Chapter seventy-eight First appeared
It was all foggy along the way, so a few of them naturally ignored it, and they flew silently.
I don’t know why, but some of them have been flying in the cold swamp for nearly half an hour and haven’t flown out yet.
The empty wonderful Zen master, who led the way at the front, was stunned and stopped.
"Master Kong Miao, what happened!" Followed by the empty wonderful Jackson is Mrs Meng and Hua Lian Taoist two people, he can’t help but stay, asked.
"We have been flying for more than half an hour, but we haven’t flown out of the cold swamp yet. Something is wrong!" Empty wonderful Jackson’s eyes narrowed and said with a dignified face.
"The Jackson a reminder, there are some exceptions. This cold swamp is only ten miles away from Fiona Fang. We have all flown for so long and should have flown out a long time ago! " Hua Lian Taoist agrees.
The Tianshi Master and Dubai, who followed, also listened clearly to what several Zen masters said. After casting a glance at each other, they all stopped and leaned around with their gods.
Although I haven’t really met the spectre and fierce beast yet, I’d better be careful. Although among several of them, the god knowledge of Master Kong Miao is the most powerful, but others say it in detail, so it is better to feel at ease by personally detecting it.
"Why hasn’t Yang Daoyou come yet?" Suddenly, Mrs Meng was puzzled.
"I just saw that Yang Daoyou didn’t use the flying multiplier, but flew directly in the air. Moreover, his flying degree is not fast, as if he were only a general monk in the middle of the foundation. " Tianshi master interface.
"No way, with his present degree, the alligator that just chased him will really be lost?" Taoist Hua Lian had just heard these people talk about how Yang Xiu got rid of the pursuit of the alligator, so it’s only now.
"In this cold swamp, how to get rid of the alligator that lives in it all the year round is just his excuse. If there is no accident in chasing his alligator, I guess it should be solved by him." Empty wonderful Jackson look back, light way.
"There is nothing strange about this. Yang Daoyou is mysterious. He has been wearing a multiplier that can stop the exploration of gods. Up to now, we have not seen through his cultivation. Now it may be because he deliberately does so, and he has a flying multiplier and doesn’t want to use it! Besides, isn’t he introduced by Mrs. Meng? Mrs. Meng should know something about Yang Daoyou, right? " Debye did not think so, but asked Mrs Meng with some curiosity.
"To tell the truth, this is the second time that Yang Daoyou and I met. The last time we met was at the Delong Fair. He came to our Dingmen to buy Dan, but at that time he also wore a protective cover to stop God’s knowledge, and he didn’t see his appearance. Moreover, Uncle Mu of our sect also personally used God’s knowledge to find out, but he still didn’t see Yang Daoyou’s cultivation. At that time, he thought he was a monk in Dan period, so I saw him here and invited him. But since he can enter this different space, I don’t think so. " Mrs Meng shook her head.
When they heard that Godsworn Jiedan didn’t find out Yang Xiu’s true cultivation, they were frightened to disgrace. Stone here is eyebrows locked, hesitate to say:
"It’s possible that this Yang Daoyou is really a monk in the Jiedan period. In the past, there was no monk in the Jiedan period who deliberately compressed it and entered it. Moreover, it makes sense that he deliberately pretended to be weak. He should be afraid of accidentally controlling his strength and being swallowed up by the yuan force in a different space."
"Well, don’t discuss, Yang Daoyou is coming soon. Moreover, I have already checked this area. We should have entered the’ Yin Fog Lost Array’ arranged by the spectre, so we will always linger in the same place and feel that we can’t fly out of this cold fog. " Empty wonderful Jackson will god after a closed, surly said.
"Yin fog fan trace array?"
Several other people smell speech, all slightly.
"But this piece of cloudy fog distribution surface is great, if not, we have long known that the uncertainty of cloudy cold swamp has not been noticed yet. This shows that the ghost of the disposal is very powerful. I just don’t know if there are many ghosts hidden in it, or if there is a ghost king eyeing us. " Empty wonderful Jackson said carefully again.
"The next dun slow, let you friends laughed. But why are you all here? " Yang Xiu just arrived now, and when he saw Mrs Meng and others hesitating, he couldn’t help wondering.
After listening to Mrs. Meng and their reasons, they couldn’t come up with any ideas, so they had to stay aside and see if there was any way for Master Miao and them to get out of this "misty maze".
"Empty wonderful Jackson, you have a lot of Buddhism can restrain the ghost of achievement method, multiplier. Now, please break this misty maze! " Seeing that everyone was silent, the people in Tianshi obviously didn’t want to contribute to the destruction of the array, so they couldn’t help but run on the empty wonderful Zen master.
When people heard this, they all agreed. Now it is indeed the Buddhist achievement method of Master Kong Miao that can achieve better results.
When Master Kongmiao saw this, it was not easy to refuse, but it weakened the name of Buddhism. Said:
"The poor monk will make a fool of himself first."
I saw Master Kong Miao take out a golden glowering arhat from the storage bag. The arhat was a foot tall, with a fierce face, eyes like a bucket, swaying from a tiger and catching a python.
Master Kong Miao meditated in the air, tied his hand with Fo Yin, chanted scriptures, and glared at Lohan suspended above his head.
Just in an instant, the glaring Luo Hanhua turned into a giant Buddha the size of a foot, and suddenly the golden light was full and hundreds of millions of rays of sunlight appeared.
Xiaguang shoots around, and the cold fog immediately rolls around, and is gradually dispersed by the Buddha’s light and becomes weak.
But at this moment, a sudden change happened.
"Quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack!"! From far to near, from small to large, louder and more endless, as if endless, the Buddha’s light near the direct shock was tossed and scattered a lot.
When Yang Xiu and others heard this, they couldn’t help turning pale. They felt like walking alone in the open wilderness, surrounded by countless thunderous noises, radiating the feeling of dizziness.
Not good! Is "heady ghost sound" Yang Xiu almost without thinking, mind automatically emerged this let him chilling ghost clan achievement method.
This spell is a talent spell that will only appear when you reach the "Ghost King". As long as you display it against the enemy, you can make the opponent’s whole body blood flow backwards, and his mind can’t control himself and lose his mind.
If the monk fails to get rid of the "haunting ghost sound" for a long time, he will invade the perineum and be controlled by ghosts. It’s really a loss.
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Chapter seventy-nine The ghost king
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Yang Xiu nature can’t careless, protection fully open, keep sanity, keep the heart empty. Try not to let him be influenced by the haunting sound.
The rest of the monks are mostly like Yang Xiu.
The master in Tianshi took out a dark, smoky shade and wrapped him all over.
Debye put the Crocodile in the spirit beast bag first. Then, countless finger-sized worms were released from another beast bag, and the magic formula was read in the mouth, and the worms covered Debye’s body surface.
Mrs Meng took out two elixirs, took one with Taoist Hua Lian, and sat cross-legged.
Only the empty master Zen deadpans. When he hears the heady sound, his lips turn more frequently when Fo Yin changes.
"Hey" suddenly heard a roar from Lohan, who was suspended in the air by glaring.
I saw that the python grabbed by Lohan’s left hand was clever, as if it had come alive, and suddenly flew out of Lohan’s hand, turning into a golden python with a thick bucket, rolling back and forth in the cold fog around, roaring.
Its sound also offsets the influence of some heady sounds.
When you are free, the wonderful Zen master controls the Buddha python to slightly resist the haunting ghost sound, and the rest of the talents give a sigh of relief in their hearts, or keep their minds to prevent the ghost sound from entering.
This just stood up again and looked at the surrounding space. Results into the purpose of the situation, let Yang Xiu and others in the mind was a tight.
I saw the Buddha’s light, not far away in the cloudy fog, completely turned into a piece of black, black fog rolling, hauntingly, cold. A fuzzy black shadow in the black fog, wandering around Yang Xiu and others, unpredictable.
Yang Xiu heard gouhun ghost sound from that black shadow, and it should be the ghost king.
The master in Tianshi was exulting when he saw the ghost king.
This "gathering Yin complications" on his body is a magic weapon, which can gather ghosts and increase the power of the magic fan. So now that he sees the ghost king, he can’t help but think of putting it in the gathering Yin complications.
However, the prince of the devils has a period of death, and his spiritual wisdom is not weak. It is not an easy task to successfully collect the gathering of Yin banners.
For the sake of insurance, the master in Tianshi sprayed a mouthful of Jingxue into Juyin’s banner. All of a sudden, the gathering-yin banner, nourished by the essence and blood of the heavenly master, was full of yin, and ghosts floated in the banner, and ghosts cried and wailed from time to time.
The master in Tianshi threw the prepared gathering banners out of the Buddha’s light, with a dignified face, and controlled the gathering banners to cover the ghost king.
Of course, the action of Master Tian Shi fell in the eyes of Yang Xiu and others. Although he was surprised, he didn’t say anything. If the ghost king is really solved by him, of course, it is welcome.
Therefore, all the people were quietly watching the magic cast on the celestial stone, and only the empty and wonderful Zen master flashed a sneer at his mouth. However, everyone looked at the gathering of Yin banners and was blocked by the Buddha’s light, so that no one noticed the strangeness of Master Kong Miao.
Juyin banners flew into the ghost fog, and immediately there was a suction from the magic banners. The ghost fog around them was constantly pulled into Juyin banners by this suction and suddenly became a part of Juyin banners.
The ghost in the gathering-yin banner began to nourish the blood of the master in Tianshi, and now it has absorbed a part of the ghost fog, so I can’t help jumping out of the magic banner, grabbing the ghost fog and shoveling it into my stomach.
The master in Tianshi was relieved to see the gathering of Yin banners working together.
Just as he was about to destroy the ghost fog before coming to the ghost king, he saw the haunting sound in the mouth of the ghost king come to a screeching halt.