"Hum, you have a point. It is not impossible for me to agree to your conditions, but it is impossible for you to negotiate these things with me. " Ai Zhuo’s coercion was exhausted, and then he began to talk about specific matters. Because what Meng Qi said just now is not an item about returning the land occupied by Longgu after joining Longgu. Ai Zhuoshui also knows that Dragon Valley will not hand over the meat that has been eaten in his mouth.
So now, she has to agree on these things quickly, otherwise, with each passing day, the territory of her Kyubi no Youko cat demon will be reduced bit by bit.
Hearing this, Meng Qi breathed a big sigh of relief, of course, this is only in my heart. On the surface, Meng Qi didn’t show the slightest sign. He just smiled and said, "Naturally, it won’t be Meng Qi’s negotiation, but in order to quickly determine this matter, Meng Qi came here to bring a contract. I hope I can sign it with Chief Ai first. How about discussing the rest details later? "
Ai Zhuoshui was silent for a few seconds. She knew that Meng Qi had to drag it into the chariot of Dragon Valley first. But now she can’t make any other choices. She said, "Show it to me first. If it’s nothing serious, then sign it first."
Meng Qi took out the contract that had already been prepared and handed it to Ai Zhuoshui. Ai Zhuoshui took the contract and read it for a long time. There was really no hidden trap on it. Ai Zhuoshui nodded and said, "In that case, let’s sign it."
Meng Qi took the signed contract and walked out of the territory of Kyubi no Youko cat and demon clan. Then Meng Qi suddenly collapsed. A good half-day rest is the only way to recover.
Just now, Meng Qi faced death several times and said it was impossible not to be afraid of it. Especially in retrospect, but after a while, Meng Qi’s back was all wet.
After a break, Meng Qi just stood up, looked at the contract in his hand and said bitterly, "MD, I won’t do such a thing next time!" Say that finish is to set up TengYun technique to LongGu temporary compound.
Back to the station Meng Qi nature is the first time to report the news. However, Meng Qi, who just got back to the station, saw a white figure.
This figure is naturally familiar, smelling the faint fragrance, Meng Qi gently hugged the person in his arms and said, "Xianer, I’m back." And Hu Xianer in Meng Qi’s arms just hugged him tightly. At this time, nothing can express Hu Xianer’s feelings. She just wants to hold Meng Qi quietly.
Because Meng Qi had a narrow escape when he went to the Nine-tailed Cat and Demon clan to perform this task, when Hu Xianer learned the news, Meng Qi had already set off. Therefore, Hu Xianer’s heart has been hanging like a cliff. She waits here every day, just like a wangfu stone standing in the mountains.
However, Meng Qi came back safely after all, and the stone in her heart was finally put down.
Chapter DiErBaWu Calculation error
Chapter DiErBaWu Calculation error
"Good XianEr, I’ll go to leave this thing, and then we’ll have a good talk. But how did you come here? Aren’t you in the Dragon Valley? " Meng Qi and Hu Xianer embraced for a long time before they separated. Meng Qi was a little strange. How did Hu Xianer get to this place?
Hu Xianer said, "I was bored staying in Longgu, so I just wanted to come and join you. Maybe I can help. Who knows? As soon as I got here, I heard that you went to Kyubi no Youko to perform a task. It hurts people to worry. "
Meng Qi shook his head helplessly and said, "You don’t know, now the battle between Zheng and Mo has entered the stage of fierce fighting. Moreover, although the magic door is menacing, after all, there is no right way, which has been profound for hundreds of years. After the fiercest wave of the magic door, we have stabilized the situation and are slowly fighting back.
At this time, the demon family began to join the battle, so we don’t have much time to integrate our forces. Only by reaching a level of our strength as far as possible can we gain enough benefits in this positive and negative war. "
Although Meng Qi said so much, Hu Xianer doesn’t care what is the magic war and what benefits are gained or lost. She just said faintly, "Even so, it is too dangerous for you to perform such a task."
Meng Qi wry smile, I know I just said it in vain. But the heart is happy, Hu Xianer but his safety is much more important than these.
Meng Qi smiled and said, "Well, I’m back now anyway. Wait for me, I’ll come in a minute. " Say that finish Meng Qi is toward the big account.
After Meng Qi entered the tent, he heard Long Yao’s laughter: "Haha, Meng Qi, I knew you would be able to complete the task. Well, what did Ai Zhuoshui say? "
Meng Qi took out the contract and said, "Fortunately, Meng Qi succeeded in completing the task. Now all she needs is to send someone from the clan to discuss the details with her."
Long Yao nodded and said, "Well, go down and have a rest first. It’s very kind of you this time." Meng Qi nodded, and then left the tent.
After Meng Qi left, a voice came from the dark corner of the tent: "Meng Qi is a good boy. Don’t let him perform such a dangerous task in the future."
Long Yao turned around and bowed to the darkness and said, "Yes, father. But who will discuss with Ai Zhuoshui this time? "
In the darkness, an old man with white hair and beard appeared. It was Long Yao’s father and one of the elders of the Dragon Valley, Long Yao. Suddenly the dragon came out slowly and said, "You can go. Don’t care too much about small details. We have fallen behind other races in Longgu, and we must catch up with them. "
Long Yao nodded and said, "Yes. Father, when shall I start? "
Long Yi said, "Let’s start now without delay." After Long Yao left, Long Yao also walked out of the tent and muttered, "Maybe I should meet my old friends." Say that finish is suddenly disappeared in front of the tent.
Meng Qi made such a great contribution, and Longgu naturally gave Meng Qi a quite comfortable holiday. After all, Meng Qi was dragged from her wedding honeymoon to the front line to fight, and then she was put in a narrow escape. It really doesn’t make sense if we don’t make some compensation now.
Now, all the people in Longgu are women when men use them and men when animals use them. Meng Qi’s vacation with Hu Xianer in his own mansion is one of the benefits of Meng Qi’s great achievements.
Generally speaking, this holiday is still very enjoyable. Just once I saw Zixiang, but it made Meng Qi feel a little depressed. It was just a quick glance, although Zixiang still looks as beautiful and moving as before. However, Meng Qi was able to find that Zixiang revealed a cold meaning.
Although we still greeted Meng Qi with a smile, Meng Qi always felt that there was a frozen heart under that smile. At that time, Meng Qi felt guilty and wanted to visit Zixiang.
But when Meng Qi came to visit Zixiang, Zi Qiu told Meng Qi that Zixiang had gone to the forefront of the battle.
Meng Qi naturally knows why Zixiang went to the forefront, so at the moment of hearing the news, she returned to her home with some loss.
However, Zixiang may just be a passer-by in Meng Qisheng’s life, and Meng Qi recovered after being depressed for a while. He only wishes Zixiang, hoping that she can find her happiness as soon as possible.
Idle days always have an end. After about half a year’s rest, Longgu called Meng Qi to the front again, and a new task came again.
After about half a year’s negotiation, the Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan finally reached an agreement with Longgu. Now, the Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan is going to send their own team of monks to join the army in Longgu. Moreover, it is personally led by Aizhuoshui, the head of the Kyubi no Youko Cat Demon clan.
However, because the monks of Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan only cooperated with the battle of Dragon Valley, they did not completely obey it, so now they need a person to stay in the team of monks of Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan and act as a liaison.
And this job is Meng Qi’s turn. This job is not bad. After all, there is no danger of going to the battlefield to kill yourself. It can be said that this is a good job that Longgu sent to Meng Qi.
At the beginning, Meng Qi thought so, too. However, after Meng Qi arrived in the team of Aizhuoshui, he immediately began to criticize.
Not anything else, but since Meng Qi came, I feel that all these people have a strong hostility towards themselves. And Ai Zhuoshui has no good temper for Meng Qi, throwing Meng Qi in a room, and then ignoring Meng Qi, and also limiting the action area of Meng Qi.
Meng Qi is also the liaison messenger sent by Long Gu, but now he is no different from a prisoner. Recently, however, the progress of Dragon Valley has been relatively smooth, and the Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan has also benefited a lot from it. I didn’t even have the strength.
Therefore, at that time, Meng Qi’s liaison was useless, and Meng Qi recognized it in an environment full of hostility everywhere. He just studied hard, followed the Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan, and then sent the news back to Longgu on a regular basis.
Today, Meng Qi is practicing hard as usual. But a catwoman woke Meng Qi, saying that Ai Zhuoshui asked him to discuss things.
Meng Qi’s mouth showed a smile, which he had expected. Because recently, Longgu has confronted another powerful race, and this race is quite stubborn. I would rather die than surrender.
Therefore, Longgu decided to destroy this clan. And as a result, Kyubi no Youko cat demon nature can’t like before what strength. And YiZhuo water also understand that this, though, is going to be all one’s strength. But the benefits are real.
So this time, Ai Zhuoshui is not unwilling to contribute, but afraid that he will not be able to contribute. Therefore, Ai Zhuoshui specially called Meng Qi, and naturally wanted Meng Qi to contact Longgu to see where their attack direction was.