made Eric feel that his spine was broken, but for a moment, Chen Kai directly grabbed his head and pulled it, so he couldn’t feel the pain completely. Because his head and spine were pulled out by Chen Kai, the only feeling of several players in the dark camp when they saw such a bloody scene was whether they had made a mistake, so Chen Kai was dragging Eric’s head more like an evil camp than they looked, more like a humanoid demon, and the players in the dark forces were like a group of quails being bullied by demons.
These people looked at Ll’s eyes full of fear, but before they came to their senses, there was a continuous explosion on their feet and the ground. One by one, the traps that were originally arranged to deal with Ll’s people were turned to deal with them falling on the ground and suddenly exploding, so that the players were ready to be directly recruited. Of course, the number of players recruited was not much. After all, these players knew the location of the traps themselves and deliberately avoided these locations. They did not come to Ll’s as they expected, but they fell on themselves. This feeling was extremely bad.
When Chen Kai’s eyes recovered when Xu Fei released the soothing spirit with the help of the scroll, there was no living player in front of him. As a result of excessive physical exertion, Chen Kai’s feet were all ground to pieces, and at the same time, the increase in experience value in his own experience tank almost made him upgrade again.
"Old Sue said yes! The speed of gaining experience in camp confrontation is really faster than killing monsters! " Chen Kai said breathlessly that nearly 300 players who attacked them at this time were completely killed. Of course, if there were no traps set by the cloud, it is estimated that Chen Kai would have to pay a huge price to kill these players.
The cloud trap made those players who rushed towards the heavy crossbow position instantly fall down by half. Those players who were blue and covered their feet looked at the sudden appearance of the feet. The trap was extremely depressed, but it made them even more depressed. The thing is that the cloud actually directly turned the heavy crossbow shooting world and then fired at these players. The arrows roared out and directly shot over the players’ bodies, making them become corpses in waves of wailing.
However, even with the help of a heavy crossbow, Yun is tired when he kills the last player of the dark forces. After all, there are not many players who can be killed by a heavy crossbow. Those players who are not poisoned need Yun and Xuan Zhou to kill them themselves.
"Pick up a! Let’s get out of here! The smell of blood here is too strong to attract wild animals in the wilderness! " Chen Kai tried to take a few breaths to recover his physical strength a little, so he was ready to leave this place. It was a little disgusting than the smell of blood, but what excited Chen Kai was what these players exploded, especially the authentic purple knife with a length of two meters on his left hand. Although the blade was too long for ordinary people to use, his huge body made this weapon just right for Chen Kai.
"I guess that guy named Eric will be angry and cry when he knows that this weapon is exploded!" Ll gently said, it’s definitely not a lie for these players to steal chickens and costly rice. I wanted to catch Ll and his party all at once, but as a result, all the good things were blown out.
"If I were you, I would put my weapon in my hand!" When Chen Kai tried to put a long knife in his hand into his backpack, an unexpected sound suddenly reached his ear. Looking at the figure Chen Kai and others who appeared not far away, their faces became extremely ugly, because there were hundreds of players behind the figure who exuded a strong evil atmosphere. To be continued.
The first volume Chapter 62 Run! Lord Wild Boar (5)
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"Not good! How come a group of guys ran out again! " Cloud looked at the reappearance of the enemy not far away, and his face became extremely ugly. He quickly turned the heavy crossbow around, but found that the heavy crossbow was accompanied by a crossbow. After he checked the player’s body, he found a few crossbows that exploded from the player’s body. Obviously, this time the action planner has considered the post-treatment plan for the heavy crossbow in the plan.
All the heavy crossbows are equipped with a round of shooting. Once the crossbow is launched, you must take out a new crossbow from your backpack to load it. If the player carrying the crossbow is killed, these heavy crossbows will become the root method of decoration, so that naturally you will not worry that the heavy crossbow will fall into the hands of ll and them.
"go! Achilles! Withdraw toward the hillside! " Chen Kai didn’t listen to the figure’s words. He even picked up the magic equipment that can release flashing skills from the ground. Although Chen Kai doesn’t know what this equipment is yet, subconsciously he doesn’t want to lose this good thing.
"go! Do you think you are still gone? " As the sound fell, ll saw the figure on the hillside with a wave of his arm, and then the crossbow machine with a hundred handles was lifted at the same time and pulled the trigger. Although at the same time, the cloud also directly cut off the heavy crossbow trigger and fired all the crossbows that he could find. These crossbows roared towards the hillside players and flew through several figures, but towards ll, they dropped more crossbows.
Continuous firing is the most basic feature of some crossbows. This characteristic makes the number of crossbows falling towards Chen Kai and others continue one after another, and soon leaves pieces on the ground like hemp stalks. There are also many crossbows falling directly on the people and taking away a lot of health.
"How does it feel to slaughter civilians? Knights of the Great Divine Grace? " Chen Kai, with one hundred crossbows in his body, suddenly remembered such a sound. When he pulled one crossbow out of his body, he couldn’t help but feel dizzy. Obviously, these crossbows were smeared with some paralyzing poison. Even if Chen Kai’s resistance to heterogeneous state is twice that of ordinary players, he can still bear the dose carried by hundreds of crossbows.
A large amount of blood loss and the effect of paralyzing drugs made Chen Kai feel that it was extremely difficult to connect physically, but he did not lose his hearing and heard the other party’s words very clearly. At this moment, Chen Kai finally understood why more than 300 or nearly 400 enemies would be so easily destroyed by them because at least half of them were ordinary civilians who were fed drugs.
Although these civilians have been controlled by drugs and the camp has been deviated to the chaotic camp in the unified identification, it still caused damage to Chen Kai and others. Looking at the drop of nearly 500 points of kindness, Chen Kai’s anger broke out like a volcano.
"mean! !” This is a speech from Chen Kai’s mouth. He tried hard to support his body, but his body felt numb and numb, which made him not to say that even lying down was suffering. The effect of paralyzing poison increased with time, and then it became difficult for Chen Kai to speak.
"mean! ? I’m sorry to make you lose your magical ability, but we’re fighting over our brains! Of course, it’s lucky that those three idiots took the lead, or even if they could take you, I would have to pay a high price, right? Mr. Chen Kai! " Walk slowly to Chen Kai and walk out of the shadows. The player reveals an extremely strange face. Chen Kai swears that he is not familiar with the root in front of him. If Eric os killed by Chen Kai is Safiros, then this one is definitely in os Alsace, and his armor is almost as strong as that of the Lich King. Those eyes with blue light make people look at it. The most important thing is that Chen Kai smells a faint smell of corpses from the other side, which is the most obvious characteristic of the undead.
"impossible ~! … how can players turn into undead! !” Chen Kai shook his tongue and spit out words that surprised everyone. Although it is not uncommon for players to be reincarnated into other races at present, most of them are creatures. I have never heard of players being reincarnated into undead, that is, dead creatures, but this one is an undead.
"What is impossible? This is an unreal world! Since a hypocrite like you can become a semi-giant with Titan blood, why can’t I become an immortal? " With a strong smell of death, the player slowly took off his helmet to reveal his pale face.
"Introduce myself-my name is Arthas! You can also call me the Lich King! Although I’m not the real Lich King yet, I’ll be the King of the Undead one day! Oh, ha ha ha! !” Listening to each other’s arrogant words, Llewellyn and his party flashed the idea that the second-year-old boy couldn’t afford to be injured. Of course, this idea soon became another brain-dead teenager, but Llewellyn soon thought that they couldn’t even beat a brain-dead teenager, but wouldn’t they be more brain-dead than each other?
"all right! End of self-introduction! It’s time to see you off! Oh! No, it should be to make you my partners! Rest assured that the metempsychosis ceremony is not painful! You need to close your eyes. When you wake up, the world will be very different! " Slowly bring your own frost helmet. When the deep blue light comes on again, the player who claims to be the second player in Alsace slowly clapped his hands.
"Wotini a fly! (I’ll give you a lung! ) "Extremely angry words roared at each other. Ll threw a morning spiral directly at each other’s stunned eyes, and the divine power roared out at each other’s extremely stunned eyes, directly hitting his body and instantly blowing him out.
"Impossible! How can you still use magic? " Being blown away by Chen Kai’s magical power, two players can’t believe their residual strength, because in his mind, Chen Kai should lose his magical power because he killed a large number of civilian camps at this moment.
Chen Kaike didn’t have time to respond to his questions. He kept releasing the sacred impact on the other person’s body and directly put the second-grade teenager into a state of residual blood before he stopped. Actually, Chen Kai did have a camp deviation among them, but this person was not Chen Kai, but several spellcasters, because most civilians were hanging on Li Wen’s magic, but even if they had a camp deviation, they didn’t break away from the kind camp. It was only because Chen Kai’s kindness value was too high that it led to 500 points. The loss of kindness value is just like the rain in Mao Mao for him. After all, when he was so long, the Lord was not in vain. If there is an absolute kindness camp in the game, there is no doubt that Chen Kai’s kindness value has rushed him to this camp
Similarly, there are Su Wan and Rola Chen, and there is no doubt that Rola Chen, who once presided over the temple of life in Berkner Town, has the highest value of goodness, because when she presided over the temple of god, she would release the aura to treat others, and she would get one or two good values. The ability to get good values was so terrible that Chen Kai and others vomited about it. Wang Feifei, another priest of the temple of life in the team, was a little jealous, but jealousy belongs to jealousy. Wang Feifei, the second wet nurse in the team, still worked very hard. At least when she was paired with Rola Chen, her treatment ability could soar to the same level as that of
Now, when Rola Chen didn’t appear, Wang Feifei, that is, the absolute main milk-level intermediate treatment light kept falling on the people around him, which almost reached the instant point. In the horror treatment, the release speed of magic was staggering, and the treatment efficiency was staggering. Although Wang Feifei worked very hard, everyone’s life value was just kept in the warning area.
Of course, this is very normal. It will be difficult for anyone who has so many arrows to recover his health, especially if Chen Kaishen has shot hundreds of crossbows out of holes. Then one hole takes away one point of his health every minute and loses more than one thousand points in one minute. The problem is that Chen Kaishen’s holes will not make him lose one point of his health in one minute.
Wang Feifei, who tried hard to treat the crossbow, naturally saw those crossbows that were lifted up. But at the moment, she had no choice but to believe that ll and them could stop the crossbow from shooting out of bounds. Although she didn’t stay where she was like Rola Chen, she brushed her mind with magic. It was extremely unlikely that she wanted to be distracted and avoid the crossbow. Fortunately, at this time, the clouds finally came out on the hillside and brushed the crossbow, and the crossbow box slowly shot out in the middle, and the crossbow instantly enveloped these dark players’ camps like dark clouds.
"Little rookie! Put away the second-hand goods in your hands. This is the real battlefield weapon! " Cloud patted the magic crossbow around him, and then pulled the trigger again, shooting at the enemy hundreds of meters away. It was sharper than the crossbow, and it kept sweeping in Arthas, a teenager in Grade 2. Mars kept popping out from the impact of arrows and armor, so that people could see at a glance how powerful this armor was.
"Do you think I spent 1 million custom armor as a decoration?" Slowly climb up from the ground, the second-year-old boy roared out words that surprised ll and them, but there was no doubt that what he said was true, because his armor was really strong, but his words were not finished yet, and he was interrupted by ll’s continued release of divine impact. The golden magic light bombarded his body, making his life value continue to drop.
"This is you force me! Come out! Sapphiron! Ah! No! It’s Syndra Gousa! !” With the roar of the second-year-old boy, the pet emblem in his hand slammed into the sky, followed by a loud roar in Llewellyn’s ear, followed by a large amount of blue frost falling from the sky, and a nine-meter-long frost bone dragon slowly flew out of the pet emblem.
"Don’t have you own the dragon! You are not the only lucky people in this world! ! Sapphiron! No! Syndra Gousa turned their department into a popsicle! !” With the roar of the second grade teenagers, the frost bone dragon waved its blue frost bone wings and slowly rushed to the top of Chen Kai’s head, then roared to prepare for the dragon’s breath.
It was this frost-bone dragon that was knocked out by two flying dragons flying out of the pet before it got mad. It has been huddled in the pet for a long time. The flying dragon once again came to the main material plane to have fun. After a long sleep, the first big toy was the same family. Now, the frost-bone dragon’s two flying dragons were three meters short in head, even if they were the largest Tang Danni, it would be less than five meters and six meters. If they were nine meters now, then it would be a Mao Mao rain. Unfortunately, the two flying dragons are still growing from childhood to youth, so even if they are combined, they can
Looking at the biting of Hydreigon creatures in the sky, the people were directly regarded as the ones who wanted to make their own frost bones and dragons bite the frost and dragon’s breath, and turned them into popsicles. The helmet of the second-year-old boy looked very ugly because he had to hide behind the crowd at the moment and slowly recovered his life. Although he got the undead body without considering physical strength, he was also infected with all kinds of fatal blows to the dirty, but the shortcomings of the undead body were also very obvious, that is, the recovery of health values was often gray and often slow.
Let’s not talk about magical healing. Once encountering magical healing, it’s as miserable as ice and snow encountering sunshine. Let’s not talk about it. It’s too much for this second-grade teenager. It’s all because of tears. For him, all kinds of therapeutic drugs have a ten-fold effect, but the speed of drug resistance is twice as fast. Of course, the only good news for players with undead bodies is that even if their heads are cut off, they will not die. But if their bodies are completely chopped into meat sauce, then they will be sent to the underworld for tea and will be several times more than ten times that of ordinary players when they come back to life
The thought that once you die, it will take several days, but when you can’t enter the game world for more than ten days, Arthas is extremely decisive. He has shrunk from a soldier to a commander. Of course, although the junior high school boy has shrunk, his command and combat ability is still very strong. When he commanded hundreds of players, he finally played his due role. Mibi crossbow was resisted by these players’ direct shields, while shield players held the crossbow horizontally and shot at Chen Kai and others who were retreating towards the hillside.
"eggs! Run …! " The effect of paralytic drugs gradually faded. Chen Kai’s wobbly body finally regained consciousness, and his pace became steady. He no longer needed help to walk, but when he saw a chubby ball of meat shrinking to the ground, his anger prompted him to directly step on his bleeding ass.
"who! Who is kicking my ass! " Lord Abala growled angrily, of course, and responded that he was Chen Kai. An angry slap was bigger than a slap. The slap on Lord Abala’s cheek instantly stunned Lord Wild Boar. Of course, for Chen Kai, this slap was not pleasant at all, because he felt that his hands were full of oil than fried chicken.
"You … you dare to hit me! How dare you hit me and hit me in the face! I’ll kill you! ! !” Looking at a huge meat ball coming towards him, Chen Kai did not hesitate to fly up and kick him out. Although his heart was very angry with this fat ball, he had to admit that the other person’s body was really soft and resistant to kicking. Because Chen Kai’s foot was replaced by ordinary people, he had to spit blood at least, but Lord Yabola didn’t even fart, except that his ass was covered with dust, and there was no more harm.
"Aceh rees! If you’re going to stay here with him, then stay! For Baron Apollos, I will tell him that his son died bravely against evil! " Chen Kai didn’t hesitate to give up. Abulahain, with poor fertility, couldn’t escape from this fat pig root in his eyes.
"no! Don’t leave me! Take me away! Achilles, you are my father’s knight. You must obey my orders! Wait for me! " When I heard Chen Kai’s words, Lord Abala turned pale than he had already seen. The players who were gradually catching up were sharper than the crossbows, and they almost hit his body several times. At this time, Lord Abala smelled the smell of death. But after a little hesitation, the other party chose to listen to Chen Kai’s words and turned away. Although he was still loyal to Baron Abola, he would not be loyal to Lord Abala. Even if this fat pig could leave here alive to inherit Aceris, the territory of Asu Town, he would not choose to be loyal to Lord Abala.
Seeing that he turned away without hesitation, Lord Aceris Yabola fell into despair, but with a strong will to survive, he actually got up from the ground, shook his bleeding ass and limped his escape trip. Although Chen Kai and others hated him very much, Lord chubby boar chose to follow Chen Kai and others’ ass in order to save his life.
However, in doing so, he just helped Chen Kai and others to act as a shield. The fat and greasy fat became the best shield for the crossbow. All the arrows shot in Central Asia were bounced out by the fat in a light shot. When he was running, the fat was shaking and the roots were not given a chance for the crossbow to penetrate the skin. As a result, he was blessed. Although the crossbow arrows were flying behind him, no one was hit by the crossbow again. To be continued.
The first volume Chapter 63 Run! Lord Wild Boar (6)
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Lord Abala, the wild boar, didn’t know that his swaying fat body was in the way, which made him itch by Arthas, a middle school teenager, especially the fat body that could fly the bolt, which made the undead Sao Nian angry.
It’s a pity that at the moment, the roots of the junior high school students dare not emerge, and the life of Hydreigon is not over yet. What kind of fighting in Hydreigon is more bloody than Chen Kai estimated before, especially when he saw Downey’s chest with three wounds that were torn more than 60 centimeters long. His eyes shone with anger and sadness. Since the little guy was born, maybe this is the most serious injury to him, but two dragons are still fighting to remove the frost bones.
At the moment, this nine-meter-long Frostbone Dragon has lost a leg and a half tail. Without the bones, there are at least seven ribs, and the two dragons jointly release the dragon’s breath, which directly bombards the Frostbone Dragon’s body and reduces its health by one-third. The fierce dragon’s breath has spread in the process, which has caused a lot of damage to the players. Although the Frostbone Dragon is covered with deep and blue frost power, these frost forces are still rapidly disintegrating when it is as high as a thousand degrees.
The hot and high temperature dragon breath mixed with flashing power fell to the ground. This was Donnie’s attempt to help his master escape from madness and release the dragon breath. Otherwise, his usual level of dragon breath could not have left any strength to fall to the ground after hitting the target. Also, due to the excessive release of dragon breath, Donnie’s physical reaction was extremely great and his rhythm of not fighting was lost. As a result, his head was directly hit by a frost dragon, and his horns were sharper than those of a bone dragon, which directly pierced his body and drew a mouth one meter long in his body.
"Downey! ! !” Chen Kai looked at the blood spilled on the dragon’s face and became very ugly. He wanted to take the other person directly into the pet, but this time he managed to do it because the dragon refused to enter the pet in the sky. He also knew that if he lost his own block, it would be the law to fight against the frost and bone dragon’s place. Instead, he refused to enter the pet, but in a roar, he slapped the head of the frost and bone dragon that had just pulled out its horns, and then gave the other person a vicious blow in the middle. The huge tail whipping force slammed into the frost and bone dragon’s body and directly fanned this important multi-ton bone creature from the middle.